You Can Now Restore iPhone on iOS 9.1 Without Losing Jailbreak

iOS 9.1 is the latest iOS 9 firmware version that can be jailbroken with Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.1. All iPhones and iPads that are running iOS 9.2 and newer Apple mobile operating systems are currently non-jailbreakable and this is the reason why users could be afraid to install new tweaks. Any bad tweak can cause iPhone restore to iOS 9.3.2 that cannot be untethered at the moment. Luckily new iOS 9.1 semi restore tool is officially released.

What is SemiRestore? This is a well-known program created by CoolStar dev specifically for jailbroken gadgets. Using semi restore iOS 9.1 program you get a chance of successfully and painlessly restoring a jailbroken iPhone and your jailbreak will remain active. It’s an awesome solution when you are still running older firmware and are jailbroken while newer firmware versions cannot be untethered.

iOS 9.1 Semi Restore iPhone iPad Release

The SemiRestore program supports all jailbroken mobile firmwares starting from iOS 5 and up to iOS 9.1 [including this version]. You can restore iOS 9.1 without losing jailbreak when you face reboot loop program, get a buggy tweak or coming across another program that wishes to force restore your iPhone to the most recent public Apple firmware version [which is iOS 9.3.2 release now].

When you choose to semi restore all your tweaks will be removed and thus no bad tweak can harm your jailbroken iPhone. To use SemiRestore you should install OpenSSH on the iDevice [learn how to change root password on iPhone to prevent third-party users and companies from accessing handset remotely].

iOS 9.1 semi restore option is supported by Windows PCs only. The Mac version hasn’t been released yet.


Top iPhone Email Apps You Must Have in 2016

Is there too many emails in your box? Is it cluttered with all the email subscriptions you could possibly get? The list of iPhone email apps 2016 has some titles that will help you organize your newsletters and read only what you want to read.

Take a look at the three useful iOS 9 applications you can download and install right away. This will really improve your email experience and clear your inbox from all the subscriptions while you’ll still be getting them and even choosing what to read.

iPhone Email Apps iOS 9 2016 Top List

Top iPhone Email Apps 2016

1. MyBlend iPhone Email App

This iOS 9 app is also great for email subscriptions. This tool shows you the list of all most recent posts from subscriptions you created. It might take some time to adjust this program however then it becomes very easy and fast to view the stories while having an organized personal email.

2. Mlist iPhone Email App

Mlist is an interesting iOS 9 application you can use. When you sign up for this tool you’ll get an email id. You can subscribe to different newsletters using your given personal email ID [] and you’ll get all your subscriptions in mlist application and not your regular inbox. This is a great tool for reaching newsletters.

3. Snack iPhone Email App

This tool can help you create a single feed with letters from e-commerce websites and similar tools. It won’t exactly organize your newsletters but it also helps creating subscriptions and saving emails for read-later-on.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9 – 9.1 you can search Cydia store for other email subscription solutions.


Fun Twitter Charms and Tricks for iPhone Users

iPhone users who tweet a lot can enjoy real Twitter charms on iOS 9. There is a free application you can download and install to get more options. iPhone Twitter apps help you get full control over Twitter and improve your experience.

Once you download the free iOS 9 Charm application and install on your iPhone you will easily save your tweets, create playlists of your favorite songs and collect interesting tweets into lists without any headache.

Twitter Charm Free iOS 9 iPhone App

Creating lists for anything sounds like amazing witter charms. In original Twitter app you can only create your personal lists for people but not music or read-later-on tweets. This way you can save all the tweets without issues. It’s simple, fast, nice and so unusual to ordinary Twitter accounts.

It’s also interesting the Charm can work with other Twitter applications you have installed. For example, you can download this app and use it together with Tweetbot tool, Twitter site, Twitterific and many other clients that support iOS 9 platform.

The tool even supports OS X option called handoff. So if you are using Twitter on both smartphone and your Mac you can get the free Charm program and view the collections you create right on your computer.

It’s always nice to not limit yourself to one gadget only. Being able to switch from phone to computer and enjoy the very same features on both devices.


How to Add Empty Space to iPhone [No Jailbreak Required]

There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to take advantage of iPhone empty space icons. If you add them to your display you’ll be able to place your other home screen icons anywhere.

Apple and Android often borrow different options from each other still it is impossible to simply move icons around your home screen like it happens on Android platform. Luckily you can add empty space to iPhone screen and you don’t have to jailbreak iOS 9 platform to make this happen.

Add Empty Space on iPhone Home Screen Arrange Icons

How to Add Empty Spaces to iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 1. There is a program iEmpty. You’ll have to use it online.

Step 2. You should create a blank home screen page by making all icons wiggle and take a screenshot of the ‘empty’ page.

Step 3. Go to through mobile Safari browser.

Step 4. Choose Customize option.

Step 5. Click on Custom mode and press Add.

Step 6. You should add by selecting Choose File feature – Photo Library – screenshop of your empty home screen.

Step 7. Now press on Upload Photo.

Step 8. You should see your home screen with different icons. Click on the positions you wish to be ‘empty spaces’ later on.

Step 9. Click on Share when you created a custom icon and choose to Add to Home Screen.

Step 10. Don’t make any changes and just click on Add.

Step 11. You need to repeat the same procedure for every blank icon you wish to create.

iOS 9 iPhone should now get empty spaces and you can arrange your other icons any way you want.


Fun Car Ways to Use iPhone Reminders on iOS 9

iOS 9 has many interesting features you can use. There are different ways when and where to set iPhone reminders. This great option can be used by you on-the-go. For example, users who have to take a car to go anywhere during the day can create special reminders for when getting in and getting out of the car. Why not?

This iPhone how to create a reminder guide can save you much time and remind of the most important things you were planning to complete during the day [learn how to add iOS 9 shortcuts to iPhone Home screen]. It’s extremely easy to set up such alert so that you’ll know what to do while staying in your car and what to finish once you get home.

How to Set Get In Car iPhone iOS 9 Reminders Instruction

How to Add a Reminder on iPhone iOS 9 Instruction

Step 1. It is possible to set your iPhone location as your car. This is pretty awesome as your iPhone will remind you of what to buy on the way to the office or on your way to home the moment you get into your car.

Step 2. All you need is Bluetooth option in your vehicle. You should connect iPhone to your car and explain Reminders how to recognize the moments when you are in the car and when you are out. How is possible to do?

Step 3. When you connect iPhone in your car you’ll get your getting-in-car reminder and when you disconnect it you’ll get get-out-car reminder. This is as simple as it sounds.

Step 4. You can set remindes by going to Reminders program and clicking on the Plus. Once you have your list complete you should click on the list item and find information ‘i’ option which you should click in order to customize your list. Turn on the feature called Remind me at a Location and make your car a Location.

Step 5. Select the location called ‘Getting in the car’ or ‘Getting out the car’ and you are good to drive.

iOS 9 iPhone will be happy to send you alerts of what to do however make sure your car has either CarPlay or Bluetooth support.


Android Features That Were Inspired by iOS 9 iPhone

There are interesting Android iOS 9 inspired features that were borrowed from Apple iPhone devices. The platform is known as Android N and it is meant for some Nexus gadgets. Well this firmware has some curious options.

When you look at Android feature vs iPhone options you’ll see some curious things that are so ‘fruit’ like. Of course, Android N brings other features a well.

iOS Inspired Android Features 2016

Still Android iOS features are not exactly what you get when you purchase Apple smartphone. We should say that the Cupertino-based giant also borrows some curious and interesting options from Google to bring to iPhone users. People like to have enhanced and innovative features so all the major companies have to follow the trends.

Firstly, you can get split-view multitasking option. This feature appeared on iOS 9 to help enhance the iPad models. Google brings the option to Android N and it is very similar to what iPhone users get.

Secondly, Google borrowed picture in picture mode which makes it possible to run applications on top of watching video movies. It’s a nice addition to any mobile platform.

The company also tried to improve battery life however it didn’t exactly bring Low Power mode. It created opportunities for minimum CPU usage. Apple users really enjoy the fact that they can save battery life and have a working smartphone when they really need it.

It’s curious to learn what iOS 10 firmware could look like. This next major update will be officially introduced in early June. Apple will be organizing WWDC 2016 event and this is when developers and public beta testers should get the first view of the next operating system version.


iPhone 6 Prototype Shocking Price Wows eBay Users

Would anyone like to buy iPhone prototype? Apple fans usually choose to purchase newest iPhone models. For example, this year millions of potential customers are looking to upgrade to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With the iPhone SE release and upcoming iPhone 7 update it is curious to see iPhone 6 prototype on eBay. The seller assures that the lucky customers will get test software on this handset model. It also has red Lightning connector. Still there are no FCC markings on the device.

iPhone 6 Prototype Price eBay Ad

Wondering about iPhone 6 prototype price? The seller sets pretty high price on this precious and unique smartphone with SwitchBoard software installed on it. This is the ‘fruit’ company’s internal debugging operating system. So the price is over $5,000.

The iPhone 6 prototype seems to be the later test smartphone. It truly looks like the final Apple iPhone however without model numbers, identifiers on the back of the device. The color of the Lightning connector is also unique.

The seller assures that the smartphone was purchased from his friend. It should be mentioned that the prototype of iPhone 6 has not IMEI number. This means you cannot factory unlock iPhone 6 if you purchase it because all SIM unlock services are based on IMEI code and activation status.

Testing models are meant for performing tests, checking sensors and doing other testing tasks. In-house iPhones do not run iOS so don’t expect to install iOS 9 on this expensive prototype model.


Bring Back Your Old Instagram Icon to iPhone Home Screen

Users who are not happy with how the new Instagram app icon looks on their iPhone can get the old Instagram icon back to their handset Home screen. The previous image was less colorful and didn’t even remind of the newest abrupt update. If you wish to use the older version you have to learn about one interesting trick and get it back.

One developer shared nice guide which will help you to return the older icon quickly. There is nothing complicated about this instruction. By the way, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts on same iPhone running iOS 9 version.

How to Use Old Instagram App Icon on iPhone iOS 9 Home Screen

How to Get Old Instagram App Icon on iPhone

Step 1. The trick is unique. You will have to use one special site. Visit site from your handset.

Step 2. This website has Tap Here option you will see at the bottom of the webpage. Click this link.

Step 3. Choose Share option to save this site to your iPhone iOS 9 Home screen.

Step 4. Now you will see the old Instagram icon saved on your Home screen which leads you to the Instagram site that offers 60-second videos feature. Each time you’ll tap the icon you will be forwarded to the site and it will also automatically open your iOS 9 Instagram application. In other words, when you click on the old Instagram icon you will also launch new Instagram application which already has the updated icon.

Step 5. Make sure that everything works great and hide your new Instagram app icon in iPhone folder. You will not see it on the screen and instead you will always use the site with the older version of the icon.


Is My iPhone Jailbroken? Apple Against iPhone Jailbreak Detection

Famous hacker managed to release iPhone jailbreak detection application for iOS 9 platform and it was available on the App Store until now. Apple learned about the tool and… pulled it away from the stores. What does it mean?

If you know how to detect if iPhone is jailbroken using Stefan Esser’s tool you can no longer use System and Security Info program for ‘fruit’ handsets. This application is not available for download and you cannot find it on the App Store because the Cupertino-based giant removed it for various reasons.

iPhone Jailbreak Detection iOS 9 App Pulled from App Store

Now it’s harder to answer the question ‘Is my iPhone jailbroken or not?’ because there is no simpler iOS 9 program similar to System and Security Info by i0n1c hacker. Surely users were surprised to learn that Apple App Review team approved such an application.

There is only one iOS 9 jailbreaking public program called Pangu. No other tool can untether your iOS 9 – 9.1 iPhone and iPad. Later versions of Apple mobile firmware are currently non-jailbreakable. Still if you are buying used iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3 iPhone you cannot be sure it wasn’t jailbroken in the past because previous owner could run iOS 8 and 9 jailbreak.

We should also note that this paid application [before Apple pulled it from the App Store] become top paid program. A lot of iPhone and iPad users were happy to get the chance and get more details about their device and jailbreak status.

According to Esser, Apple explained the removing of his app by a number of reasons which includes ‘false or misleading representations’, ‘inaccurate device data’ and others.


How to Detect iPhone Jailbreak or Malware State on iOS 9

Is iPhone jailbreak detection possible? Users who buy used iPhone might need to know if it was previously jailbroken or not [then you can discover great iOS 9 tweaks]. It is also curious to find out if any malware has been installed on the popular Apple smartphone before using it every day. Isn’t it?

iPhone malware detection iOS 9 tool can help you find answers to both questions. You’ll know if your device has been secretly hacked or not. This way you’ll be 100% sure that no one installed any spyware to steal your personal details and information.

iPhone Jailbreak Malware Detection iOS 9 App

Famous researcher Stefan Esser presented one of the most interesting iPhone hacks 2016. This is the application System and Security Info that is available at $0.99 and can detect if your ‘fruit’ handset has been ever jailbroken or hacked.

The iOS 9 application can also provide some details about your iPhone memory and disk usage, CPU, process list etc. This program can display all your iOS running processes which is cool and interesting. It can be useful to any Apple fan. Even if you are running iOS 9.3 which cannot be jailbroken your iPhone could be jailbroken on iOS 9.1 with Pangu or earlier Apple firmware.

Devs assure that the new tool stores all the information it gathers locally. Your data won’t be uploaded to any server. You’ll know for sure the jailbreak and hack state of your iPhone or the phone you are about to purchase. This is handy as you’ll get the answer to the question ‘has anyone got unauthorized access to my phone’ that worries millions of minds.

It’s curious that the app is officially available in the App Store. How cool is it? Download and install System and Security Info to learn more about your ‘fruit’ handset.