Look At iPhone 6 Curved Display Screen Prototype in Pictures and Scheme

Why talk about iPhone 5S, let’s talk about iPhone 6 curved screen, its prototype,design and features. Lately we wrote about iPhone 6 concept and its features and now you can see here iPhone 6 prototype.

In late March, Apple received a patent for a futuristic mobile device consisting of a glass construction and a flexible display. The paper proposed a design option smartphone that has a seamless, continuous surface, consisting entirely of a touch screen and curved display

iphone 6 curved screenToday, were unveiled photos of the device in the network, which is claimed to be the prototype of iPhone 6. Fuzzy photos of the device, but the overall form factor imaginable.

iphone 6 design

The design is significantly different from what Apple has released before. The basis of the gadget is oval, rounded side faces. In such a device eliminated the need for physical buttons. Volume control buttons and a screen lock missing – they must be replaced by gestures. Apparently, you can increase the volume on the phone  by swiping your finger up one of its sides.

Release the next iPhone is expected in the summer. This means that over the next few months will show up on the Internet leak, that will stir up interest in a promising new product. However, in this case, it is likely that the photos of iPhone 6 prototype with curved screen are the result of a Photoshop. Also Apple didn’t confirmed this information.


iPhone 6 Specs: Next Smartphone Running iOS 7 Concept

What will Apple introduce us as the iPhone 6? Will this handset be running the new iOS 7? The latest firmware version released by the Cupertino-based company is iOS 6.1.3. How soon will the next operating system follow?

People like to ask questions about iPhone 6 release date and the A7 chip device features. It’s ok for users to be curious and try to search for all the rumors and specs of the phone that hasn’t been even produced yet. We offer you some looks at the iPhone 6 concept, possible pricing and options it might get.

iPhone 6 Features Based on Rumors

The seventh-generation smartphone might get the A7 processor and the Retina display with either 4.2 or 4.8-inch screen. There are a lot of ideas that show Apple what its customers might like to see as the new iPhones.

One of the latest ideas on iPhone 6 belongs to Bob Freking whose next handset is running iOS 7. This concept is known as Apple iPhone X. It features 4.8-inch Retina display, redesigned buttons, iSight camera [16 megapixel], metal shell and dual LED flash. Its technical specs include a quad core chip and 4GB of RAM. The designer wants to see his smartphone being able to charge wirelessly and NFC. Take a look at this video:

iPhone 6 Pricing Concept

Freking suggests the 128GB iPhone 6 or iPhone X should cost $1,199. This is pretty expensive, as for me. It will be curious to find out what the Cupertino-based giant will offer its consumers. The next handset is just around the corner, and we will surely hear some news at WWDC this year.

How will Apple innovate? What is the exact iPhone 6 release date? We don’t know the answers yet, and we are not sure whether we see iPhone 5S model in summer and 6 version in autumn 2013. We just wanted you to know the most recent rumors and ideas on the popular handset concept running next iOS 7.


Will iPhone 6 Differ from iPhone 5?

There are a lot of tech companies in the world and their devices: smartphones and tablet computers – offer a big variety of screen-size options and price selections for customers. Apple is different and it thinks different. Its newest iPhone 5 just like the previous models of this handset is sold in one screen size, two colors only, with one operating system and limited price points.

At the same time such giants as Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC and others release different versions of the same phone model offering their users units with different screen sizes and prices. Consumers often get to choose which OS to use, what specs to pick and what features to get.

Thoughts about iPhone 6

Since the Cupertino-based company has limited itself to one iPhone 5 design, it will get tough competition from other smartphone makers. Right now the Android OS gadgets dominate the market, and Google can boast over 60% share while Apple has less than 20% share. Microsoft is rumored to release its own Windows Phone while its vendor partners will soon offer Windows 8 smartphones as HTC, Nokia, Samsung and other companies will deliver such handsets and tablet computers in the end of October.

Even though Apple likes to follow its own rules and the company believes it knows exactly what customers want to get, there are rumors about iPad Mini release. And such a gadget will prove that Apple can also produce different products, and thus the next iPhone 6 might be different from the iPhone 5. Maybe it will have another screen size or new features. Anyways, this will allow Apple to stay competitive.

No Challenge

Psychologists think that it becomes difficult to select products if you have too much choices. Apple knows about it, so it does not offer too many choices in order not to challenge its customers to make their selection.

The company likes to “make better products,” according to its designer Sir Jony Ive, so it tries to change every new product just slightly and not offer something brand new and completely different.

This can mean that the next iPhone 6 will not differ much from the iOS smartphones we are used to. Apple surely knows its business as it gets the majority of the profit for applications and mobile gadgets while other companies are trying to compete by releasing multiple choice devices. Still if the majority of handsets sold the next year has a bigger screen than iPhone 5, Apple might create the iPhone 6 with larger than 4-inch display and soak up the new demand.

Will Apple continue to invent the future? For how long will its devotion “less is more” stay competitive? What will the iPhone 6 be like? We’ll know some answers in a year.


iPhone 6 Can Be Next New iPhone Name!

Today we can observe another talks concerning next new iPhone name. Can it be iPhone 6? When we get closer to iPhone 5 release date many people make more suggestions regarding release date, design and features of the next iPhone.

Many respectable sources everyday publish something new. Only yesterday I wrote you about iPhone 5 with thinner display but today came to us another rumor.