Searching for No In-App Purchase Games and Apps for iPhone?

Apple has decided to promote no in-app purchases iPhone and Mac games and applications in its online stores. Both App Stores got the updated top content which used to provide the ideas for different good bundles and now promotes the applications that don’t offer any in-app purchases.

A lot of users are now ok with paying inside the apps but there is a big number of people who are fans of no in app purchase games and applications. There are a lot of parents among them who give their iPhone or iPad to kids to play and don’t want to end up paying anything on top of the application cost. Apple has done much to protect unwanted purchases within iOS apps but it is always better to be careful and attentive.

Are you a fan of no in app purchase games for iPhone or do you agree to pay money for unlocking extra options inside the application? Not everyone is eager to first buy the program and then spend more money for getting extra content within it.

Users were frustrated in the past when they downloaded the ‘free’ application that resulted in in-app purchases. Apple at first added a warning to such games and apps and then, in November 2014, it even changed the word ‘free’ to ‘get’ to not confuse potential consumers.

The updated App Store doesn’t show in each country yet. The first changes appeared in the UK version of it, and U.S. customers should soon also witness the upgrade that should stop confusing you when you want to get only no in app purchase games / applications for your iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, any other iPhone or iPad.


Learn The List Of The Best iPhone Password Manager Apps

Here is the best iPhone password manager apps list, that you can learn below. As all users know enabled two-step verification is the best way to ensure that your iCloud account is in safe and protected. Although it doesn’t always enough to prevent attackers from gaining access to personal data. In this case a strong password manager helps to protect your private data from a hacker.

Here is the best iPhone password manager apps list:


This app lets user to store credit card information, passwords, and others. It creates complex passwords using numbers, letters and symbols. Using your saved passwords you can browse the Internet directly from this app. 1Password syncs across multiple devices. The Mac version allows you to get access to all of your information right from your desktop. This app has the integration with App Touch ID and Extension, Dropbox integration syncs PC and Android.

1Password app

1Password app can be purchased for free.


The major feature of this app is to generate strong passwords in case user need it. Also the app stores credit card numbers, web logins, secure notes. After you have created a login for PasswordBox, all your passwords will be kept in sync across any device you may log into. The app also includes a built-in browser. It makes logging in to sites easy with one-click access. PasswordBox allows you to store 25 passwords for free.

PasswordBox app

You can get this app for free.


Another one app is LastPass. The app lets users backup sensitive data, store passwords and create notes for credit cards. Paying $12 per year, you can upgrade to the premium service. It represent users unlimited access to LastPass mobile apps usage, more multifactor authentication options, and more. The multiplatform support includes Windows, OS X, Android, Linux, and Blackberry.

LastPass app

You can get LastPass app for free.

Checkout the list for iPad models.


Infinity Blade 2 iOS Game Becomes Free in the App Store

Fans of iOS game promotions can now get Infinity Blade 2 and play a game on iPhone and iPad for free. This app is now completely free and you can download it from the App Store or through iTunes on your computer.

Since it is not clear when the promotion is over you might like to grab your version of Infinity Blade 2 for free in the App Store right away. The description to this program says “it is free for a limited time” and fans of free staff should hurry to be able to get it before the price goes up.


Such promotions are held each year. Developers are trying to make their programs more popular allowing users to get the no-cost games and apps during specific time.

This game, for example, can be played on all iDevices, including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You should have the operating system version 4.3+. Users who spent money on Infinity Blade 2 assure that this game worth the money meaning you will definitely like it for free now as there is no need to pay.


Infinity Blade 2 free download link is right here. You might be glad to know that the application is using Unreal Engine 3. It is a good development which is proven by 20+ awards won by game creators for this app.

The app features both single-player mode and multiplayer. We hope you will enjoy this news!


Free Xmas iPhone App to Modify Your Holiday Pictures

Christmas is an amazing time when you can feel yourself being a child again. It is cool to have some fun, meet your family and make nice holiday pictures using one free Xmas iPhone camera app that you can download from the App Store.


How to Install Russian In-App Proxy Server And Purchase Apps For Free

Few hours ago I wrote you news that there is a method to install Russian in-app proxy server and download almost all apps absolutely for free.

Not long ago Russian developer (ZonD80) was decoded in-app purchases protocol for iOS applications and a couple of days ago he published a tutorial guide how to install Russian in-app proxy server and enjoy it for free.

Update: ZonD80 managed to hack Mac App Store for free in-app purchases. Detailed info and instructions.


Check the Cellular Towers Info with Signal iPhone App

Signal is a new Cydia application for the iPhone 4, 3GS and also 3G which shows all the information of cell towers near you on a map in excellent detail. It is an awesome little application that you may possibly have always wanted but never got. So, the following discription will tell you more about this amazing iPhone app.