iOS 8 Beta Secrets Unveiled And Point On Some iPhone 6 Specs

iOS 8 beta 5 update is the latest firmware upgrade available today. Apple hasn’t released any new versions even though it is expected to present its new iOS 8 and iPhone 6 on September 9 media event that is confirmed officially by the company.

iOS 8 beta 5 features list is not very different from the options discovered in beta 4, 3 and earlier releases. Developers shared a lot of images and described all the changes that are coming in this major update, but there are some interesting things unveiled that hint at the new iPhone 6 resolution leak and give us an idea what might be coming in a couple of weeks from now.

ios 8 beta 5 update

The changes were pointed out by source that says that the latest fifth beta has support for 3x image assets. Such things were not available in iOS 7 and earlier firmware versions at all. This is completely new to iOS 8 platform and this can also point to the new iOS 8 resolution.

iphone 6 resolution leak

The bigger smartphones will have a higher resolution. This is understood, as millions of users from all over the world are looking forward to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 even though no one knows whether the two versions are to be launched this year or not. If the handset gets the 3x image option it might also get the 1704 x 960 resolution screen. Still experts also mention resolutions of 2208 x 1242, 828 x 1472 and 1334 x 750. You see that there are many choices predicted and which one is the correct one we’ll know on Tuesday 09.09.2014 when Apple finally speaks about its new iPhone to public.


How to Install iOS 8 Beta 4 Upgrade

The new iOS 8 was officially announced in June 2014. It hasn’t been officially released yet, but devs are testing its features this summer with Apple updating the betas and improving the operating system with interesting options. Registered developers can download iOS 8 beta 4 this week to see how it changes the previous betas, and ordinary users can simply look at the list of changes to imagine how their life can be enhanced in September when the firmware becomes publicly available.

iOS 8 beta 4 features lack some options, for example, you cannot report bugs any more. But you can get some other features after you learn how to update to iOS 8 beta 4 from your iPhone or iPad. This instruction will help you to perform this procedure.

How to Install iOS 8 Beta 4

If you have an account with the iOS Dev Center, you should take these steps to enjoy the firmware update. If your iPhone is jailbroken don’t follow these steps as you will lose it. There is no news about iOS 8 jailbreak and its release.

Step 1. Login to your account here.

Step 2. Select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles menu and then choose Devices from the left panel.

Step 3. You will see the plus sign “+” that allows adding an iDevice of yours.

Step 4. The program will ask your 40-character UDID number which can be found through iTunes under Summary – Serial Number – Identifier.

Step 5. You can also name your iPhone or iPad before you insert your UDID number. Then you have to select Continue option.

Step 6. Review everything you have entered to make sure it is correct and choose Register.

Step 7. Select Done and your registration is complete. You can now download iOS 8 beta 4.

Step 8. The firmware can be downloaded under iOS 8 beta menu. You can also choose direct links if you don’t want to use this method.

Step 9. Once you have downloaded the fourth beta, you need to unzip it to get the .ipsw file.

Step 10. Use iTunes to install the firmware by launching this program on your computer and selecting your iPhone or iPad from the top menu, then going to Summary and holding down Shift on Windows [Option on Mac] along with Update button. Point to your .ipsw file and allow iTunes install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 11. Wait till your device reboots and start exploring the new iOS 8 beta.


Will Pangu 7.1.1 Jailbreak support iOS 8 Beta Jailbreak?

Pangu 7.1.1 jailbreak that has reportedly burnt at least two exploits as hacker Stefan Esser posted on his Twitter might help another developer BlackGeek to release his program for iOS 8 jailbreak. The creator of Geeksn0w, BlackGeek, is now teasing the jailbreaking community with his possible plans to publicly launch iOS 8 beta jailbreak for first and second betas.

It is hard to say now whether this hacker has already found a way how to jailbreak iOS 8 beta 1 and 2 himself as he says that he needs an official permission for the Chinese Pangu team for using their program. We can’t say at this moment when exactly iOS 8 untethered jailbreak is to be released for public.

Developers are now testing the new firmware 8 that should be launched somewhere in September [some sources mention September 17 as the official iOS 8 release date]. Users who are not afraid of taking risks have also installed the new betas on their iPhones and iPads without a dev account with Apple through iTunes trick.

You can look for new or keep an eye on Geeksn0w creator’s news [] as the untethered jailbreak for iOS 8 might appear unexpectedly just like it happened with iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak. No one even thought that the solution would become public so soon as all the famous hacker’s teams said they are preserving their exploits for future jailbreaks and don’t want to waste them on the current 7.1.1 version.

For now, BlackGeek assures that he took the same exploit that became the basis for Pangu creation for his program. He also changed and improved the resources use by the Pangu team of hackers from China.

In the past, the jailbreaking community stayed away of launching public jailbreak solutions for beta firmware versions because this way Apple gets a change of closing the exploits before it officially releases its new big update.


How to Update to iOS 8 on Your iPhone [Instruction]

The first day of WWDC 2014 presented the new iOS 8 launch. This firmware comes with different new features and it is available to iOS developers for testing. The official iOS 8 download links will appear much later, most likely in September, when Apple makes this operating system public. You can update to the iOS 8 beta 1 of you are a dev.

Here is how to install iOS 8 on your iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c / 4S. Follow the instructions below.

How to Update to iOS 8 beta

Members of iOS Dev program created by Apple always get a chance to test the company’s products before they become available to other users. It is necessary to be enrolled in this program to get the access and it costs $99 a year to be eligible for all the additional options.


Note that you are updating at your own risk as all betas are buggy and these problems cannot be compatible with the bugs present in the official releases.

Step 1. Backup your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud.

Step 2. Make sure you have iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or 5c.

Step 3. Visit iOS Dev Center and login into your account.

Step 4. Choose Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles – Devices and select the “plus” sign to add your iPhone.

Step 5. Provide your UDID number along with your iPhone name. If you are using iTunes on Mac, you can launch this program and go to Devices – Summary – Serial Number where the UDID is displayed in the Identifier field.

Step 6. In the iOS Developers Center select Continue.

Step 7. Press Register – Done and you have successfully registered your Apple smartphone.

Step 8. To download iOS 8 beta for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S you need to select this firmware in iOS 8 Beta menu in iOS Dev Center.

Step 9. Once you download iOS 8 for iPhone 5c or other model you have you can install this operating system. Unzip the file to get .ipsw extraction and install the firmware using iTunes.

Step 10. To do this, launch iTunes and plug your handset to Mac using a USB cable.

Step 11. You need to choose your iDevice from the upper right iTunes menu and go to Summary.

Step 12. Now press down the Option key and press on Update iPhone option.

Step 13. Navigate to .ipsw file created in Step 9 and choose Open.

Step 14. Say Ok when iTunes says it can update the gadget to iOS 8.

Step 15. Your iPhone will reboot and then you can swipe “Slide to upgrade” option.

Step 16. The handset should reboot one more time.

Step 17. Enjoy iOS 8 beta 1 download and install instruction as you can now choose “Slide to setup” option – Continue and setup your smartphone using the on-screen guide. You have the latest firmware version installed on your cell phone.