iOS 9.3.3 Update: Download New iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1 to Developers

With so many iOS 9.3.2 bugs many users can’t wait for official iOS 9.3.3 release date. It should happen soon since Apple has already seeded the first iOS 9.3.3 update to developers. If you are a registered dev you can download iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 and test all the minor changes that would hopefully make the known problems disappear.

Many users are unhappy with iOS 9.3.2 release [there are some new Android features inspired by iOS 9]. This firmware version was supposed to bring minor changes without any new issues. However it didn’t fix the problems for 9.7-inch iPad Pro users and many iPhone owners.

iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1 Download Direct Links ipsw iPhone iPad Release

Hopefully once developers install iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 they will be happy to report no issues. Of course, it is only possible to learn about problems, bugs and issues while using the firmware every day. Still devs do a great job by testing betas and helping Apple to solve things right away and avoid bringing more problems to the public release.

How can you install iOS 9.3.3 first beta? There are some requirements you have to meet before you get a chance to update to this iPhone, iPad and iPod touch firmware beta. Firstly, you have to be a registered developer and access Apple Dev Center. Secondly, you have to have registered UDID [here is how to locate your Apple Watch UDID in case you need it]. Thirdly, you should have desire to test new and upcoming mobile platforms for ‘fruit’ devices.

If you meet all the requirements above you can download iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 through direct links offered through Dev Center or install 9.3.3 first beta via OTA-update.


Use Free Links to Download iOS 9.3.2 IPSW for Your iPhone

Apple released new firmware update and you can use iOS 9.3.2 download free links to install this latest operating system on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This is just a minor update with some fixes to known bugs and simple improvements.

Use iOS 9.3.2 download ipsw files to get your firmware version if you don’t like to use OTA-update option. Once you get the ipsw file you can manually install the newest iPhone OS through iTunes. It’s fast and most convenient way to run the most recent Apple firmware.

iOS 9.3.2 Direct Links Free ipsw iPhone iPad iPod touch

iOS 9.3.2 Download Link

iPhone iOS 9.3.2 Download:

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 4S

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 5 GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 5 GSM and CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 5s GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 5s GSM and CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 5c GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 5c GSM and CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 6

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 6s

iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone 6s Plus

iOS 9.3.2 for newest 4-inch iPhone SE

iPad iOS 9.3.2 Download links:

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 2 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 2 GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 2 CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 2

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 3 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 3 CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 3 GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 4 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 4 GSM

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad 4 GSM and CDMA

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Air Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Air Cellular

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 2 Cellular

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Air China

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 2 China

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 3 Cellular

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 3 China

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Air 2 Cellular

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Mini 4 Cellular

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Pro Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Pro Cellular

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3.2 for iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular

iPod Touch iOS 9.3.2 Download links:

iOS 9.3.2 for iPod touch 5G

iOS 9.3.2 for iPod touch 6G

Hope you have no issues with this latest firmware by Apple.


Download and Install WatchOS 2.2.1 on Your Apple Watch

Apple offers watchOS 2.2.1 download together with iOS 9.3.2 public update for iPhone and other iDevices. All iPhone users who decide to install the latest operating system on their handset can also get the most recent firmware update for their smartwatch.

You can install watchOS 2.2.1 right away and get some fixes to known issues, problems and bug on your wearable. Apple was testing this update for a while. Previous watchOS 2.2 was presented to public nearly two months ago, at the end of March. The current 2.2.1 update is minor just as iOS 9.3.2 which is also not a major upgrade for users.

Download watchOS 2.2.1 Apple Watch Firmware Update

You can download watchOS 2.2.1 which was tested for a while to avoid possible bugs and issues during public release. Mainly this operating system for Apple Watch focuses on bug fixes and other behind-the-scenes improvements. Users should get slightly improved OS and no major changes.

How to install watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch [there are rumors about Apple offering new 2016 bands for Apple Watch]? This is extremely easy, simple and fast. But you have to be sure to run iOS 9.3.2 before you decide to update on your wearable. Otherwise you will fail installing the new watchOS.

Take your iPhone and launch the Watch app on it. You need to select General menu and select Software Update. You need to have full battery life on your smartwatch or have it charged while updating.


iPad Pro Crashing Issues Worry iOS 9.3.2 Users

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro problems don’t want to disappear. Apple released iOS 9.3.2 update [you can download iOS 9.3.2 ipsw through direct links for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch] and this operating system was meant to fix all the previous bugs. Still the number of problems keeps growing.

If your iPad Pro crashes iOS 9.3.2 update hasn’t fixed anything. You are not the only person who is affected by the bug. A number of people get the same issue and it mostly affects 9.7-inch iPad Pro model.

iPad Pro 9-7 Inch Crashes iOS 9.3.2 Bug

Is there anything you can do with iPad Pro crashing over and over again? This happens unexpectedly. If you are bothered by the issue you can downgrade iOS 9.3.2 back to 9.3.1 version while it is still possible. Soon Apple will stop signing the previous firmware version and you will be stuck with your problems.

Of course, Apple is looking for the bug fix however it will take time to find the solution and present minor firmware update. Surely, iOS 9.3.1 version also causes the issue to a number of users so it’s hard to say if it is better to stay on iOS 9.3.2 or return back to 9.3.1.

Here is what you can try if your iPad Pro starts to reboot unexpectedly on any of the mobile firmware versions. Try to press both Home and Power buttons to help restart the tablet device that cannot reboot correctly.

Some people note that the reason for such updates is because of Safari browser. Still it’s hard to say what exactly causes the bug.


Apple Releases Links to Download iOS 9.3.2 Beta 4

Apple brings iOS 9.3.2 beta 4 release. This is another beta offered to iPhone and iPad devs who are testing the next mobile operating system for ‘fruit’ devices. There are three other betas launched in April.

Only registered developers are advised to download iOS 9.3.2 beta 4. Users who like to explore future mobile firmwares can either search for direct links iOS 9.3.2 beta 4 that don’t require developer’s UDID number or register in Apple Public Beta program to install public betas once they are offered by the Cupertino-based company.

Download iOS 9.3.2 Beta 4 Dev Public Beta iPhone iPad

There will be more betas this spring. The ‘fruit’ giant could make the firmware public this May or June. Developers who are testing this iOS version can’t wait to see the next iOS 10. This will be a major upgrade that should become public in the fall. Devs and public beta testers will be exploring the new features and updates. Compared to the future release iOS 9.3.2 beta 4 is just a minor improvement to iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 releases.

You can download iOS 9.3.2 beta 4 through Dev Center links or via OTA update. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is already running one of iOS 9.3.2 betas. Hopefully this update has less bugs iOS 9.3 had. Users had to wait for Apple to present fixes in the updates but luckily the ‘fruit’ giant was fast to create new versions that solved everything.


Download Dragon Hills iPhone App For Free This Week

The new iPhone free app of the week could be an interesting addition to your collection of iOS 9 applications and games. If you visit App Store this week you might get a chance to download Dragon Hills for free. This program usually costs nearly $2 and it’s nice to get it at no cost.

This program supports both iPhone and iPad. It is titled as Apple App of the Week and this is why you have limited time to download for free. It’s a game to play on your gadget and get occupied when you have nothing else to do.

Dragon Hills iOS 9 iPhone Free App of the Week Download Link

The name explains what you have to do. Dragon Hills offers the adventures for users who wish to save a princess [this plot is pretty ordinary] and control the dangerous dragon. You should go down the hills and get rid of anything that gets in the way.

The game is pretty fun to play. It supports iCloud syncing which makes it funner to plan on iPhone or iPad. It has some cool battles to enjoy, interestsing armor, touch controls and other features you can try at no additional cost.

I looks like a nice iOS 9 game. You are able to download Dragon Hills through App Store link and install it while it is still free. You are advised to double check the price when you are ready to get the deal.


Fit Notification Banners in iPhone Status Bar

There are different notification banners iPhone tweaks you can download to improve your Apple experience. This works if you jailbreak iOS 9 smartphone with Pangu jailbreak tool. The tool supports only iOS 9 firmwares up to version iOS 9.1 (included) so user who have installed iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3 cannot use it and get advantage of different jailbreak tweaks.

The fun notification banners iOS 9 jailbreak tweak is called ThinBar. This is a free package you can download from Cydia store and install on your iPhone. What does this tweak do? It can slim down your notifications and squeeze them into your Status Bar.

iPhone Notifications in Status Bar iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

Regularly you get notification banners right on your screen while you are playing a game, working within an app or doing something else. If you are annoyed by this you can install notification banners iPhone tweak and change the size of your incoming banners. This is done automatically and you can enjoy the changes pretty much.

The shrinked banners can be placed in your Status bar. They require smaller portion of your display since the text will be scrolled in your status bar. You won’t be annoyed by your iOS 9 notifications any more.

You will find the preferences pane in iPhone Settings menu after installation of the tweak. Turn it on before you start seeing notifications in Status bar. Remember to adjust the banner’s height. This is possible through Settings. Devs offer 20px as minimum height and 64px as maximum option.

Once you set up the adjustments you will see your notifications displayed at the top of the screen. This is simple and free of charge.


Ready to Download iOS 9.3.2 Beta 3 on Your Apple iPhone?

Apple offers new iOS 9.3.2 beta 3 release to iPhone and iPad users. If you have an iDevice and are a registered developer you can already install it on your device. This is the third beta of the next mobile firmware which the ‘fruit’ giant should soon present.

The original iOS 9.3 was a big problem to all users. It offered great new features and multiple errors and bugs. Apple had to update the version pretty soon after the official launch to fix the known problems. Still there are some issues that still require some work.

iOS 9.3.2 Beta 3 Download

You can download iOS 9.3.2 beta 3 only if you are participating in Apple Dev Program. This version is available through OTA-update [make sure your iPhone is already running iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 or beta 1 or otherwise this method will fail] or you can use direct links to upgrade through Dev Center. The first two betas appeared earlier this spring [you can on longer downgrade ioS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3]. This will be a minor upgrade since the next big major iOS 10 update would arrive in the summer.

According to developers, iOS 9.3.2 should arrive with bug fixes, some minor improvements and enhancements. This operating system supports Quick Actions in landscape mode and makes it faster and easier to open them. Everything has become much smoother.

Apple should also allow users enabling both Night Shift and Low Power Mode at the same time.


Here Comes iOS 9.3.2 Beta 2 Release for iPhone and iPad

Apple is still working on the next version of mobile firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company offers new iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 download. This is the second beta that follows the presentation of beta 1.

Who can take advantage of iOS 9.3.2 beta release? Ordinary users are not advised to install iOS 9.3.2 yet because all betas have errors and multiple bugs. Even public versions included different problems while they all were tested before the launch. For example, take a look at iOS 9.3 problems and bugs users faced. Apple was even forced to present quick ioS 9.3.1 update to help users solve some of the most common bugs.

iOS 9.3.2 Beta 2 Release

You can update to iOS 9.3.1 beta 2 only if you are a developer and have registered UDID. There is Apple Dev Center that supports all registered iPhone and iPad devs. This is where you can find direct links to download iOS 9.3 beta 2 right away and start searching for new problems, bugs and issues that are most likely present in this new version of iOS mobile operating system.

It took the ‘fruit’ giant only two weeks to update beta 1 to beta 2. The previous version is available to both developers and public beta testers who participate in the free Public Beta Program launched by Apple in 2015.

The version 9.3.2 won’t offer any major changes. According to devs, it should improve some parts of the system and fix different bugs. You can install this firmware through OTA-update or direct links available to developers.


Time to Download iOS 9.3.1 Update for iPhone [Direct Links]

Apple presented new iOS 9.3.1 links for download. This firmware update supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models that can run iOS 9.3 platform. Previous iOS 9.3 links included buggy platform that caused many issues and problems for ‘fruit’ company users and Apple had to pull the update for a number of devices.

You can use direct links iOS 9.3.1 to update your iDevice to the most recent firmware. It is also possible to install this firmware through OTA-update. Who should download iOS 9.3.1? Al users who have buggy Safari links that didn’t open and users who had other issues are welcome to give a try to the most recent release.

Download iOS 9.3.1 ipsw for iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Use iOS 9.3.1 ipsw direct links if you wish to install this platform manually through iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

Direct iOS 9.3.1 ipsw for iPhone:

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 4S)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 5 GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 5 GSM+CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 5s GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 5s GSM+CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 5c GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 5c GSM+CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 6 Plus)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 6)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 6s)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone 6s Plus)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPhone SE)

Direct iOS 9.3.1 ipsw files for iPad:

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 2 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 2 GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 2 CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 2 New)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 3 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 3 CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 3 GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 4 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 4 GSM)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad 4 GSM_CDMA)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Air Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Air Cellular)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 2 Cellular)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Air China)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 2 China)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 3 Cellular)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 3 China)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Air 2 Cellular)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Mini 4 Cellular)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Pro Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Pro Cellular)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular)

Download iOS 9.3.1 ipsw for iPod touch:

iOS 9.3.1 (iPod touch 5G)

iOS 9.3.1 (iPod touch 6G)

Hopefully you experience no problems with the new update.