iPhone Hacker Introduces His Self Driving Car Project

There are many self driving car projects created by different companies and people. Such cars could be the innovation of the future. Even Apple is rumored to work on its own Apple car although we hear mostly rumors and not official information from the well-known company.

Have you heard of Geohot car? Geohot or George Hotz used to work on iOS jailbreaking. He is the first person in the world to find jailbreak for iPhone. It happened back in 2007 when Apple released its ever first handset.

Geohot Self Driving Car Project

Hotz self driving car technology is shown off. There is even an application Chffr which gives you a chance to submit your driving data. How does it work? You should launch the application created by hacker Geohot and place your camera to windshield. The camera should record your driving information. The program will understand how you are usually driving and what your main reactions are.

Once the data is received the Chffr app will unload it to Comma.ai website which belongs to Hotz. This iPhone hacker is now trying to create a real self driving technology for those who spend much time in their vehicle. The program should analyze all the data coming from different drivers and this is how it learns.

Right now you can only help Hotz learn since the first beta version of Chffr should be presented in later June. The first kit of the program could be presented by the end of 2016. Hotz promises that the price would be under $1,000.


Android and iOS Systems Most Popular in the World in 2014-2015

The iOS and Android market share 2014 results show that these two mobile systems are highly popular and lead the market these days [you can easily move contacts from iPhone to Android device and from Android to iOS]. The two OS models grab the overwhelming 96.3 percent of market share in Q4.

We can speak a lot comparing iOS vs Android. They are different and find their own fans among smartphone users. They are now the two top mobile operating systems across the world. The new quarterly breakdown figures prove this with ease.

iOS Android Market Share Q4

While the overall iOS / Android market share results reach over 96 percent, Apple firmware comes in second while Google OS is the total winner. Android market share has reached 81.5 percent with Apple iOS following it with its 14.8 percent share.

iOS Android Market Share 2014

The impressiveness arrives when you combine these results and understand that most smartphone owners are running either ‘fruit’ system or Android platform.

Which other firmwares are trying to compete? There are customers who still prefer Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Why not? Still millions are spending money on iOS and Android.

It is worth to mention that Apple has shipped over 192 million smartphone units in 2014. With the craziness over iPhone 6 and 6 Plus this doesn’t even surprise us.


Get UDID From iPhone or iPad Quick and Easy Without iTunes [How to]

With iOS 6 beta release many iUsers try to install it on iDevice and test apps but many of you may face with a problem how to get UDID from iOS device. But don’t worry because if you have this problem I show you how to do that using two methods.

First method requires iTunes and UDID registration/activation before loading up new iOS version and this method is very simple so I showed it first. But if you didn’t activate it before iOS loading you should get UDID without iTunes using System Profiler. You can find System Profiler located on your Mac by default and get UDID from iPhone or iPad or iPad Touch quick and easy.


UDIDead Bundle Maker For Any Beta iOS

As Apple company makes pretty strict limitations on who can install iOS betas. So the only legal way for you to install iOS betas is to get your UDID (Unique Device Identifier) registered as an iOS developer. UDIDead tool  by StevetheRipper frees you from need to obtain the official iOS developer account (which costs $99/year) by simply creating the bundle of iOS beta, which could be uploaded to device using redsn0w.