Apple TV 4 Automatic Turn On Television Guide

Apple TV 4 can automatically turn on your television [here is how to change DNS server settings on ATV]. Besides, this model is capable of jumping to the right HDMI input. You can follow the guide and master the newest Apple TV version available in 2016.

Does Apple TV automatically turn on? The answer is ‘yes’ and here is what you should do to set it up the correct way. You can also use your Siri Remote to control gadget’s volume. Isn’t it cool?

How to Automatically Turn On Television Apple TV 4

Simple Apple TV Automatic Turn On Instruction

Step 1. Apple TV 4 is HDMI-CEC compliant. This is what makes it to correct settings automatically and simplify the process of turning on and off your television. If you have a different model that also support HDMI-CEC [we should add that CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control], you are lucky.

Step 2. Any gadgets that is a compatible HDMI-CEC on can control volume and power options on its own. This is incredible and leaves the TV owner enjoy the automatic process.

Step 3. Power on your Apple TV 4 and your television will also turn on.

Step 4. Power down the Apple TV and your TV will turn off. This is pretty simple, isn’t it? All you have to make sure you have enabled HDMI-CEC on TV [if it is not already turned on]. In most situations this is done automatically but you can download check by going to Apple TV Settings – Remotes and Devices – Home Theater Control and making sure your Control TVs and Receivers are on.

There is no need to leave your couch hen you need to turn on, change volume or power down your television with Apple TV 4.


Apple Safari Twitter Links Fix Offered in New Mac OS X Beta

Users who experienced the Apple Safari problem will get the fix soon. The company has found and presented the solution in the new OS X El Capitan version for Macs. There was an issued with Twitter links that seemed to be broken in Safari browser. This bug has been addressed.

Users will get Apple Safari fix soon. Right now the issue is gone in the new beta of OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4. If you are a developer you can download OS X 10.11. 4 beta 3 and make sure that the broken Twitter links are now fixes when you are using Safari. The issue as related to shortened links only.

Safari Twitter Broken Shortened Links Fix OS X

The bug was first noticed in November 2015. This was when a lot of Safari users [learn how to close all Safari tabs at once on iOS 9] figured out that when they were following the shortened link the web page wouldn’t open at all or an empty page would appear. Some Mac owners even got the endlessly loading page but no one could get to the correct destination.

The shortened Twitter link bug is solved in OS X El Capitan beta 3. The public version of 10.11.4 platform should arrive soon. If you cannot upate to the new beta [this is not recommended for users who are not testing beta software] you should either wait for the official OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 release or fix the problem by reloading the page a couple of times. It should be a temporary fix but if it works, it’s great.

Users can also try to clear their browser cache or delete the https part of the URL. Another trick is to switch to a different browser.


Manage iPhone Multiple Instagram Accounts on iOS 9

Do you have several Instagram accounts or wish to use many of them on the same iPhone [here is how to share photos on Instagram]. We’ll share a simple iPhone multiple Instagram accounts manage guide which is helpful when you have an account for friends and one for your work etc. There are many reasons why you need to do this.

There is no need to sign out of each account when you want to switch to a different one if you are running iOS 9. Instagram promises account switching simpler and faster. If you have updated Instagram to version 7.15 you can do whatever you want to do.

Multiple Instagram Accounts iPhone 6

How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on One Phone

Step 1. Take your iPhone [you can also get Android features on iOS 9 handset].

Step 2. Launch Instagram program.

Step 3. Find your profile icon [reminds of a person’s silhouette] which is located in the low right corner.

Step 4. Click on the gear icon in Profile that can be found at the top right corner.

Step 5. You will be taken to Instagram Options section.

Step 6. Here you can go down to the bottom of the page and find About menu.

Step 7. Do you see Add Account option?

Step 8. Sign in to your Instagram account. Users who have no account yet can create one by choosing Sing Up option.

Step 9. You can follow the same guide to add a second account. Using multiple Instagram accounts on one iPhone is pretty cool. This way you can have your company’s page and your personal account at the same time and easily switch between them.


Apple to Offer New Apple Watch Clock Faces Download Options

Searching for new and more Apple Watch clock faces download? The famous Cupertino-based company is believed to introduce more options in the future. You know that the firm should release Apple Watch 2 model this spring. It can come with great features that are not present on the original smartwatch.

How do we know about possible Apple Watch clock faces update? There is a new job listing created by the company. Apple is searching for software engineer to work on the clock face along with Watch clock face team. Candidates who wish to get this job will have to develop new faces and data displays for the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Faces New More Options

The two new clock faces for Apple Watch were introduced with WatchOS 2 update. This happend in the fall 2015. Customers who own the first gen device wish to get more faces because the current list of all options is not too long. Users who were buying Hermes models could get a new exclusive face as well but who doesn’t wish to get more choices in 2016?

Once the clock face team gets new members we could expect new releases this year. Do you think Apple could bring more face options than we can see on the watchOS 2.2? Will you have to wait for watchOS 3 update to see new faces? What are your thoughts?

Right now many users are waiting for Apple March event. This is when the company is expected to introduce new products for this year. What can we expect from Apple in 2016?

The company should unveil Apple Watch 2, new 4-inch iPhone, iPad and other products.


Upgrade to 128GB iPhone at $60 in Shenzhen

Would you like to upgrade to 128GB iPhone 6 or 6s? Many Apple fans are dreaming about the latest smartphone model however this is pricey and not all users can make this dream come true. If you are in Shenzhen you can easily upgrade the iPhone internal storage from 16GB to 128GB and this wouldn’t cost too much.

Apple gadgets with the bigger storage are always more expensive and thus many customers have to order 16GB or 32GB models. Luckily there is a workaround that can help you upgrade to 128GB deviceat just $60. There is a company in Shenzhen called BeSound and it allows iPhone owners upgrade their internal storage at the cheapest price possible.

iPhone 6 Upgrade Storage 128GB

If you wish Apple to bump up your 16GB smartphone you’ll have to pay $100. Of course, the upgrade from 16GB to 129GB iPhone in Shenzhen is not officially offered by Apple. Local companies are happy to offer you more storage if you agree to voice your warranty. The service is not free, you’ll pay $60 and pay even less if you are ok with getting only 32GB or 64GB of storage [this would be $20 and $35 correspondingly].

It’s interesting that the little hack takes about half an hour. In just 30 minutes you’ll own the iPhone 6 or even 6 Plus with internal flash storage. Of course, the extra storage is not produced by Apple. It is manufactured by Toshiba.

All your information will be transferred to your new storage option. This means you won’t lose any data during the procedure while you are still advised to back up before you do anything. The report states that only iPad Air and iPhone 6 users can upgrade their storage. Users with older models might be also able to order the service. As for the iPhone 6s iOS 9 handset owners – they will have to wait for the Shenzhen companies to improve their tool.


Free iPhone Games to Download in 2016 for iPhone, iPad

There are tons of applications and games you can download on iPhone and iPad. A lot of users are willing to pay $0.99 and more for an interesting iOS 9 program. Still there are some free iPhone games 2016 you can get right now. There are brand new titles that can be interesting and fun to take a look at.

All these games are rather nice. Even if you don’t like a game you risk nothing. Free applications are always nice to test and you might even enjoy them more than the paid staff you download, right?

Free iPhone Games Download List for 2016

*All is Lost has simple controls. This fast paced app makes you wish to escape from the spaceship as it is about to self destruct. Are you ready to win this free iOS 9 game?

All is Lost Free iOS 9 Game for iPhone

*OK K.O. is a free iOS 9 game that has nice cartoon graphics. You have to fight and run and save others. You need to rebuild the town. This is not the easiest task. You should be entertained and not even pay attention to time.

OK K.O. Free iOS 9 iPhone Game

*Hop Shot makes you score while you are jumping from platform to platform. You should note that these platforms will challenged you by moving around in different directions.

Hop Shot Free iPhone iOS 9 Game

*BattleHand is the free game for iPhone users who like strategies. You are a wizard. You know some spells but you have to become stronger. You’ll have enemies so try to win this game.

BattleHand Free iPhone Game iOS 9

*Dofus Pogo is another fun game you can get at no cost. Through small creatures into your enemies and save the big egg. It’s a really nice title.

Dofus Pogo iOS 9 Free Game iPhone

Do you like to explore free iOS 9 games on your iPhone and iPad?


Users Sell Apple Account ID Information for Over $20,000

All employees who are working for Apple once in a while get offers from hackers who are searching for Apple account login sales and wish to get inner information about future products and company’s plans. There are users who are eager to pay thousands of dollars and euros for such data.

Of course, Apple protects all the information and everything is secured. Employees assure that the ‘fruit’ giant is ‘very careful’ when it comes to security. The data is protected so well that there are complaints from some employees who cannot distantly access Apple offices. Still there are attempts from hackers to get this information.

Apple ID Account Cost

As one hacker says you can sell Apple account for as much as $23,000 or euros 20,000. This is what you will be offered if you work for the famous company. Millions of users are following the ‘fruit’ news and wish to know what is coming next. For example, this year Apple is expected to unveil Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7, 4-inch iPhone 5se and many other gadgets and software updates.

Who doesn’t want to know the real details about the future iDevices or Macs? Who doesn’t wish to know all Apple’s plans? This is one of the reasons why employees get the offers to sell their Apple account login information.

Still it’s hard to break into the company’s system so users rely on numerous rumors and leaked images that promise the next ‘fruit’ device and future features.


Apple Offers iOS 9.3 Public Beta Update for iPhone, iPad

iOS 9.3 is the next mobile firmware for iPhone and iPad. It will be released in 2016. Maybe Apple fans will see it in the end of February or March. The company seeded several versions to developers, including iOS 9.3 beta 2 and 3, and offered public beta testers a chance to test this upcoming software as well. Apple introduced iOS 9.3 Night Shift mode which should make it easier to read on the iDevice at any time of the day.

iOS 9.3 Beta 3 Public Beta Download

Just right after developers got a chance to take a look at the iOS 9.3 beta 3 and see what changes are offered, Apple lets public testers also download iOS 9.3 public beta 3 and test Night Shift option, secured Notes application and other improvements.

Note that iOS 9.3 beta update is only available to registered developers and users who participate in the free Apple Public Beta program. This program was launched in 2015. This is the first time the Cupertino-based company allowed ordinary users to test future software releases and report all the bugs and problems they come across.

iOS 9.3 will support all the iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models that are supported by other iOS 9 versions.

The biggest change is Night Shift feature. It can use your geolocation and clock to match the time of the day. For example, it can change the display colors to warmer and bright blue making it much easier on user’s eyes.

Are you waiting for the upcoming iOS 9.3 or are you more interested in the next iOS 10 firmware version?


Turn iPhone Call Interface into Banner with iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

It is possible to create iPhone call interface banner and have it placed at the top of your smartphone screen with two third of the display being free to use. This way your iPhone answer or decline options are still available while you are able to do something else and use your handset at the same time.

iOS 9 firmware is still jailbroken. You can use Pangu Windows jailbreak for iOS 9 – 9.0.2 if you haven’t jailbroke yet. All newer mobile operating systems released by Apple are currently non-jailbreakable. Lucky jailbroken users can enjoy iOS 9 call jailbreak tweak that can be found on Cydia store. You should note that it costs $3.99 so take a look at the features brought by the tweak.

iOS 9 iPhone Call Jailbreak Tweak

The tweak is called CallBar. It has been recently updated and now solves all previous bugs. For example, devs solved the freeze problem with iOS 9 NightMode and brought full compatibility with this new Apple feature. They have also fixed the crash and other freeze issues. The tweak should now display time of call in Recents and enhanced your Contacts UI in CallBar.

There are many other minor issues that had to be solved and everything is done in the update. The iOS 9 tweak for your iPhone is an interesting addition. Experts and users who have installed it are sure that it is worth every penny still you can search for free Cydia tweaks iOS 9 alternatives. It’s curious that all users who are already signed for CallBar will be forced to pay $3.99 for using the update. Thus you might wish to find a different tool that also improves the call interface and lets you use the iPhone while answering or declining the phone call on iOS 9.


Sony Dual Camera for Android Phone vs iPhone 7

Many smartphone should get the new dual-camera system in 2016. There are rumors about Apple introducing dual camera iPhone 7 in the fall and there are reports about Sony dual camera Android phone release this year.

It is said that Sony is to bring the new system to its major smartphone players while Apple should only launch it for the iPhone 7 Plus model although we’ve heard that the next iPhone 7 could also get it.

Dual Camera System Android iOS

These are the most recent rumors. This doesn’t mean that both Sony and Apple are to really release the dual-camera handsets this year. Sony was recently talking about the its camera system and promised to feature the dual-camera system in its smartphones. There are no details and no specifics.

Different brands are already using the camera technology found by Sony. HTC is even using the dual-camera system still if Apple brings this option to the iPhone 7 Plus – it would become more popular than what One M8 phone offers and other brands would quickly jump into this game.

Customers are expecting to see the dual-camera smartphones in 2016 [some curious iPhone 7s specs leaked] still Sony thinks that this could happen only in 2017 because the smartphone market is slowing down right now [which could impact the demand for new handsets and affect the production schedule of new dual-camera system phones].

Are you looking forward dual camera phones? Would you prefer getting Apple iPhone 7 with dual camera system or choose Android smartphone with Sony dual camera option?