Siri Charge iPhone Request Will Call the Police

Do you know what happens if you ever ask Siri to charge iPhone? Sometimes you could be desperately searching for the charger because your iPhone battery is dying. Never, never, never call out for help if you are thinking about asking Siri to complete this task. Apple personal assistant has a different idea what iPhone charging is for and this is not the first confusion caused [Siri Russian language support also causes issues].

Instead of looking for chargers and helping you to extend your battery life your iOS assistant will call the police. If this happens you can only stop it within the 5 seconds. If you are late you might be in trouble for a while.

Why could it happen? It is unclear why Siri personal assistant would call the police when you give it the following command ‘charge my phone’ or ‘Siri charge iPhone 100 percent.’ What triggers the iOS helper to call and not charge – there are no explanations yet. You still can cancel the call if you are fast enough because such pranks are not fun at all.

Some experts think that this is some kind of iOS 8 bug Apple could potentially fix. Others believe this might be a hidden feature that gives an opportunity to call the police in secret and not attract attention.

Still when it comes to iOS 8 options Apple usually announces everything to users. Such a hidden feature could cause false calls and this is not what the company would be appreciated for. It’s most likely an issue in the software code that needs fix.

Anyone who wants to try and repeat this unusual experiment just needs to make sure to cancel the phone call as soon as Siri starts calling the police. You don’t want to be in trouble with law, do you? What you think about such Siri charge iPhone request problem?


iOS 9 VS iOS 8 Features Visual Comparison

Let’s compare iOS 9 vs iOS 8 features to see differences and all the changes in the latest Apple’s mobile operating system. Apple introduced iOS 9 at its opening WWDC 2015 keynote. And while iOS 9 was rumored to be a super bug fix and performance update, Apple sneaked in quite a lot of surprises for iPhones.

Here’s a visual comparison of iOS 9 beta and the latest iOS 8 release, which is 8.3. This comparison will give users a glimpse of what they should expect once the final build of Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices hits download channels later this year.

Note: You can see iOS 9 beta screenshots on the left and iOS 8.3 on the right side.

Home Screen: As you can see thee is the new Wallet app. It replaces Passbook. System-wide font has also been changed from ‘Helvetica Neue’ to ‘San Francisco’.

home screen

Notification Center. Apple’s latest OS for mobile devices has a stock widget to show battery status of iPhone and connected Apple Watch along with a new widget for Find My Friends. Battery widget is not available for not iPads, only for iPhones.

notification center

Settings: New search field at top in iOS 9, as you can see on the picture below.


Spotlight Search: New page on left of home screen with Siri suggestions for contacts and apps, and news, all based on your frequency of use and location.

Siri UI (a)

Siri UI (a)

Siri UI (b)

Siri UI (b)

On the picture below you can see Wallet app Vs Passbook app

wallet app

Battery Settings: The all new ‘Low Power Mode’ option and some changes in ‘Battery Usage’ UI you can see below.

battery usage

New ‘Battery’ option is front and center in iOS 9 Settings app.

Passcode: Six-digit Passcode is now default for Touch ID devices, four-digit for non-Touch ID devices. Both type of devices can optionally change to six-digit or four-digit.


Keyboard: Upper / Lower case letter keys in iOS 9.

Upper  Lower case letter keys in iOS 9

New iOS 9 Notes app: Options for adding sketches/drawings, photos, change text formatting, add check lists and more.

To make conclusions, to compare iOS 9 vs iOS 8 features from the pictures above we can say that Apple did great work. Starting from the brand new font – San Francisco – which Apple debuted with the Apple Watch to new multitasking features in iPad, there’s a lot to like about iOS 9.


Fake iCloud Login Prompt on iOS 8 Mail: How to Be Protected [Instruction]

The report about possible iOS 8 Mail bug that is phishing for iPhone user’s iCloud passwords and names using fake iCloud email prompts makes people suspicious about any prompts they get now. Is there a way how to identify the fake message? You can follow the guide below and learn how the bug works and looks like.

The bug is new. Researchers who have found it say that its can mask iCloud prompts in Mail pop-ups and create the login requests that look similar to the real iCloud ones. If you use fake iCloud login prompt and provide your personal information (it is possible to bypass iCloud lock), someone might steal it from you and get access to your account.

Fake iCloud Sign In Prompt Identification [How to]

Step 1. Real iCloud prompt also shows the username as grayed out. If you get the request where this name is blank you should stay suspicious and avoid entering your personal data.

Step 2. If you get the prompt to enter iCloud username and password in Mail’s body portion of email, it is the fake request. Avoid it.

Step 3. Fake prompts show keyboard only after you click inside the field. The real iCloud prompts automatically show the keyboard.

Step 4. iCloud real prompts are always modal. What does it mean? Well, you are not able to do anything unless you select Cancel or OK button (here is how to protect iCloud password attacks). Avoid providing the information if the prompt is not modal and allows you doing something else in the email body (for example, if you click on your Home button you’ll be taken to your Home screen – this is what fake prompts allow doing).

Step 5. Keep in mind all the steps described above. You can also use two-step verification to protect your iCloud information from such iOS 8 Mail bugs and possible attacks.

The guide above can help you to prevent phishing attacks on your iCloud account.


How to Make All iPhone Words in Capitals [iOS 8 Tips]

Is it possible to keep iPhone in all caps? Yes, everything is possible [for example, there are some cool keyboard shortcuts for iTunes] and you can use iOS 8 tricks to make all iPhone words in capitals. Why would you want it? Users who like to text a lot and wish to emphasize their message can create sentences in all caps using a single tap of a finger. This trick helps you when you have typed the message already and don’t want to re-type it again.

iOS 8 makes iPhone capitalize word option available when you normally double click on the Shift key on the virtual keyboard [this shouldn’t change in the upcoming iOS 8.3 public version]. There is a hidden feature you can use instead. It is simpler and faster to apply then re-typing or deleting anything.

How to Change iPhone All Caps Texting with a Click

Step 1. Once again you won’t delete anything. There is no need to re-type what you have already written. At the same time, you can make all the words in your message in capitals. You can use this guide for different applications, including iOS 8 Messages, Pages and Notes.

Step 2. To begin, you have to highlight the sentence or word you wish to capitalize.

Step 3. With a word / phrase being highlighted you should click-hold inside the word and click Select.

Step 4. Now with the word being highlighted and selected you have to click twice on your Shift turning it into your Caps Lock option.

Keep iOS 8 iPhone All in Caps

Step 5. The word will change into all caps style.

Step 6. It is needed to make your QuickType option visible. Click on the QuickType menu and your lowercase word will be all capitalized.

Step 7. You can repeat with with as many words as you want to change your sentences into all caps on iOS 8 iPhone or iPad.

This trick is tricky and it doesn’t work with all words. Besides, you have to add the words you wish to capitalize to your iOS 8 dictionary.


How to Block Ads on iOS 8 on the iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

A lot of iOS 8 apps have plenty of ads you might want to get rid of [just like you might wish to block unwanted calls on the iDevice]. Is there a way how to block ads in iOS apps? Are there free methods that allow users to block ads on iPhone Safari for making web search easier and more comfortable? There is no need to jailbreak your iDevice if you want to block ads these days.

Different programs, including YouTube, Pandora, Safari browser and a lot of others have one thing in common. Advertisements are everything you see inside and this might make you want to delete the applications unless you know how to block all these ads.

There are special ad blockers you can download for free to use them on your iPhone. Some of them don’t guarantee the perfect result while others are pretty useful and come handy.

How to Block Ads on iOS 8 iPhone

Method 1. Use AdBlock Browser

There is a free iOS 8 AdBlock Browser you can download from iTunes. The main lack it has are numerous crashes users report. This is no-cost app so you can give it a try, but don’t expect that Safari will stop showing all the ads at once.

How to Block Ads on iOS 8 iPhone Safari

Method 2. Customize Your iOS 8 Handset

You can launch Settings and add some changes to it. Firstly, you have to turn of WiFi button in this app. It will block some ads in web browsers you are using. Secondly, you can disable WiFi. Thirdly, you can turn off mobile data.

What does this free method offer you? You simply restrict data you get through email, text messages, web browsers and WiFi.

What else can you do to block ads on iPhone running iOS 8, 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 or 8.2 firmware? Launch iOS Control Center by swiping up on the display and choose Airplane mode which you should enable. Remember that this way you can’t call anyone and no one can call you but there will be no ads on the gadget.

You get way more possibilities and opportunities after you jailbreak. Cydia has tons of iOS 8 tweaks that work well for ad blocking in browsers and apps.


How to Hide iOS 8 iPhone Apps [No Jailbreak Needed]

Not all iOS 8 users choose to jailbreak their smartphone. Not all firmwares released in 2015 can be jailbroken. For example, it is currently impossible to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2, but there is one interesting hack that lets you hide apps if iPhone is not jailbroken.

This is not just about adding all stock apps you don’t need into a folder that you leave on your home screen. There is a method that helps to hide iPhone apps with no jailbreak necessary. It works on all versions of mobile operating system you might be using and it doesn’t harm your gadget.

How to Hide Stock Apps on iOS 8 iPhone

This is an instruction which is not that simple and fast to complete. It often takes a user several attempts in order to successfully finish all the steps. Everything is pretty tricky but you can manage everything.

Step 1. We’ll use one iOS 8 glitch which helps to delete stock applications but this solution is not permanent. Here is what you have to do.

Step 2. Add apps on your home screen. There should be no free spaces. The app you wish to remove has to be located the last at your display’s bottom right. It is highly important to do as advised.

How to Hide iPhone Apps no Jailbreak

Step 3. You should now let the glitch hack the device by deleting one application you don’t want. Click-hold on any program on your screen in order to enter the editing mode.

Step 4. Move the app located next to the stock one you wish to delete on top of it in order to make a new folder. Now click outside of this newly created folder to return to the screen.

Step 5. Click on the folder to choose it and move the app you moved in Step 4 out of the folder. It will return on the home screen and be placed near the folder.

Step 6. Click on the folder once again. Move the app you planned to remove out of this folder. You have to place it on the screen just in the place where the folder was existing and do this as quickly as possible. If you are quick enough both the folder and your stock app will be removed this way.

Hide Apps if iPhone not Jailbroken

You can free some space on your home screen after you remove apps you don’t use from your home screen. This hack is tricky but it allows clearing your display and place there only the programs you are using.

Thanks to iOS 8 glitch the app is only temporarily deleted from the screen. It will get back on your home screen after you restart the smartphone.


How to Set iPhone Calls Automatically Go to Speaker

A lot of users are multitasking while talking on the phone. If you have a lot of chores around the house or wish to free your hands you can always use iPhone speaker for incoming calls [you might also find interesting these simple iPhone 6 one hand use tips]. It is possible to make this your default setting.

You can normally switch any call to your speakerphone by clicking on the speaker button while you are talking but you can make this an automatic function. If your iPhone speaker for calls is not working you might have forgotten to tap the speaker button during a call. Try it and if everything is ok, just make it your default option.

How to Set iPhone Speakers for Phone Calls by Default

Step 1. When you wish to customize your iOS experience and turn on default speakerphone option you should begin with Settings. Launch it.

Step 2. Select General menu on iOS 8, 8.1 or 8.2 [Apple will soon release iOS 8.3 with new features and options, including emojis, Hey Siri and others].

Step 3. You can now use Accessibility feature that was introduced by Apple to help customers with impairments, but this feature can truly help just anyone and it can also be used for making your speaker enabled as default for all iPhone calls you get.

Step 4. Choose Call Audio Routing. This option is located right underneath Interaction.

Step 4 for Setting iPhone Speakerphone by Default

Step 5. To make your speaker automatically turn on when you make or receive calls you should choose Speaker instead of Automatic.

Step 5 for Setting iPhone Speakerphone by Default

Step 6. From now on you will get all phone calls on your speakerphone. This also includes calls placed through FaceTime.

This guide is good for people who mostly like to talk on the speakerphone. When you want to use your internal speakers you should click on the speaker icon or if you want to get back to the previous settings you have to follow the instruction once again but choose Automatic instead of Speaker in Step 5.

We hope you find this instruction useful. Enjoy!


Nintendo Games on iOS 8 iPhone like Mario Bros to Be Real

Have you ever wanted to play Mario Bros on iPhone? A lot of users are in love with this old Nintendo game, but it is not available in the App Store or on Cydia [you can still install Nintendo emulator to play anything you want on the iPhone]. It might soon be possible to play Super Mario Bros 3 on iPhone and other games from this popular series because Nintendo and DeNA became partners to bring beloved gaming experience to iOS 8 and future iOS 9 smartphones in 2015.

DeNA is a company from Japan that brings different iconic games to mobile devices. Nintendo games on iOS 8 will become real once the two companies develop them for smartphones manufactured by Apple.

If you thought that Mario Bros would be ported to your iPhone you are wrong. Nintendo is not going to do this. It will develop brand new titles using the previous experience and make high quality Mario and other games specifically for iOS platform.

There won’t be tons of titles. Both companies are planning to focus on mobile game quality. There will also be a new service that can appear as soon as in the fall of 2015. Nintendo and DeNA want it to be cross-platform and let users play across smartphones, gaming consoles, computers and even more.

What do you think about the possibility of iOS Mario Bros game release?


New Brute Force iPhone Passcode Bypass 2015 Solution

There are numerous methods on how to bypass iPhone passcode for your lock screen. We mentioned a lot of them, including the cool DNS iCloud bypass for iPhone and iPad that gives users a lot of functions with the screen still being locked. But since this DNS bypass works only on Windows computers, you might want to look at other tools.

One iPhone passcode hack we’ve heard recently about is the small box capable of brute forcing to get past the locked iDevice. This is the most recent iPhone passcode bypass 2015 tool that is not free. It is pretty expensive costing up to $300.

Apple doesn’t make passcode lock bypass simple for its customers. If you forgot the password and the company can’t help you with getting access to your iPhone back you might wanna spend $300 and unlock your smartphone instead of purchasing the brand new model, especially if you were already SIM free on the one that is locked.

The IP Box, as its creators say, is a small box [even a tiny one] that keeps the iPhone’s data intact while bypassing your lock screen. This tool has been reportedly used by device repairers who are helping users who don’t remember their passcodes for iOS 7 or iOS 8 smartphones.

If you try to remember your passcode without having to use iPhone passcode hack you only have 10 attempts. If you fail 10 times all your data will be automatically wiped. The IP Box, as its dev [MDSec] says, can bypass this Apple’s security measure meaning all your information and data will be safe.

Since the box accesses your iPhone by finding the right PIN combination, the procedure of such unlock can take about 111 hours. It cuts off your iPhone power before it records the failed attempt to bypass the iOS 8, 8.1 lock screen. The iOS 8.2 lockscreen unlock has yet to be tested by the box creators.


iOS 8 Hackers to Attend March Mobile Security Summit 2015

The famous Worldwide Jailbreak Convention also known as JailbreakCon has its dubbed version called MSS. This Chinese Mobile Security Summit 2015 will take place on March 27. A lot of hackers are planning to attend this forum that is organized in Beijing.

What names are attracted by the upcoming iOS 8 hackers forum? We’ve heard that Chronic, Comex, Pimskeks, P0sixninja and others are going to appear at this summit. This information has been confirmed by them, as each hacker is planning to talk during the event.

Who organizes MSS? You know them, as these guys stood behind the second iOS 8 jailbreak that followed PanGu. We mean TaiG group whose solution supported all versions of mobile firmware 8 until iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 were launched. Apple patched the exploits used by TaiG team in these two releases.

The MMS announcement has been already made. It adds well-known hackers as ‘panelists’ but they are still going to talk about the security and anatomy of jailbreaking.

Can such a big summit with so many professionals lead to iOS 8.2 jailbreak release? No one can tell you for sure if they have such plans. The Cupertino-based company made it really hard to untether its mobile firmware, even though TaiG believes that the jailbreak can be done.

Anyways, the big event is to be opened by Xie Lei who is TaiG CEO. We’ll follow the news and report of any developments that could follow such a big hackers’ meeting.

P.S. German hackers managed to break the security of iPhone Touch ID. They have also shared the unlock video with users.