Main iPhone 5S Features: Touch ID, Gold Color etc.

We spent the whole summer trying to figure out what iPhone 5S features Apple is going to bring this year. There were so many speculations and predictions that the final confirmation made by the Cupertino-based company on September 10thfinally gives us real information about the upcoming smartphone.

he new iPhone 5S [the design reminds of the 5 model] is coming with a lot of great features and even new colors! The iOS maker is presenting its popular handset in new gold color and aluminum body. What else can it boast?

Tech Options in the iPhone 5S
The gadget will get a 64-bit A7 chip. This new smartphone will be twice as fast as its predecessor and it is the first smartphone to get such a powerful chipset. Besides, it introduces a “motion co-chip” also known as the M7 processor. It helps to measure various staff, including compass, accelerometer etc.
While the gadget becomes powerful its battery like doesn’t get much more life. It should support up to 10 hours of conversations via 3G network and the same amount of time for LTE browsing.
New Elements
The handset receives the LED flash on its back which has the shape of a pill. It also gets a new camera with improved lens, bigger sensor area, new aperture and larger pixels. Customers who will buy iPhone 5S this fall will get an opportunity to create 720p video files using burst mode and 120 fps files in slow-motion.
A fingerprint reading sensor, it turns on the Touch ID sensor is truly included in this smartphone just like the rumors stated. The company has built it into the phone’s Home button. The scan should be fast and easy allowing quick authentication to iPhone owners and bringing better protection to customers.
iPhone 5S Release Date
Apple is going to officially launch its new S model on September 20 [consumers can pre-order on September 13]. It will come to 9 countries, including U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany and others on this day being followed by releases in 100+ countries by the end of the month. The on-contract pricing should start at $199 for the 16GB device. The 32GB and 64GB models’ cost should start at $299 and $399 respectively.
Even though the gadget gets the 64-bit chip it will still support 32-bit programs used in previous smartphone’s apps and games.

iPhone September 10 Event: New Line Updates from Apple

The media event planned by Apple for September 10 is coming and here is a timezone for Apple event. It is officially confirmed getting millions of eyes to the mane keynote announcements that will be pronounced tomorrow. We offer you a short Apple event 2013 roundup with what you should expect. Some predictions will make customers happy with Christmas coming closer.

The invitation promises to “brighteh” the day for everyone. The iOS giant should present the next line of its popular smartphone. Analysts make a lot of predictions. The summery is below. Hopefully there will be a lot of great introductions that confirm all the speculations we have seen on the web this summer.

iOS 7 Official Release

Apple asked developers to test its new iOS 7 this summer. Even some users manually updated to this firmware for free to see some of the new features with a lot of bugs and limitations. The final version should be launched soon. Experts believe we will see it on September 18.

The Cupertino-based giant will simply announce its next mobile firmware tomorrow. It might begin with the report on financial results and jump in to iOS 7 release and main options such as better multitasking, new Lock screen, design etc.

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Introduction

We’ve seen images of colorful plastic iPhone 5C and heard about the next A6 iPhone 5S with the more powerful chip, improved camera and fingerprint sensor. There were a lot of components leaking in summer but Apple hasn’t confirmed anything so the first official comments are to follow on September 10th.

The low-cost iOS smartphone can be a real Christmas gift this year [it might cost around $400]. Not much is known about the 5C model yet. It might include the 1GB RAM A6 processor and a plastic body available in multiple colors.

Updated iTunes with Radio and New Apple TV

The new iTunes Radio service was unveiled during WWDC 2013 but it hasn’t been released yet to users. Apple might talk about its features tomorrow.

Apple TV 4 software might also be presented on Tuesday. It should support the new Radio and be easily pared with iPhone etc.

We might not hear about tablet updates though rumors about iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 launch assure it should happen later this year and not in 2014. The same can be said about OS X Mavericks which is most likely to be mentioned later in October.


Gold iPhone 5S Images Leaked Online Along With Different Parts

Every time you are waiting for some new device made by Apple the first you want to find out how it looks like. The same situation is with iPhone 5S and it’s coming release date.

now Apple is going to release gold iPhone 5S and you can see it on the images below. According to Engadget:

Tired of Apple offering iPhones solely in black or white? If photos obtained by MacBoutic are accurate, you’ll get some variety soon… and some bling, for that matter. The repair shop’s images reportedly show an iPhone 5S shell in a simulated gold color, supporting recent spec predictions from KGI analyst (and frequent AppleInsider tipster) Ming-Chi Kuo. While it’s difficult to verify the snapshots when MacBoutic has erased all logos, this doesn’t look like an aftermarket project; the hue extends to normally inaccessible parts of the phone, for example. As a result, we won’t be surprised if we see a flashy gold iPhone at Apple’s rumored September 10th event.

And now just check out the photos of the gold-colored iPhone and parts:

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

Photo du Capteur de proximité - iPhone 5S

Photo du dock de rechargement assemblé avec différents éléments - iPhone 5S

Photo du Haut Parleur - iPhone 5S

Photo du Vibreur - iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S Launch Date Prediction

Apple is expected to hold a media event on September 10 for iPhone 5S release date. What will this next-gen device look like? We haven’t seen that many “leaked” pics for the upcoming smartphone as it happened with previous models. Still we can share our thoughts and opinions from experts on what the Cupertino-based giant might offer customers this fall.

New iPhone Release

iPhone 5S Release September 10

The new iOS handset will be unveiled on September 10th which is the date for Apple’s media event. Analysts are sure that the new presentation will be hold “at an important time” for iPhone maker that keeps earning money from its innovative smartphone and has to compete with a lot of other companies that sell lower-cost gadgets in the global market.

The whole world is waiting for Apple to present either a budget handset or the redesigned iPhone. Based on numerous rumors and leaked images of colorful iOS smartphones, we might actually get a cheaper handset from the famous fruit company. This device should support the next firmware version since iOS 7 is being in the final stages of testing and getting ready for public launch this fall alongside the next iPhone.

New Expectations

As for the device itself, it should look similar to previous models but come with a better camera and some internal updates. No one can tell you what the event will bring us. The updated gadget should get a faster processor and maybe a fingerprint sensor that has been mentioned on different sites this year.

Will it really cost around $300? Will it the low-cost version of the iPhone but come in plastic and different colors? We have a lot of questions and hopefully we’ll know everything in less than a month away.


iPhone 5C or iPhone Lite Packaging Pics Surfaced?

While a lot of customers expect to see iPhone 5S release this fall these pictures show us an “iPhone 5C” which is supposedly the next smartphone model we’ll get. These boxes are reportedly the packaging for a low-cost Apple smartphone.

There are a lot of ideas on what label “C” could mean. Some experts suggest it stands for “Colorful” since there have been pictures of colorful devices earlier pusted on different sites. Others suppose it stands for “Cheap” since this new handset should cost less than other Apple smartphones.

iPhone Lite: Fake or Real?

We understand that some of iPhone users look at these photos as if they were fake. The Cupertino-based company hasn’t confirmed anything yet so it might be just one of Asia clones of fruit devices. It might be real just as well. We’ll say it is fifty-fifty. Customers who wish to purchase a cheap iPhone are probably very excited about such images of many boxes labelled iPhone 5C.
Could these be the packaging for a low-cost iDevice? A lot of rumors suggest that this could be a colorful model available in yellow, pink, green, blue colors. The plastic shells of such a smartphone have appeared online a while ago but experts named its iPhone 5S. So what name will it get?

iPhone 5C or iPhone Lite

We should keep in mind that no Apple devices have ever been sold in plastic boxes. So the “C” could easily stand for clone made in China, couldn’t it? We’ve never seen iOS “C” model either. There was 3GS and 4S, but not 4C. At the same time all fruit gadgets are very expensive. In other words, if Apple really releases a smartphone cheaper than $400-500 than it could easily make it colorful and name it iPhone 5C. Why not?
The $300 model should be different from its expensive “brothers.” We are sure that more information on the mystical low-cost Apple handset will soon surface

The Launch Date of the iPhone 5S

Apple is expected to present its new iPhone model this fall. While customers simply hope it will happen soon, analysts make their predictions based on the plans announced by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Here is what well-known analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Walt Piecyk from BTIG think.


iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Will Be On The Screen

The US Patent and Trademark  issued a new patent to Apple, which may indirectly confirm that the new smartphone iPhone 5S will have fingerprint scanner. Documents disclosed that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated directly into the surface of the touch screen of the phone.

It is rumored that Apple delayed the launch of iPhone 5S due to manufacturing problems associated with a fingerprint reader. Sources reported that the smartphone is the seventh generation was to debut in July, but the release of the product had to be moved in the fall.


New Rumors about iPhone 5S and Its 4.3 Screen Size

Everyone expects Apple to present the new iPhone 5S this fall but there are reports that state the introduction of this handset will be delayed. The iPhone’s new screen is the reason why such reports appeared in different newspapers and online resources.

We hoped to see this device somewhere in September / October however the latest news say that the Cupertino-based tech company is going to present an updated design for its iOS smartphone and add a bigger Retina display [4.3-inch screen] causing production delays.

iPhone Screen

iPhone 5S Screen Size

The sixth-generation iPhone is the most recent Apple handset available in the market today. It is not cheap though unlike its rivals’ products, and the low-cost version of this iDevice should be unveiled in 2013. Taiwanese papers assure that the chips for iPhone 5S are to be delivered in August.

As for the gadget’s screen there are different opinions on what we should expect to see. One Chinese site posts a story about iPhone 5S getting 4-inch display just like in the 6-gen smartphone. Another resource from Taiwan [DigiTimes] says the screen will measure 4.3-inch diagonally.

Reasons for iPhone 5S Release Push Back

Delay in chip shipments might have caused Apple to push back its new iOS handset launch. This is not the only reason mentioned by websites. Some reports make us believe it is the problem with fingerprint sensors [poor fingerpint-recognition] and colorful cases that makes fruit giant to present its iPhone 5S later this year.

We can only hope that the budget handset gets a bigger display, becomes colorful and includes fingerprint sensor. Apple doesn’t comment on the issue leaving us with our thoughts alone. Will the new gadget really cost $99? When will we hear about it from the official source? Will it get a new design? These are questions that will be answered sooner or later. For now we can just mention that Tim Cook [Apple CEO] reported that the company didn’t play to enter the low-end market by releasing a low-cost smartphone.


Apple will Enlarge iPhone 5S to 4.3-inches, the Release is Postponed to the End of the Year

Apple plans to postpone the release of iPhone 5S at the end of the year due to changes in the design of display screen. According to The Commercial Times, the Cupertino have decided to increase the screen size of the flagship phone, which should amount to 4.3 inches instead of four as previously thought. iPhone 5S release was to be held in September-October 2013, but Tim Cook has decided to postpone the debut of the model, writes The Commercial Times.


Real Look Of iPhone 5S With IGZO panels on Genue Pictures

Great news about Apple and its new product came from popular sources. You can see real images of iPhone 5S IGZO panels and read more news about its production. What great new possibilities will it have?

Just a day after AllThingsD confirmed analyst Piter Misek’s claim of the iPhone 5S production ramp-up in July, a Chinese website leaks a few images that appear to depict a bunch of production iPhone 5S units.
There’s no way of determining authenticity of the photos because the iPhone 5S is widely expected to re-use the two-tone design of the current-generation iPhone 5.

The Chinese source also spelled out technical specifications that match up with past rumors.


Our Chinese is a little rusty, but according to a machine-translated article published by the Chinese-language website EXPReview, the iPhone 5S features a four-inch IGZO panel (Sharp?) with the same 1,136-by-640 Retina resolution at 326 pixels-per-inch.

You may recall a Korean publication recently said Apple was finally ready to make a switch from traditional LCD IPS technology to energy-efficient IGZO panels.

Co-developed by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratories, IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels consume just a fraction of power needed to drive LCDs while providing deeper blacks and richer colors.

The report goes on to mention that the iPhone 5S will run an improved processor featuring faster graphics: Imagination Technologies’ quad-core PowerVR SGX 554MP4 GPU instead of the three-core PowerVR SGX543MP3 driving graphics on the iPhone 5.

The CPU part is said to feature 2GB of RAM, twice as much than the iPhone 5′s 1GB of LPDDR2-1066 RAM. Doubling the RAM would allow for smoother multitasking, faster performance and better responsiveness. Other than that, the device’s CPU is said to be still a Swift dual-core variant.

Other tidbit mentioned include support for 4G LTE-Advance networking (again, matching up with recent chatter), a twelve-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash (likely rocking improved night shooting and super slow-motion video capture) and both NFC and fingerprint (Authentec-made?) sensors.

The pretty reliable Japanese blog Macotakara recently claimed the next iPhone will be outfitted with both NFC and fingerprint-scanning technology to enhance the security and capabilities of iOS-driven mobile payments. If that’s the case,, we should then expect an iTunes Wallet announcement as well.

For what it’s worth, we recently heard from another source that integrating fingerprint tech underneath the Home button was causing production issues that might cause supply constraints at launch.