How to Close Browser on iPhone Automatically on iOS 9

You can use Cydia browser tweaks to easier close your iPhone browser tabs on iOS 9 platform. It seems that Cydia store has solution to every possible issue and problem. Developers create tons of useful and interesting applications you can use on your jailbroken smartphone.

If you need to close your browser tabs automatically – there are jailbreak tweaks iOS 9 that perform this particular task. We are about to name the one program you might want to download today. It is called BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup and it is available on Cydia.

Close Safari Browser Tabs on iPhone iOS 9 Automatically

How to Close Browser on iPhone Automatically

Step 1. The good news about the program you are about to install – it is free of charge [this is one of the reasons why to jailbreak iPhone 6s]. It’s great when you don’t have to pay for the program, isn’t it? Go to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and search for BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup program. Download and install it on iOS 9 iPhone or other device.

Step 2. The program has no special pane with customizations. It starts working as soon as it is installed on your iPhone. You don’t need to configure anything.

Step 3. You know that iOS 9 introduced the Back to App shortcut. This feature is visible on your Status Bar and let’s you return to the original application in one click. Well, if you are using Safari browser for surfing the web you can now launch multiple tabs as you’ll be able to close them all with a single click as well. Press on Back to App option when you are done browsing and you will return to the original app and automatically close all your Safari tabs on iOS 9 device. This is very simple and this is exactly what the tweak is doing.

Step 4. It is worth to note that Safari won’t be closed when you click on Back to App option. It will stay open unless you close it on your own.

The tweak supports Safari and Chrome mobile browsers.


How to Delete Photos from iPhone Permanently [Guide]

Does iPhone permanently delete photos? Of course, it does and you can remove images from both iPhone and iPad if you don’t need them any more. Follow our guide on how to delete photos from iPhone permanently however please note that this instruction is designed for iOS 8 users [here is how to jailbreak iOS 8.4] who have a jailbroken gadget.

You can surely try to delete images from Camera Roll without any tweaks however these photos will be stored in your Recently Deleted folder. They will also be deleted permanently in the end but this production will take 30 days unless you delete images from this folder too.

How to Permanently Delete Photos on iPhone iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Permanently Deleted Pictures from iPhone Right Away

Step 1. You can save much time without going from folder to folder in order to remove images. Download DeleteForever jailbreak tweak which supports iOS 8 platform [it is impossible to jailbreak only iOS 8.4.1 at the moment as well as iOS 9]. You’ll need to add the source: to Cydia before the tweak can be installed.

Step 2. The tweak is simple and it has no customization options. Once it is installed on your iPhone or iPad you can launch Camera Roll just as you always do when you are about to delete an image or a couple of images. By the way, you can also learn how to delete and move iOS apps on iPhone.

Step 3. When you remove the image you will get the new option. It will say Delete Permanently [this feature appears when you click on the trash icon] and once you choose it your photos will not end up being stored in Recently Deleted folder, they will be instead removed from the iDevice.

How do you permanently delete photos from iPhone? With DeleteForever it becomes faster and simpler though it is possible to do the same thing through Camera Roll and Recently Deleted section. However note that it is impossible to get back the image you have removed permanently.


How to Snooze Alarm on iPhone 6 by Tapping Anywhere

Is there a simple iPhone alarm snooze option for iPhone 6 users? Anyone who is running iOS 8.4 or earlier firmware version and jailbroken with TaiG tool [it works on Mac and Windows] or PP Jailbreak [it also supports both computer platforms] can download a tweak that makes the process fast and easy.

There is a fun Cydia tweak which allows snoozing your iOS 8 alarm by tapping anywhere on the screen. This means that you can click anywhere and don’t have to press on the small Tap to Snooze button which can be sometimes hard to not miss in the morning.

How to Snooze Alarm on iPhone 6

Step 1. Jailbroken users can find the free Cydia package on the BigBoss repository. The tweak is called SnoozeHelper. Download it and intall on your iPhone 6 or other ‘fruit’ handset model.

Step 2. This iOS 8 tweak is very simple. It has no configurations so you don’t need to adjust it to your needs.

Step 3. The program can be used right after it was installed. Remember that the next time your alarm wakes you up you don’t need to search for the little snooze option in order to dismiss it. Just tap anywhere and it will be dismissed at once.

This is probably the best way to snooze iOS 8 alarm on iPhone 6. The only drawback is you have to be jailbroken and not all users like to install Cydia store on their Apple gadget because jailbreaking might not be that safe. What do you think about SnoozeHelper jailbreak tweak? Is it must-have addition or are you ok with accurately tapping on snooze without such a program? Of course, it is possible to get the same snoozing effect if you click on your Lock / Sleep key however it should be faster to just tap anywhere on iDevice screen, isn’t it?


How to Add Multiple Cydia Sources at Once [Instruction]

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can easily jailbreak their iOS 8 device [any version including the most recent iOS 8.4 and previous iOS 8.3 which is no longer signed by Apple]. Thus some of them have a question how to add many sources to Cydia at once. Is there a way how to do this? Of course, you could simplify the usage of a popular unofficial store with jailbreak apps and tweaks. You’ll just need to follow the guide below and successfully use the fun trick.

You’ll have to install one additional Cydia package on your iDevice. Everything isn’t that difficult. A couple of moments – and you’ll be able to save time as there will be no need to add one source at a time when you wish to have a lot of them added to Cydia.

How to Add Multiple Cydia Sources at Once

Step 1. BigBoss repository offers a lot of free titles. One of them is called SmartSourcePrompt. This is a free package you can download and install on your iOS 8.4 iPhone or other device.

Step 2. There is nothing much to customize with the app. It works just as promised by developer.

Step 3. Copy the sources you would like to add to Cydia to your clipboard [did you know that it is possible to downgrade Cydia apps?]. You could also use Notes application to type the sources to.

Step 4. Launch Cydia and select Edit menu where you can click on Add in the Sources option.

Step 5. Since the tweak is installed on your gadget you will find a pop-up message with all the sources you have saved earlier and prompt to add them all to Cydia at once. If you agree to this – all the private repositories will be added at a time.

How much do you like this jailbreak tweak? Is it a nice addition to the jailbreak offered by TaiG and PP hackers teams for Windows and Mac users?


How to Play 2048 Puzzle from iPhone Springboard [Instruction]

Are you a fan of puzzle games on iPhone? If you like addictive playtime you can learn how to play 2048 on iPhone. This app can be played right from the home screen. Everything is simple, fast and easy. We’ll explain what you have to do in order to make it launch from your Springboard on iOS 8, including iOS 8.3 which you can download using direct links and install through iTunes [you can also update via OTA].

It is fun to play cool games on the iDevice. We have already shared an instruction on how to run Windows 95 games on the jailbroken iPhone [this also includes Windows 98], now let’s talk about modern iPhone Springboard games you can get.

2048 is an ordinary puzzle that is highly addictive. You should combine / slide numbers to reach 2048. However it is not that simple to reach this number. There is no need to download iOS app as there is the jailbreak version called 2048oard which can be played right from iOS 8 home screen and this is exactly what we were looking for.


How to Play 2048 Puzzle from Jailbroken iPhone Springboard

Step 1. Go to Cydia store. We should download something at first. Search for uroboro’s tweak 2048oard.

Step 2. Install the game.

Step 3. Respring your iOS 8 handset.

Step 4. Search for Activator and download it on Cydia. This is free of charge.

Step 5. Using Activator you should select an action for 2048. For example, you can assign to launch it by double-clicking on the Status bar or choose something different.

Step 6. Launch the game using your Action and play it from the Springboard.

Did it work out for you?


Click To Download iFile for iOS 8.1 / 8 on iPhone and iPad

Download iFile for iOS 8.1 for your iDevice as it one of that tweak that is very important for every user. Now when there is an iOS 8 jailbreak out for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and for other iDevices you can download and install iFile on iOS 8 iPhone.

iFile helps to upload the whole iOS filesystem on your jailbroken iDevice, also with support to view all file types. It includes documents, images, plists, and installing .deb packages.

iFile is a full-blown file manager for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which has a huge amount of characteristics as copying, deleting, viewing, compressing, moving, renaming files and much more.

The developer said that the first update to iFile should fix a crash with the SDK. He will add support for the new Box SDK that will stop the tweak from crashing on startup. Also he will add iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support to the iFile tweak.

download iFile for iOS 8.1

He also added that he is working upon an iOS 8 compatible iPhone 6 version of the iFile tweak. He’s just started looking into the compatibility issues. And if he will not make lot of changes between iOS 7 and iOS 8, we may hope to see a release in the near future. As we were told that iOS 8 compatible version of the iFile at present works good on iPhone 6 hardware and the iPhone 6 Plus simulator.

The new version of their Jailbreak tool was released by the Pangu team earlier this week. This version which supports iOS 8/8.1. But the package did not include Cydia but you can install Cydia without issues. We hope that iFile tweak for iOS 8 which is available on Cydia will be finished very soon.

So download iFile for iOS 8.1 and install iFile on iOS 8 iPhone.


One More Helpful Cydia App: iPhone SMS Stats

From now you can monitoring your SMS texts, data and paying bills with new iPhone SMS stats tweak. So if you interested in, ivite you to check out post below.

With help of SMS Stats app you can calculate all the texts on your iPhone and SMS texts. Also you can use this Cydia tweak for iMessage. It counts a running total divided in Sent or Received  SMS, and iMessage. This app can pull up your most used contact and how many SMS for that contact have been sent or received. In this app you will find interesting mode that can track a monthly tally of texts that were recieve. The mode provides messaging stats for every of your private contacts.


How to Setup Windows 8 Theme on iPhone and Other iOS Devices [DreamBoard]

Let’s install Windows 8 theme on iPhone here. This article is good for those who used to Windows OS but now are using iOS device but can’t forget OS from Microsoft.

The beauty of jailbreaking is that cracked device reveals all its capabilities to the user. One of them – the ability to completely change the look of the operating system iOS. Today we talk about the Windows 8 and how to setup it on iPhone 4 and other iOS devices using DreamBoard jailbreak tweak from ModMyi repo.


How to Setup Safari Download Manager For Free On iOS 5.1.1 and Lower

In this article I’ll show you one method to get Safari Download Manager for free in two ways. You can choose Cydia install or .deb file install on iOS 5.1.1 or lower.

There is news that Dustin Howett has recently launched updated version of Safari Download Manager for iOS 5.1.1 and lower which is available on Cydia Store for five bucks and you can buy it for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.