iOS 11 Siri Translate Feature: How to Use This Translation on iPhone

You probably know how to use Siri translate tweak. This cool personal assistant is learning even more interesting tasks users will love. Apple brings new update and makes Siri smarter. iPhone and iPad users who like to explore iOS 11 changes should try the Siri translation feature. Right now it is only available as beta but will become official in the fall.

iPhone Siri Translate

Sometimes you need to quickly say ‘Hello’ in a foreign language or ask something really important while traveling to a foreign country. How can you manage it using new Siri? Your assistant can now translate your English sentences and words into different languages. This option has become available with iOS 11 beta release.

Multiple language support and on-the-go translation is a cool add-on to Siri. Those of you who have already installed iOS 11 beta 2 or beta 1 can now enjoy all the new features. Users who don’t want to risk by updating to the buggy firmware version, can learn how to use Siri translate thanks to developers and public beta testers who have taken the risk and are happy to share the new observations and tests with anyone.

Siri Translation on iOS 11 How to Use

How to Use iPhone Siri Translate on iOS 11

Siri understands French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin and can quickly translate your English works into one of these foreign languages. You just need to know how to use this feature. So here we go. Learn what’s new in iOS 11 now and use Siri translation while traveling abroad.

Step 1. Install iOS 11 Siri update as the translation feature won’t work on iOS 10.3 or older operating system. You can use it on both iPhone and iPad.

Step 2. Go to Settings.

Step 3. Select General section.

Step 4. Click on the option that reads Language & Region.

Step 5. Choose iPhone Language to enjoy iOS 11 Siri improvements. You are almost there.

Siri and iOS 11 Beta Update

Step 6. You’ll see a list of languages. You need to choose US English to make it your default language on iDevice because Siri cannot translate from foreign languages into English. It can only turn your English works into some foreign sentences.

Step 7. Press on Done option and confirm your decision. Just click the option Change to English (US) and that’s it.

Step 8. Are you ready for a cool iOS 11 test? Click-hold your Home button and your Siri assistant will be brought up. Instead you can simply say ‘Hey Siri’ and the program will perform the same action.

Step 9. No need for Siri translation tweak from third-party developers. Now your iOS 11 Siri update can easily offer the same option right on your iPhone or iPad. Ask your app how to say somethings in French or other supported language and your virtual helper will quickly translate the word or a whole sentence for you. You’ll see the translation text and hear it in audio. Isn’t is cool?

iOS 11 iPhone Siri translate feature is a wonderful change offered in 2017. Sometimes the program might not understand your question. Pronounce it as clear as possible and try to be straightforward so that the translation sounds accurate and correct.

Now you know how to use Siri translation so it’s only a matter of time when the official iOS 11 release is offered by Apple. The company will most likely bring this version in September 2017.


How to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone on iOS 11

Do you know how to recover documents, photos and other files on your iPhone or iPad if they are removed by mistake? It is currently possible to successfully return to iOS 10.3 however if you wish to explore the most recent features you’ll have to update to iOS 11. Just keep in mind that the new iOS 11 currently exists in beta 2 stage.

iOS 11 What We Know

There are a lot of great iOS 11 features we know of. Some of them are designed for professional developers (for example, the hidden Safari changes) and others are meant for ordinary users. Apple can simplify your life if it brings all the discovered improvements to the official iOS 11 release.

iOS 11 Files app gets new features that let you recover recently deleted photos on iPhone or iPad. It’s a great thing and you should know how it works and how you can recover your removed files with a couple of clicks.

Can I recover deleted stuff on iPhone 8 after updating to iOS 11? Yes, yes and yes. The cool option is added to Files application. So you are able to return your documents that were created using your iOS 11 Files app.

We’ll explain how to use iOS 11 Files app and bring back your documents. The tips are perfect for both iPhone and iPad users who didn’t mean to delete anything and now need to quickly recover their lost files on iDevice.

How to Recover Deleted Files on iPhone iOS 11

How to Recover Deleted Files from iOS 11 iPhone without Backup

You are always advised to back up on your mobile devices even if you are not updating your system at the moment. A good recent backup can bring back most of your photos, movies, music and other documents stored on the smartphone or tablet device. Well, with iOS 11 features you can also recover the documents that were recently removed by you and this can be done using your Files tool. Here is how it works.

Step 1. You should install iOS 11 beta 2 if you want to test how to recover files you recently deleted on your iPhone. This works for all types of files you store in your Files application after upgrade.

Step 2. Launch iOS 11 Files program.

Browse on iPhone or iPad iOS 11

Step 3. Go to Browse menu.

Recently Deleted Files App

Step 4. Select Recently Deleted section.

recently-deleted-files-ios-11 Choose Removed Files iOS 11

Step 5. If you only need to recover one file or a couple of files you should click on Select menu located at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 6. Choose the file you need to bring back on your iDevice and click on Recover option.

Recover Documents on iPhone or iPad

Stpe 7. If you need to recover ALL files / documents that were recently removed in your Files tool you should skip Step 6 and instead choose Recover All feature at the botton of the screen.

That’s pretty much everything you can do on your iOS 11 with Files program. Such iOS 11 recover documents feature is must-use when you suddenly deleted one or more files or your friend played a prank on your.

Don’t worry about such accidents and they can be fixed within moments. Remember that you can only use such quick recovery feature in iOS 11. The public release of this future firmware is expected to arrive in September or October. The fall is also the time when Apple should unveil its new iPhone 8 that should celebrate the iPhone 10th anniversary. Users hope to see new features, amazing changes and brand new look of the popular smartphone.


How to Save iOS 11 iPhone Reading List to iCloud Using Safari

Have you tried the interesting hidden iOS 11 safari features for developers? Now it’s time to test other options added to this mobile browser. iPhone and iPad owners can now automatically save their reading lists on both iDevices using iCloud and the new Safari changes.

iOS 11 Reading List Offline

We’ll share a simple step-by-step guide to help you save reading list with Safari browser to iCloud but this is currently possible with iOS 11 firmware. You’ll have to install developer or public beta testing version before you can explore all the new extras, options and improvements Apple is adding to this mobile platform. iOS 11 features are already tested by many users across the world.

It’s always great to have something to read offline. You can automatically save reading lists to enjoy offine reading on iPad or iPhone via iCloud and this is possible when you are running the most recent software beta. Perform this active via iCloud and your updated mobile browser.

iOS 11 Safari Features Offline Reading List

How to Save Safari Reading List on iOS 11 iCloud

Here is what you have to do in order to save reading list with Safari to iCloud:

Step 1. Download iOS 11 beta and install it on your iPhone or iPad. Remember that this is testing firmware version so it could be buggy. Thus experts advise public testers to update to iOS 11 beta only on a secondary device. Leave your primary smartphone or tablet run the official iOS 10.3 or earlier safe-to-use software version.

Step 2. Go to Settings on your gadget.

Step 3. Get down until you see Safari menu. Click on it to continue.

Reading List Offline on iPhone and iPad

Step 4. To save iOS 11 reading list offline you should select the option called Automatically Save Offline. It is located at the bottom of the screen so you need to scroll until you reach it. Just turn on the switch to enable this iOS 11 feature.

Step 5. This is how you add to reading list with Safari. The list is saved to your iCloud.

How to Stop Automatically Save Reading Lists Option

You can also stop your feature called Safari reading list offline for iCloud. Now since you’ve learned how to add to reading list on iPhone and iPad it is cool to explore the possibilities to stop using this iOS 11 Safari option.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iDevice.

Step 2. Choose Safari menu.

Step 3. Get down to the botton of the page and disable the iOS 11 feature called Automatically Save Offline.

Now your Safari reading list will not be automatically saved to your iCloud account.

Explore new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

Set Up Your iPhone Reading Lists on iOS 11

You see that it’s up to you where to automatically save your Safari reading lists to iCloud to read offline or keep them in Safari only. The latest iOS 11 beta makes it all possible with a couple of clicks.

If you find anything curious while surfing the internet you can quickly add the post or article to read later on. The best thing about such reading lists is that you can read your favorites while you are offline and save your traffic this way.


Get iPhone Safari Update on Newest iOS 11 Beta 2 to See Awesome Features

Have you tried the new iOS 11 firmware? Apple runs tests for this future update and a lot of users have a chance to look into iOS 11 features while the operating system is still in beta stage. Right now you can already download iOS 11 beta 2 and check the experimental options bought to Safari browser.

iOS 11 Beta

There are some new iOS 11 Safari features introduced in the latest beta 2. They are mostly meant for professional developers so ordinary users who are also public beta testers might want to skip this installation. At the same time, if you are curious to explore iOS 11 features and download this test firmware – why not taking the change? Installation is free once you sign up for Apple public beta testing program.

In case you decided to test iPhone Safari update we’ll explain how you can turn on the experimental options since they are not available by default even once you install iOS 11 beta 2 on your iPhone or iPad and explore how to save iOS 11 battery life on your iDevice to make it last longer.

iOS 11 Beta 2 Download and Update on iPhone and iPad

How to Enable New iOS 11 Safari Features

Before you explore the improvements added to new iOS 11 beta 2 Safari you have to understand that this update is created for developers. They can use these changes to improve their web development experience. It’s still unclear if the new hidden options will appear in the public iOS 11 release or not but you can test them already and see if they are worth being added to the official version. By the way, you can also compare iOS 10.3 features with new additions brought to iOS 11 beta 2.

Step 1. Download iOS 11 beta 2. Read how you can update to iOS 11 beta on your iPhone or iPad as we shared a detailed guide earlier. By the way, beta 2 fixes some of the issues and bugs found in the previous beta 1.

Download iOS 11 Beta 2

Step 2. Take your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings.

Step 3. Get down till you see Safari option. Click on it to proceed.

Step 4. There is Advanced feature right at the bottom so you need to scroll again until you see it. Click on it.

Step 5. Now press on the option called Experimental Features. It is currently available on iOS 11 beta 2 only.

Step 6. Find all the new iOS 11 Safari features and explore them. Remember to enable the feature by toggling the switch on next to it.

P.S. Unless you proceed with Steps 4-6 you won’t be able to access the hidden features on your iPhone or iPad. Apple made sure these changes are hidden from ordinary users. This is probably a good thing to do since all these improvements are designed for game and app developers.

What's New iOS 11 Beta 2 for Safari

What new options do devs get?

iOS 11 beta 2 boasts the following Safari changes:

  • Link Preload option
  • Constant Properties
  • Web Animations
  • CSS Spring Animations
  • SubtleCrypto
  • WebGPU
  • Viewport Fit
  • Remove Legacy WebRTC API

And other options are also available to developers. It’s a cool idea to add Safari features. Now developers can experiment with their apps and continue looking for bugs, problems and issues in the beta iOS 11 firmware.

The final firmware update is expected to arrive in September. Apple usually tests its future iOS versions in the summer and presents the public release in the fall. This 2017 year should not be an exception to the company’s practice.


How to bypass configuration profile on iOS

mdm bypass solution


Why MDM unlock iPhone option becomes so popular these days?

You know that any locked smartphone cannot be activated unless you know the original Apple ID and password. MDM iPhones are securely protected by corporate passcode and ordinary workers cannot access this information to use their iOS device at home or after they leave the company.

mdm bypass solution


What is MDM?

Do I Need Bypass MDM Device Service?

Is MDM Lock Same as iCloud Lock?

MDM Bypass Tools for Windows and Mac

Have you heard about iActivate?

How does MDM unlock works?



The 100% working and fast automated bypass MDM service might be exactly what you need. The question is where to find this service, what corporate bypass means and how to activate the iPhone or iPad that is locked by your company.

What is MDM?



MDM protocol stands for mobile device management. Such protocols are used by big companies, corporations and small businesses to remotely manage dadgets purchased for workers. This option allows the company to lock all the iPhones and iPads it is buying for its employees with one Apple ID and password known to managers or company owners only.

If mobile device management profile is installed on your iPhone running iOS 10 you won’t be able to activate your working device outside of your company. Each such iDevice is protected by the login and password set up by administrators and secured by MDM protocol.



This is when Apple MDM Server bypass comes handy. It is possible to unlock MDM configuration profile on iOS 10 firmware and let you activate your corporate iPhone to use in your everyday life. Isn’t it great?

Maybe you have already left your company and your corporate device is finally yours but it is still locked and you don’t know the corporate password… It’s not a problem any more!

Do I Need Bypass MDM Device Service?

You probably wonder if this service is for you or not.

How can you figure out that your iPhone or iPad is MDM locked? Do you really need MDM bypass tools for Mac or Windows?

It’s simple to answer your question about being locked or not. Take your corporate iDevice and connect it to iTunes. It doesn’t matter what computer you are using: Windows PC or Mac. When your Apple mobile device is activated and iTunes reports that it is unable to download your iPhone configuration or says that your company should automatically configure your phone… it means the iDevice is locked by your firm.

MDM iPhone lock

MDM lock screen


















You’ll see a screen message asking for your corporate login details: name and passcode. Do you know this information? If your answer is ‘yes’ you do not need to use MDM server unlock as you can enter the corporate name / password and activate the device. If your answer is ‘no’ you might want to get the automated bypass corporate iPad / iPhone feature and complete unlock for home or out of office iDevice usage.

Is MDM Lock Same as iCloud Lock?

Please do not mix MDM lock via Apple Device Enrollment Program with iCloud activation lock. These are two different types of locks. When you bypass MDM device lock and the gadget is locked to a particular iCloud account – it will remain iCloud locked even after you activate your company’s configuration profile!

icloud is not mdm

iCloud activation is a completely different service! Remember that bypassing MDM lock only deals with mobile device management (your corporate profile).


MDM Bypass Tools for Windows and Mac

Let’s see how you can bypass configuration profile on iOS 10 and unlock your iPhone or iPad on any computer for personal use.

There are a lot of different programs on the market that are aimed at helping you to unlock a corporate iDevice for personal use when you are not at work. You would have to double check that the service you select supports all iOS include iOS 10 platform. Make sure that you understand all the steps and contact the company in case you have any doubts or questions.

A lot also depends on your corporate software. Are you using Citrix Xenmobile MDM, MAAS360, SOTI, VMware or other device management program?

It is better to answer this question before you select your iOS 10 Apple MDM bypass server and order this remote service.

Have you heard about iActivate?


It’s a new working solution for anyone who wishes to get rid of MDM lock and use his or her corporate iPhone or iPad at home or anywhere out of office. This new 2017 program is easy to use. It is available as automated bypass for corporate iPhone and iPad and works on any mobile firmware including current iOS 10.

Download MDM Bypass Tools for Windows and Mac

How does MDM unlock works?

  1. Firstly, you should download the application for Windows or Mac.
  2. Secondly, you should purchase the credits you’ll use towards corporate profile activation.
  3. Thirdly, you need to carefully read “how to” guide for iActivate or other service before following it.
  4. Finally, you should run the activation program and use your credits to unlock your iPhone or iPad and bypass configuration profile. Remember that it is often required to use iActivate simultaneously with your iTunes desktop program to successfully remove the limits set up by your company.

Automated MDM Unlock Benefits

  • *MDM Unlocked iPhone or iPad that can be used by you every day
  • *Fully automated service
  • *Fast solution that saves your time
  • *Simplicity of the process
  • *Ability to reset your corporate iPhone or iPad anonymously (without the company knowing about it)
  • *No more locked corporate gadgets for you
  • *Affordable cost
  • *100% safe to use

You can see how many benefits distant activation lock removing for MDM consoles has. It is a great iOS 10 tool that works with both iPhone and iPad, supports both Mac and Windows computers, is completely automated, safe and quick and guarantees your satisfaction.

Don’t let the companies control your every step. Unlock your corporate-owned iPhone or iPad for personal use without using your employee’s Apple ID and password that allow your company to follow your daily activities.

The iActivate MDM Server is perfect for Apple users who need distant bypass for their corporate profile lock while going on a vacation, spending holidays with their family and friends or simply using the iPhone or iPad previously owned by the company.

iActivate iOS MDM Activation Bypass Service



How to Maximize iPhone Battery Life on iOS 11 Software Version

Do you experience iOS 11 battery drain after installing this iPhone or iPad firmware version? You can follow some useful tips and improve your battery life, extend it or save for the day. The fast consumption should not be a big problem if great advice is right here.

Improve iPhone Battery Life

Let’s think about how to save your battery on iPhone iOS 11. This is the most recent platform version. It is currently available in beta stage. You can download and install iOS 11 beta 1 this summer if you wish to test it, find bugs and help Apple fix them before the fall. The public version should arrive to general public in September or October.

There could be multiple reasons why your iOS 11 battery drain occurs. You might need to test various solutions before you find the one perfect for your device and situation. How do I maximize battery life on my iPhone 6 or 7? Keep on reading and you’ll find the answer.

iOS 11 Battery Saving Tips

How to Save Battery on iPhone 6s or 7 on iOS 11

App Refresh

Your iOS 11 battery life depends on many factors and they include background app refreshing. You can disable this option when you wish to save some phone life for the day. Just disable this feature or turn it off for some of the apps:

Step 1. Go to Settings on iOS 11 beta and choose General menu.

Step 2. Go to Background App Refresh menu.

Step 3. Disable the programs you wouldn’t like to run in your background and consume your iOS 11 battery life.

Disable App Downloads on iOS 11 to Save Battery Life

Auto Downloads

The guide on how to save battery on iPhone 7 and 6 running iOS 11 continues. You should turn off all auto downloads / updates for your iDevice:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Choose iTunes & App Store menu.

Step 3. Disable Auto Downloads and Updates feature.

Now when you get something through your iCloud account it won’t be automatically downloaded on your iPhone which uses the same account ID.

Low Power Mode

You can also improve your iPhone battery life by enabled the Low Power Mode. It can disable some options automatically to help preserve your iPhone life:

Step 1. Go to Settings on iOS 11 beta.

Step 2. Choose Battery menu.

Step 3. Enable Low Power Mode.

iOS 11 Features

iMessage Tips

What else can you do? If you are sending photos and images to your friends using iMessage you can turn on low quality image option for Messages tool:

Step 1. Go to Settings app.

Step 2. Choose Messages menu.

Step 3. Enable Low-Quality Image option.

This option is great when your internet connection sucks.


The important step on how to save battery life on iPhone iOS 11 is to turn of notifications for some applications:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Select Notifications option.

Step 3. Disable the alert switches next to the apps you don’t want to notify you about updates and changes.

Here are some cool iPhone 6 battery life tips: make sure to check your battery consumption info by going to your iPhone Settings tool and choose Battery menu where you get the information about your consumption. This way you’ll know why your iPhone life is draining so fast. You can choose the last 24 hours, 7 days for some details and press on the clock icon to know how much life is consumed by iOS 11 apps.

Remember to disable Wi-Fi when you are not using it, turn off Bluetooth option to save power. Think about location service you are using. For example, your GPS tracking could consume your battery life as well as new date fetching.


iPhone Users Can Send and Receive Cash via iMessage

Do you know that it is possible to use iMessage as money transfer? This iPhone and iPad application get some curious improvements in iOS 11 [learn how to reboot your iOS 11 iPhone without touching your Home button]. A lot of users and developers are now testing the future mobile firmware version.

Apple Pay iMessage

It is possible to receive and send money using Apple mobile platform. The famous company is adding P2P option and this means that iOS 11 and iMessage will work with Apple Pay letting you using your cash card on-the-go. This way you can get cash anywhere you are and share money with your family members and friends.

iOS 11 features are so cool. There are so many changes that would arrive in September. Apple Pay cash iOS 11 is one of them and it’s worth talking about.

Would you like to get Apple Cash on hand? Let’s see how to manage this must-have feature once you upgrade to the next software version.

iMessage iOS 11 Send and Receive Apple Pay Cash

How to Send Money via iMessage

Since it is possible to receive Apple Pay cash and send your money using iMessage you have to explore this application and what it can do.

Step 1. Remember that this trick is available for iOS 11 only. It is not supported by iOS 10.3 or previous operating systems. So either upgrade to this platform or wait until the version becomes public in the fall.

Step 2. Launch Settings tool.

Step 3. You need to set up your Apple Pay so go to Wallet & Apple Pay.

Step 4. Select Debit or Credit Card menu.

Step 5. You’ll have on-screen guide on how to set up this feature.

Step 6. Now open Messages tool on iOS 11.

Step 7. Open the conversation (choose a person who you wish to transfer money to).

Step 8. You’ll get an Apple Pay button in iMessages. So click on it to proceed.

Step 9. Enter the sum you wish to share. There will be an on-screen guide how to send money.

Step 10. Complete the transaction using Touch ID.

iOS 11 Cash through iMessage on iPhone

If you get a request from someone who asks for money you can:

Step 1. Click the amount you wish to send and approve the transaction.

Step 2. Or simply deny the request for money if you don’t want to send cash via iMessage.

P2P stands for peer-to-peer money transfer. It is easy and quickly to send cash through message from now on. For example, you can make money gifts to anyone who you love. Would you like it to happen?

Apple Pay was previously available through applications online. And now it starts to support person to person payments. The Cupertino-based company has successfully integrated it into its iMessage tool.

Various iOS 11 tips and tricks [here is how you can upgrade firmware on AirPods] are now being shared by developers and public beta testers who downloaded and installed this future firmware on their iDevices. The testing period will continue throughout the summer.

You’ll enjoy sending cash and use iMessage since its money transfer feature has become so easy and quick. Apple Pay iMessage enhancement in iOS 11 is tremendous with P2P support. You’ll need to have Apple Pay Cash card where the payments will be stored. You can transfer money from this card to your bank account.


How to Reboot Your iOS 11 iPhone: No Power Button Action

Follow new iOS 11 tips to explore the possibilities Apple is about to bring to millions of iPhone fans from all over the world. For example, you can now reboot your iPhone without home button. The process is simple and fast. You’ll love how it works on the beta presented to testers during WWDC 2017.

iOS 11 Tricks

Since it becomes easy to turn off iPhone on iOS 11 even without using your Power button, this firmware version does sound attractive and innovative. There are a lot of new iOS 11 features that will be fun to discover this fall.

By the way, a lot of ‘fruit’ fans are already testing iOS 11 tricks and enjoying the cool options this operating system brings to your iPhone and iPad. We already described some of the top chages in iOS 11 beta 1 that was revealed to developers and now it’s time to mention what else this software can perform.

iOS 11 Reboot iPhone without Home Button

How to Reset iPhone Without Power Button on iOS 11

There is no need to click on two buttons at once when you need to simply reboot your iDevice. Of course, you can search for different workarounds to fix this program and simplify the rebooting or restarting of your gadget. Still if you take a moment and discover iOS 11 tips you’ll be surprised to know that Apple has already made it quicker and easier for you to restart the phone or tablet device. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work on iOS 10.3 devices.

So here is what you should do in order to reboot iPhone without Home button:

Step 1. Once you install iOS 11 beta you can reboot iOS 11 iPhone.

Step 2. Go to your Settings.

Step 3. Select General menu.

Step 4. Head over to Accessibility section.

Step 5. Choose AssistiveTouch feature.

Step 6. Enable it by using the toggle.

Step 7. There should be an AssistiveTouch icon on your display. You have to click on it. It’s pretty small so be attentive.

Step 8. Click on Device.

Step 9. Go to More.

Step 10. Press on Restart and your iPhone will reboot.

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks Offload Apps

How to Turn Off iPhone iOS 11 without Power Button

Unlike the long procedure of phone rebooting it is much quicker to shut down your iDevice on the future operating system without using the power button:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Choose General menu just like in the instruction above.

Step 3. Get down to the botton of the page.

Step 4. Press on Shut Down option.

Step 5. The slide to power off message will appear. Slide and you’ll successfully turn off your gadget.

What do you think about these iOS 11 tips? Are they fun enough to enjoy the future software version? Do you think there are too many steps to follow before you can reach your final goal?

force quit ipad appMaybe Apple will come up with a quicker solution sometimes in the future. Right now iOS 11 features can be tested by anyone who is not afraid to take risks, find bugs and explore the new OS for the iPhone and iPad.


How to Remove Apps on iOS 11 Without Deleting Data on iPhone

Apple is testing the next iOS 11. This firmware version is brand new. Developers and public beta testers who decided to download and install iOS 11 should learn some interesting tricks. For example, do you know how you can offload your applications while saving their data? Let’s explore this secret right now.

iOS 11 Tips

It is great when your storage can be fully controlled by you. Isn’t it? This is exactly what you can do following iOS 11 tricks. This mobile firmware version has a lot to offer to future users. Those who are testing it now (by the way, testing is completely free of charge) can how easily it is to free your storage without deleting any important files and information.

All this is possible thanks to the iOS 11 features that make this operating system easier to control. Don’t let your storage get too low. Control it and remove the applications you don’t need or use by simply offloading them. Here is what exactly is offered in 2017.

The long list of new iOS 11 features [way longer than options on iOS 10.3] gets the option to control your iPhone and iPad storage. You can now remove the programs you are not using but this action won’t remove the data and settings for such apps. In other words, you don’t risk in removing something you wish to keep for the future.

You can free storage on iPhone iOS 11 manually or set it up to happen automatically for you. Anything you prefer is just fine. We’ll explain both methods and you’ll choose whatever you like the most. Having choices with iOS 11 tips and tricks is so awesome!

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks Offload Apps

How to Offload iPhone Apps

Let’s begin our iOS 11 how to guide for removing unused programs. Firstly you should learn how to do this manually.

Step 1. Update to iOS 11 beta version if you haven’t performed this action yet. This is how you can remove iOS 11 apps in the summer because the official public version will be launched in the fall.

Step 2. Go to Settings to reveal the cool iOS 11 secrets. You can do this on iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Select General section.

Step 4. Click on iPhone Storage menu.

Step 5. Choose the application that has to be offloaded.

Step 6. Confirm by clicking on Offload App option.

The program will be removed from your phone however all its information will remain on your phone or tablet device. This way when you decide to install the app back sometimes in the future you’ll have all its data right on your iDevice.

What iPhone and iPad Is Compatible with iOS 11 Beta

iOS 11 How to Offload Unused Applications Automatically

Now let’s make the process run on its own without your further actions.

Step 1. Go to Settings on iOS 11 iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Choose General menu.

Step 3. Select iPhone Storage option.

Step 4. Turn on the feature called Offload Unused Apps.

Step 5. That’s it. Now your device will automatically remove the programs you don’t use however all their data and files will be still stored on your iPhone.

What do you think about the changes brought by iOS 11 beta? Do you like them so far or not?


How to Enjoy New iOS 11 Feature without Developer Account on iPhone or iPad

Would you like to explore all the new iOS 11 features on your own? It is actually possible and we’ll tell you how exactly you can download this firmware beta version and install it on your iPhone or iPad even without opening an official developer account with Apple. The famous iOS company has officially introduced its future products and iOS 11 beta 1 is one of them.

iOS 11: What’s New

The final iOS 11 release date will be in the fall. All users and developers who are interested in exploring all the iOS 11 options, secrets and tips can update to the first beta and download future betas in the summer.

The list of changes offered via iOS 11 beta is pretty long. Apple has improved iMessage which can sync with your iCloud account. You’ll get your messages available on all your ‘fruit’ devices which is pretty cool.

Just as always, Siri also gets enhancement. This would be probably one of the most usable iOS 11 features [make sure to compare them to iOS 10.3 features]. You can use this assistant to translate on-the-go, help you with various options, apps and phone calls etc.

What else is improved and made better for users? The iPhone maker worked on the Control Center, images [iOS 11 specs offer HEIF format instead of JPEG to minimize the size of the image and offer better quality], videos, original Maps tool, music etc.
You would probably like to test updated iOS 11 options as CarPlay with do-no-disturb mode while you are driving, updated HomeKit, better App Store, interesting iPad navigation dock, application switcher. You’ll be able to drag and frop files between folders.

There are also other great features and specs worth your attention.

iOS 11 Download and Install

Download iOS 11 Beta

It used to be that only registered developers could install the beta firmware on their iPhone and iPad to test and report problems to Apple. There were users who enjoyed taking risks and searching for developer files to update as well but for free. Finally the Cupertino-based company decided that users who wish to test iOS 11 features while the firmware is still in beta version could also upgrade.

You no longer need a dev account. You only need a smartphone or tablet device that is supported by iOS 11 beta and the simple guide on how to download and install the software. Just remember that all betas are buggy so it is better to install them on your secondary gadget.

What's New in iOS 11

Here is how to install iOS 11 beta 1 on any supported iDevice:

Step 1. You need to connect to WiFi or use your cellular connection. Still remember that you might spend much money if you choose to download the firmware file via mobile network and not your WiFi connection.

Step 2. Open Safari browser on iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Go to

Step 4. Choose iOS Beta Software Profile and download iOS 11.

Step 5. Click on Install option.

Step 6. Provide your device’s password.

Step 7. Click on ‘Install’ feature.

Step 8. Confirm your decision to install iOS 11 by clicking on Install once again.

Step 9. Now choose Restart to reboot your device.

Step 10. Go to Settings once your iPhone or iPad is back on.

Step 11. Click on General menu.

Step 12. Select Software Update option.

Step 13. Once you see the beta profile you should download and install the latest iOS 11 firmware version.

P.S. Sometimes the profile doesn’t show up and you’ll have to restart your iDevice one more time before it finally appears.