Here You Can Download iOS 8 Download from the Direct Links

The Apple company have just launched the iOS 8 on the 17th of September. The iOS 8 release is the biggest iOS release ever both for all developers and iPhone users. The iOS 8 download direct links have now made their way online both for iPhone and iPad.

The iOS 8 has got a lot of features that will make you to use your favorite cell phone with pleasure. The developers added the opportunity to deeper access and more tools. They improved health and fitness apps. They can communicate with each other. You can even add your voice right in a text message. You can faster find and edit the photos you take.

You can now install iOS 8 on your iDevice. If you are having trouble with the over the air update, or just want to do a completely fresh install, you’ll be able to use the direct download links below to do so.

ios 8 download direct links for iPhone

1.But, first of all you need to make sure that Apple has designated your device as eligible for iOS 8.

2. You’re good to go, if your device is on the list. Before you start the installation, you should definitely back up your data. You are potentially looking at bugs and technical glitches with any new operating system. It is not depend on  how much quality control Apple has gone through and also how technically savvy you are. You still might screw up the install.

3. Now your data is safely backed up. You are ready to start the download. If your phone is ready for the update, your Settings icon will have a little red number over it.

4. Then find the “General” pane. If the iOS 8 update is in there, you will again have a notification.

5. Click on “Software Update.”

6. If you have the update, you will see this screen, except with “iOS 8”. Make sure you are connected to reliable Wi-Fi. The download can take some time and eat away at your device battery. Tap “Download and Install.”

7. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you are legal-minded, read through them first, taking care to underline important clauses.

ios 8 download direct links for iPad

If you would like to update iPhone thru iTunes and computer you can download iOS 8 from direct links:

Here they are!

The iOS 8 download direct links for iPhone:

The iOS8 download direct links for iPad:


iOS 8 Installation Instructions for Getting This Firmware Right Now

iOS 8 becomes official this Wednesday, September 17. Still there are some users who wish to install iOS 8 right now. Is it possible to do? Of course, you can try to upgrade to iOS 8 while it is still in GM version [Gold master is the last testing version that precedes the official public launch].

We’ll share iOS 8 installation instructions with everything who wants to update to iOS 8 GM and then install the final official version as soon as iOS 8, iOS 8.0.1 Apple releases it later this week. It looks like users don’t need to get their iPhone or iPad UDID registered in order to update to the new firmware Gold Master.

In other words, you don’t have to be a developer to do so. Just note that you take a risk since this version is not official. You are highly advised to wait till September 17, 2014, still you can try this out as well if you are tired of waiting.


Experts believe that the final version that will be launched to public has the same build number as iOS 8 GM.

How to Install iOS 8 Right now

This guide will explain how to update to iOS 8 without UDID and dev account still note that Apple might patch this way any time. In case you are out of luck, just wait till Wednesday and you’ll be fine.

Step 1. Install iTunes 11.4 that supports iOS 8 firmware on your computer.

Step 2. Back up your iPhone via iTunes or use iCloud for this purpose.

Step 3. Download iOS 8 GM depending on your smartphone. There are not official links, remember this:

UPDATE: You can download official iOS 8 links as the links below is for GM version only.

Step 4. Get the .ipsw file by unzipping your downloaded file and copy it to your Desktop.

Step 5. Inside iTunes, hold down Shift / Option depending on your operating system version and choose Summary – Check for Update option where you will be able to point to your .ipsw.

Step 6. You should get iOS 8 update this way. If you need it, restore the smartphone or tablet from the backup you made earlier.


iOS 8 Beta 5 Features List [Download to Use]

The new iOS 8 features were first unveiled in the beginning on summer 2014. Apple introduced iOS 8 beta 1 on June 2, and now, in August, the company releases iOS 8 beta 5 with some new features and bugs.

Developers and some ordinary users can get iOS 8 features list right on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after they download the latest beta 5 using direct download links through Dev Center or via OTA-update. It is not difficult to install iOS 8 beta 5, still there is no need to install this testing version with bunch of bungs as the list of iOS 8 features is available online and the public version is upcoming in mid-September.

ios 8 features

Apple is not only trying to enhance its firmware with new features, but also improves its operating system’s accessibility options. Let’s see what the company offers in its fifth beta update.

iOS 8 Beta 5 Accessibility Features

The new firmware beta 5 which you can download using direct links or via OTA-update. Once you are update you can enjoy the great VoiceOver option that sounds pretty natural unlike it was in iOS 7. Apple is doing great job trying to make its iOS sound naturally like it happens with OS X platform.

If you are tired of having colorful interface you’ll be able to use Grayscale option which turns your iPhone in gray scale mode.

ios 8 beta 5 update

You can also make the smartphone speak out your lables, text, buttons and other contents of iOS 8. This is pretty interesting and it wasn’t available in iOS 7.

The company has also improved its new Guided Access which allows using one application with your passcode and turn off all the gestures you don’t want to use.

iOS 8 also offers better zoom option, supports Braille and third-party keyboards making the experience with its iPhone and other iDevices so much better. The official iOS 8 release should be this September. The wait is almost over.


Apple Released iOS 8 Beta 3 [Direct Links]

Developers are offered to download iOS 8 beta 3 to test it on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you are registered in the Dev Center you can follow the direct links, if you are not a developer you can try to update using iTunes program on your computer.

iOS 8 beta 3 release comes with some new options and enhancements. For example, it offers new widgets, interactive notifications, and other things. The original presentation of this new firmware was during WWDC 2014 in June.

iOS 8 beta 3 direct links are good for the following devices and models. It supports all iPhones beginning with iPhone 4S and up to 5S, iPad + versions, iPad mini and iPad Air along with iPod touch 5G.

download ios 8 beta 3

You can get iOS 8 beta 3 upgrade right now either via OTA update or through the direct links. If you have the 5-gen iPod touch go here:


iPhone 5S (A1453/A1533)
iPhone 5S (A1457/A1518/A1528/A1530)
iPhone 5C (A1456/A1532)
iPhone 5C (A1507/A1516/A1526/A1529)
iPhone 5 (A1428)
iPhone 5 (A1429)
iPhone 4S


iPad Air (A1474)
iPad Air (A1475)
iPad Air (A1476)
iPad Mini (A1489)
iPad Mini (A1490)
iPad Mini (A1455)
iPad Mini (A1491)
iPad Mini (A1432)
iPad Mini (A1454)
iPad 4 (A1458)
iPad 4 (A1459)
iPad 4 (A1460)
iPad 3 CDMA
iPad 3 GSM
iPad 3 WiFi
iPad 2 CDMA
iPad 2 GSM
iPad 2 WiFi (Rev A)
iPad 2 WiFi

iPod Touch

iPod Touch 5th Generation (uploading…).

Install iOS 8 beta 3

Connect iPhone to iTunes using USB. Then restore your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS 7.1.2 and setup it as a new iPhone in iTunes. Use links to download iOS 8 Beta 3 holding SHIFT make a left click on “Check for Updates” on iTunes. Select iOS 8 beta 3 ipsw which you downloaded.

Note: Don’t reboot your device when iOS 8 beta 3 is installed.


iOS 8 Beta 2 What’s New and Direct Download Links

Developers and users who take risks with their iDevices can download iOS 8 beta 2 update now and learn what Apple has offered this time for testing. You have to be registered with Dev Center to use the direct links, however the account and UDID is not necessary if you are going to upgrade via iTunes trick.

iOS 8 Beta 2: What’s New

The iPhone maker has decided to bring some interesting options to its new iOS 8. The firmware offers new widgets, Handoff option, notifications improvement and custom keyboards. The second beta comes with preinstalled Podcasts. Safari got the ability to block advertisements from redirecting users to the store and this browser also gets an updated introduction Private Browsing screen.

It has become easier to list websites in Shared Links, save bookmarks. The company has also changed the color of some icons, added Home Data options to Settings app, offered a feature for marking all messages, simple disable option for all Notifications etc.

ios 8 beta 2 download linksiOS 8 Beta 2 Direct Download Links

You can explore all the updated and new iOS 8 beta 2 features after installing this operating system on your iPhone or iPad. Remember that you need a dev account to use these links.

iOS 8 beta 2 release is available to:

iPad Air – model 1474, 1475, 1476;

iPad mini models 1432, 1454, 1455, 1489, 1490, 1491;

iPad 4 gen versions 1458, 1459, A1460;

iPad 3 gen Wi-Fi model, Wi-Fi and Cellular ATT version and Wi-Fi and Cellular Verizon version;

iPad 2 gen Wi-Fi (Rev A), Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and 3G (GSM) and Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA).

iPod touch 5 gen users can update via this link.

iPhone owners can select their device from here:

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 A1428 and A1429

iPhone 5s A1453, A1533

iPhone 5s A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530

iPhone 5c A1456, A1532

iPhone 5c A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529


Apple Released iOS 7.1.1 Update with Bug Fix for iOS 7.1 Gadgets

Even though iOS 7.1 release was meant to solve all the problems from iOS 7 firmware, this launch came with even more bugs. The new iOS 7.1.1 IPSW update is now expected to fix problems for iPhones and other Apple devices. Users keep an eye on iOS 7.1.1 download link as everyone who has lost jailbreak possibility after installing iOS 7.1 don’t risk anything while upgrading to the most recent version of this operating system.

The update will not be a major one thus it will not bring any huge changes to what we are already used to. Experts just believe that the new version of iOS firmware will come with positive iOS 7.1 bug fix solution for millions of user in different corners of the world.


Maybe it will contain further UI enhancement but most likely no new features.

What is pointing towards soon release of iOS 7.1.1? Experts say that lately more and more gadgets with this firmware visit their site. The growing amount of these visits lead to iOS upgrade in the past thus the similar situation is observed these days.

Why shouldn’t you wait for big changes in the upcoming release? The previous iOS 7.1 launch was major update to the firmware and it was introduced last month. Thus quick changes are impossible with Apple.

We will share the direct iOS 7.1.1 download link with you once it is available. Still first updates will be offered via OTA system.


iOS 7.1 Release for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch [Links for Direct Download]

While a lot of users are glad to see iOS 7.1 release with direct download links for iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5c / 4, iPad and iPod touch, some people don’t hurry to update via OTA or through the links since they are waiting to hear official iOS 7.1 jailbreak news from hackers. Unlock still supports this new firmware, so people continue to find ways for becoming SIM-free.

Download iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak News

Evasi0n7 doesn’t jailbreak iOS 7.1. Apple patched the exploits and now users who download and run this version of operating system. The Evad3rs are working on the new program but are still out of luck and it is not released for public.

ios 7.1 jailbreak news

Everyone who wishes to be jailbroken should stay on iOS 7.0.6 and not upgrade. By the way, as pod2g hacker has recently noted, there is a chance that hackers will wait for iOS 8 and not release iOS 7.1 jailbreak solution. He, himself, could make such a tool but only if he gets bored and has “enough time and energy.”

How to Unlock iOS 7.1 without Jailbreak

If you have installed this operating system, you are able to use SAM unlock for iOS 7.1 if your activation tickets are saved. GEVEY SIM method hasn’t been updated yet to support the new firmware. Factory IMEI unlock for iPhone supports iOS 7.1 version and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone. Find out more about iOS 7.1 unlocking methods and possibility.

Cool iOS 7.1 Features / Options for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

Here is the list of all the new and most interesting features for iOS 7.1 devices.

  • It is easy to turn off parallax effect on the new firmware. Apple has simplified this option.
  • Siri on iOS 7.1 gadgets becomes sweeter and more pleasant to listen to.
  • The Cupertino giant updated its shift key creating new icons and options. For example, you can now click twice and caps lock option will be turned on.
  • The big firmware upgrade brings new designed buttons for FaceTime and phone calls that got rounded corners. Some even look different from what they used to be. This can be said about “reply with message” and “remind me” options.
  • Control Center is now less bouncy. It might be a little change but it is present in the update.
  • CarPlay is a new option that was discussed earlier and is now present on the iPhone 5S devices.

iOS 7.1 download direct links for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

It is advised to backup your gadget before updating.

Below you can find a list of available links from where you can download and install the new update on iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4, iPod touch 5G and supported iPad models.

iPhone users are able to update to iOS 7.1 for iPhone 5S models:

iPhone 5c

iPhone 4

iPhone 5

iPod touch 5 generation owners can install iOS 7.1 through this link.

Apple iPad 3 owners can use these direct links:

iPad Air

iPad mini

4th gen iPad

iPad 2


Apple Released iOS 7.0.5 Update for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S

The Cupertino giant presented the new official update for its iOS 7 firmware. The version iOS 7.0.5 is designed for iPhone 5c and 5S models only. Besides, it supports devices sold in Europe and Asia and it is meant to fix some problems with network experienced by users from these countries.

iOS 7.0.5-download

All the devices are compatible with networks from China. The update doesn’t support iPod touch and iPad. Nor does it support earlier iPhone models and iPhone 5S / 5c from the U.S. Here is the list of all supports models of the popular fruit smartphone:

  • iPhone 5S A1530 [Asia Pacific]
  • iPhone 5S A1457 [Europe and UK]
  • iPhone 5S A1528 [China]
  • iPhone 5c A1529 [Asia Pacific]
  • iPhone 5c A1507 [Europe and UK]
  • iPhone 5c A1526 [China]

If you own of these versions of the Apple handset you can download the update and install it on your iDevice to solve the possible bugs you might have. If you don’t own such a model don’t bother yourself learning more about iOS 7.0.5.

By the way, the upgrade is mostly safe for users who don’t like to stay jailbroken. Fans of jailbreaking iPhones are better to wait for comments from hackers. We will soon inform you about the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 7.0.5 update with Evasi0n7 tool. If the program works, you can safely update. If it doesn’t work, you should better stay on your iOS 7.0.4 as this version of mobile operating system can be easily untethered jailbroken.

iOS 7.0.5 Download Links

Right now Apple is known to work on its next iOS 7.1 firmware. The beta versions of this system are being tested by iOS developers and some users who managed to manually install the latest OS. The official v.7.1 update is expected to unveil later this winter. Stay tuned, we’ll provide all the news as soon as we get them.


iOS 7.1 Beta 4 Download Direct Links

Apple continues to update its testing versions of the next iOS 7.1 firmware. The latest one, iOS 7.1 beta download direct links, comes with minor changes. Developers can get this operating system to see how it works on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.