iPhone 6 Prototype Shocking Price Wows eBay Users

Would anyone like to buy iPhone prototype? Apple fans usually choose to purchase newest iPhone models. For example, this year millions of potential customers are looking to upgrade to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With the iPhone SE release and upcoming iPhone 7 update it is curious to see iPhone 6 prototype on eBay. The seller assures that the lucky customers will get test software on this handset model. It also has red Lightning connector. Still there are no FCC markings on the device.

iPhone 6 Prototype Price eBay Ad

Wondering about iPhone 6 prototype price? The seller sets pretty high price on this precious and unique smartphone with SwitchBoard software installed on it. This is the ‘fruit’ company’s internal debugging operating system. So the price is over $5,000.

The iPhone 6 prototype seems to be the later test smartphone. It truly looks like the final Apple iPhone however without model numbers, identifiers on the back of the device. The color of the Lightning connector is also unique.

The seller assures that the smartphone was purchased from his friend. It should be mentioned that the prototype of iPhone 6 has not IMEI number. This means you cannot factory unlock iPhone 6 if you purchase it because all SIM unlock services are based on IMEI code and activation status.

Testing models are meant for performing tests, checking sensors and doing other testing tasks. In-house iPhones do not run iOS so don’t expect to install iOS 9 on this expensive prototype model.


iPhone in India: Foxconn to Set $10 Billion Plant

There are some curious iPhone made in India rumors that say Foxconn has plans to set manufacturing plant and create iPhones in this country. Chinese and Indian markets are fast emerging markets where ‘fruit’ smartphone is very popular.

Apple could ship more smartphones if it has iPhone plant India project. Foxconn has been working with the Cupertino-based giant for a long time. It is believed to set up $10 billion plant and manufacture iOS smartphones in India as well. By the way, Apple offers iPhone SE leasing option to Indian customers.

Apple iPhone Manufacture Made in India Plant

Right now Foxconn is the biggest Apple iPhone manufacturer. This Chinese company wants to build a new factory worth $10 billion and taking 1,200-acre of land. According to reports, the plant could be built in Maharashtra. Could this make it cheaper to offer iPhone in India or not? This is the question we can’t answer right now.

It could take 1.5 years to build iPhone manufacturing plant in India [Apple market share loses its positions]. In other words, it won’t function in 2016 or 2017. Foxconn could possibly set it up and present in 2018. Apple has big plans to start its retail stores in India and sell refurbished handsets however local government doesn’t give permission.

There are also rumors about ‘fruit’ giant investing $25 million into development center in Hyderabad. Having iPhone ‘make in India’ should provide Apple with some benefits in this country.

It is clear that Apple is expanding outside the Unites States. The growing sales of iPhone in China and India help the company grow its revenue and attract more customers. Having plants in both countries could be awesome.


iPhone SE Seems to Get Strong Demand

No matter what some experts say about iPhone SE orders Apple seems to experience strong demand for 4-inch iPhone model. Consumers seem to be happy with the smaller ‘fruit’ handset that can replace iPhone 5s lineup and Apple happily reports bigger iPhone SE chip orders for Q2, 2016.

It was earlier reported that iPhone SE processor orders were planned for up to 4 million for second quarter. Still customers are so interested in this device [iPhone SE with new features was officially released this spring] that the Cupertino-based giant had to revise its orders to over 5 million devices.

iPhone SE Sales Strong Demand 2016

It is curious that the higher demand for new smartphones is reported after Apple confirmed the first decline in its iPhone sales history. At the same time the company’s CEO Tim Cook noted that iPhone SE got higher demand than expected and this is a good sign for Apple. The company can improve its smartphone sales in the next Q3, 2016 if the demand keeps growing in the summer when there are no public updates.

We’ll know how popular iPhone SE is once Apple shares its earnings report and provides information on model sales and not common iPhone sales. This model isn’t that popular in the U.S. because local customers prefer bigger and more expensive Apple smartphones, but it is extremely demanded in China and India [Apple even offers its iPhone SE leasing program in India]. These two emerging markets have millions of customers who wish to own original Apple phone but want to pay for it as little as possible. There are predictions about Q3, 2016 financial results being similar to Q2 report. We’ll know the truth later.

Apple is now testing iOS 9.3.2 and preparing for WWDC 2016 conference where it should present iOS 10 and other new products for this year.


India Forbids Apps to Sell Refurbished iPhone Models

Many customers in India wish to purchase refurbished iPhone. Apple tried to get local government to approve the app for selling such models however the idea was rejected. This means that right now the ‘fruit’ giant cannot import refurbished handsets and no one knows if and when such opportunity can be real.

The idea of offering refurbished iPhones India could be an interesting solution for Apple however the company tried twice to sell its products and got down. The emerging Indian market needs affordable gadgets and since the Cupertino-based giant offers popular but expensive iPhones [compare iPhone 6s and iPhone SE] – more users are willing to get either affordable smaller device or agree to get the refurbished device.

Refurbished iPhone Apple News India

Refurbished iPhone India online shopping could be available but from third-party resellers. Apple is not allowed to import and sell its refurbished handsets. Refurbished iOS devices are offered across the world. Apple sells them in the U.S. and some other countries through online store but is not allowed selling such gadgets in India.

What is a refurbished iPhone? This is just used device that is certified by Apple after it got checked for quality and tested for working well. Second hand handsets are also popular in India so getting refurbished devices could be incredible. If government allows.

At the same time Indian government allows Apple to open own retail stores in this country. The smaller 4-inch iPhone SE, for example, is pretty popular in India since its price is lower compared to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.


Most Attractive iPhone SE Features and Specs

The new 4 inch iPhone features are not exactly what iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models offer but this smaller and less expensive Apple device is pretty attractive. Apple is offering it at $399+ as this version is meant to replace the iPhone 5c and 5s. It is cheaper yet it has some great options.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most outstanding iPhone SE features. The iPhone SE battery and specs are the main option as this is the most powerful Apple handset offered these days. It comes with 12MP camera, has 2GB of RAM, supports Apple Pay, has the A9 chip, can record 4K videos and offers Live Photos to users. It’s a great smartphone that is well worth its cost.

iPhone SE Features and Specs

iPhone SE specs are enhanced by powerful battery that can last longer than the batter in iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. Of course, iPhone SE lacks main iPhone 6s options and still it is a great handset created by the ‘fruit’ giant.

iPhone SE has no 3D Touch but this is something you can live without. You still get Apple Pay and Hey Siri option. Your modern iPhone SE can boast 50% more battery life than iPhone 5S, for example. It lasts for 10 hours. This is a good result, don’t you think so?

Apple offers iPhone SE at 16GB and 64GB versions. The bigger capacity costs $100 more than the 16GB model. If you already own bigger iPhone 6s you will most likely not even look at iPhone SE. Still there are many customer who wish to upgrade from iPhone 5 versions to SE model. They could be happy with it.


What iPhone SE Carrier to Choose: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile?

Are you planning to buy iPhone SE? This 4-inch smartphone is very popular in China and there are many U.S. customers who wish to get the replacement for older iPhone 5s. There are four major carriers you can choose from if you have no plans to purchase newest iPhone SE model at full price directly from Apple.

For example, you can get iPhone SE carrier Sprint, choose T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. AT&T recently raised upgrade fee for its subscribers so you’ll have to pay more if you wish to upgrade this handset from this network.

iPhone SE Network Choose Carrier

You can choose iPhone SE network Verizon. It boasts great coverage and it’s the most expensive U.S. carrier. If you are not looking for cheaper data plans you should not get Verizon iDevice. Of be ready to pay $45 a month for 3GB plan, $60 per month for 6GB plan and $80-$100 for extra packages.

T-Mobile doesn’t charge you any fees for upgrading your iPhone to iPhone SE. This is one of the most affordable networks in the United States. For example, unlimited 4G data plan costs $95 a month. You can rollover data you haven’t used if you subscribe to Simple Choice plan. There are other interesting plans you can get with this network.

Sprint iPhone SE purchase can also offer affordable data plans. The unlimited 1GB data plan costs $20 a month and 24GB plan costs $80 per month.

There are different networks that offer unlimited packages for users. If you don’t need an ordinary data allotment you can always choose more expensive plans for your iPhone SE or other smartphone model.


Apple Introduces iPhone SE Leasing Programin India

Customers who live in India can now lease iPhone SE model. This is the most recent iPhone version presented by Apple this spring. It’s a smaller device if compared to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and it arrives with 4-inch screen. At the same time it’s a powerful gadget that arrives with some interesting features and has a nice price.

iPhone leasing program India has been corporated by Apple in order to boost local sales of iPhones. It is possible to lease iPhone SE in India and pay off its price within the next 24 months. You’ll have to pay $15 per month to get this deal. This is similar to Rs. 999 / month cost which you must cover each month for the next 2 years.

iPhone SE Apple Leasing Program

It is interesting that iPhone SE leasing programis now offered to Indian customers only. Besides, you can also lease iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 [here is iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s comparison]. Of course, these models are priced higher. You will have to pay Rs. 1,199 / month for iPhone 6 and Rs. 1,399 per month for iPhone 6s. This way the ‘fruit’ giant wants to attract consumers who are big fans of the iPhone but are not willing to spend much on this expensive brand.

Not any customer can get the deal. Apple created this programto corporate members only. The program is an interesting way to promote iPhones in this country and the Cupertino based giant is doing everything to attract more foreign users.


Compare iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s via Durability Test

Can the two latest Apple smartphone compete with each other? Look at iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s and you’ll know which model is better to purchase. Take into consideration your personal desires as smaller / bigger screen and number of unique features can play big difference. Can’t it?

If you get a quick look at both iPhones you might think that the 4-inch model is a great replacement for iPhone 6s however iPhone 6s and iPhone SE durability test shows that the more expensive model is better to get when it comes to various obstacles and life situations.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s Durability Test

When there was knife / hammer test performed on iPhone SE screen it turned out that this display is better than other screens Apple produces. However if you drop, dunk in water, throw or bend your handset you will notice how easily it will ‘die.’

If you need a durable handset with multiple options you should pay attention to iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3 or other firmware version. If you ever drop your iPhone Se into water it would be bricked within a minute or two. You might lose audio support at first and get a brick in your hands. At the same time the iPhone 6s can survive deep in the water for much longer in case you ever drop it.

Thrown or dropped iPhone Se will get numerous scuffs on the frame. The iPhone 6s would get less damage if you drop it. In other words, there is a reason why Apple’s 6s line is more expensive than iPhone SE. It is more durable than cheaper gadget.


First iPad Pro 9.7 Inch Models Start Arriving

The most recent iPad Pro 9.7 inch model is released and customers start to receive their pre-orders. The same situation is seen with the new 4-inch iPhone SE versions. Apple is shipping the first pre orders and users are happy to experience more with Apple.

The company usually releases new gadgets once a year. The 2016 is an exception as consumers got iPhone SE upgrade and should see iPhone 7 release later in the fall. There are many rumors about possible iPhone 7 specs and features however those are rumors and iPhone SE is already here.

iPad Pro 9.7-ich Pre Order Shipment Arrival

iPad Pro pre order and iPhone SE pre orders being arriving. Users are happy and many potential customers are thinking whether to purchase the small phone or wait for the next iPhone 7. First iPhone SE / iPad Pro models were received by New Zealand customers.

How different is iPhone SE from iPhone 5s? How different is iPhone SE from iPhone 6s? How much do these models have in common? Users are advised to compare all these models in order to get the most desired smartphone from Apple in case you wish to upgrade your older iPhone 5 or other model this spring.

Apple fans from New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, Canada and the U.S. are getting their pre-orders but you can already walk in your closest Apple retail store and get a new iPhone or iPad Pro if this is what you want.


Closer Look at iPhone SE Components Shows iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 Parts

Apple presented the new iPhone SE model ahead of its ordinary production cycle as most users were expecting to only see iPhone 7 in 2016 [these thoughts were popular a year ago]. Many of us would like to see iPhone SE specs [you can also install newest iOS 9.3 firmware with fix to activation bugs].

Luckily, iPhone SE components are known as there is teardown that shows the parts used by Apple. Would you like to take a loser look at what’s hidden inside? The 4-inch smartphone seems to use parts from both iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

iPhone SE A9 processor

For example you can see the A9 processor inside the iPhone SE. This is the same chip used in iPhone 6s. It is curious that this processor’s companion is 2GB LPDDR4 RAM model. It was made by SK Hynix and is exactly what you can find in the iPhone 6s.

The processor found in one of the iPhone SE devices was manufactured in August / September 2015. At the same time, the memory model was produced last December. Anyways, when you look at iPhone SE what’s inside you get an idea that Apple has many A9 processors left from iPhone 6s production. The company also included the inertial sensor and NFC module that are used in iPhone 6s. Maybe the reason is lower sales of iPhone 6s compared to what the Cupertino-based giant expected after successful iPhone 6 release.

At the same time touchscreen controllers are borrowed from the iPhone 5s. The only new part discovered in the iPhone SE is the power management IC. It helps to manage all the parts taken from two different iPhone models.