iPhone 5S to Get Innolux's Touch Display [Rumors]

The next-gen iPhone device will get an innovative display. Right now we hear rumors about Apple Inc. testing iPhone 5S Innolux touch display technology. Such rumors about the Cupertino-based company partnering with Chimei Innolux are found all over the Chinese Internet. So this is another rumor about iPhone 5S features because as usual Apple didn’t confirmed this info.


Apple iPhone 5S iOS 7 On The Testing Stage

There is fresh news that new iPhone 5S and iOS 7 will be released on July and September but what iOS 7 features and iPhone 5S specs they will have is still unknown.

iPhone 5 running iOS 6 is only three months old, but the company is already preparing them a decent shift. According to The Next Web, now Cupertino company tested the hardware and software of the next generation device and OS. The journalists found in the logs of the following devices “iPhone6,1” running on the operating system iOS 7.

There is no information about the new Apple development but this code uniquely identifies the next generation of Apple phones, first introduced to the public in this way. “iPhone5,1” and “iPhone 5,2” is iPhone 5 model with different modems and LTE support different frequencies fourth-generation networks.

They have checked the log files on the server to determine the user agent of iPhone, visited sites with IP-addresses in Cupertino, and found that Apple employees access the Internet using a new smartphone on the operating system iOS 7.

The new version of Apple device informally referred to as the iPhone 5S, which will be a minor update of iPhone 5. And among iPhone 5S features we will see a more powerful processor, additional memory and better camera. Release date of iPhone 5S is expected in September.

The release of iOS 7 can take place in June at the developer conference WWDC. This update is very interesting and is predicted to be quite different from all previous versions. The reason of this change is the new designer of iOS 7 GUI Jonathan Ive. I have already wrote you that Jonathan Ive replaced previous designer who was fired.

It is really interesting what new features iOS 7 on iPhone 5S will have and how it will look like. If you don’t want to miss the information about the new gadget and iOS then stay tuned with us for more updates regarding this.

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A List of iPhone 5S Features [Rumor]

The next iPhone model, iPhone 5S, is rumored to be released in June 2013. The device will be presented in up to eight colors. If this is true, Apple will finally break from its pattern established over the last couple of years and launch the new handset in summertime.


First Photos of iPhone 5S And Its Release Date

Check out here below iPhone 5S pictures and find out more about its release date. Also it is possible that iPhone 5S will feature new NFC chip created by Qualcomm few days ago.

I’ve heard that Apple has decided to speed up the launch cycle of its smartphones and test production could begin as early as this month. Some resources report that suppliers of components for the new iPhone already approved samples of their products and will be soon released a batch of 50-100 thousand iPhone 5S.

According to different sources of information, iPhone 5S release date should be in the first half of 2013 or until the end of summer. This is necessary in order to achieve a more intense competition to the new flagship of Samsung whose appearance in the sale is also scheduled for the first half of next year.

iPhone 5s features

As can be seen on iPhone 5S pictures the device looks no different from the iPhone 5 – the same design, the same size and the same diagonal screen. However you can see on photos the difference inside the model. For example, fixings for board are not at the same place as in iPhone 5. Also there is news that Qualcomm has released new NFC chip (near-field-communications) that fits iPhone 5S. This new iPhone 5S feature will give better speed and performance of mobile payments.

iPhone 5s photos

But there are some journalists questioned the fact that iPhone 5S images displayed on the panel are not 5S’s, the fact is that it may be a old pre-test sample of iPhone 5 (which for some reason has not been approved). As with iPhone 5 (test model) all identification symbols are replaced by the letter “x”.

iPhone 5s release date

However I think that it is not strong proof that photos of iPhone 5S are fake and it is possible that we actually see the first pictures of the new Apple smartphone which will be more powerful than the iPhone 5 and release date of iPhone 5S will really be in the mid of 2013.


Apple is to Release iPhone 5S Earlier Next Year

The latest predictions assure that the Cupertino-based smartphone giant is to start the trial production of the next iOS handset model, so the iPhone 5S release date should be announced soon. This will be a different version of the iPhone 5 which was launched this September and sold millions of unites worldwide.