Siri Eyes Free Capability Used By GM

During the WWDC 2012 conference Apple announced iOS 6 and a number of innovations for the virtual assistant Siri like Eyes Free Capability among the tons of new features. In this case, Eyes Free causes particular interest focused on the application usage within the car. Apple named a few automakers willing to support this feature, but only now more specific information appeared.

Siri Eyes Free Capability GM

One of the first technology supporting companies would be General Motors (GM). The essence of the application development is Siri’s possibility to manage your smartphone and a number of motor functions without being distracted from the road and without having to even touch the iPhone. Mechanically its implementation by the automaker is simple – just put on a special steering wheel button, pressing which activates Siri.

That’s not the first experience fro GM to use a virtual assistant in their cars. In particular, the company has such a system as MyLink. It understands up to 60 commands and is able to connect to any smartphone. But Siri Eyes Free capability can expand its capabilities greatly because it performs numerous very complex for Hands Free operation, including typing and sending SMS, recording certain events to the calendar, etc.

Siri eyes-free feature blends into GM strategy perfectly as it allows the handset to provide all the functionality it should along with extra functions that allow users to access car’s natural interfaces (buttons for instance), as Scott Fosgard from GM pointed out. Actually, by behaving this way company removes the complexity away from the car and keeps its costs down. That’s a win for each side: carr manufacturer, Cupertino company and a user of course.

At the moment Eyes Free support is promised in such GM vehicles as the Chevy Spark and Sonic. The first model that can interact with Siri will appear next year. Among other supporters of the Apple’s initiative are such companies to mention: BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda.

Such technologies as Siri Eyes Free really bringing us closer to the sci-tech front end allowing to use most advanced technologies today. That’s really nice to know.

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