iPhone in India: Foxconn to Set $10 Billion Plant

There are some curious iPhone made in India rumors that say Foxconn has plans to set manufacturing plant and create iPhones in this country. Chinese and Indian markets are fast emerging markets where ‘fruit’ smartphone is very popular.

Apple could ship more smartphones if it has iPhone plant India project. Foxconn has been working with the Cupertino-based giant for a long time. It is believed to set up $10 billion plant and manufacture iOS smartphones in India as well. By the way, Apple offers iPhone SE leasing option to Indian customers.

Apple iPhone Manufacture Made in India Plant

Right now Foxconn is the biggest Apple iPhone manufacturer. This Chinese company wants to build a new factory worth $10 billion and taking 1,200-acre of land. According to reports, the plant could be built in Maharashtra. Could this make it cheaper to offer iPhone in India or not? This is the question we can’t answer right now.

It could take 1.5 years to build iPhone manufacturing plant in India [Apple market share loses its positions]. In other words, it won’t function in 2016 or 2017. Foxconn could possibly set it up and present in 2018. Apple has big plans to start its retail stores in India and sell refurbished handsets however local government doesn’t give permission.

There are also rumors about ‘fruit’ giant investing $25 million into development center in Hyderabad. Having iPhone ‘make in India’ should provide Apple with some benefits in this country.

It is clear that Apple is expanding outside the Unites States. The growing sales of iPhone in China and India help the company grow its revenue and attract more customers. Having plants in both countries could be awesome.


Why Is There iPhone 5 Supply Shortage?

Apple assures that its latest sixth-generation smartphone is sold faster than other handsets it made in the past. Still the iPhone 5 supply shortage slowed down the sales progress and the numbers expected by many analysts are failed to be achieved by the Cupertino-based corporation. Not long ago I predicted iPhone 5 problem with Qualcomm chips and now we got problems from Foxconn.


First Batch of iPhone 5 Is Shipping To Apple Stores From China

Apple store are waiting for iPhone 5 shipping from China. The first batch of the latest Apple smartphone was sent from China to the United States to deliver to those customers who had made iPhone 5 pre-orders earlier than others and would be able to get new iPhone in official starting day.

According to the media, documents for shipment of Cargo arrived last night from a warehouse in the Chinese city of Shenzhou. Specified delivery date – this Friday, September 21. Also, the consumers who were among the first who had been able to pre-order iPhone 5 were immediately informed about this shipping. They can track the path of the smartphone from a warehouse in China to his home by a unique phone number that was given to them after the purchase.


Video Of The New iPhone In Action From The Foxconn Plant

On September 12 when Apple will officially unveil the iPhone 5, there are less than a week, but the number of rumors surrounding the upcoming release is increasing. There are many photos and images of internal components of the new smartphone on the net. Today the new video appeared on which demonstrated iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen in action for the first time, thus confirming the accuracy of the previous leaks.


iPhone 5 Versus Samsung Galaxy S3: Foxconn CEO Bet

Foxconn CEO, Terry Gou knows who will win the iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy S 3 battle. At the annual Hon Hai Precision shareholders meeting he (in not the most flattering manner) spoke of Samsung and advised fans not to hasten technological innovations with the purchase of the current Korean smartphone leader Galaxy S 3. For those who do not follow the industry, we recall you that Foxconn manufactures device for Apple, although the company has customers among other world-class brands.


More iPhone 5 Release Info from Foxconn Employee

And again, we can see another rumor from a Foxconn member of staff. During the last several years, Foxconn has become quite an important force when considering iPhone 5 rumors. Their rumors have been both crazy as well as being very correct at certain times. In any case, they are the ones who accurately brought up rumors that said that October 2011 is going to be a month when the iPhone 4S, rather than the iPhone 5, will be released. Now, let’s see what they have to say about the Apple iPhone 5 release in June, 2012, the next gen iPhone.


iPhone 5 Release Date June Rumor

Apple will release the next iPhone in June – that’s what Foxconn recruiter said in Japanese TV-program.

In Japanese major business news “World Business Satellite (WBS)” via TV-Tokyo had a program of “Launching the Rising-Sun Display company”, Foxconn answered the reason for 18,000 hireling, “This (large hireling) is for iPhone 5 which will be sold in June”.