Unannounced Apple Watch Coach Bands Listed as Sold Out

We’ve heard about new Apple Watch bands 2016 that were supposed to be designed by Coach. They actually appeared on the company’s website however no one officially announced the accessories. Users hoped to hear about these bands during WWDC 2016. Still the product was listed on the site.

There are curious reports about Apple Watch Coach bands. Without any announcement these luxury accessories were added to the site. The well-known designer was rumored to create nine impressive bands for the ‘fruit’ smartwatch. Apple could release Apple Watch 2 this fall and the designer’s bands are most likely meant for this next generation wearable.

Apple Watch Coach Bands 2016

As noted by experts who noticed Apple Watch bands by Coach on the website, the products were listed as ‘Sold out’ however no customer could purchase the accessory. The bands had impressive descriptions and promised to bring ‘pretty charm’ to each customers.

Since the listings were added as ‘sold out’ no one saw the price. The cost is still kept in secret since the accessories were most likely published ahead of official presentation and release date by mistake. If there is no announcement during WWDC – Coach could easily launch its new Apple Watch bands for either original wearable or the next generation Apple Watch 2 at any moment.

Of course, the accessories are useless without the device they are meant for. Apple Watch 2 is believed to be launched this year. It was expected in March or April but instead customers saw the release of the 4-inch iPhone SE. Maybe the wearable will be launched in the fall.


Users Losing Interest in Apple Watch?

At first there was a big Apple Watch interest from customers and developers. Apple presented its wearable over a year ago. There were tons of new applications for Apple Watch with iPhone support back then but now things are changing.

We don’t say there is no interest in Apple Watch from developers. They still create programs however the number of new wearable apps is not that high and doesn’t grow that fast. In fact it’s getting lower.

Apple Watch No Interest 2016

Just think about this. Developers release thousands of iOS applications. However for every 1,000 apps created for iPhones and iPads there is only one Apple Watch app. Such information comes from Realm source that is focused on mobile data.

Why did this happen? There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, there is no Apple Watch 2 update in 2016 so far. Apple might prepare the release closer to Christmas time or postpone it for 2017. Secondly, most Apple Watch applications work as companions to your iPhone. Thus it’s hard to make much money selling them.

Besides, users seem to be more interested in Apple TV and are still in love with iPhones and iPads. This makes developers also focus on popular ‘fruit’ devices and pay less attention to the Apple Watch. Maybe one day the company will improve its wearable and make it a more digital innovative device to attract customers and make them want the smartwatch alone, without the need to pair it with the handset.

There are also rumors that Apple could annonce the Watch 2 model during WWDC 2016. If this happens developers could pay more attention to the Apple Watch apps in the next several months.


Hurry to Get 20 Off Your New Apple Watch

Memorial Day Sale has come and you get Apple Watch sale with a chance to save $200. Such nice sales are brought by Best Buy to only some smartwatch models [here is how to install watchOS 2.2 on your wearable]. Different stores are running sales for various products and Apple devices also participate.

Apple Watch Discount Best Buy

How can you get $200 off Apple Watch? Retailers are trying to surprise everyone and offer some delicious deals to all potential customers. The 4-day sale launched by Best Buy includes a number of ‘fruit’ products. You can get the stainless steel Apple Watch model with $200 discount. In other words you won’t have to pay $549 for the 38mm model. You’ll only pay $349 for your wearable. If you are a fan of 42mm models you will only pay $399 and not $599. No matter what version you select you’ll save $200 right away.

Do you have a choice of your band or not? The deal includes both white and black sport bands and you can select any one with your stainless steel device. The retailer also has free Apple Watch set up offer through Geek Squad.

iPhone 6s Plus customers can purchase 16GB AT&T iPhone 6s Plus through Next program from Best Buy and get a gift card worth $100 you can spend at this retailer in the future. Users who prefer a different network, Sprint or Verizon, can also get some nice deals. By the way, there are nice discounts on iPad mini: free 16GB iPad mini 2 device with any MacBook Pro purchase.


Apple Watch to Get Some Cute Bands in 2016

Apple Watch bands 2016 designs should get some interesting Coach bands versions. There are some rumors about this accessory and we’ll be happy to share some possible facts about the upcoming product launch.

There are rumors about Apple Watch nine straps bands coming out this fall [learn how to install watchOS 2.2]. The accessories should be designed by Coach. At least this is what is rumored by this designer. The so-called samples of the possible Coach bands [only rumors about possible products] show the accessory priced at $150. This price tag is also only rumored.

Coach Apple Watch Nine Straps Bands 2016 Rumor

There is no official confirmation from Coach and its manufactured bands for Apple Watch. We don’t know the real cost and official launch date. There were earlier reports about possible presentation of the nine straps smartwatch bands in June 2016. Now sources mention the fall release.

There should be nine bands. One possible option is Saddle that could be in brown, red black and white [here are some rumors about Apple Watch Space Black model]. There should be also some charms available and stitching. Coach could sell its accessories manufactured for Apple at $150 per band.

There is a curious ‘leaked’ image that points to May or June presentation. The official release could possibly happen in the fall. By the way this is when the Cupertino-based giant is expected to present new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iOS 10 and other ‘fruit’ devices and Apple upgrades. There should be also Apple Watch 2 introduction sometimes in 2016 [if Apple doesn’t postpone the release to 2017].


Does Apple Watch Count Steps? Learn How to View This Option | Guide

Do you have iPhone and Apple Watch? Does Apple Watch count steps? Absolutely! You should just learn how to view step count on Apple Watch and you’ll be able to do exercises and let your smartwatch count the steps for you whenever you are planning to take a walk.

Apple is using the heart rate monitor that can measure burnt calories or help you count the steps. This is useful when you are planning to lose weight or just wish to live a healthy lifestyle. The little watch device becomes handy when it comes to accurate measurement of what you are doing at the moment.

Apple Watch View Step Count

Apple Watch Step Count Guide

Step 1. Take your Apple Watch. It should be on your wrist.

Step 2. Open Activity program. This can be done in different ways [you can already install beta watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch]. If the app is on your Watch face you can click on it and it will be launched. You can also tap your Digital Crown and get to your Home screen to open the application.

Step 3. Once you launched the tool you should either go to Activity app Home screen or Activity view section.

Step 4. Scroll down till you see step count option near Total Steps. Scrolling is possible with Digital Crown or user’s finger.

Step 5. That’s pretty much it. Apple didn’t make step counting display for simpler checking. There are some free apps similar to StepCard that offer more possibilities. You can search for different real-time step counting extras for your Watch and make it easier to keep a track of your exercises.

Are you using Apple Watch as a part of your weight loss plan or not?


Wanna Install Watch OS 2.2.1 Update?

Right after Apple presented new iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 firmware version it also introduces Watch OS 2.2.1 beta 2. This is the second beta of watchOS 2.2.1 that should be officially released along with new iPhone system update. Who can install this firmware right away?

You probably know that ordinary users can only download and install public versions of Apple mobile firmware. The company is trying to protect such users who experiencing various bugs with betas. Beta firmware releases are only meant for developers and other professionals who know what they are doing. Such updates are offered in order to test the system and reveal all the bugs before the firmware becomes public.

Watch OS 2.2.1 Beta 2 Release

WatchOS 2.2.1 beta 2 release is also meant to developers only. They have to install iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 before they are able to install watch OS 2.2 update on their smartwatch. You can get is via Watch app through General menu where you can go to Software Update. The update would only be visible if you are already running iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 on iPhone.

Make sure your device has not run out of battery life. You should either fully charge it beforehand or connect to power source when you are installing watch OS 2.2.1 beta 2. If there is not enough battery life you could fail to upgrade.

Are you already testing Apple operating system update? Have you installed both iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 and watchOS 2.2.1 beta 2 or chosen only smartphone version?


You Can Install WatchOS 2.2.1 Beta 1 on Apple Watch

Apple has updated some of its software versions. iPhone users (mostly devs and public beta testers) can test watchOS 2.2.1 beta release along with iOS 9.3.1 beta 1 that was recently seeded to them by the ‘fruit’ giant.

You can install watchOS 2.2.1 beta 1 if you have already updated to new iOS 9.3.1 beta. Earlier phone mobile systems do not support this smartwatch software release. Previous watchOS 2.2 version that is available to public arrives with new features. For example, it supports different smartwatch gadgets paired to the same iPhone.

Install watchOS 2.2.1 Beta 1

Does 2.2.1 beta offer any new options or updates? Developers and public beta testers can follow a simple guide in order to update to watchOS 2.2.1 beta 1. Please note that you can only upgrade if you are running newer iPhone firmware.

Step 1. Launch you Watch app and perform the following task.

Step 2. Go to General menu.

Step 3. Select Software Update and install the newest beta.

This shouldn’t take much time if taking into consideration that you are already running iOS 9.3.1 beta 1 and not iOS 9.3 public firmware. Remember that both software updates are meant for developers and public beta testers and not ordinary iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Make sure you have enough battery life on your smartwatch before you start installation. According to experts, the new software should improve some behind-the-scenes problems and offer minor fixes.


Apple Watch Users Can Install WatchOS 2.2: Here Is How

WatchOS 2.2 download is available to Apple Watch users. If you have the iPhone that is updated to iOS 9.3 you can now also get the new mobile firmware for your smartwatch. We’ll explain how you can do this.

The smartwatch update arrive with some improvements. For example you can pair several Watch gadgets to the same iPhone. This wasn’t possible on earlier mobile operating systems. If you are using Maps for your everyday life you can also install the watchOS 2.2 since it improvise the program by offering Nearby search option and enhanced screen of actions.

How to Install WatchOS 2.2 Update

How to Install WatchOS 2.2

Step 1. Download iOS 9.3 ipsw through direct links and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Make sure your smartwatch is charged. You could also connect to the charger just in case.

Step 3. Open Apple Watch program on the iPhone.

Step 4. Choose General menu and click on WatchOS 2.2 update [Software Update].

Step 5. Wait for the firmware to download.

Step 6. Click on Download and Install.

Step 7. You might need to enter your password before you can select Done.

Step 8. Agree to the terms / conditions and wait for your watch to download the update. You might need to wait for about 15 minutes.

Step 9. If you are charged – the firmware will update and you’ll be informed about installation once the operating system has been upgraded.

Explore iOS 9.3 and WatchOS 2.2 features and options.


Use Apple Watch to Check Your iPhone Battery Charge Level

Apple Watch users can check iPhone battery charge right on their smartwatch. This way there is no need to take the handset and look up its battery level. It’s simple and easy for all the fans of Apple devices.

The ‘fruit’ company makes everything possible to simplify the interaction between the iPhone and Apple Watch. You are able to check your messages, use some programs and get to settings right on your wrist without the need to take the phone out of your pocket.

Check iPhone Battery Level on Apple Watch How To

How to Check iPhone Battery on Apple Watch

Since it is impossible to check the iPhone battery from Apple Watch without tricks – we’ll share some tips with you that help achieve this goal.

Step 1. Search for the Power – Glance application on iTunes. It costs $1.99. Download and install it on your smartwatch. You can do this by opening Apple Watch application on iPhone- find Power – Glance program in the list of applications – access the app settings and choose the feature called ‘show App on Apple Watch’ along with ‘show in Glances’ – this way you’ll activate the app on your smartwatch.

Step 2. With the application installed you can see your iPhone battery life right on the Apple Watch face.
Step 3. The app only shows your battery level and does nothing more. But this is exactly what you wanted to do. The program is simple and is comes without additional features. It’s basically the way to check and control your iPhone battery charge from your wrist.

Step 4. When you wish to know how much battery life your iPhone has you should only raise your wrist and look in Glance. Isn’t it fun?


Make Apple Watch Vibrate At Needed Degree

Users with Apple Watch can adjust the level of vibration on their smartwatch. This way you can be aware of any incoming alert since you’ll be able to feel the vibration. The adjustments are offered by the ‘fruit’ giant. You just need to learn how to use the tip and where to apply the changes to make Apple Watch vibrate more prominently.

There is no need to use the iPhone when you plan to adjust the settings on the watch. Here is what you should do.

Apple Watch Vibrate Settings Change

How to Make Apple Watch Vibrate Glaringly

Step 1. You’ll have to work with haptic feedback on your device. Here is how you can adjust it.

Step 2. Select Settings and click on Sounds & Haptics.

Step 3. You will see the volume as well as other settings.

Step 4. Keep scrolling down until you can get to haptic options.

Step 5. You should click the right button. This way you are able to increase the haptic strength [learn more about Apple Watch 2 model].

Step 6. You can guess that in order in decrease the strength of haptics you have to tap the left button.

Step 7. It is possible to get haptic alerts for incoming notifications by clicking on the Prominent Haptics feature. It will be enabled this way.

Step 8. Once you adjust the settings you will notice that your smartwatch will vibrate the way you want to never miss an alert.
Do you find this feature useful?