New Brute Force iPhone Passcode Bypass 2015 Solution

There are numerous methods on how to bypass iPhone passcode for your lock screen. We mentioned a lot of them, including the cool DNS iCloud bypass for iPhone and iPad that gives users a lot of functions with the screen still being locked. But since this DNS bypass works only on Windows computers, you might want to look at other tools.

One iPhone passcode hack we’ve heard recently about is the small box capable of brute forcing to get past the locked iDevice. This is the most recent iPhone passcode bypass 2015 tool that is not free. It is pretty expensive costing up to $300.

Apple doesn’t make passcode lock bypass simple for its customers. If you forgot the password and the company can’t help you with getting access to your iPhone back you might wanna spend $300 and unlock your smartphone instead of purchasing the brand new model, especially if you were already SIM free on the one that is locked.

The IP Box, as its creators say, is a small box [even a tiny one] that keeps the iPhone’s data intact while bypassing your lock screen. This tool has been reportedly used by device repairers who are helping users who don’t remember their passcodes for iOS 7 or iOS 8 smartphones.

If you try to remember your passcode without having to use iPhone passcode hack you only have 10 attempts. If you fail 10 times all your data will be automatically wiped. The IP Box, as its dev [MDSec] says, can bypass this Apple’s security measure meaning all your information and data will be safe.

Since the box accesses your iPhone by finding the right PIN combination, the procedure of such unlock can take about 111 hours. It cuts off your iPhone power before it records the failed attempt to bypass the iOS 8, 8.1 lock screen. The iOS 8.2 lockscreen unlock has yet to be tested by the box creators.


Hack Allows Android Wear Watch Accept iPhone Calls

Can you imagine that hack iPhone calls will help users to answer incoming calls from this Apple smartphone with Android Wear device.
Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, the Cydia developer created jailbreak tweaks such as SpotlightSiri and DoubleTapToSleep. Back in February he showed off proof-of-concept which allows the stock iOS Messages app notification to be sent directly to a flagship Android Wear device, Motorola’s Moto 360.

Since that time he has been working to find various ways to add more functionality to the app and this morning posted a new great video shows how an Android Wear watch can accept an incoming call from an iPhone.

This Moto hack solution gains a little bit of software magic. As shown in the video below, the developer had to simulate the gesture to answer the incoming iPhone call on Android Watch, no jailbreak required herein.

To make answering iPhone calls with Android Wear possible requires ANCS usage. However an Apple’s smartphone featured in the video is jailbroken, jailbreak is not needed for the iPhone calling functionality on Android Wear.

And according to the nature of the API used, this also means that iOS 8’s Actionable Notifications are supported as well.

It’s important to remember that this is an unofficial hack iPhone calls solution so Apple company may choose to obviate Mohammad’s app at any time. And I am sure it will do it very soon.

Google in its the turn claimed that they plan to work on an iPhone app that will gain full Android Wear compatibility to iOS.


CIA Made An Effort To Hack Apple Devices

CIA hack Apple devices spread all over news and shocked all users. Newly leaked documents reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency has been providing many-year effort to hack the Apple iPhones and iPads security.

They targeted the essential security keys that were used to encrypt data stored on Apple’s devices. The researchers have searched ways to prevent the company’s attempts to ensure iOS security to hundreds of millions of Apple customers around the world.

U.S. government-sponsored research was developed to study “physical” and “non-invasive” techniques to discover ways to decrypt and sink into Apple’s encrypted iOS firmware.

It gave the chance for spies to put malicious code inside Apple devices and find out all potential vulnerabilities different parts of the iPhone and iPad carefully masked them by encryption.

CIA security researchers introduced all their tactics and achievements at a secret annual meeting that is called the ‘Jamboree’. Strategies for exploiting security flaws in household and commercial electronics were discussed. The first secret meeting took place a year before the original iPhone was launched.

The agency has developed a modified version of Xcode. It is used almost by every developer that submit applications to the Apple App Store. Researchers states that this modified Xcode could force all iOS applications to send embedded data to a listening post. CIA researchers also modified the OS X updater program used to deliver software updates.

It was also rumors that companies give the government access to data on devices through a “back door” due to the CIA hack Apple devices fact. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke at a White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection protecting the company’s encryption usage. Cook has said that the threat of terrorism should not terrify citizens into giving up their privacy.


Has NSA Hacked Your iPhone SIM Card?

Can you imagine that NSA hacked iPhone SIM cards. Last week it was reported about the newest leak from Edward Snowden. He stated that the NSA had hacked the SIM cards of multiple smartphones on Earth, including iPhones.

It is really sad news, as this hack allowed the NSA to get into your phone without a court order. But today, Gemalto the Dutch company responsible for 2 billion SIM cards introduced a statement, in which it they persuade that all this fears of a massive NSA invasion are much overblown.

NSA hacked iPhoneHowever Gemalto, the suffered from hack company, tells it is still investigating the matter, they’re now saying that at first glance, the supposed hack is a non-issue.

Gemalto is the world leader in digital security and in its statement persuades all community that they devoted the necessary resources to examine and understand the boundaries of such sophisticated techniques. They also added that initial conclusions already shows that Gemalto SIM units including banking cards, passports and other products and platforms are secure and the Company doesn’t expect to suffer from a significant financial prejudice.

Gemalto claims that they will launch their full findings and conclusions on Wednesday. To prove its beliefs they also invite security experts to look them over, to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

Can you realize the seriousness of this situation. Gemalto doesn’t deny that NSA hacked iPhone and others smartphone SIM cards. So there are another interesting questions was Snowden’s information much overblown or is there some other hidden information we’re not aware of yet? Maybe we will get all the answers on Wednesday.


How to Change Root Password on iPhone with iOS 8 Firmware [Instruction]

A new instruction on iOS 8 root password change is available to all iPhone and iPad owners who are jailbroken and need to protect their iDevice from potential access by third-party people and hackers. When you are not jailbroken there is nothing to worry about. But if you are, it is better to follow the guide and change the root password that is the same by default on all gadgets.

Everyone who is interested in the jailbreak field knows that ‘alpine’ is used as the password by default. You can make it unique and this will keep your iOS smartphone or tablet way more secure.

MTerminal iOS 8 Root Password Change

How to Change Root Password on iPhone iOS 8

Step 1. Thanks to dev lordscotland there is a free program MTerminal that is similar to MobileTerminal which is known by millions but sadly doesn’t support iOS 8 firmware. You can get it in Cydia by searching for MTerminal and installing it right from this store.

Step 2. You can now launch the new tweak you just got.

Step 3. You should now type su root and click on Return.

Step 4. Enter ‘alpine’ as password when you are asked and click on return.

Step 5. You can now type passwd.

Step 6. You’ll have to enter a new password as prompted and click on Return key.

Step 7. Type passwd mobile.

Step 8. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click on Return each time you enter it.

Step 9. That’s it. Both your root and user passwords have been successfully changed to whatever you have created. Just remember the new passwords.

This Cydia tweak that can provide you with a simple and quick iPhone change root password on iOS 8 platform is free to download and use.


Kodi iPhone Remote Controls Feature Installation Guide

If you need help to install Kodi iPhone remote controls feature added , here is quick guide. This media center application is the XBMC’s successor. The app itself is likely the same but with new fresh name. It features a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. This media center application lets users to play and view most music, videos, podcasts, and other digital media files from local or network storage media and the internet.

With support for hundreds of remote controls, CEC-compatible TVs, or one of the new Smartphone and Tablet Apps, Kodi lets user to control owned media with own way.

You can install it on iOS, OSX, Linux, Windows, and Android. Follow these guide to setup Kodi on iPhone 6 Plus and on other iOS devices with ease.

Step 1: First, launch Cydia.

Step 2: Click on Sources option.

Step 3: Then click on Edit

Step 4: Now click on Add option

Step 5: Type the following text in the Enter Cydia/APT URL box: and tap Add Source


Step 6: Now click on Return to Cydia


Step 7: Click the team Kodi source


Step 8: Now you need to tap on Multimedia. In case you don’t see Multimedia, click on Edit option, enable the Multimedia switch, and click Done


Step 9: Click on Kodi-iOS


Step 10: Now click on Install option

After the installation will be completed, you will see the Kodi app on Home screen of your iOS device. No resprings are required.

This media center application can be used on iPhone 6 to do various great things, especially with its Kodi iPhone remote controls feature.


Alfred Update 2015 Lets You Control Mac Using iOS Device

Here is all useful information about Alfred update 2015. If you are not acquainted with this app then it helps to complete control remotely over your Mac using iOS device. User can control Mac remotely using Alfred Remote app. You can download it in the iOS App Store for $4.99.

This app is designed to be personal remote command center for controlling Mac with the client app installed on the desktop. It also become possible for users to control some machine elements. You can open certain apps, right from your iOS device, perform custom searches.

Alfred update 2015 option

When Alfred Remote paired up with Alfred 2 for Mac, lets you control system functions such as restart, shutdown, sleep, quit all apps, empty trash etc. Further controls include launching system preferences and applications, opening files and folders, opening bookmarks and websites, control iTunes, run user-defined scripts, AppleScripts, and Terminal commands. These are still only some of the different controls users get access to with Alfred Remote.

control iOS remotely using Alfred

More than that, the Alfred for iOS app will allow users to get the access to some systemwide interactions on their computer. You can also take the additional Powerpack along with Alfred 2 on their Mac, which costs around $25. Using this addition, Alfred for iOS users can control some exclusive option of the system like iTunes playback. Other features here is the possibility to copy and paste from iOS to OS X, create and edit custom Workflows and also run terminal commands. In case you don’t want to spend money for the Powerpack option, Alfred for iOS will allow users activate a screen saver or open web pages on their Mac from their iPhone or iPad.

As you see Alfred update 2015 brought many opportunities for users to control Mac remotely.


Working Solution for iPhone / iPad iCloud Bypass from

There is an awesome solution for all iPhone users who are impatiently waiting for full Activation Lock bypass and wish to use their smartphone at the same time. Being stuck on iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 7 and iOS 8 is not fun at all. Sometimes you forget your passcode, sometimes you just cannot contact the reseller of the used gadget you purchased online. There are a lot of reasons for getting stuck and one cool solution which allows you to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c / 4S / 4 / 6 and 6 Plus, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and all iPod Touch models by connection your device to special server. Developer July Ighor from Ukraine lets users use the DNS server at to stop being locked completely. This solution is using DNS method (like SiriProxy Server)  because of better device connection speed.

You cannot make phone calls, play games and launch applications since you don’t have the passcode and this is why you need any iCloud Activation bypass tool that can entertain you for a while. Please, note that this is just a temporary solution. Still it takes time to finish the procedure and to make your wait funner you can use the DNS server offered by the Ukrainian dev. This unique iCloud Activation Lock bypass DNS server is used by over 51,000 gadgets so far.

Why most people use iCloud DNS Bypass Server by July Ighor

  1. Here some features which are only available when using this server: listen to radio, music, record videos, take images and watch videos, browse web, use Socials Apps, etc;
  2. This server supports all versions of iOS firmware and all iPhone and iPad models (included blacklisted devices);
  3. Server is using C++ code. It is very strong and powerful as it can allow thousands of gadgets to connect with only about 2 percent of CPU load;
  4. Server is using DNS routing instead of Proxy method (mostly used by other bypass activation lock servers) which is much more faster;
  5. No extra software needed to Bypass activation lock;

How to Bypass iCloud Lock on any iPhone or iPad by using

Step 1. Click on Home button of the activation locked device. Select “More Wi-Fi Settings” and click on the ‘i’ icon that appears under Wi-Fi.

iCloud Bypass Step one


Step 3-4. Check your DNS settings field and enter: (delete any previous DNS ettings)

DNS settings iphone


Step 5. Now click on Activation Help link and wait till you see “Hello” message from server.

iCloud Bybass activate

Step 6. Start using some of the options that weren’t available to you before.

Step 7. (optional) If you want to browse web from your device please enter following to DNS settings field as shown on step 2:,,

iCloud Bypass DNS Server

NOTES: In case you cannot connect to this server you need to reboot a couple of times. If reboot doesn’t solve the problem it means that your internet provider doesn’t allow you connecting to custom DNS servers. In this case please download iCloud DNS bypass Server GUI and install in to your PC.

This is a great iCloud Activation Lock bypass tool that supports only Windows platform at the moment. At the same time it is available in a lot of foreign languages so you might find your native menu to make the experience much easier and comfortable.

Personally I find this server the best available iCloud bypass solution at the moment. Please feel free to comment your opinion bellow.


Learn The Ways To Protect iCloud Password From Attacks

At present time there is a real need to protect iCloud password from different hacking tools like iDict. This tool use brute-force techniques in order to success the iCloud account. The users with weak password become first to be hacked. Although, according to latest reports, the exploits were patched by Apple within a few days.

The developer launched the code and did not provide details in advance to Apple, which is unusual. The standard practice says that in order to give a company time to patch the vulnerability, you need to disclose this information privately.

iDict counted on exactly what the creator stated was obviously a “painfully obvious” problem with exactly how Apple managed repeated password failures through a particular URL. This type of problem is the same as reports that turned out after last summer’s iCloud hack, which involved a variety of unthrottled password efforts towards iCloud and attempts to response security questions determined by celebrities’ biographies and other options. It was not also a secondary authentication bypass. It was a way for hacker to avoid answering security questions. As for now the iDict developer page is closed, and the tool is patched by Apple.


Let’s learn the anatomy of an hack tool attack and how protect iCloud account.

iDict and similar remote brute-force attacks rely on three elements: a way to perform excessive tests of passwords for an individual account; a way to bypass an account protection and a weak password.

The users with the strong password that are used only to current account should not worry about brute force attacks. If you pick a weak password, brute force method allow attacker to capture, encrypt passwords and test it with home-computer equipment against billions of passwords only per second. In this case, finding one password match helps the attacker to find all accounts that use the same password. So in order to protect personal iCloud documents you need to create strong password with 15 to 20 characters or mix of letters, numbers, and punctuation.

apple idiDict came with a list of a few hundred default passwords that meet Apple’s minimum requirements for an Apple ID. These could be added to any person that use the code. Making these short lists even more dangerous, it’s possible for hackers to chain attacks.

Two-step verification is real way to protect iCloud password against attacks. If you’re using any password on about list, or anything similar, you need to change it immediately. Or better please enable two-step verification. The other two elements required for an iDict attack to work. Although this process again is under the control of Apple. The company should pay a real attention on its problem.


Why Has Prox13 Confirmed That iDict Not Working

Is iDict not working? Yes. Just a few days ago on GitHub handle Prox13 had released iDict hacking tool. It helped any person using brute force hack iCloud account.

The hacker stated on the tool’s GitHub page that it was 100% working using dictionary to hack iCloud account and bypassed secondary authentication on any user account.

This hacking tool was developed in the way that it used brute force method to repeatedly match the password using words from the dictionary. In cases where the victim has used a weak password the brute force method are usually 100 % successful.

With the aim to prevent the tool from repeatedly guessing the account, Apple company, by temporarily locking the account, should have ideally blocked the brute force attack.

Although Prox13 stated that his tool bypassed all Apple protection methods. Some of Reddit and Twitter users have tested the iDict tool and confirmed that it worked.

After that here are good news, Apple seems to have finally patched the flaw. The hacker has confirmed that Apple company has fixed the exploit, and is locking the account for security reasons to prevent such brute force attacks.

The users with strong password shouldn’t be worried about such attacks. But there were situations that some persons were able to bypass the security measures. It was when the massive nude celebrity photo leak sourced from hacked iCloud accounts.

Apple encourages all its consumers to use strong password for online accounts and enable two-step authentication for services like iCloud to avoid such incidents. The iDict is not working now, but it is not known when the other hacker will develop another tool to hack iCloud accounts.