iPhone Unlock Methods Review: Hardware, Software and Factory Unlocks

A lot of iPhones are sold locked to one carrier. This means users can’t change their SIM card to use other network because their device supports only the SIMs from the mobile operator it is originally locked to. There are three methods of iOS 7 gadget unlocks: hardware, factory and software unlock.

Each method has its pros and cons. What should you use in your case? This review will give you an idea on what is the best for your particular situation. Choose the method that suits you the best and supports your phone model and firmware version. Only unlocking will help you to fix No Service on iPhone in case you have such problem.

How to Unlock iPhone 5S

Hardware Unlock Solutions

This type of unlock required users opening their smartphone and “playing” with wires or doing some other tricks with their hands. This is probably the most complicated unlocking solution. Such method couldn’t guarantee you safety and it voided Apple warranty because users had to open up their gadget in order to unlock it.

Of course, such methods as Turbo SIM: X-SIM, R-SIM, Gevey [SIM hacks] and NCK code [it could patch your SIM making the system believe NCK is always valid] won’t make you open the iPhone and solder its wires, but you have to use a third-party product (a second SIM) together with the SIM you wish to use. It is much safer than hardware unlocks since you don’t have to modify your hardware but it doesn’t support all iPhone models.

R-SIM7 Unlock

For example, iPhone 5S / 5c owners can’t unlock their device via this method. The latest R-SIM 8 works on iPhone 5 / 4S with iOS 7. Other methods mentioned above currently can’t unlock the new Apple firmware.

Software Unlock Method

SAM, Ultrasn0w and similar programs can perform software unlock. It other words, they will command your device’s code to unlock. This method is safer then hardware unlock. You don’t open up the handset and a program such as Ultrasn0w or SAM doesn’t modify your hardware.

ultrasn0w ios 6.1.3

How does it work? You download a program and it unlocks your handset. There are some risks as the programs might be scams with viruses or bugs. If you happen to find a real working program it won’t support all iPhones / firmwares / basebands. You need to pay attention at your carrier and device’s details before you try to use software unlock. The result can’t be guaranteed and if you choose to update the version of iOS in the future you will lose unlock and have to re-unlock the gadget again.

Factory Unlock Service

This type of unlock is the newest one. It was introduced over a year ago. Unlike dangerous hardware unlock and software unlock that might work or might not work, factory unlock is mostly successful. It doesn’t void your warranty or harm your device. It is performed distantly through the official Apple database.

You get only the new status “unlocked” added to your IMEI number. The method is not free though. Companies that offer this service charge you money for it. But they promise a permanent result which doesn’t depend on iOS updates, baseband upgrades and SIM cards.

iPhone Unlock Methods

If you choose to unlock your iPhone by its IMEI code you will own a never-locked gadget which was once locked to one carrier. You will be able to switch between operators with ease, install new firmwares and update your baseband. You will never lose your new “unlocked” status.