Main iOS 9.3.2 Changes Revealed in Speed Test

Testers and developers are peering inside the next iOS 9.3.2 betas. Apple released four of them by now and there are some interesting iOS 9.3.2 changes revealed in the speed test. What does it show? How can the upcoming mobile platform be improved?

The previous iOS 9.3.1 version worked better on older phone models and iOS 9.3.2 beta features promise even better performance. Of course, these are still slight changes because new firmwares can’t work great on both new powerful iPhones and older versions.

iOS 9.3.2 Beta Features Speed Test iPhone

The speed tests performed by experts were used on iPhone 6s iPhone 6 and older iPhone 5, 5s and 4s versions. iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2 beta versions were installed on all these Apple gadgets. Experts used the same backup to restore iPhones before performing this interesting test.

Firmware 9.3.2 seems to boost a bit faster than 9.3.1 version. Also some applications load faster. If you are using Apple in-stock apps you might be glad to update to iOS 9.3.2 once it becomes public. Apple Maps, Weather, Reminders and some other programs load quickly on old iPhone models that are running newest best.

There will be several more betas before we see iOS 9.3.2 public release. Apple could change the system a bit more and offer more enhancements so it’s hard to judge the loading and reboot speed right now. Everything could easily change as time goes by.

Have you been a public beta tester? It is free to roll into this program. You’ll have a chance to officially install betas on your iPhone and iPad and test firmwares earlier than all other users. It’s a nice chance to explore future possibilities before they are launched.


Compare iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy Alpha Renderings

Customers who are thinking about getting the next generation smartphone and are not sure who they wanna more, Apple or Samsung, can compare iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy Alpha thanks to these nice 3D renderings. Both companies are about to release the update to their smartphone lines, and not many people need both models at once.


Let’s look at iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha. While there are a lot of leaks and rumors about both handsets, it is interesting to compare them with the iPhone 5S as well.

One well-known designer [you might have heard of Martin Hajek] published a new 3D images of the three models. He just wanted to see what elements Samsung decided to borrow from Apple, as he explains.


Consumers can judge on their own. Some people prefer getting the fruit giant’s creations and others like Samsung more. It’s up to you to choose, and remember that these are just concept photos created by a designer. The two companies might release different designed smartphones which we will see this fall.


Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S

You can notice the Samsung-ish and Apple-ish details no matter how hard both firms are trying to get something from the competitor and become better. The Alpha render reminds of the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 6 looks thinner.


What do you think about this idea? Which model do you like more so far?




iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Untethered for iPhone 5S by Winocm, i0n1c and GTISC

iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak untethered for iPhone 5S / 5c / 4S / 5 / 4 is not available to public yet though several hackers managed to create programs that can jailbreak this firmware version. Hackers have added videos of their jailbroken smartphones to YouTube and mentioned the happy news via Twitter accounts. Once Winocm and i0n1c have proved that iPhone 5S jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 is possible, the exploit was developed by two followers, Tielei Wang and Yeongjin Jang from GTISC.

The video that lasts for about 4 minutes displays the jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 5S in action. Mr. Jang has also shown how he installs a program distantly on his smartphone. The unsigned application works on a jailbroken device.

Unlike jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 untethered from i0n1c, the exploit found by GTISC hackers is tethered. This is still the jailbreak and even though it requires to use a recovery program after each reboot it still can support jailbroken tweaks and apps.

According to Jang, he used the sandbox bypass, root and codesign bypass to jailbreak his iPhone 5S. It is not know whether this hacker used the similar jailbreaking method as i0n1c and winocm, as he gives no explanations of the exact process


How to use Siri on iPhone 5S with Typing and not Talking

You can always type to Siri instead of talk on your iPhone 5S and other models / iDevices. This program understands a lot of commands and knows answers to different questions. There is no need to jailbreak iPhone. Sometimes, of course, it might misunderstand you. It can happen when you are typing or talking but anyway there is a way how you can adjust the query and clear it up to this app.

It is easy to use Siri by typing. Users can edit their texts and help Siri respond correctly. These are things to type into Siri when you wish to edit your question or command. You can type them from any Apple smartphone or tablet that supports Siri.

Step 1. Open Siri. To do this, just click and hold your Home button.

Step 2. Speak your request and scroll up to see it. It should be on your display.
Step 3. Click on this text and you will be able to edit what you have spoken.
Step 4. You can now apply changes.
Step 5. Once you have finished editing the request click on Done [this option is located in the low right corner of your keyboard].
Step 6. Allow Siri re-process the command and answer it.
You can use Siri on iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 using this method. It is handy when you have to use a name place or titles that can be misunderstood until you edit them manually.

iPhone 6 Features vs. iPhone 5S / 5 Specs

Apple is about to update the line of its smartphones. Current customers can use models up to version 5S but the news and rumors show the next generation iPhone 6 that should get improved features and other specs.

It is always interesting to compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 / 5S. These handsets might get similar design but they get different options. Of course, the next iPhone 6 specs are created based on leaked images and reports from different sites. These rumors might not become real or some of them might be real. Let’s see how they are different from the current iPhones.



How to Choose iPhone Between iPhone 5S, 5c and 6

A lot of users who haven’t bought iPhone 5S and 5c last fall or last Christmas are now wondering what unlocked iPhone to buy. Apple is expected to present the new iPhone 6 in fall or late summer. This smartphone will get new features but it will be most likely priced higher than current iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c.

Should you wait until the next-generation update or get the model now? We will try to help you make your choice based on our advice.



iOS 8 Leaked Images Show iPhone 5S Running Newer Operating System

With iPhone 5S being offered for free for U.S. customers for iPhone 4S trade-in, users are looking for iPhone 6 and the next iOS 8. There are some new iOS 8 leaked images that show the sixth-generation smartphone running this future firmware version.

Coming WWDC 2014 will surely give us more information on the next iOS this June. Still curious minds would always be glad to learn more about the upcoming software and the changes Apple will bring to its still popular iDevices.


It is hard to believe that Apple allows its employees installing iOS 8 with the huge conference being just around the corner and a lot of hackers keeping an eye on the new products. Still these are rumors that might be partly true. The glimpse at the iPhone 5S iOS 8 is the base for more conversations, predictions and thoughts on what we should expect in 2014.

The pictures are in low-resolution and they show some new applications that are expected to be present in the firmware update this fall.


These might be fake images. At the same time, they might show some real things because a lot of rumors around Apple turn out to be true. It is impossible to stay fully mysterious these days with so many watchers being around and wishing to reveal your secrets to public.

Rumors mention Preview app, Healthbook tool and different Tips. As for the Watch Utility, this is some new program that surfaces on iOS 8 leaked pictures. iTunes Radio might actually become a standalone application so seeing its icon isn’t surprising.

More information is coming so keep an eye on Apple news and iOS 8 rumors. We will learn more before and during WWDC event.


Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C: Permanent Result Guaranteed for Most Carriers

It is so much better to have a permanently unlocked iPhone 5S, 5C. The service is available to millions of people from all over the world who wish to switch between networks anytime anywhere. Staying unlocked is fun. It gives you a lot of new opportunities and benefits.

It doesn’t matter which iPhone model you have. iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4 users who are locked to Verizon, T-Mobile, O2, AT&T, Vodafone and other networks can’t get too much as they are forced to use particular data plans and pay, pay, pay…

permanent iphone 5S unlock

Official service offers reliable and fast unlock iPhone 5, 5S, 4S, 4 and other models from most mobile companies across the world. This service is distant. They work officially and provide only legit solutions to their customers. You will get quick permanent result that is good for all iOS versions and iPhone basebands.

The order can be place online. There are a couple of things you must know before ordering iPhone unlock. Your smartphone must have clean IMEI code [blacklisted / barred / blocked iPhones can’t be unlocked] and it should be activated with the carrier network it is locked to.

Look Up IMEI Code

  • If you meet the requirements above, you need to find your IMEI number to place your order.
  • Open Settings and go to General section. IMEI code is located under About menu.
  • There is an easier way. Dial *#06# to have your 15-digit IMEI displayed on the screen.

Place Order

This is simple. Go to the official site, select network, fill out the form and provide your name, email, IMEI code, iPhone model, carrier name and wait till we return your status as “Unlocked” permanently. Follow the instructions emailed to you to complete the procedure through iTunes.


Apple Released iOS 7.0.5 Update for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S

The Cupertino giant presented the new official update for its iOS 7 firmware. The version iOS 7.0.5 is designed for iPhone 5c and 5S models only. Besides, it supports devices sold in Europe and Asia and it is meant to fix some problems with network experienced by users from these countries.

iOS 7.0.5-download

All the devices are compatible with networks from China. The update doesn’t support iPod touch and iPad. Nor does it support earlier iPhone models and iPhone 5S / 5c from the U.S. Here is the list of all supports models of the popular fruit smartphone:

  • iPhone 5S A1530 [Asia Pacific]
  • iPhone 5S A1457 [Europe and UK]
  • iPhone 5S A1528 [China]
  • iPhone 5c A1529 [Asia Pacific]
  • iPhone 5c A1507 [Europe and UK]
  • iPhone 5c A1526 [China]

If you own of these versions of the Apple handset you can download the update and install it on your iDevice to solve the possible bugs you might have. If you don’t own such a model don’t bother yourself learning more about iOS 7.0.5.

By the way, the upgrade is mostly safe for users who don’t like to stay jailbroken. Fans of jailbreaking iPhones are better to wait for comments from hackers. We will soon inform you about the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 7.0.5 update with Evasi0n7 tool. If the program works, you can safely update. If it doesn’t work, you should better stay on your iOS 7.0.4 as this version of mobile operating system can be easily untethered jailbroken.

iOS 7.0.5 Download Links

Right now Apple is known to work on its next iOS 7.1 firmware. The beta versions of this system are being tested by iOS developers and some users who managed to manually install the latest OS. The official v.7.1 update is expected to unveil later this winter. Stay tuned, we’ll provide all the news as soon as we get them.


Use R-SIM 9 S Unlocking to Open iPhone 5S for Any SIM Card

R-Sim 9 S is the activation chip that working together with your SIM card. This turbo SIM unlock allows you to unlock iPhone 5S iOS 7 from the operator and activate idevice. This solution is much better and easy to use that its predecessors thanks to the new Smart menu, and compatibility with almost all the operators in the world, as well as all the 256K / 128K / 64K / 32K 2G, 3G, 4G SIM cards.