iPhone 5S Jailbreak Tweaks Support List

Thanks for the Substrate being updated for Cydia package users with A7 iDevices can finally get iPhone 5S Cydia tweaks. It was impossible before the update since developer were unable to make their cracked applications compatible with the ARM64. Now the problem has been solved and you can finally see the long iPhone 5S jailbreak tweaks compatibility list.

A lot of great apps have already been updated. For example, you are able to download Navigate From Maps program or BlurredMusicApp for your iPhone 5S, 5c etc. Users can also search for upgraded versions of such Cydia apps as Background Manager, Erica Utilities, CCToggles and Burst mode.

iphone 5s cydia tweaks compatibility

Such apps are good for iPad Air, iPad mini and other new A7 chip fruit gadgets. Developers did their best to update:

  • AllMail
  • Flashorama
  • CamRotate

and tons of other good stuff as soon as Substrate was updated

What are other iPhone 5S Cydia tweaks 2013 can we mention? Launch Cydia and look for:

  • CCQuick
  • Core Utilities
  • iCaughtU [+ Pro version]
  • Disable Parallax Effect
  • Unrestricted Folders Naming

We can continue this list as it is pretty long containing the following titles:

  • DateCarrier
  • FullScroll
  • HiddenSettings7
  • MojiPhoto
  • SiriNoConfirm
  • TransparentDock
  • AskToCall
  • IB Graphics Selector
  • PreferenceLoader
  • Lyricalizer
  • NoSlowAnimations
  • ClearFolder

Actually, there are hundreds of apps you can get for your 64-bit processor:

  • 3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 and iOS 6)
  • iFile
  • DockShift
  • NowNow
  • Remove Badges
  • SwipeNav
  • VideoPace
  • Assistant Unrestrictor

are also some examples on what you can look for.

Other iOS 7 compatible tweaks from Cydia include:

  • Icon Renamer
  • afc2add
  • ExchangePolicyCleaner
  • libstatusbar
  • Icon Tool
  • TetherMe
  • NoDictation
  • OwnSpy

and such niche programs as

  • UIKit Tools
  • OpenSSH
  • OpenSSL

iPhone 5S Cydia tweaks with iOS 7 support also mention:

  • Barrel
  • LLBPano
  • NCAllOnly
  • PhotosEnhancer Pro 2
  • ConfirmKill
  • FaceDetectionDuringVideo
  • iGotYa
  • My3G
  • Open In App For Photos
  • VoiceChanger
  • TransparentCameraBar
  • Call on GV Pro
  • GlowDock

We should mention some other tweaks as well:

  • FlipLaunch
  • Record ‘n’ Torch
  • ToneEnabler
  • Percentage
  • PowerDown Enhancer
  • Volume Amplifier
  • Zeppelin
  • Menu Button Emulator
  • MobileTerminal
  • SwitchSpring
  • Video Zoom Mod
  • iKeywi
  • Still Capture Enabler 2