How to Extend iPhone 6 Battery Life for a Week

It looks like all the problems with iPhone 6 battery life are in the past. A lot of users with different Apple smartphone models wish their battery life to last longer than a day. Some users get issues when their battery doesn’t last even for 24 hours. Complaints about the ‘fruit’ battery were always a big issue.

Would you like to learn how to extend iPhone 6 battery life and make it last for a week? One British company developed a special battery that can make iPhone serve the whole week in between charges. This is the reality and the company Intelligent Energy might help Apple to boost battery life and move the famous ‘fruit’ technology forward.

Customers will absolutely be happy if their iOS handset running iOS 8.4.1, upcoming iOS 9 or earlier firmware version lasts for a week long. Right now this sounds more like a rumor or secret wish of millions of consumers yet such a hydrogen battery exists as prototype.

The firm developed their own iPhone 6 prototype that does remind of a current-generation iPhone 6. It has some minor differences with the original smartphone and one huge difference – this prototype lasts 7 days on one charge which is surely impossible on the original iPhone 6 version created by Apple.

The new technology is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. This is how it can create electricity. The iPhone built by Intelligent Energy has the fuel cell system in it. It’s not known how much such battery system could cost. The firm promises cheap week-long lasting iPhone 6 batteries but the exact price isn’t named.

Does the company work with Apple and will it bring its innovation to the future ‘fruit’ handsets? We don’t know anything for sure. Let’s wait and see how the iPhone generation would change with year.


How to Snooze Alarm on iPhone 6 by Tapping Anywhere

Is there a simple iPhone alarm snooze option for iPhone 6 users? Anyone who is running iOS 8.4 or earlier firmware version and jailbroken with TaiG tool [it works on Mac and Windows] or PP Jailbreak [it also supports both computer platforms] can download a tweak that makes the process fast and easy.

There is a fun Cydia tweak which allows snoozing your iOS 8 alarm by tapping anywhere on the screen. This means that you can click anywhere and don’t have to press on the small Tap to Snooze button which can be sometimes hard to not miss in the morning.

How to Snooze Alarm on iPhone 6

Step 1. Jailbroken users can find the free Cydia package on the BigBoss repository. The tweak is called SnoozeHelper. Download it and intall on your iPhone 6 or other ‘fruit’ handset model.

Step 2. This iOS 8 tweak is very simple. It has no configurations so you don’t need to adjust it to your needs.

Step 3. The program can be used right after it was installed. Remember that the next time your alarm wakes you up you don’t need to search for the little snooze option in order to dismiss it. Just tap anywhere and it will be dismissed at once.

This is probably the best way to snooze iOS 8 alarm on iPhone 6. The only drawback is you have to be jailbroken and not all users like to install Cydia store on their Apple gadget because jailbreaking might not be that safe. What do you think about SnoozeHelper jailbreak tweak? Is it must-have addition or are you ok with accurately tapping on snooze without such a program? Of course, it is possible to get the same snoozing effect if you click on your Lock / Sleep key however it should be faster to just tap anywhere on iDevice screen, isn’t it?


How to Switch Between Keyboards on iPhone 6 [Guide]

Regular iPhone keyboard switch isn’t available through the globe menu you can find in the low left corner. This is not difficult to use however this simple switch between keyboards iPhone 6 solution can be only used if you install one fun tweak. You need to use a jailbroken iOS 8 device but this is very simple with the variety of tools available this summer. Use TaiG Windows jailbreak or PP jailbreak for Mac and you’ll make any iOS 8, 8.3, 8.4 smartphone untethered within moments.

Why would anyone want to quickly switch between keyboards? Well, when you are typing a message you might want to use your stock keyboard and Emojis [find out how to use hidden Spock emoji on iOS 8.4]. This is the perfect situation when the simple jailbreak tweak can make such switch enjoyable and fast.


How to Switch Between iPhone Keyboards

Step 1. The tweak you might wanna try is called KeySwipe. It is sold at $0.99 on Cydia. You can find the tool in the BigBoss repository. Please note that iOS 7 firmware is also supported. However it is better to jailbreak iOS 8.4 if you are using the iPhone 6.

Step 2. When KeySwipe is installed you will locate a new pane in your Settings app.

Step 3. You can enable and turn off the tweak. This can be done through Settings.

Step 4. There are no other configurations. Once enabled, the tweak automatically lets you learn how to switch keyboard iOS 8 on iPhone 6 or other model of ‘fruit’ device.

Step 5. The jailbreak app works only with the stock iOS keyboard and supports Emoji keyboard. If you want to use it with third-party keyboards you will find that it fails to work. This is the main drawback KeySwipe has keeping in mind that it is not free to download.

Do you often switch keyboards on the iDevice?


How to Delete Music from iPhone 6: Albums and All Music at Once [Instruction]

Users who have 8GB iPhone 6 or other models with little storage space might want to learn how to delete albums from iPhone to free it for more images and games [you can also learn how to delete backups to free up some space]. It’s great that all the music won’t be deleted permanently and you’ll always be able to re-download it again.

Some users prefer storing songs and other files in the cloud. Others are fans of storing everything on the PC or Mac. Before you choose to remove music or albums you are advised to back up your music in iTunes or cloud. Follow the guide below and you will find out how to get rid of extra files within seconds.

Delete Music from iPhone 6

How to Delete Music from iPhone 6

Method 1. It is possible to remove everything at once. This how to delete all music from iPhone method is simple. You have to launch Settings and go to General – Usage – Storage and you will find Manage Storage feature. Find Music app from the list of applications and select it to see the music library on iPhone 6 or other model. Press on Edit option next to All Songs menu and you will be able to get rid of all songs stored on the handset.

Method 2. You can delete albums one by one through Settings. You have Music application that reveals every song you have got from iTunes and you are able to remove albums after you go to Settings, select Music and disable the feature called Show All Music. It is now possible to choose Albums from the Music app menu and select the album you wish to get rid of by swiping to the left. There will be a red box with Delete option you can use in order to remove one album at a time.

Enable Show All Music after you have deleted the albums.

Remember that you can always get the music back if you store it in cloud or purchased from iTunes.


How Good Is iPhone 6 Camera Compared to Samsung Galaxy S6?

When you compare Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 one thing you will pay attention to is the smartphones’ cameras shootout. How good is iPhone 6 camera [take a look at iPhone 6 Plus pros and cons as well]? Is it better than the competitor’s or not? Let’s take a look at some photographs and compare the two models based on how their cameras perform.


The iPhone has the 8MP sensor and its camera sensors do not offer incredible megapixels. Still Apple is somehow managing to improve its performance allowing customers to carry their smartphone in their pocket and use it for multiple purposing including photos.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the 16MP camera and it is much better than the one used on the ‘fruit’ handset. When you compare Apple iPhone to Samsung smartphones you will notice tons of differences, but each gadget will find its customer in the end.


No matter how good the S6 camera is, when you compare iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S6 photos you will see that the two cameras perform pretty similar when you leave the settings on stock.


Both devices do nice images in different lightning conditions. They are nearly perfect when it comes to taking pictures in proper daylight even though the iPhone 6 surely lacks some focus’s depth. Still photos taken with the ‘fruit’ device are slightly sharper than the images created with S6 camera.


If there is not enough light, Samsung captures more light and makes brighter photos compared to Apple device which makes darker but still sharper photographs.


Anyways, look at the images and judge yourself on what is better to get, iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 as both smartphones have nice cameras and capture great images.


Windows 95 / 98 Installation Guide on Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad [you can use iOS 8-8.1 jailbreak instructions for iDevices]? If you are a fan of jailbreaking tips and tricks you can learn how to install Windows on iPhone or other iDevice. This instruction is fun and can surprise your friends or let you enjoy playing some retro games that are not available in the App Store.

The instruction is tricky but you can use it to install Windows 95 on iPad or Windows 98 on iPhone. By the way, Nintendo promises to bring Mario and other characters to iOS platform sometime in 2015.

Windows Installation on iPad / iPhone Guide

Step 1. It is important to install two tweaks. One is called iFunBox and the second one is Winlmage [you can Google and find both tools with ease].

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 1

Step 2. Go through the installation for both programs you have downloaded in the step above. It takes a while so please be patient.

Step 3. If you wish to install Windows 95 you’ll need to get Pack Windows 95 and for 98 you’ll need Pack Windows 98. Both are available in English. Remember to unzip the file you get and install it.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 3

Step 4. Use Winlmage to open c.img file. You’ll have to find ISO images of the games you wish to play on your Windows iPhone later on and add them. You can use the ISO for Fallout 2 or any other PC game you want to bring to your iDevice.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 4

Step 5. Once done you can close Winlmage program.

Step 6. Take your iPhone and connect it to your computer via a USB cable. Launch iFunBox tool.

Step 7. The files you have created in Step 4 have to be added in this folder: /User/Documents/ so please do so.

Step 8. Disconnect the iDevice.

Step 9. Open iFile to change files c.img, dospad.cfg and w95.bat. You have to change Group Permissions to Write and Read [checkmark the Write here as Read is already checked] and World Permissions to Write and Read as well.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 9

Step 10. Take your iPhone and launch Cydia store. Add a new repo source and search for DOSPAD. Download and install this tweak.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 10

Step 11. Launch DOSPAD. Use your virtual keyboard. You should type w95 and click on Enter.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 11

Step 12. You should now see Windows95 on your iPhone or iPad.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 12

Step 13. Once you install Windows on iPhone / iPad you can use ISO files of the games to set them up. You might need to agree to install DirectX to run the games.

Windows 95 Installation on iPad Step 13

Note that each time you’ll reboot you will have to type w95 in DOSPAD to run Windows. If you are interested in Mario games you should know that devs can play Super Mario on iOS 8 iPhone 6 but they sadly don’t share the instruction how they managed everything and say they have no plans to bring this opportunity to public.


Set Up Complex Passcode on iPhone 6 and Other iPhones / iPads [Instruction]

Users who have heard about brute force iPhone passcode bypass tools might like to protect their smartphone just in case. Since most such tools are able to figure out your passwords if you are using a simple 4-digit option, you should set up a complex passcode on iPhone 6, 6 Plus or any other smartphone model to not allow any brute force password attack on your device.

Touch ID does protect your iDevice. Still there is a big number of small boxes such as IP box or Black box or similar devices [there is even a software program for Mac that can do the same thing] that use brute force to get full access to your locked iOS smartphone without losing any of your personal information.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to create and set up iPhone complex passcode and protect yourself even more.

How to Set Complex Password on iPhone [Instruction]

Step 1. A strong password will improve the protection of your iDevice from possible intrusions. Go to Settings on your smartphone to begin with.

Step 2. Find the Touch ID & Passcode menu and access it.

Step 3. Users who have earlier created a simple 4-digit password should enter it as they will be asked to do so right now.

Step 4. You should find Simple Passcode option by scrolling down. Disable it. Enter your 4-digit password once again to turn off this feature.

Step 5. Your iDevice will now ask you to create a new passcode. You will see all the special characters, numbers and letters this time. Create a complicated strong password and remember it. It is important to keep your new passcode in mind.

Set Up Strong Password on iPhone

Step 6. Click on Next.

Step 7. You should once again enter your new passcode that is long and complex.

Step 8. Press on Done.

Remember that even a strong passcode might be bypassed, but it is way more difficult for hackers to crack it than a simple four-digit one.


Experts Predict Big Revenue for Apple in Q2 Thanks to iPhone 6 Sales

While Christmas is long over, iPhone 6 sales record hasn’t stopped. Experts predict high sales for this popular iOS 8 smartphone in the second fiscal quarter in 2015. The report comes from Asian analysts who believe that Apple gets big revenue thanks to its iDevice’s popularity across the world.

Apple sold over 43 million smartphones in Q2 2014. This number is predicted to increase by 24 percent. As Barclays and Morgan Stanley share in their iPhone 6 sales forecast, the sales might reach 54 million units in the second quarter of 2015. Other analysts, for example, UBS, report even higher numbers forecasting 58 million phones sales.

March iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales are believed to be strong. The high demand for these two models is still experienced as more customers wish to purchase the iOS smartphone. This time the U.S. sales [Apple set a record by selling over 74 million of iDevice smartphones in Q1 2015 which resulted in over $74 billion in the company’s revenue] are overtaken by iOS smartphone sales in China. This country brought over $16 billion in revenue and this number is believed to increase in the second quarter, as analysts think.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company is planning to open 40 stores in China by the middle of 2016 while it already has 21 running.

The Cupertino-based giant hasn’t announced the date when it is planning to report its earnings in Q2 2015 yet.


iOS Code Found in Android Wear: iPhone 6 Support Confirmed

It does look like Android iOS support will be included in the Android Wear [do you know how many Americans are eager to buy Apple wearable?]. The confirmation of this fact was discovered in the Android code that is related to Apple mobile firmware. It is still unclear when such support can come but it has to become available sooner or later.

Can I install iOS 8 on Android Wear? You cannot at the moment, but you might be able to use Wear with iPhone in the future. Google is planning to bring its app to iOS platform, so if you wish Android Wear iOS support to become real soon you can cross your fingers and wait till the company completes the development and coding and officially releases it.

If iOS related code is found by experts, it can only mean that Google is working on the big update that involves all iPhone and maybe iPad users as well, specifically those who know what Android Wear is and wants it to work with ‘fruit’ smartphones and tablets.

Apple and Google compete in different spheres. When the Cupertino-based giant announced Apple Watch release for the end of April, Google reported about its Android Wear-based smartwatch that could also work with the iPhone 6 just like native Apple’s product.

When Apple Pay became popular, Google announced Android Pay service and a lot of users also heard of Samsung Pay coming out.

What do you think about these rivals and how they are working in the very same directions?


4.7-inch iPhone 6C 3D Renders Surface on the Web

With the high demand for both iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 customers still wonder when the 4.7-inch iPhone screenshots appear online [so far we’ve only heard about some of the possible iPhone 6S specs]. Here come images that demonstrate the 3D renders of the imaginative products for the Apple line of future smartphones.

Designers work hard creating the gadgets of their dreams. Apple won’t probably change its new iPhone 6c that much, though the company is believed to work on either iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, according to different experts. This doesn’t upset 3D Future which shares its views on the iPhone 6c.

iPhone 6c Render

The next iPhone render images reminds of the colorful iPhone 5c which was a ‘cheaper’ version of the iPhone 5S. It has a plastic back and also colorful and bright. These iPhone 6c rumors [or let’s say, 3D imaginative renders] show a mash-up between that 5c model and current 6 device, but the model seems to have a 4.7-inch screen.

Don’t mistake these images for the real iPhone we’ll see later in 2015. These are just renders and imagination of another group of designers. The specs or options aren’t real, though it’s still cool to look at what could have been a new Apple smartphone.

iPhone 6c 3D Renders

What do you think about the new iPhone 6c concept?