iOS 10 Tips: Can iPhone Show Only Downloaded Music?

Do you have a lot of music files on your iPhone updated to iOS 10 version? Would you like to access downloaded music on iPhone and see no other songs you have? It is possible to get the most options from your default iOS 10 Music app since this latest firmware update brings a lot of interesting features users will love. For example, it is simple to download photos from Messages application.

The whole thing might sound complicated on iOS 9 but it is extremely simple if you know iOS 10 tips. By the way, you can also delete Apple music from iTunes if you no longer want it. We’ll explain how you can complete this goal below.

All Downloaded Music iOS 10 Access View on iPhone

How to Access Downloaded Music on iPhone [Only]

Actually the only thing you should do is update iOS 10 Music app [learn how to disable Siri on iOS 10.2 version]. It is quick and easy to show only downloaded music iPhone once you install Apple’s newest mobile operating platform. The company added some changes and you can take advantage of them.

Step 1. To enjoy your iPhone music tricks you need to double check that you have downloaded iOS 10 ipsw and installed this firmware version.

Step 2. Launch your Music app.

Step 3. Take a look at the lower left part of the screen. Is Library tab chosen or not? Make sure it is selected.

iOS 10 Downloaded Music

Step 4. There should be Downloaded Music menu. Click on it.

Step 5. That’s pretty much it. You can see all the music located on your iDevice.

Sometimes you have problems with iPhone music download and are unable to view all the songs you have downloaded.

iPhone Music Tips: Bring Downloaded Music Option Back

Step 1. Launch your Music program on iPhone or iPad (the same guide works on tablet devices as well).

Step 2. The Library tab needs to be selected.

Step 3. Click on Edit option found at the upper right part of the screen.

iOS 10 Downloaded Music Edit Library

Step 4. Select the Downloaded Music feature (can be found at the lower part of your iDevice screen) if it’s not selected yet.

Step 5. Choose ‘Done’ and your Downloaded Music section will appear under Library.

Let’s continue our iOS 10 tips with an instruction on how you can remove music from iTunes. Users with Mac and PC can delete Apple Music from the popular desktop application. There is no need to unsubscribe from music server which is great. This solution is temporary.

Access Downloaded Music iOS 10 Tips

How to Delete Apple Music from iTunes on Mac

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your ‘fruit’ computer.

Step 2. Select iTunes menu and go to Preferences.

Step 3. Choose Restrictions and check ‘Apple Music’ box and ‘Connect’ box.

That’s it. You can now use iCloud music library instead if you want to. P.S. A lot of users come across unpleasant iTunes errors. You can easily fix iTunes error 9006 if you ever face it while updating your mobile gadget.

Remove Apple Music from iTunes Mac and PC

How to Remove Apple Music from iTunes on PC

Step 1. Launch iTunes program on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Choose ‘Edit’ option you can findon the upper menu.

Step 3. Select Preferences – Parental option.

Step 4. Press on Apple Music Connect box. You’ll check it.

Now the music won’t be displayed on your computer.


iPhone Photo Download iOS 10 Tips for Messages App Users

Did you know that iPhone photo download was available for your stock Messages app? What does this mean? It’s simple. You can import photo from Messages and save it on your handset if you really like the image and want the memorable picture (or pictures) saved in iPhone Camera Roll. Follow the awesome Messages tricks iOS 10 guide and you’ll see how easy the instruction is.

Apple offers Messages program as a default program on iPhone. You can send text messages using different Messages applications. Share your images, short videos and funny stickers – this is simple. You can communicate with people you love every day and even save the high-resolution photographs directly from the app on your handset. You can also learn how to create new and delete existing contact groups on iPhone.

It’s great when you can enjoy iPhone photo import right from the Messages app. There is no need to printscreen as the greatest pictures can be saved directly from the program. Let’s learn how you can transfer photos from Messages to your phone or tablet device that is running one of iOS 10 firmware version.

iOS 10 Features iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks

Messages Tricks iOS 10 Guide

There are several things you should de before you can import photos from Messages. You should be sure that your iDevice supports iOS 10 platform (some old models cannot be updated to this operating system). You need to also install iOS 10 if you don’t have the newest iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus that arrive with iOS 10 already pre-installed.

The last thing to do is to double check that you have great photos in Messages app that you wish to move to Camera Roll.

How to Download Photos from Messages App to iPhone or iPad iOS 10 Features

How to Save Images from iPhone Messages App

Step 1. Double check you have iOS 10 ipsw installed on your iPhone or iPad. iOS 10.2 is the most recent mobile operating system offered for iDevices by Apple.

Step 2. Open Messages application on your gadget.

Step 3. Find the conversation that contains the images you wish to save. Select it.

Step 4. You should now search for the picture that will be saved. Once it is found by you, click on it.

Step 5. In order to transfer photos from Messages you should click on ‘Share’ option that can be found at the lower left part of the screen.

Save Message Photo to iPhone 7 iOS 10 iPad

Step 6. Now you need to click on the option called ‘Save Image.’

Step 7. Remember to press on ‘Done’ when you are finished. This option is located at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 8. You can find the photo you have saved in your iOS 10 Camera Roll on iPhone or iPad.

Step 9. To access the saved image you should launch Photos application on iDevice with Photos tab being selected. Now you can see the picture that came from Messages app.

You can see how easy it is to save photos from Messages on your iPhone or iPad. There are no hidden iOS 10 tricks here. Everything is on the surface. You just need to master this trick and never lose incredible memories buried in long conversations.

Save Pics from Messages to iPhone 7 3D Touch

By the way, users with iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus who have the 3D touch option can save photos from Messages even quicker. Just do the 3D Touch on the photo inside a conversation and swipe up on your screen. You can click on ‘Save’ option that will appear. Isn’t it wonderful?

There are a lot of curious iOS 10 features and great tips for Apple users that simplify your iPhone and iPad experience. This platform brings such great additions as Bubble Effects, Tapbacks, Digital Touch and other options you’ll love.

Users who like to add emojis into images will love how it is simple to convert words into emoji icons while typing. Anyway, the iOS 10 has a lot to offer and the next iOS 10.3 might bring some little nice changes and improve the existing features.


How to Make and Delete Contact Groups on iPhone 7

You might have heard how easily Android users can create contact groups on their smartphones. This is impossible on Apple phones, even the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models do not offer such an option. You can still learn about interesting ‘create contact group iPhone’ trick that makes it possible to make groups and delete groups on the iDevice without issues. The trick is must-know in 2017 since it lets you perform bulk action on-the-go.

Your default Phone application makes it possible to use contact groups so you should only learn how to create contact group on iPhone and use it with your program. Thanks to external applications and services you are able to add contact to group iPhone and delete it or even the whole group. You can also fix error 9006 with iTunes if it appears while you are updating or restoring your gadgets.

Create iPhone Contacts Group Delete Groups How to

How to Create a Group on iPhone 7

You need a couple of programs before you can take the advantage of groups and learn how to create a group text on iPhone or how to make a group chat on iPhone 7, 5s, 6s or other model. Firstly, you should use iTunes service. Secondly, you also need an iCloud account. This is how you can control your contact groups, create new and delete current ones. You can also play new Mario Run game on iPhone.

There could be hundreds of contacts on your handset. Without your computer you are not able to create contact groups using them. Only with the help of iTunes and iCloud you can perform the trick.

Step 1. You should use USB cable to connect the phone to iTunes. You need to sync your iPhone 7 or other model now.

Step 2. Launch your iCloud account and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

iPhone Contacts Group

Step 3. It is also advised to back up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud. Any program works great for this purpose and you’ll save your content in case anything goes wrong.

Step 4. Choose Contacts in iCloud. You’ll see all the contacts you have synced in the past.

Step 5. Press on the Plus symbol (+) that is located under Show Actions Menu.

Step 6. There will be two options available. One is New Contact. The other one is New Group. You should select the second one (Group).

How to Create New Group on iPhone Contacts

Step 7. Label the group (give it any name).

Step 8. Now select All Contacts and add contact to group iPhone. Just drag – drop contacts one by one.

Step 9. It is time to launch Phone application on your smartphone. Click on Contacts and now click on Groups you’ll see in the upper left part of the screen.

iPhone Contacts Group iCloud New

Step 10. Choose the group you have created using iCloud under iCloud menu. Check it and click on Done. This group will contain only the numbers you have added.

There could be iOS 10 problems you need to deal with.

Delete Contacts Group iPhone iCloud

How to Delete Groups on iPhone 7

Since you already know how you can add contacts to groups via iCloud you should also learn how to delete contact group iPhone [learn how to remove multiple contacts on iPhone at the same time]:

Step 1. Launch iCloud on Mac or PC.

Step 2. Sign in using your credentials.

Step 3. Choose Contacts option.

Step 4. Press on the group name under All Contacts.

Step 5. Click on Show Actions Menu.

Step 6. Once you see the menu with two options ‘Cancel’ and ‘Delete’ you should to press on Delete.

Step 7. Now the group will be removed from iCloud and deleted from your iPhone 7 or other model.

It is simple to control your groups. You can send the same text message to multiple people at once (just create a group with their phone numbers). Here is how you can send a group text on iPhone:

Step 1. Launch Messages on iOS 10 iPhone.

Step 2. Select the icon that let’s you create a new message.

Step 3. Type in the group name and click on it.

Step 4. Send your message. All people from the group will receive it.

Do Not Disturb iPhone 7 Feature

If you want to use Do Not Disturb option for the particular group you need to follow the guide below [here is how to block or unblock your iPhone calls]:

Step 1. Open Settings tool on iPhone.

Step 2. Choose Do not Disturb feature.

Step 3. Click on ‘Allow Calls From’ and there will be the groups you created in iCloud.

Step 4. Click on the group and in Do Not Disturb screen press the Manual ON option.

Step 5. You won’t receive calls from this group.


Error 9006 iTunes Fix Guide for iPhone iOS 10 Users

There are many Apple error codes you see once in a while on your iPhone 7, other iPhone model, iPad or other ‘fruit’ devices [here are some interesting Instagram tips for iPhone 7 users]. Most of us starts searching guides on how to fix iTunes error only when the problem occurs. It’s understood. Well, if you are running iOS 10 and trying to update or restore your iDevice you can come across error 9006 iTunes. Let’s deal with it right now.

Different problems can cause your error code 9006. You can try several methods if you don’t succeed from the first attempt. Hopefully you will easily and quickly fix the bug on your iPhone, iPad or computer and experience no further issues with iOS 10 firmware version of updating / restoring gadgets.

iTunes Error 9006 Fix iOS 10 iPhone

Error 9006 iTunes Reasons

These days in 2017 you can run into unpleasant iTunes error codes while trying to update or restore your iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus or other models of popular Apple handset. iTunes 9006 message appears while you are updating and thus you cannot complete the procedure and are not able to restore the device or install the newer version of mobile operating system.

You might run into iTunes error 9006 on both iPhone and iPad. The program will tell you about ‘an unknown error’ that occurred (9006) and that there was a problem downloading software for your gadget. iTunes update problem is one of them while other reasons can mean your internet connection is poor or not working, you have faulty USP port or other issue.
Luckily, there are iOS 10 tips and tricks to try when you wish to solve the possible bug.

Fix 9006 Error iTunes Instruction

Fix iTunes Error 9006 Methods

There are several things you should do before you can solve your iTunes error 9006 iOS 10. Firstly, you need to have your computer (Mac or Windows) up-to-date. Secondly, you need to have internet connection (a good one). Thirdly, you need to make sure your iTunes version is the most recent one.

iTunes Error 9006 Fix Windows, Mac, iPhone: Method 1

Step 1. Close iTunes program on your devices.

Step 2. Disable all your anti-virus programs and firewalls.

Step 3. Reboot Windows or Mac computer.

Step 4. Reboot your iPhone or iPad.

Step 5. Connect your iDevice to your computer using a good USB port (don’t use the one that didn’t work).

Step 6. Update or restore your iPhone 7 / iPad.

Hopefully error code 9006 is gone now.

iOS 10 Restore Update Error 9006 iTunes iPhone 7

Fix iTunes Error: Method 2

Step 1. To get rid of iTunes 9006 you can try to update your IPSW file on iPhone.

Step 2. Find the appropriate iOS 10 ipsw file and download it for your particular phone or tablet model.

Step 3. Install ipsw file manually using iTunes on your computer.

Step 4. You need to take a USB cable and connect your mobile device to your PC or Mac.

Step 5. Launch iTunes desktop version and select the iDevice from menu on the left.

Step 6. Mac users should click on Option and Command keys at the same time while also pressing on ‘Restore’ option in iTunes.
Windows users need to hold down Shift key while choosing ‘Restore’ feature in iTunes.

Step 7. Point to your ipsw file and wait till you are updated.

Step 8. Have this fixed your iTunes update problem? Great!

There are multiple Apple error codes and it’s great when you know how to fix the problem you are experiencing in 2017. Sometimes you just need a new USB cable. There are situation when the fix is extremely simple. You need to use a different WiFi network. Or you should simply change the computer.

Try all the iOS 10 tricks and if nothing helps you out – just contact Apple and ask the company to provide a fix.


Instagram Secrets for iPhone 7: How to Save Posts for Viewing Later

Let’s discover more Instagram secrets for iPhone. These iOS tips and tricks will work on your iOS 10 device supporting newer iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and older iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. Would you like to save Instagram posts for later? It’s nice to do when you have no time to read posts or wish to save your mobile date for other purposes.

Anyways, once you learn more iOS 10 tricks you’ll be able to keep an eye on all the new posts, photos and videos added by your Instagram friends or people you are following. Just watch or view them later on and stay happy.

There are ways how to save Instagram videos on your handset and even download YouTube videos directly on iPhone, but this time we want to unveil Instagram secrets for iOS 10 platform [here are some of the best Valentine’s Day iPhone 7 apps] that allow you saving posts for viewing them later on.

Instagram Tips for Beginners with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Why to Save Instagram Posts for Later

Various iOS tips and tricks let you customize your Apple firmware, install third-party applications without jailbreak, add new features and make your everyday experience smoother and better. Some lifehacks are related to later Instagram options that are very useful to those who can’t live without this social network.

There are millions of users who are big fans of social networks. Is this situation familiar to you? You wake up, turn on your smartphone and visit Instagram to check on new photographs or videos? I am like this and this is why I want to share the simple Instagram tips for beginners personally I find very useful and must-have.

It is possible to save new posts from different tabs including private, activity, Home and explore. Just make a couple of clicks and you’ll be done.

How to Save Instagram Posts to View Later on iPhone 7

iOS 10 Tricks: How to Save Instagram Post to View Later

Step 1. Update to the latest mobile firmware version on your handset (remember that if you are still running previous operating system you won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9 after update).

Step 2. Open Instagram app (install it if you haven’t done this previously).

Step 3. Choose the post that you wish to save for reading later on.

Step 4. There will be a bookmark icon under the post. Actually, such icons are located under every post added to the social network. Click on the bookmark under the photo or video you want to save.

Step 5. The post will be saved on your handset.

How to Remove Instagram Posts You Have Saved (Delete Them)

Step 1. Launch Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2. Click on your profile button. You’ll find it at the lower right part of the screen.

Step 3. Click on the bookmark icon once you are in Instagram profile.

Step 4. Open the saved post.

Step 5. Click on the bookmark once again.

Step 6. That’s it. The post will be deleted from your profile.

View Instagram Posts Saved for Later on iPhone

How to View Saved Posts on Instagram (on iPhone 7)

Step 1. Launch Instagram application on your smartphone.

Step 2. Click on the profile. The one that is located at the lower right part of the display.

Step 3. Tap on the bookmark icon to get to the posts you have saved.

Step 4. Now you can view all the posts. If you wish to read a particular one just click on it. You can now watch the video or view the photo (or read the description).

There are many interesting iOS 10 features you can enjoy. With Instagram update you can live stream your videos, save posts as drafts, mute stories etc. There are so many great options to enjoy and so many posts to read and save for viewing later. Just think about it, the social network has over 600 million users.


Top iPhone Dating Apps for iOS 10 Apple Valentine’s Day

There are a lot of wonderful mobile dating apps for Android, iOS devices and different countries. For example, you can download and use dating apps India, USA, UK editions. There are tons of interesting titles for your iOS 10 firmware version that support both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Most of them could also work on your iPad model.

If you can’t think of Valentine Day special messages you can use iPhone dating apps for help. Why not? There are a lot of poems you can find on the web or just ask users who prefer mobile dating apps for interesting ideas. Let’s look at the best dating apps for relationships and Valentine’s Day 2017. Make sure you have installed iOS 10 or newer version (10.1 or 10.2) and use App Store to get the no-cost programs.

iOS 10 Dating Apps iPhone Best Hookup Applications

Best Free Dating Apps 2017

Are you ready to find your soul mate? Want to discover new iPhone dating apps? Discover the best free hookup apps and get the ones you like the most. Remember that this is also your chance to meet a wonderful match and spend incredible life together. Anything could happen in 2017. Get prepared for your new experience.

List of Best Dating Apps for Relationships

OkCupid Dating App iOS 10 iPhone 7

App 1: OkCupid Dating

You’ll find this title among apps for long distance couples. It’s online dating you’ll like. There are people from all over the world including different communities. It has so many users you’ll definitely find someone to meet. It costs nothing to download.

App 2: Zoosk – Dating App

This is believed to be ‘number 1’ among dating apps India and in other countries. The devs assure that this program is used by 25 million people. This means that you can get to the database of millions of iOS 10 iPhone users and definitely find your sweetheart at no cost.

iPhone Hookup App Tinder

App 3: Tinder

This is an interesting tool that has only good people you might actually date. Your Facebook friends will not know about the person you are planning to hook up with. Isn’t it great? The program can boast simple interface you might like. It’s free to download.

App 4: POF

Download this program as one of couple apps for iPhone. There are many profiles to go through and choose your soul mate. Be careful as there are in-app purchases to use. If you are not a fan of spending money while searching for your date just avoid them.

Match Dating App iOS 10 iPhone 7 Hookup Apps

App 5: Match – Dating App

This program continues the series of iPhone dating apps. It’s part of Tinder network so everything is secured. The pretty interface along with great photos also add some charms to the application that is free to download.

App 6: LOVOO

You’ll like this iOS 10 program. It has status bar notifications you can get. It also has many great individuals you can meet in your real life after online dating, of course.

App 7: Siren – Socially Evolved

This is a dating application for iOS 10 firmware version that supports your iPhone and allows you finding your man. It’s created mostly for women who can broadcast their ‘Siren Call’ and use the fun method to find a sweetheart.

Coffee Meets Bagel iOS 10 Hookup Apps for iPhone

App 8: Coffee Meets Bagel

This program has a huge database of users who wish to hook up. You can find people from your contacts, social networks and from the no-cost app. Enjoy it!

Sway Swipe Chat Date with Video Dating Apps for iPhone 7

App 9: Sway – Swipe, Chat & Date with Video

This program lets you find your real partner by watching the short videos, photographs and get proposed matches to choose from. This is a cool free addition to those who are seeking to find their true love online.

App 10: YoCutie – Flirt, Chat & Dating

This app allows you receiving only messages from those you really like. You can watch videos of other users, swipe through their photos and find your match for free.


Fix to iOS 10 Problems with Audiobooks Not Showing Up on iPhone

There are a lot of various iOS 10 issues that you have to deal with once you update to this firmware version. For example, you can notice that your audiobooks on iPhone 7 don’t show up even though you have a lot of interesting titles to read when you have some free time. Is it possible to fix this problem?

You know that is is not possible to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 any more. Apple presented several new versions since the presentation of iOS 10 in fall 2016. There was iOS 10.1 version and now a lot of users can’t wait to install iOS 10.2 that brings various new features to your iPhone and iPad.

Audiobooks MIssing on iPhone

Audiobooks Not Showing Up on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Not all users experience this bug. Still some do suffer from iOS 10 problems. Real bookworms know how it is to spend a day without your favorite title or a new book. Amazing classical literature, new poems, novels, stories – there are so many books you can find for your iDevice. Apple iBooks is not everything you can get. There are many audiobooks you’ll fall in love with.

You might wonder where are audiobooks on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. It used to be easy when you were owning older Apple smartphones. Years ago all your audiobooks were stored under stock Music application. There was special section you could use but this changed after iOS 8.4 release. Of course, the iOS 9 update and newer iOS 10 release also have changes. The section became a part of iBooks program.

Where to Find Audiobooks on iPhone iOS 10

The changes were not that complicated. You can use iBooks and read audiobooks unless they are missing now. Where can you find your books that have suddenly disappeared? There are other tricks you can use but don’t look in your Music application because your iBooks audio books are not located there.

iBooks Audio Books iPhone 7 iOS 10 Issues

How to Fix iOS 10 Problems with Audiobooks on iPhone 7

Step 1. To relocate your iTunes audiobooks on iPhone you should launch Settings on your handset.

Step 2. Open iBooks program.

iPhone Settings iBooks App

Step 3. Disable the ‘Sync Collections’ option by turning off the switch.

iPhone Sync Collections

Step 4. Now launch iBooks application.

Step 5. Click on ‘Featured’ option you’ll find at the bottom part.

Step 6. Click on Apple ID you are using.

Step 7. You need to sign out.

iBooks Sign Out How to iPhone Guide

Step 8. Click on On / Off along with Volume down button and wait for about 10 seconds to force reboot the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10 with magic tricks. If you have an older version you need to click-hold the Home along with On / Off buttons at the same time.

Step 9. Wait for your handset to restart.

Step 10. Now go to Settings again and launch iBooks app.

Step 11. Enable the ‘Sync Collections’ option.

Step 12. Open iBooks again and go to Feature option. Use your Apple ID to sign in.

Step 13. Click on Purchased option.

Step 14. You have almost found where are audiobooks on iPad or iPhone. Click on Audiobooks section and you’ll see all your purchased books.

How to Fix iOS 10 Issues by Re-Signing Into your iTunes Account

Step 1. Launch iTunes Store program on your iDevice.

iPhone iTunes Store

Step 2. Select Music tab (it’s located at the bottom) and get to your Apple ID. You should sign out now.

Step 3. Force reboot the phone and go to iTunes Store again.

Step 4. Sing in to your account and choose More – Purchased option.

Step 5. Press on Audiobooks and there will be your list o fall the titles you have.

Fix iOS 10 Bug by Resetting All Settings

Step 1. Launch Settings on iOS 10 iPhone 7.

Step 2. Go to General section.

Step 3. Choose Reset option.

how to Reset All settings iPhone 7

Step 4. Reset All Settings.

Hopefully you will see your audiobooks now.


How to Send Gifts on iPhone iOS 10: Simple Tricks for Holidays

There are a lot of interesting iPhone tricks you should learn. One of them can help you easily use your smartphone as your personal Santa Claus. Let’s get into details how to send gifts with your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or any other model. It’s possible to gift money, applications, books, games, music and movies this way.

It is great when your handset can help you send out gifts, isn’t it? You can buy Apple gift card USA (or the gift cards in other countries), get music gifts cards and other kinds of virtual goods that can be a perfect gift for any holiday, even after Christmas is over. It’s nice that gift cards can be shared with your friends and families. This way you don’t have to think about goods or services to buy for people you love the most. Let them choose what they really like.

There is a great saying that states ‘no price tag can match the real value of a gift’ and this is so true. Anyone who has the latest iPhone 7 or older iPhone 6s, 5s (other ‘fruit’ smartphone model or Apple device) likes to watch movies, read books, listen to music or play games / apps on the smartphone or tablet. Even through there are a lot of free applications, games and even books there are also many titles that cost money. You might dream about purchasing the most interesting game (for example, there is an extremely popular Super Mario Run game that is free to download but costs $9.99 to unlock all the levels) and once you get iPhone gift card you can make this dream come true at once. Isn’t it awesome to have iTunes gift card code at such situations?

How to Send Apple Gift Card USA from iPhone 7

How to Send Gifts on iPhone or iPad

Step 1. It doesn’t matter what you wish to get: iTunes gift card code or Apple music gift card – the steps are pretty similar. You should take your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 and go to iBooks program, iTunes or App Store. These are places where different iPhone gift cards are available for purchase.

Step 2. You should scroll down to the page’s bottom to enjoy the iPhone tricks. Users who are planning to buy Apple gift card USA for iBooks need to first click on ‘Featured’ section before scrolling.

Step 3. Click on ‘Send Gift’ feature to get to Apple Store gift card option.

Step 4. Sing in using your Apple credentials (ID and password).

Step 5. Provide the email address of a person you wish to send to your iTunes gift card USA (or in other country where you live).

Step 6. Choose the amount ($15, $25 or $100) you would like to send. You can also enter a different amount if you wish (still this depends on your country).

Step 7. You can send the gift card right away or schedule to send it later on from your iPhone 7.

Choose iTunes Theme iPhone Share Apple Gift Card

Step 8. Click on Next and select the theme for the gift card.

Step 9. Click on Next once again and then press on Buy – Buy Now. That’s it.

P.S. When you plan to buy iTunes gift card online and send it to your friend as a gift remember that all Apple gifts are only redeemable in the country they were purchased in.

iTunes Gift Card Apple How to Share Send from iPhone

If you wish to send movies or TV shows as gift cards you should [learn how to download movies directly on iPhone]:

Step 1. Go to App Store or iTunes on iPhone 7 device.

Step 2. Find the movie or TV show you wish to send as a gift and click on ‘Share’ option.

Step 3. Click on ‘Gift’ to continue.

Step 4. Provide the recipient’s email address.

Send Gift Card from iTunes iPhone

Step 5. Schedule your gift delivery or send it ‘Today’ and press on Next.

Step 6. Click on Buy and confirm your decision by clicking on Buy Now.


Super Mario Run Game Tips for iPhone iOS 10 Users

Super Mario Run iPhone game sets new records soon after official release for iOS 10 devices. According to reports, this iOS application has already reached 10 million downloads. Nintendo also enjoys the incredible $4 million revenue and these figures keep growing as more and more users who couldn’t wait for Mario for iPhone release date are finally installing this program on their gadgets.

The endless Super Mario run running game was presented in over 150 countries this winter. Mario for iPhone release date was December 15th. The newest Super Mario on iPhone made millions of users ‘hungry’ for the gameplay similar to what happened when Pokemon Go was launched. The first day with over 10 million downloads made this game a top ranked one in 60 countries.

Let’s explore some of the Super Mario games secrets and tips and learn how you can share your player ID with others and invite your friends to join your gameplay. This is something a lot of users would like to do as soon as they download and install the application on their iOS 10 iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Super Mario Run Game Release Date

How to Invite Friends to Play Super Mario Run

It’s simple to invite your friends to play the game together for more fun. Play together and enjoy one of the top iPhone games right now. Follow the simple guide on how to add friends to Super Mario Run:

Step 1. You should launch Super Mario Run app on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (or older model). Remember that the Super Mario Run download is free but you’ll have to pay to unlock all the levels in case you haven’t installed this program yet.

Step 2. Click on ‘Begin’ option.

Step 3. Look at the upper left side of the screen. Do you see ‘Friends’ button? Click on it.

Step 4. Press on ‘Add’ and choose ‘Enter Player ID’ option. You’ll have to type the 12-digit numeric code of the player you wish to invite. Keep in mind that this is not the login ID you or your friends use to play the game.

Step 5. Press on Search option and you should see the name of the friends you are adding. Confirm your decision by clicking on ‘Yes.’

Step 6. The confirmation will confirm that your invitation has been sent. Press ‘Ok’ and wait for your friend to accept the request.

You will see all the stats of the users who are invited by you and accept this invitation.

Super Mario Run iOS Game Price Cost

Super Mario Run Cost for iPhone

It is free to download and install the new iOS 10 game however you’ll have to pay $9.99 to unlock all levels and modes. This is a one-time in-app purchase a lot of users are willing to do to enjoy the endless runner.

How to Share Player ID in Super Mario Run

Step 1. Launch Super Mario Run iOS game on the handset.

Step 2. Click on ‘Begin.’

Step 3. Choose ‘Friends’ section.

Step 4. Press on ‘Add’ option. Your Super Mario Run player ID (consists of 12 digits) will be displayed. You are able to email it or share through Messages. Just click on the option you prefer using.

How to Add Friends to Super Mario Game ID iPhone

Learn to Accept Friend Request in iPhone Mario Game

Step 1. Open the app and press on Begin.

Step 2. Choose Friends – Accept section.

Step 3. You’ll see a list of friends who invited you to play the game together. Click on the request you wish to accept.

How to Invite Friends to Super Mario Run iOS 10

Step 4. You should ‘Approve’ the request.

Step 5. You’ll see the confirmation. Press on ‘Ok’ now.

Player ID for Super Mario Run Game

Link Social Networks to Super Mario for iPhone

Step 1. Launch the game and click on Begin – Friends.

Step 2. You’ll see ‘Link’ option at the bottom of the screen. Click on it.

Step 3. Choose either Twitter or Facebook for linking.

Link Super Mario Run iOS Game to Facebook Twitter

Step 4. You’ll be asked to log in to your account so say ‘Yes’ and authorize it.

Step 5. When the account is links you’ll have to click on ‘Ok’ option.

How to Fix Known Mario Crashing Issues

Sometimes your game could crash. What can you do on the iPhone to save the gameplay and enjoy the app? There are several things you can try when you experience problems with playing the game:

Method 1: Force reboot. You need to click-hold your Home (or volume down on iPhone 7) and On / Off buttons at the same time and wait for Apple logo.

Method 2: Settings reset. You can try to return to your factory settings through Settings app – General menu – Reset option – Reset All Settings.

Method 3. If resetting doesn’t help you can try to restore your smartphone as new iPhone. Remember to backup iPhone before doing this.

Method 4. You can also try to free up some space on your iPhone. The game can possibly crash because of the lack of space.


How to Use Siri on iOS 10.2: Cool New Features and Tricks

It’s great that iOS 10 Siri gets even more options. The firmware that was tested throught summer and finally released by Apple in early fall gets new update. Along with iOS 10.2 launch we see new iPhone Siri features that allow you tricking Speak to Siri option. The Cupertino company is making is faster and simpler to control your personal assistant. Let’s learn one of the new iOS Siri commands that let you control this program [you can already play Super Mario on your ‘fruit’ handset].

The tips we are about to teach you are not funny Siri tricks. We only want to explain how one particular iOS 10.2 Siri feature works on your iDevice. So what exactly are you able to do once the most recent version of mobile operating system is installed on your iPhone or iPad? You can have the newest iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus as well as own the iPhone 6s, 6, 5s or other model compatible with iOS 10.2.

It becomes possible to disable Speak to Siri without using any funny Siri commands. It will not trigger with your Home Button once you learn how to disable voice control assistant and learn one of the many ‘virtual’ iOS Siri commands.

iOS 10 Features iPhone

iOS 10 New Features

The number of available features on iOS 10 review and updates keeps growing. The Cupertino-based company introduced single sign-on option, improved various things about this firmware and introduced amazing Siri tricks you will love.

You won’t activate your personal assistant without purpose any more. No accidents, no extra steps to disable this product. Everything is easy-to-do but only on iOS 10.2 since this version of iPhone operating system can turn off the feature that activates the assistant via Home button. Let’s disable Siri right now and you’ll explore the amazing Siri tricks.

It’s also curious that once you disable Siri iOS 10 you can still turn on Voice Control using the same Home button. Isn’t it great to enjoy different options all at once.

iOS 10.2 Siri How to Use Guide Enable Disable

How to Use Siri on iOS 10.2 Firmware

Step 1. Before you do anything you should create a backup copy of your iPhone on iOS 10. Use iTunes or iCloud for these purposes.

Step 2. Install iOS 10.2 firmware to get more of iOS 10 Siri options on the smartphone.

Step 3. Once you have backed up the phone and updated to newest firmware that supports the latest Siri feature you can explore the guide below. Go to Settings on the gadget.

Step 4. Click on General menu.

Step 5. Select Accessibility option.

Step 6. Scroll down as you should find Home Button section.

Step 7. There is a menu option that reads ‘Press and hold to speak’ – this is exactly what you need. Disable it by choosing ‘Off’ option.

Step 8. Now Siri won’t be activated when you click on your Home button.

iOS 10.2 Voice Control Enable iPhone Guide

Voice Control Activation via iPhone Home Button

Since Siri will not be activated when you press on iOS 10 Home button you can use this option to enable another feature – Voice Control.

Step 1. Take your iPhone. Open Settings option.

Step 2. Select General menu.

Step 3. Click on Accessibility section.

Step 4. Scroll down and click on Home Button to choose ‘Voice Control’ feature that can be found under Press and hold to speak option.

Voice Control is surely not as powerful as Siri assistant. But if you don’t want to enable Siri by clicking-holding the Home button you will be able to perform this action in order to turn on Voice Control.

There are other iOS 10 features you’ll love. The firmware version ‘10’ will surely get even more updates in the future however iOS 10.2 currently brings the most useful iPhone Siri features to live.