iPhone Users Can Send and Receive Cash via iMessage

Do you know that it is possible to use iMessage as money transfer? This iPhone and iPad application get some curious improvements in iOS 11 [learn how to reboot your iOS 11 iPhone without touching your Home button]. A lot of users and developers are now testing the future mobile firmware version.

Apple Pay iMessage

It is possible to receive and send money using Apple mobile platform. The famous company is adding P2P option and this means that iOS 11 and iMessage will work with Apple Pay letting you using your cash card on-the-go. This way you can get cash anywhere you are and share money with your family members and friends.

iOS 11 features are so cool. There are so many changes that would arrive in September. Apple Pay cash iOS 11 is one of them and it’s worth talking about.

Would you like to get Apple Cash on hand? Let’s see how to manage this must-have feature once you upgrade to the next software version.

iMessage iOS 11 Send and Receive Apple Pay Cash

How to Send Money via iMessage

Since it is possible to receive Apple Pay cash and send your money using iMessage you have to explore this application and what it can do.

Step 1. Remember that this trick is available for iOS 11 only. It is not supported by iOS 10.3 or previous operating systems. So either upgrade to this platform or wait until the version becomes public in the fall.

Step 2. Launch Settings tool.

Step 3. You need to set up your Apple Pay so go to Wallet & Apple Pay.

Step 4. Select Debit or Credit Card menu.

Step 5. You’ll have on-screen guide on how to set up this feature.

Step 6. Now open Messages tool on iOS 11.

Step 7. Open the conversation (choose a person who you wish to transfer money to).

Step 8. You’ll get an Apple Pay button in iMessages. So click on it to proceed.

Step 9. Enter the sum you wish to share. There will be an on-screen guide how to send money.

Step 10. Complete the transaction using Touch ID.

iOS 11 Cash through iMessage on iPhone

If you get a request from someone who asks for money you can:

Step 1. Click the amount you wish to send and approve the transaction.

Step 2. Or simply deny the request for money if you don’t want to send cash via iMessage.

P2P stands for peer-to-peer money transfer. It is easy and quickly to send cash through message from now on. For example, you can make money gifts to anyone who you love. Would you like it to happen?

Apple Pay was previously available through applications online. And now it starts to support person to person payments. The Cupertino-based company has successfully integrated it into its iMessage tool.

Various iOS 11 tips and tricks [here is how you can upgrade firmware on AirPods] are now being shared by developers and public beta testers who downloaded and installed this future firmware on their iDevices. The testing period will continue throughout the summer.

You’ll enjoy sending cash and use iMessage since its money transfer feature has become so easy and quick. Apple Pay iMessage enhancement in iOS 11 is tremendous with P2P support. You’ll need to have Apple Pay Cash card where the payments will be stored. You can transfer money from this card to your bank account.


How to Reboot Your iOS 11 iPhone: No Power Button Action

Follow new iOS 11 tips to explore the possibilities Apple is about to bring to millions of iPhone fans from all over the world. For example, you can now reboot your iPhone without home button. The process is simple and fast. You’ll love how it works on the beta presented to testers during WWDC 2017.

iOS 11 Tricks

Since it becomes easy to turn off iPhone on iOS 11 even without using your Power button, this firmware version does sound attractive and innovative. There are a lot of new iOS 11 features that will be fun to discover this fall.

By the way, a lot of ‘fruit’ fans are already testing iOS 11 tricks and enjoying the cool options this operating system brings to your iPhone and iPad. We already described some of the top chages in iOS 11 beta 1 that was revealed to developers and now it’s time to mention what else this software can perform.

iOS 11 Reboot iPhone without Home Button

How to Reset iPhone Without Power Button on iOS 11

There is no need to click on two buttons at once when you need to simply reboot your iDevice. Of course, you can search for different workarounds to fix this program and simplify the rebooting or restarting of your gadget. Still if you take a moment and discover iOS 11 tips you’ll be surprised to know that Apple has already made it quicker and easier for you to restart the phone or tablet device. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work on iOS 10.3 devices.

So here is what you should do in order to reboot iPhone without Home button:

Step 1. Once you install iOS 11 beta you can reboot iOS 11 iPhone.

Step 2. Go to your Settings.

Step 3. Select General menu.

Step 4. Head over to Accessibility section.

Step 5. Choose AssistiveTouch feature.

Step 6. Enable it by using the toggle.

Step 7. There should be an AssistiveTouch icon on your display. You have to click on it. It’s pretty small so be attentive.

Step 8. Click on Device.

Step 9. Go to More.

Step 10. Press on Restart and your iPhone will reboot.

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks Offload Apps

How to Turn Off iPhone iOS 11 without Power Button

Unlike the long procedure of phone rebooting it is much quicker to shut down your iDevice on the future operating system without using the power button:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Choose General menu just like in the instruction above.

Step 3. Get down to the botton of the page.

Step 4. Press on Shut Down option.

Step 5. The slide to power off message will appear. Slide and you’ll successfully turn off your gadget.

What do you think about these iOS 11 tips? Are they fun enough to enjoy the future software version? Do you think there are too many steps to follow before you can reach your final goal?

force quit ipad appMaybe Apple will come up with a quicker solution sometimes in the future. Right now iOS 11 features can be tested by anyone who is not afraid to take risks, find bugs and explore the new OS for the iPhone and iPad.


How to Remove Apps on iOS 11 Without Deleting Data on iPhone

Apple is testing the next iOS 11. This firmware version is brand new. Developers and public beta testers who decided to download and install iOS 11 should learn some interesting tricks. For example, do you know how you can offload your applications while saving their data? Let’s explore this secret right now.

iOS 11 Tips

It is great when your storage can be fully controlled by you. Isn’t it? This is exactly what you can do following iOS 11 tricks. This mobile firmware version has a lot to offer to future users. Those who are testing it now (by the way, testing is completely free of charge) can how easily it is to free your storage without deleting any important files and information.

All this is possible thanks to the iOS 11 features that make this operating system easier to control. Don’t let your storage get too low. Control it and remove the applications you don’t need or use by simply offloading them. Here is what exactly is offered in 2017.

The long list of new iOS 11 features [way longer than options on iOS 10.3] gets the option to control your iPhone and iPad storage. You can now remove the programs you are not using but this action won’t remove the data and settings for such apps. In other words, you don’t risk in removing something you wish to keep for the future.

You can free storage on iPhone iOS 11 manually or set it up to happen automatically for you. Anything you prefer is just fine. We’ll explain both methods and you’ll choose whatever you like the most. Having choices with iOS 11 tips and tricks is so awesome!

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks Offload Apps

How to Offload iPhone Apps

Let’s begin our iOS 11 how to guide for removing unused programs. Firstly you should learn how to do this manually.

Step 1. Update to iOS 11 beta version if you haven’t performed this action yet. This is how you can remove iOS 11 apps in the summer because the official public version will be launched in the fall.

Step 2. Go to Settings to reveal the cool iOS 11 secrets. You can do this on iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Select General section.

Step 4. Click on iPhone Storage menu.

Step 5. Choose the application that has to be offloaded.

Step 6. Confirm by clicking on Offload App option.

The program will be removed from your phone however all its information will remain on your phone or tablet device. This way when you decide to install the app back sometimes in the future you’ll have all its data right on your iDevice.

What iPhone and iPad Is Compatible with iOS 11 Beta

iOS 11 How to Offload Unused Applications Automatically

Now let’s make the process run on its own without your further actions.

Step 1. Go to Settings on iOS 11 iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Choose General menu.

Step 3. Select iPhone Storage option.

Step 4. Turn on the feature called Offload Unused Apps.

Step 5. That’s it. Now your device will automatically remove the programs you don’t use however all their data and files will be still stored on your iPhone.

What do you think about the changes brought by iOS 11 beta? Do you like them so far or not?


How to Enjoy New iOS 11 Feature without Developer Account on iPhone or iPad

Would you like to explore all the new iOS 11 features on your own? It is actually possible and we’ll tell you how exactly you can download this firmware beta version and install it on your iPhone or iPad even without opening an official developer account with Apple. The famous iOS company has officially introduced its future products and iOS 11 beta 1 is one of them.

iOS 11: What’s New

The final iOS 11 release date will be in the fall. All users and developers who are interested in exploring all the iOS 11 options, secrets and tips can update to the first beta and download future betas in the summer.

The list of changes offered via iOS 11 beta is pretty long. Apple has improved iMessage which can sync with your iCloud account. You’ll get your messages available on all your ‘fruit’ devices which is pretty cool.

Just as always, Siri also gets enhancement. This would be probably one of the most usable iOS 11 features [make sure to compare them to iOS 10.3 features]. You can use this assistant to translate on-the-go, help you with various options, apps and phone calls etc.

What else is improved and made better for users? The iPhone maker worked on the Control Center, images [iOS 11 specs offer HEIF format instead of JPEG to minimize the size of the image and offer better quality], videos, original Maps tool, music etc.
You would probably like to test updated iOS 11 options as CarPlay with do-no-disturb mode while you are driving, updated HomeKit, better App Store, interesting iPad navigation dock, application switcher. You’ll be able to drag and frop files between folders.

There are also other great features and specs worth your attention.

iOS 11 Download and Install

Download iOS 11 Beta

It used to be that only registered developers could install the beta firmware on their iPhone and iPad to test and report problems to Apple. There were users who enjoyed taking risks and searching for developer files to update as well but for free. Finally the Cupertino-based company decided that users who wish to test iOS 11 features while the firmware is still in beta version could also upgrade.

You no longer need a dev account. You only need a smartphone or tablet device that is supported by iOS 11 beta and the simple guide on how to download and install the software. Just remember that all betas are buggy so it is better to install them on your secondary gadget.

What's New in iOS 11

Here is how to install iOS 11 beta 1 on any supported iDevice:

Step 1. You need to connect to WiFi or use your cellular connection. Still remember that you might spend much money if you choose to download the firmware file via mobile network and not your WiFi connection.

Step 2. Open Safari browser on iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Go to http://bit.ly/2rMOHAU.

Step 4. Choose iOS Beta Software Profile and download iOS 11.

Step 5. Click on Install option.

Step 6. Provide your device’s password.

Step 7. Click on ‘Install’ feature.

Step 8. Confirm your decision to install iOS 11 by clicking on Install once again.

Step 9. Now choose Restart to reboot your device.

Step 10. Go to Settings once your iPhone or iPad is back on.

Step 11. Click on General menu.

Step 12. Select Software Update option.

Step 13. Once you see the beta profile you should download and install the latest iOS 11 firmware version.

P.S. Sometimes the profile doesn’t show up and you’ll have to restart your iDevice one more time before it finally appears.


How to Check iOS 10 Mobile Data Usage on iPhone 6 and 7

Once you master how to fix iPhone boot loop you can easily track your data usage on iPhone 6, 7 and other models. Firstly, it is possible with your network. Secondly, there are a lot of great applications that inform you about all the data you consume.

iOS Data Usage by App

We have selected some great tools that let you quickly check your iPhone app data usage by application. Do this for your mobile network and learn how much you truly consume per month or other time period.

Since there are no real unlimited data plans any more it is important to track iPhone daily usage or check out this information periodically to not overpay for your bills to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint. There are many other smaller mobile networks in the U.S. and thousands of more carriers across the world.

You can surely search for an unlimited data plan but if you fail to find the appropriate price and wish to connect to a regular plan – don’t worry since you just need to download and install one of the best iPhone mobile tracking apps and never get past your monthly data limits. Don’t worry about your battery life. Jus track your battery usage on iPhone 7 or other model.

Mobile Data Usage App for iOS 10 iPhone

How to Check Data Usage on iOS 10

Method 1: Mobile Data Usage Current Period

There is no need to download anything when you just need to know how much data you have already used via cellular or mobile connection. Take your iPhone 7, 6 or other model and go to Settings program. Select Cellular option and click on Cellular Data Usage. This menu will display the information you are looking for.

Method 2: How to Track Your iPhone Data Usage with Apps

As we have already mentioned there are various data usage app iPhone tools that can be installed on your gadget to track your mobile usage for WiFi connection and 3G as well as 4G. Some of them are free to use and others have only paid versions. We’ll list some of the most interesting titles and you can select the application that sounds the best to you.

DataMeter iPhone App for iOS 10 Track Mobile Data

Free Advanced Data Usage Tracker

This is the no-cost program for iOS 10 devices that supports iPhone 6, 6s and 7. You can use to get monthly, daily and weekly info about data you have used. It can also figure out how fast your network is. Download it here.


Another free option is called DataMeter. It also supports the latest 4G connection along with 2G, 3G and WiFi. You can get the real-time information about your traffic. This particular program won’t eat your battery life because it is not working in the background.

BeeData Tracking for iPhone

BeeData and Bytes Widgets

The mobile data usage iPhone tracker called BeeData Widget should the monthly charts and details on your data usage. Similar options are offered by another no-cost Bytes widget.

My Data Manager

This one is good for users who share the plan or use family plans. You can get information on how much data is consumed by all members of your family. The coolest part about My Data Manager for iPhone is that this application is 100% free.

My Data Manager app for iPhone

Paid iOS 10 Apps for Tracking Mobile Data

Fans of paid applications can try the Cellular Data Tracker which costs around $2 or look at Data Tracker – Mobile Data Usage available at $1 on the App Store. Both programs show a lot of details through graphs and charts and let you track how much data you have for the day. You can learn if you have leftover data or not and easily track your usage through the billing cycle.

Now you know how to check app data usage on iPhone 6, 6s and 7. Don’t go overboard and control your bill on-the-go with one of the apps mentioned above.


How to Make a Digital Business Card with Photos, Videos on iPhone

It is easy to promote your business with your iPhone. Do you offer products or services to users? Create an iPhone business card and make it special to attract more customers and make your brand even more recognizable.

iPhone Business Card

Is it possible to use iPhone business card template when you wish to inspire others or promote yourself in a smart way? Why do you need to have such a card on your handset when a lot of us are used to regular paper cards?

Learn how to make a digital business card to quickly share your contacts with potential customers. Such cards can also promote your company. In other words, it is must-have and you can also create it within moments using a special iOS 10 app. There are different applications that offer cute and professional templates with customization options. Let’s look closer at one of them. It is called Switchit and a lot of iPhone users have already tried it out to confirm that the tool is easy and smart.

Short information about the app:

Switchit is an iOS 10 iPhone program for sharing contacts. It also works as a network manager tool. With its help you can easily create digital business card on iPhone. To make it unique you can add videos and photos to your multimedia card. Choose your theme and be impressive.

Switchit iPhone Digital Business Card Creation

How to Set Up Business Card on iPhone

The process of creating a personal multimedia business card is described below. Just follow the steps and you’ll make a professional digital business card right on your iPhone.

Step 1. Make sure you have already updated to iOS 10 on iPhone 6s and earlier models. iPhone 7 users are good to do as their device arrives with this firmware version being pre-installed.

Step 2. Download and install the free Switchit application.

Step 3. Open this cool tool that helps you with iPhone business card design.

Add a New Digital Business Card on iPhone

Step 4. You’ll see ‘Add Cards’ option at the low part of the screen. Click on it to proceed.

iPhone Digital Multimedia Business Card Name

Step 5. Type in the name of your business card. Click on OK to continue.

Design Your Digital Business Card on iPhone iOS 10

Step 6. Now fill out all the required fields with information about your company, services or goods. You need to enter your company name, contacts such as email address, site address and phone number, and up to 15 social accounts. You can link to them since this is a digital card. Remember to link to your Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel and other social media you are using.

Step 7. Now you can select your theme color via Themes option to customize the file and add a photo or video. Just click on Upload Image or Upload Videos option and create new image / video or select the file from your gallery.

How to Make Business Card on iPhone

Now you know how to make your business card on iPhone and include an attractive image or short video to turn your potential buyers into return customers.

When you can share your business contacts with users who are interested in your company, services or goods – it is nicer if a user receives a professional digital card with all the information instead of a plain phone number or website url.


Your iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself? Fix This Boot Loop

Why does my phone keep restarting itself? Can it only happen to older iPhone model like iPhone 6, 6s or be also observed on newer versions such as 6s and 7? Apple users who come across the weird iPhone restart loop are looking for the solution and we are happy to share the tips how you can solve this problem.

iPhone Keeps Restarting

It could happen periodically. There could even be a situation when you notice that your iPhone restarts on its own and cannot pass the Apple logo. Doesn’t your handset turn on? Does it turn on for only a while? There are some nice tips and tricks that can help you deal with the issue.

The iPhone 7, 6s, 6 and other models might be working perfectly well all the time and then, all of a sudden, your smartphone decides to not restart. The trouble is not common but it does happen to some of us. You might be able to fix everything without going to your closest Apple Store and asking for a replacement. Still if you own the newest phone model you are highly advised to replace it but users who are out of replacement terms can only try to solve the bugs on their own.

How to Fix Boot Loop

Reasons for iPhone Restart Loop

When your iPhone 6 suddenly keeps restarting itself you should think of the reasons. It could happen because of the faulty programs you have recently installed. Maybe you backed up the device and it was a flawed process. Hardware problems could also cause your iPhone to keep restarting Apple logo.

iPhone 6 Boot Loop Fix

iPhone 7 users are safe as it doesn’t look like iPhone restarts over and over again on iOS 10. Mostly this problem is faced on older iOS 9 and iOS 8 and the newest iPhone 7 Plus and 7 models cannot run these firmwares.

Craziest Method 1: Cellular Connection Game

Some people find this iPhone random reboot fix solution crazy. You need to disable your cellular (or mobile) data via Settings app, wait for a while and then enable it again. Sometimes it easily solves the problem with restarting.

Method 2: Delete Bad Apps

If your iPhone won’t turn on past Apple logo because of the faulty programs you installed recently you are advised to remove such applications and see if the issue is gone. You should delete an app and then you have to also reboot the phone and sync it with your desktop iTunes tool. This could be the fix you were searching for.

Replace Battery on iPhone to Fix Boot Loop

Method 3: Battery Replacement

One of the fixes you can try is replacing your battery. It could cause the bug but this procedure is not that simple. Not many people can perform it by themselves. You might want to either take your device to a special service center or search for online instructions for your particular model.

Method 4: Hard Reboot

Try to force reboot your smartphone running iOS 9 or 8. Press your power button along with home button and wait for a couple of seconds. You’ll see the ‘fruit’ logo on your display. The handset should reboot.

Method 5: Restore from Backup

If something is wrong with your software you might want to restore your phone from a backup that was working well. Do this via iCloud or iTunes and hopefully the issue will be gone.

How to Reset Networks Settings

Method 6: Reset All Settings

This is another way to fix the sudden restart issue. Go to your Settings app. You should select General section and click on Reset – Reset All Settings.

You see that there is more than one solution to your problem. When you hear that your friends says, “My iPhone keeps restarting and won’t turn on,” you’ll know what to do. Right?


iPhone VPN App: How to Setup and Configure Settings

Why would you need to use iPhone VPN app? How to configure this service? Users who are not familiar with VPN could ask these questions one day. Let’s figure out how you can use virtual private networks on your Apple smartphone and could they protect you from spammers and cyber attacks such as WannaCry Ransomware that recently scared the whole world.

iPhone VPN Configuration

You must have heard about WannaCray Ransomware hackers who attacked a lot of people from different countries, stole their personal information and asked for money to return it back. They managed to attack personal computers and are discussed by a lot of us since users are looking for a way how to protect their data from such attackes in the future.

What does VPN on iPhone do? You can try using VPN applications on iOS 10 phone to add some extra protection to your device. Before you set up VPN on iPhone let’s understand that these three letters mean. The name stands for Virtual Private Network.
Use it to protect you information.

VPN Setup for iPhone iOS 10

How to Setup VPN on iPhone 6, 7 for Free

You’ll have to download trusted application that helps you choose your virtual location and hide the real ip address. Hackers and trackers shouldn’t be able to track you this way. This way you can surf online and not worry about staying secured.

Step 1. Download the application for your iPhone 7 or 6. It can be any interesting VPN program from the App Store.

Step 2. Open the program.

Step 3. Go to Settings on your phone to adjust VPN on iPhone 7 or other model.

Step 4. Click on VPN option.

Step 5. Now let’s learn how to configure VPN on iPhone. You’ll have to get some information before setting up the service. What do you need to know? You have to learn your server name, username, remote ID and your passcode. Sometimes this information can be obtained from system administrator.

Step 6. There should be a toggle for enabling your VPN. More iOS 10.3 iPhone VPN settings are available to those who downloaded severall applications.

Step 7. Click on the client and once you enable the service you can add all the configurations manually.

VPN Configure and Set Up on iPhone

Step 8. You have to Add VPN Configuration after you turn on this option on your iPhone.

Step 9. Choose your Type from the 3 main features you can see. It could be IPSec, IKEv2 or L2TP.

Step 10. Now you should select Add Configuration and provide your settings. You’ll have to name the server, enter its description and type in the remote ID.

Step 11. Type in the login credentials (username and password) and choose Auto or Manual feature for proxy settings and click on Done.

You can try using different VPN settings with your mobile device and on your desktop computer. Keeping your personal information private is extremely important nowadays as there are a lot of hackers and scammers out there who might want to access your device distantly and steal your files, passwords and other content.


How to Install New Firmware on Your AirPods

iPhone users who like to listen to music and use AirPods with their smartphone should once in a while update AirPods to the most recent firmware version. Apple releases software upgrades to fix some known problems and bring other overall improvements to millions of people form all over the globe. So if you even don’t experience issues right now you might still want to check out your operating system and see if anything newer is available for you.

Apple AirPods Software Update

The whole process of getting the latest os installed on your earphones is simple. It is quick and easy to do. You can be running the newest 3.7.2 release within seconds.

Of course, you might be happy with how your accessories perform. In such situation you can wait and not upgrade immediately. But when you suddenly realize that your earphones disconnect from your handset once in a while or not working too well, if battery is draining too fast you are highly advised to install new firmware on AirPods and fix the problems.

How to Update AirPods on iPhone

How to Update AirPods Firmware

Step 1. To install latest AirPods firmware you need to connect AirPods to your iPhone.

Step 2. Make sure your earphones are on the charging case.

Step 3. Everything will be done automatically. You have to do nothing. The device will update on its own.

Cannot Upgrade to AirPods Firmware Version 3.7.2?

Sometimes you fail to update. You need to double check that your earphones are fully charged.

Maybe your accessory is not connected to iPhone. Visit Settings on iPhone and select Bluetooth. You might also need to reset your charging case.

How to Check Firmware for AirPods

Check Your OS Version

Would you like to follow quick AirPods firmware check with your device? You can do this before updating or after upgrade?

Step 1. Connect your accessories to your iDevice.

Step 2. Open Settings on iOS 10 iPhone. If you are still running iOS 9 you should install iOS 10.3 version.

Step 3. Select General option.

Step 4. Choose About section.

Step 5. Now you should click on AirPods.

Step 6. You’ll be able to find out your operating system version on earphones on the next screen.

Step 7. What can you learn about your device? You will see the model number, serial number and hardware version.

A lot of people are now using different Apple gadgets. It’s not surprising to see an iPhone owner with the Mac machine, AirPods and iPod. By the way, many users seem to be happy with their earphones There are research results about satisfaction rate of their usage and it is believed to reach around 98%.

This however doesn’t mean that everyone is completely satisfied with their AirPods. This accessory is kind of expensive and too tiny so losing AirPods is pretty easy. There is a way how to locate your misplaced or lost wireless earphone.

The sound is great so using this device with your iPhone improves the quality of how your favorite songs sound. It’s also a good headphone to have when you watch movies or TV shows on your iDevice.


iPhone 3D Touch Hidden Shortcut Feature: How to Use It

There is an interesting hidden 3D Touch shortcut on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus you can use. What does it let you do? Well, you can discover this iOS 10 feature and use it to make quick phone calls through FaceTime. Where can you find it? It is hidden in your Phone application and it is perfect for reaching unknown phone numbers.

Hidden 3D Touch Features

We’ll explain how to access this interesting and useful option. You probably remember that Apple brought this addition to its mobile firmware back in 2015. This is when users who got the 6s Plus and 6s phones also received the 3D Touch addition.
A lot of things can be easily reached via 3D Touch. Only a touch can help you complete many tasks and iPhone 3D Touch shortcuts can really simplify your life.

Many of us save phone numbers to Contacts to easily access when needed. Still there are unknown numbers that we forget or don’t want to ‘remember’ and if the number is not saved as your iOS 10 contact – you cannot quickly call it through FaceTime unless you are aware of the secret shortcut.

Access 3D Touch Shortcut on iPhone 7

How to Use 3D Touch on iPhone 7: Hidden Feature

Step 1. Make sure your phone has 3D Touch. It only works on devices starting from iPhone 6s.

Step 2. Update to the most recent firmware version. It is 10.3 firmware right now but Apple is working on next iOS 11.

Step 3. Launch Phone program.

Step 4. There is the Keypad option at the lower part of the screen. Click on it.

Step 5. Enter the number you are planning to dial.

iPhone 3D Touch Call

Step 6. Now 3D Touch your iPhone call option.

Step 7. This click will show the shortcuts such as FaceTime Video, Call and FaceTime Audio.

How to Use 3D Touch Shortcuts iPhone iOS 10

Step 8. Select one of these iPhone 3D Touch shortcuts to proceed.

Step 9. The action will be performed.

You have discovered secret iPhone 3D Touch settings that let you place quick FaceTime calls to numbers that are not in your contact book. The similar iOS 3D Touch tutorial works for the numbers from your contact list.

3D Touch: How to Use Shortcut for Contacts

Step 1. Open Phone application – Contacts or launch Contacts directly.

Step 2. Click-hold the call option and you’ll be able to quickly make a FaceTime call or use WhatsApp for the same goal.

Step 3. Click-hold the message option and you’ll be able to quickly send SMS through WhatsApp or Messages tool.

Step 4. Click-hold the video option and you’ll be able to easily access your FaceTime features or WhatsApp options.

For contacts you don’t even need to use 3D Touch. All these steps can be performed with simple clicks.

3d Touch iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and Future Phones

The future iPhone 8 will also support 3D Touch as well as the upcoming iOS 11 that could bring even more interesting shortcuts for you to enjoy. It’s interesting how many wonderful innovations modern companies use to attract customers and keep millions of users demanding the newest flagship models.