Apple Offers the Bigger iPhone 7 Battery

How will Apple change iPhone 7? Will this model be more popular than current iPhone 6s or previous iPhone 6 or not? We’ve heard some rumors about iPhone 7 battery. It could be larger than on current smartphone models.

There are different iPhone 7 concepts and ideas what this smartphone could look like. Some rumors assure Apple could make it waterproof. Others believe it could get exclusive features and be more powerful than current generation devices.

iPhone 7 Larger Battery Rumor

iPhone 7 battery rumors promise a bigger battery if comparing iPhone 7 to 6s or smaller if compared to iPhone 6. We already saw some images of possible iPhone 7 battery and they showcased the 7.04 watt-hour unit of bigger size than in modern handsets. Surely nothing is confirmed and won’t be confirmed by Apple right now.

The company is not against other sources sharing rumors about its upcoming devices. Chinese experts mention the battery capacity of 1735mAh and 2810mAh. For example, the iPhone 6s boasts 1715mAh and 6s Plus version has 2750mAh.

If we take a look at iPhone 6 we’ll notice bigger batteries of 1810mAh and 2910mAh and it seems that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus wouldn’t get larger options. Still Apple could surprise customers and release something more powerful and interesting than 2014 and 2015 models.

Next gen phone should get A10 chip. Its design won’t get major design upgrade. It could get only slight changes. At the same time, iPhone 7 features could include dual-camera system, absence of 3.5 mm headphone jack and other improvements.


iOS 9 Battery Drain: iPhone Battery Life on iOS 9.2.1

Apple presented one minor update for iDevices in 2016. Have you noticed any iOS 9 battery drain issues once you installed iOS 9.2.1 or not? There are many reports from users who decided to upgrade to this firmware version and they are not too happy right now.

iPhone battery iOS 9.2.1 problems seem like a new bug. Of course, this minor update was meant to fix earlier iOS 9.2 bugs and security issues. Apple did fix the previous problems however the update seems to create a new unpleasant situation when the battery life of your smartphone gets an impact on it.

iPhone 6s Battery Drain iOS 9.2.1 Update

Apple ¬released several iOS 9 updates. The original iOS 9 firmware was unveiled in September 2015. It was quickly jailbroken by Pangu jailbreak team. Apple then presented iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 and Pangu managed to untether both versions as well. The jailbreaking tool stopped working when the Cupertino-based giant launched iOS 9.1 and 9.2.

The iOS 9.2.1 minor update is also non-jailbreakable. Besides, it seems to deliver a new bug and having a short battery life on the iPhone isn’t the best experience. Right now the iPhone maker is testing iOS 9.3 and hopefully this next operating system update would bring the fix to battery life along with other improvements.

As noted by some people, their brand new iPhone 6s can get down from 100% to 75% within half an hour once updated to iOS 9.2.1 [compare iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 battery life]. Besides, it can easily go down to 60% within a night. This sounds frustrating, doesn’t it?

Have you noticed any issues with your battery life after updating to version 9.2.1 or not?


WatchOS 2 Update: Improve Apple Watch Battery with Version 2.0.1

Users who have the Apple Watch device can download WatchOS 2.0.1 and get some improvements. Last week was rick for updates from the ‘fruit’ giant and hackers. Apple offered iOS 9.1 direct links and this firmware killed exploits used in Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9 – 9.0.2. Pangu updated their program and fixed bugs however they still didn’t find a way to jailbreak 9.1 platform. Apple also updated iTunes to version 12.3.1.

If you wish to improve Apple Watch battery life you can install WatchOS 2 update. Apple promises that this version of its mobile firmware can do some miracles. For example, it addresses some problems users faced and offers improved battery life for those smartwatch owners who were stalled by application updates.

Download WatchOS 2.0.1 Update How to

The original WatchOS 2 upgrade was offered a month ago. The newest version is meant to fix all known problems. As Apple notes, this version 2.0.1 enhances battery performance by fixing the issues that were impacting it. It solves the problem with software updating being stalled. Besides, your location data should be now propertly upgrading since the bug that prevented it from doing this is now fixed.

If you had issues with iPhone syncing your Calendar events to your iWatch – download WatchOS 2.0.1 and solve this bug. When you use your digital touch after upgrade it will send from email and not phone number as it sometimes happened on previous mobile OS.

You can also use your Live images [here is how to share Live Photos on iPhone 6s] as Watch face without bugs and fixes the bugs with heart rate measurements.

Here is how to download Watch OS 2.0.1 and enhance your iWatch battery life:

Step 1. Get your iPhone.

Step 2. Launch the Watch program on the smartphone.

Step 3. Select General menu.

Step 4. Choose Software Update and find Watch OS 2.0.1 which you can download.

Step 5. Wait till the firmware is installed on your smartwatch.



iOS 9 Apps That Kill Battery on iPhone: Fix to Facebook Problem

There are different iOS 9 apps that kill battery life on iPhone and this list includes some pretty popular titles. For example, you know that millions of users from all over the world are using Facebook and this application is known to have one major bug after iOS update.

According to numerous reports from users, Facebook on iOS 9 is draining battery life very quickly and impacts iPhones battery. If you don’t use it – you are ok but those who use it every day notice iPhone battery draining fast issue.

iOS 9 problems battery life iphone

The issue is widespread. iOS 9 battery usage is a big problem to a lot of people have to disable app refresh feature in the background because of Facebook program that causes battery life to drain. Sadly, this doesn’t fix the issue. Even if Facebook is not refreshed in the background it can still ‘eat’ your battery life a lot.

It is curious that this iPhone battery drain app issue caused by Facebook doesn’t require disabling background app refresh. Some users note that it can get better if you turn on this option on your iOS 9 platform [here are links to download iOS 9.0.2 ipsw which is the most recent firmware version released by Apple]. The thing is: no matter if the feature is disabled or enabled your social network application will continue draining your battery life.

You might want to either not use your mobile Facebook app until the issue is fixed in the future update or have to charge your smartphone more than once a day. You can see that there are two methods that help to solve the issue: fix it for good or leave with the problem until it is gone.

You can also search for alternative apps. Some users suggest replacing the popular network with Paper or similar programs that provide access to News Feed and some other Facebook options but drain less battery life on iOS 9.

Have you come across this problem or not?


iPhone Low Power Mode iOS 9: How It Extends Battery Life

There were many about iOS 9 Low Power mode iPhone feature that is supposed to extend your battery life. So how much life can it really save for you? Here is a simple guide on how this interesting option works that also explains how exactly it can extend your iPhone battery life.

Users who haven’t installed the newest firmware yet might want to download iOS 9 and update to it. It is also possible to get the most recent version using direct iOS 9.0.2 download links for ipsw files for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The new iPhone battery life with Power Mode iOS 9 option is supported by both firmwares.

iOS 9 Low Power Mode Save Battery Life

You have to note that even though Apple upgraded its iOS 9 a few times it still didn’t fix all the problems. Users report sudden iPhone 6s shutdown problem and other unpleasant issues with different smartphone models. Will the next iOS 9.1 fix them or not? We have no idea but developers continue testing its betas and report bugs to the famous ‘fruit’ company.

iPhone Low Power Mode iOS 9 Feature

This option can reportedly save you up to 3 hours of your battery life [you can compare iPhone 6s battery life to iPhone 6]. You can enable it through Settings application. This can be done when your battery life goes down to 20 or less percent. How does it work? Firstly, this mode makes sure your iPhone enters the lock screen mode after 30 seconds. Secondly, it becomes impossible to download updates for applications automatically as this option is disable. It works only manually. Thirdly, the Low Power mode affects your handset performance.

There are other things iOS 9 battery saving option affects. It lowers your iPhone screen brightness, disables Hey Siri, background application refresh and some visual effects. Even though this mode does cause performance degradation by 40-45 percent it can still extend your battery life.


iPhone 6s Battery Life Compared to iPhone 6

How different is iPhone 6s battery life compared to the previous gen smartphones? Apple rolls out major iDevice upgrade on September 25th. This is the date when two new models will be officially released to public and appear on the store shelves. There were many rumors about the ‘s’ battery capacity and life. Here is what we know about this.

Battery life has always been a big gripe about Apple smartphones. Customers don’t want to charge their devices several times a day so most people dream about the powerful battery capacity that can last for over 24 hours or even a couple of days. The previous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models got a lot of features however their battery life isn’t that awesome even though Apple brought a bigger battery to these gadgets a year ago.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 battery also gets some changes. Firstly, the 2015 model gets a smaller capacity battery compared to iPhone 6. Secondly, the 6s models get exactly the same battery life as the iPhone 6. Apple only offers the new battery saving feature on iOS 9 platform but it doesn’t improve the battery life on the iDevice itself. Besides, since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus get the 3D Touch technology that requires some space – they both get even the smaller battery than the previous handsets.

Luckily, the Cupertino-based company enhances the A9 processor power efficiency and this way the battery life of 2015 iPhones is very similar to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You can see that there is not much to expect regarding the new Apple battery because the ‘s’ lineup of handsets gets the same concerns about the battery life as the 2014 models.

It looks like the iPhone 6s Plus is slightly better in terms of battery life than the iPhone 6s. If you are planning to upgrade iPhone 5s or older gadget to the newest one – you better get the 6s Plus version.


How To Fix Battery Life Issue On Your iOS 8.4.1 Device

Since Apple has released its latest software update to iOS 8 many upgraded users have taken to Apple Support forums to complain about iOS 8.4.1 battery life issue on their devices.

If battery on any of your iOS devices, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, is draining fast after updating to the iOS 8.4.1 software, here are some tips to help you fix the problem.

Downgrade To iOS 8.4

Downgrading to iOS 8.4 was also the tip to fix iOS 8.4.1 battery life issue, but unfortunately it is no longer possible as Apple has closed the signing window.

Hard Reboot Your iOS Device

First you can try to hard reboot your iOS device to see if this fixes the problem. How to do this: simply simultaneously hold down both the Power and Home buttons on your device till it powers off completely and then restarts automatically. When you see the Apple logo on the screen let go of the buttons.

Reset All Settings

reset all settings

This step will reset all your iOS settings back to factory default. Don’t worry your data will not be deleted. How to do it: open the Settings app on your iOS device and go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Restore / Clean Install iOS 8.4.1

If you have updated your device with the new firmware via OTA update in some instances it could cause issues. That’s why clean installing iOS 8.4.1 via iTunes can help fix battery life issue.

How to do it: download iOS 8.4.1 firmware file for your device from here. Then, plug in your iOS device to the computer and launch iTunes. Next, hold down the Shift key (on Windows) or Option/Alt key (on OS X) and then tap on the Restore iPhone button.

restore to ios 8.4.1

Pick the firmware file to begin the Restore process.

Apple Support

If all of the above steps fail, and you still suffer from this battery problem the issue could be hardware related. It would be best to book an appointment at the Apple’s Genius Bar and have Apple engineers take a look at your iOS device.


iPhone 6s Battery Life Will Disappoint You

Are you looking for the powerful and long-lasting iPhone 6s battery life [HTC smartphone reminds of the iPhone 6]? It seems that Apple isn’t going to ad powerful parts into its upcoming iPhone lineup. According to rumors from China, the new generation smartphone will get weaker battery than iPhone 6.

Component makers in Asia assure that the Cupertino-based company decided to reduce the regular iPhone battery to 1715 mAh [it used to be 1810 mAh]. The bigger screen versions will get 2750 mAh battery instead of 2910 mAh.

What does the new iPhone 6s battery capacity mean to ordinary customers? It seems that the upcoming iPhone 6s / 6s Plus or iPhone 7 could get less power than current generation smartphones. This could result on the 5.3-5.5 per cent power drop for the new iPhone owners.

Of course, 5 per cent is not a huge figure however even such decrease could be a concern to users since iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are rumored to get more features than the iPhone 6. And the iPhone 6 cannot unfortunately boast a powerful battery for its current options.

Will new Apple consumers have to complain about weaker smartphones that cannot last through the day on a one charge? Will users have to purchase special battery accessories for charging on-the-go? These questions and rumors will be surely answered on September 9th event planned by Apple. The company should introduce the new lineup of handsets and iOS 9 features to users.

Users do hope to see more powerful iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with Force Touch option and a lot of other changes and improvements. Of course, if Apple adds a better battery customers will be happier to upgrade to the new model. If the battery is to be a big problem – less consumers will be eager to pay for the ‘S’ smartphones.


How to Extend iPhone 6 Battery Life for a Week

It looks like all the problems with iPhone 6 battery life are in the past. A lot of users with different Apple smartphone models wish their battery life to last longer than a day. Some users get issues when their battery doesn’t last even for 24 hours. Complaints about the ‘fruit’ battery were always a big issue.

Would you like to learn how to extend iPhone 6 battery life and make it last for a week? One British company developed a special battery that can make iPhone serve the whole week in between charges. This is the reality and the company Intelligent Energy might help Apple to boost battery life and move the famous ‘fruit’ technology forward.

Customers will absolutely be happy if their iOS handset running iOS 8.4.1, upcoming iOS 9 or earlier firmware version lasts for a week long. Right now this sounds more like a rumor or secret wish of millions of consumers yet such a hydrogen battery exists as prototype.

The firm developed their own iPhone 6 prototype that does remind of a current-generation iPhone 6. It has some minor differences with the original smartphone and one huge difference – this prototype lasts 7 days on one charge which is surely impossible on the original iPhone 6 version created by Apple.

The new technology is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. This is how it can create electricity. The iPhone built by Intelligent Energy has the fuel cell system in it. It’s not known how much such battery system could cost. The firm promises cheap week-long lasting iPhone 6 batteries but the exact price isn’t named.

Does the company work with Apple and will it bring its innovation to the future ‘fruit’ handsets? We don’t know anything for sure. Let’s wait and see how the iPhone generation would change with year.


Free iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Possible Till 2016

You can replace battery in iPhone 5 till 2016. Apple has decided to extend its program which was supposed to end this March. We have earlier told you how to replace iPhone 5 battery yourself, but this program has nothing to do with DIY instructions because it is an official method of changing the important detail of your gadget at no charge.

The iPhone 5 battery replacement was announced by Apple in August 2014. The company found out that a number of these model units that were sold in September 2012 – January 2013 came with defective batteries [you can check out iPhone 5 battery performace tests] that have to be changed.

The Cupertino-based giant created a deadline which allowed customers who got the faulty battery a chance to replace it with Apple’s help. At first, the deadline stated March of 2015, but the recent update now reflects January of 2016.

Repair iPhone 5 Battery Terms

Battery iPhone 5 Replacement Terms and Eligibility

At first, the ‘fruit’ company wanted to allow affected consumers replacing their battery for free within the 2 years after the retail sale, but then the program timelime has been extended. It is interesting that all the changes were applied silently. Apple has only upgraded the page that shows the new date until it is eager to offer free iPhone 5 battery replacement.

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Eligibility

Users who wish the check the information whether they are able to change [repair] their battery for free or not using Apple program can enter their serial number on the support page and click on ‘Sumbit’ to find out if their battery is faulty or not.