How to Check Data Usage on iPhone AT&T 6, 5, 4

How do I check my data usage on Verizon iPhone or AT&T iPhone 4 and 5 as well as iOS 8.4.1 iPhones? I hear these questions from my friends. It is so important to know your data usage nowadays when all carriers stopped offering real unlimited data plans and provide particular data allotment per month. This becomes extremely important for heavy data users who don’t like to pay extra for overusing their limit.

The instruction on how to check data usage on iPhone AT&T and Verizon could be handy to such users. Everything is fast and there is nothing difficult about this guide. You can choose one of the methods that looks simpler to you and help yourself.

How to Check Ho Much data Used on iPhone AT&T

Step 1. Visit the official AT&T site.

Step 2. Log into the account you have with this mobile operator.

Step 3. You should go to Bills and Payments and choose Create Billing Report.

Step 4. Choose Data Usage Trend option that provides all the details about your data usage.

There is a different iPhone check data usage method. Here is how to check data usage on iPhone 5 AT&T and iPhone 4 Verizon:

Step 1. Take your smartphone and go to Settings.

Step 2. Select General option and go to Usage – Cellular Usage menu.

Step 3. Find Cellular Data Usage where your details can be found. You’ll have to reset your Current Period every new billing cycle otherwise the information you’ll see in this menu won’t match your monthly data usage. This is rather simple to do if you head over to the bottom of this menu and press on Reset every first day of your new billing month. You should also double check your data plan every time to know how much you have used and still have to use since Settings don’t provide details about your monthly limit.

iPhone 4 check data usage as well as iPhone 5 AT&T / Verizon details can be found through another method which is probably the easiest and most accurate one.

AT&T iPhone Users’ Guide:

Step 1. Take your smartphone.

Step 2. Dial *Data# and click on “Send” option.

Step 3. Wait for the text message from your carrier. This SMS will show you how much data you have already used and monthly limit you have.

Verizon iPhone Users’s Guide:

Step 1. Verizon users should take their handset.

Step 2. Dial #DATA and select ‘Send” feature.

Step 3. Your mobile operator will text you with the details about your new billing cycle and data usage.

All iPhone users can also download the special application offered by their U.S. carrier [My AT&T app if you are subscribed to AT&T and My Verizon program if you are using Verizon network]. Install the tool and launch it to get accurate information about data usage vs. monthly limit. This is very quickly and you can see everything you wanted to know about your data usage.

Checking data usage through SMS or application is the most accurate way to keep an eye on your data allotment and monthly spending.


iPhone Porting Number: How to Locate Password and Account Number

iPhone porting number service doesn’t take too long, but a lot depends on both carriers: the one you want to move your phone number from and the other one you wish to switch to. You have guessed what a phone number porting is [this has nothing to do with the ability to move contacts from iPhone to Android]. This process is available to all iPhone users, however, there are some rules you have to follow in order to preserve your old number on a different network.

Firstly, when you choose iPhone porting phone number procedure you must be sure that you have an active account with the old mobile operator of yours. This is the start point on the port and it has to work. Once you port, your old account will be automatically closed by porting. Secondly, do not cancel your old network service until you are sure that porting has successfully completed. In case you cancel it before this, you will lose your old account and old phone number.

iPhone Porting Number for iCloud Unlock Process

If your device is tied to your iCloud account you have to sign out. You should also talk to the operator you want to switch to and preserve your old phone number. Most carriers agree to help you port online or through the phone call. They ask your phone number you wish to port, account number, password / PIN and maybe some other details, such as your billing address and account owner’s name.

It usually takes up to 24 hours to finish iPhone number porting though the procedure is often much faster than this and you are done within less than an hour. While you are porting, get prepared that your phone stops working for about five minutes or so. It will be alive in just a moment and welcome you with a message from your chosen mobile carrier. If the porting isn’t finished after 24 hours, you are highly advised to call the new carrier and ask for help.

How to Find Account Number / Password for iPhone Porting

Thanks to Facebook group called ‘Prepaid Wireless Dealers’ users can enjoy the list of different carriers with the instructions on how to get passwords and numbers for most world’s operators. This is handy and useful.

AT&T iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Number / Password for AT&T U.S.

If you were using AT&T iPhone, you can locate the required information based on the data plan you had.

AT&T Go Phone plan users should call 1-888-898-7685 in the U.S. and ask the carrier to provide the account number and 4-digit PIN [this is your password].

AT&T Postpaid users will find their 12-digit account number on the bill. It is located under the wireless account summary for bundled bills. Please, don’t mix it with your phone number. Your password is either your online password or the 4-digit PIN [for bundled bills users] which you can get by calling to customer service.

AT&T Landline subscribers can find their account number on the bill [the 9-digit number is written down in the top right corner right next to your phone number] and the 4-digit PIN on the bill.

T-Mobile iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Account Number and Password for T-Mobile U.S.

If you are planning to switch from T-Mobile and preserve your phone number, we have an instruction how to locate the information for two plans: Postpaid and Prepaid.

U.S. T-Mobile Postpaid users will find the account number [it has 9 digits] on their bill. Remember to call the customer support to get the PIN as your password.

If you are using Prepaid option, you can add 1 in front of your 10-digit phone number and you will get the 11-digit account number. Your 4-digit PIN is your password. Users who didn’t set up their PIN yet can call 611 from their T-Mobile iPhone device. Refuse to refill when you are asked to do so and select ‘Manage my account’ option. It will let you choose ‘Change my account PIN’ menu to set PIN you’ll use as your password. iPhone T-Mobile U.S. customers who forgot their 4-digit PIN can call the customer support at 1-877-789-3106.

Sprint iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Number for iCloud Unlock for Sprint U.S.

If you are planning to port your Sprint phone number to the new iPhone or other gadget you can use your 9-digit number as your account number [find it on your bill] and your password is the ‘call-in passcode’ you are using each time you are calling Sprint customer service.

Verizon iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

Find iPhone Porting Account Number / Password for Verizon U.S.

If you are using Verizon Prepaid plans your 4-digit PIN is your password and account number is your 10-digit phone number.

Users who are Verizon Postpaid customers can find their account number on their bill. This number ends in 00001. Your passcode is the ‘call-in’ password [it is usually the last four digits of your SSN if you haven’t changed it] you use to communicate with customer service.

Since there are a lot of carriers it is not possible to list all of them in our post. We’ll mention the most used ones based on how you can find passwords and account # for them.

iPhone Porting Number Instruction


Use your 4-digit PIN as password for:


Use the last 4 digits of your phone number as your password for:

Airvoice Wireless
Page Plus
Straight Talk
Google Voice
Ultra Mobile

Use the last 4 digits of your SIM card number as your password for:

H20 Wireless
Red Pocket GSMA, GSMT

Use the last 4 digits of your SSN for password for:

Consumer Cellular

No passwords:

SafeLink Wireless

Other passwords:

Cricket [use your AID or Authorization ID as your passcode]
Metro PCS [this is your ‘call-in’ password]

Account #

Your SIM card number [20 digits] is your account number for:

  • Airvoice Wireless
  • H20 Wireless

Your phone number [10 digits] is your account number for:

* Google Voice

* Alltel

* GoSmart

* Page Plus

* PTel

* Red Pocket GSMA, GSMT

* Solavei

Use MEID or IMEI as your account number for:

* SafeLink Wireless

* Straight Talk

* TracFone

Call your carrier to find your account number if you were using:

*Boost Mobile [phone number 1-888-266-7848]

*Consumer Cellular [reach them online or call Consumer Cellular]

*Cricket [call at 1-866-351-7678]

*H20 Wireless [call at 1-800-643-4926 and ask this carrier to release the phone number you wish to port]

*Lycamobile [call at 1-866-277-3221 and ask for your account number / password]

*Metro PCS [call at 1-800-518-7519 and ask for your 9-digit account #]

*Ultra Mobile [call at 1-888-777-0446]

There are many more carriers you can add to this list, so, please, share with us in comments if you know how to get account # and password for carriers in order to port your iPhone phone number with ease.


AT&T And Other Carriers Phones Could Be Attacked By Mobile Spy Joint

Currently, mobile spy AT&T phones forces many users feel insecure. As it become known that US and UK iPhone and other cell phones spies penetrated into the internal computer network. According to whistle-blower Edward Snowden reports the attackers tried to steal encryption keys that was used to protect the cell phone communications privacy around the world. These reports were introduced in top-secret documents provided to The Intercept by National Security Agency.

The attack was done by a joint unit that consisted of operatives from the NSA and its British counterpart Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. The victim of this incident became multinational firm Gemalto, incorporated in the Netherlands.

This operation gave the surveillance agencies the possibility to secretly monitor a huge portion of the world’s cellular communications, that includes both voice and data.

Gemalto develops the chips used in next-generation credit cards and mobile phones and. Among its clients are such famous companies as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and some 450 wireless network carriers across the globe. The company has more than 40 manufacturing facilities and operates in 85 countries. It has three global headquarters. The largest factory is located in Pennsylvania and the other two in Austin and Texas. With the motto “Security to be Free” the company produces some 2 billion SIM cards a year.

With these Gemalto’s stolen encryption keys, intelligence agencies can monitor mobile communications without getting approvals from foreign governments and telecom companies. It is really serious threat. The bulk of theft keys will help the intelligence agencies to unlock any previously encrypted communications data they had intercepted already, but did not yet have the possibility to decrypt.

The worst part is that we’re probably can face with surveillance. The joint of Gemalto’s worldwide prominence and the NSA and GCHQ’s monitor operation made sure of that. So it will be better for all of us not to get into mobile spy AT&T phones hands use secure services such as TextSecure and SilentCircle for calls and texts. They bring us an extra layer of protection the NSA can’t easily break into. Currently, almost anything is 100 percent secure, but that doesn’t mean we have to open personal data for all curious spies.


How to Unlock iPhone AT&T For the Cheapest Price Available Now

Unlock iPhone AT&T for the cheapest prices are available for a limited time. We don’t know when American carriers are going to increase their tariffs for unlocking. So anyone who is interested in getting top-quality and cheap AT&T iPhone 5, 5S, 5c, 4S, and 4 unlock service should order factory IMEI unlocking right now. It’s the best time for becoming permanently unlocked!

The new iPhone AT&T unlock low price makes smartphone unlocking affordable. Finally, after U.S. President has signed the “unlocking bill” and made it legal to become SIM free, carriers started to offer cheap iPhone 4S factory unlock, iPhone 5S, 5c, 5 and 4 unlocks.

It’s hard to say for how long the new unlock AT&T iPhone low cost deal is going to last. A year ago AT&T increased the unlock iPhone price in the USA and across the world. It took the company nearly a year to finally change its cost making it cheaper to become free from one carrier. The price has decreased by 40 percent.

The latest iPhone 5, 5S, 5c, 4 and iPhone 4S price drop unlock packages are available for AT&T at ATT-iPhone-Unlock company that offers the best deal for their customers. take a look at the price and you will see that it is much lower than other services offer.

It is easy to order AT&T iPhone unlocking at cheapest costs. You need to know the IMEI number, name of your original mobile operator, country and your statuses. Make sure you are activated and not blacklisted and provie the 15-digit IMEI code with your email. Everything else will be done by professionals who can quickly contact your carrier and complete the unlock by changing the status of your IMEI number from “locked” to “permanently unlocked.” Unlock your AT&T iPhone for T-Mobile for example, or any other network around the world.

This is safe, easy-to-do and the result lasts forever. Millions of people across the world are already unlocked and they will never agree to become locked again as they value all the benefits SIM-free status gives you.

Cheap iPhone 4S IMEI unlock as well as 4, 5, 5S, 5C is your reality now! Don’t hesitate to unlock your iPhone today, since tomorrow the price might increase again.


Reasons for AT&T iPhone Unlock Problems and Issues

AT&T unlock problems that started in October 2013 still bother users. More than half a year ago Apple forums and AT&T discussion forums were full of complaints from iPhone owners who requested official unlock from the American carrier and failed to make it work.

The most common problem showed the following message “ Your SIM card is not supported ” after their request was fulfilled by the mobile operator.

A&T iPhone Unlock Problems of “ SIM Not Supported ”

The problem comes to both ordinary users and companies that specialize in factory unlocking iPhone 5S / 5 / 5c / 4S / 4 by IMEI number. Ordinary iDevice owners often contact AT&T on their own after their contract expires asking for the free service. Here is how it should work.

at&t iphone unlock problems

Step 1. You contact AT&T Customer Care requesting the unlock for your iDevice.

Step 2. The carrier confirms your order and emails you your request number asking you to take the following steps in 24 hours from the moment you got the email confirmation.

Step 3. You need to launch iTunes, connect to the Internet, insert your original AT&T SIM into your smartphone and connect the cell phone to your computer.

Step 4. You should backup and restore your iPhone via iTunes.

Your smartphone should be unlocked after the steps above are complete. However, a lot of people complaint that this does not happen.

AT&T iPhone Unlock Troubleshooting Story

As mentioned last November by 9to5Mac, the problem began last year. Back in the fall 2013 a lot of resellers had to close their business because AT&T iPhones could no longer be unlocked. These handsets are popular across the world because of the frequencies used by this American carrier that are good to be used in many foreign countries.

AT&T iPhone unlock policy was changed at that time causing problems, delays and unlock fails. The new rules became strict and complicated for everyone in the market. Some business owners were forced to leave the market. Others had to adjust asking their customers for patience.

unlock at&t iphone free

As WSJ noted, AT&T didn’t change its policy for individual unlocks. Customers can still request this service after the contract has ended [but we see that this practice also experiences big problems nowadays].

AT&T unlock issues with resellers began with the higher unlocking price. The U.S. company said it would unlock the cell phones at the price of $100 instead of $1 or $2 they used to get for the same mass-unlock service. Why has the carrier changed its policy?

It is not clear and no one can answer this question. AT&T itself does not unlock devices that are still on contract. Third-party companies do. Yes, they experience problems with iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 unlock, delays and sometimes fails, but a lot of their requests are fulfilled and successful making customers happy.

AT&T iPhone Unlock Delay

Different sources and forums mention AT&T iPhone unlock issues in the end of 2013 and early 2014. Delays are not the biggest problems since you can be still unlocked, even with the status delivery delay while others cannot.

at&t iphone unlock delay

There are a lot of reasons that can affect your successful iPhone unlock. Many of them have nothing to do with the new AT&T unlocking policy. The problems can be experienced by users whose smartphone has been once jailbroken / hacked. Customers who have unpaid bills with AT&T or bad account will fail to get the unlock, even if their contract is over with the mobile operator. Users with the lost or stolen cell phone cannot be unlocked at all as well as customers with blacklisted IMEI code.

If you are sure that everything is well with your account, bills, clean IMEI and your first request with AT&T unlock failed to become successful, you are advised to give it a second try. One user from Discussions Apple forum mentioned here that his second unlock request was approved and iTunes finally saw that the iPhone was no longer locked.

In other words, you should keep trying as different unlocking companies do. They search and use all possible ways to deliver AT&T iPhone unlock to their consumers. Read the official unlocking problems from the operator and hope that your request will be painless with the possible biggest problem of AT&T unlock delay.


Factory Unlock for iPhone T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone [Pros and Cons]

Having SIM restrictions is always a big problem for the smartphone owner since it limits your freedom and doesn’t let switch carriers in your home country or while travelling abroad. A lot of users have to use AT&T iPhone, T-Mobile iPhone and fruit devices locked to other mobile operating companies across the world.

You can change this and have your iPhone factory unlocked from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, O2 and other carriers.
The service is official and safe to use. It removes any SIM restrictions your iOS model has allowing you selecting the carrier and data plan yourself. Once you unlock your Apple handset you will be able to decide yourself when and what mobile operator to use easily changing SIM cards any moment and anywhere you are.
The unlock gives you a lot of benefits, but there are different ways how to factory unlock iPhone from different carriers. Firstly, most mobile companies offer free unlock to customers who are out of contract with them. Secondly, the service can be used even by iPhone 5S and 5c users through companies that offer paid yet factory and permanent unlock.
You should firstly contact your carrier and find out who is eligible for free unlock service. Secondly, you need to run iPhone network status checker and IMEI checker to figure out whether you are out of contract or not and see the date you will be out of contract. Thirdly, if you are not out of contract yet and wish to unlock now you should find a legit company that offers factory IMEIunlock and place your order after reading all the Terms & Conditions.
Factory iPhone Unlock Pros
  • adding your IMEI code to real Apple database officially
  • permanent and safe result
  • fast unlock
  • ability to use any SIM card
  • distant service
  • saved warranty
  • IMEI unlock supports all iOS, baseband versions and iPhone models
  • easy-to-finish service through iTunes
  • big number of companies and carriers that provide unlocking service
iPhone Factory Unlock Cons
  • paid method
  • big number of scammers
  • it takes your time to search the real company that will offer fast iPhone unlock
  • no refund if you provide incorrect information for the unlock
Using you will get fast and reliable unlock by IMEI number for any iPhone model of yours. Most unlocks are possible for clean IMEI codes only, but we can unlock some blacklisted IMEIs as well so feel free to contact us and learn more about the service.

Unlock iPhone 5S AT&T Running iOS 7.0.2

Have you purchased your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5c from AT&T carrier? Would you like to change network? Since your smartphone is locked you can’t just insert another SIM card in order to switch your mobile operator to another one. You need to unlock iPhone 5S AT&T model.


AT&T iPhone Unlock: Advantages of Factory Unlock Service

How long can you stay without your handset? I remember when my iPhone stopped working because of the dead battery and I had to wait for 3 days to replace it. It was very difficult. I am so used to using my smartphone that I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I had that problem.
Now imagine that your device is locked to AT&T network and you can’t insert the SIM card of Verizon, Sprint or other carriers. Isn’t it a big issue? I think it is. iPhone users who travel a lot need to be mobile and not dependent on one company. A lot of people purchase locked handsets and a lot of them dream about iPhone AT&T U.S.unlocking. I’ll tell you about this service so that you know how you can set yourself free from being locked to just one carrier.
About AT&T iPhone Unlocking Tool
I came across this intelligent iPhone unlocking site not so long ago. I needed to leave U.S. and go abroad where my AT&T iPhone became useless unless it was unlocked. I read a lot of consumer’s reviews and decided to give it a try.
AT&T iPhone Unlock [this is the name of the company] really helped me a lot. It works with fruit smartphones locked to this U.S. carrier. It doesn’t matter what iPhone model, baseband and iOS firmware you have as the factory unlock tool is perfect for any versions.
Here is what I did to place my order and getting the status “unlocked” in less than 24 hours.
Step 1. I found my IMEI number by typing *#06#. My phone displayed this code to me which is fast and easy to do.
Step 2. I was sure I was locked to AT&T but just in case I used the iPhone Network Checkerto verify this information and in a couple of minutes I got an email with the details about my handset.
Step 3. I emailed my IMEI code to the company and paid $9.99 for their service using my PayPal account. The company emailed me back assuring it got my order.
Step 4. The next email was received by me in less than 24 hours. I got further instructions that helped me finish the unlock. They were really simple and I had no problems following them and finally saw a message “Your iPhone has been unlocked” on iTunes.
Benefits of Factory Unlock
I was happy to know that my Apple warranty wasn’t void by this distant unlocking service. Now I can freely update to any iOS version / baseband because my unlock will not be lost. I can also use any carrier and I am really happy as it saves some bucks.

AT&T iPad Hacker Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer Appeals Conviction

Andrew Auernheimer, or “Weev” as he’s known in the hacking world, has appealed his recent conviction of unlawfully accessing AT&T servers. This appeal was filed last week and explained how Auernheimer did not violate any laws when accessing AT&T’s servers as the company made the information available freely on the web.

Auernheimer’s appeal:

The appeal contends that Auernheimer did not violate law by accessing AT&T servers. The company had linked the Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICC-ID), a serial number on the SIM card of an iPad with mobile connectivity, with the user’s email address.

When a user visited AT&T’s website, the email field would automatically be populated based on the ICC-ID, which was apparently intended to help users save time when logging in.

But Auernheimer’s friend, Daniel Spitler, discovered that changing the ICC-IDs by a single digit would return a new user’s email address. Then the two men developed an application called the “iPad 3G Account Slurper” to pull the names and email addresses en masse.

Since the data was freely available on the internet, Auernheimer’s actions did not constitute theft, the appeal contends.

Auernheimer was convicted of hacking AT&T servers to obtain 114,000 email addresses of 3G iPad users on the network. These email addresses included some high-profile iPad users including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel  Partially censored copies of these emails were then given to Gawker and were later published. However, in order to obtain this information, Auernheimer didn’t actually have to perform any hacking as all information was available publicly. Weev is currently serving 41 months due to the overreaching Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Original post: AT&T iPad Hacker Weev Appeals Conviction