New iPad Pro Unresponsive: How to Fix Issue

Is your iPad Pro unresponsive? It happens to some users who already got the newest tablet Apple released last week. According to new owners, their device often becomes unresponsive [here is how to order your new iPad Pro model]. It happens mostly after charging. Can you fix the bug?

The new 12.9-inch device that is available in several colors and boast the powerful processor is currently the biggest tablet device released by Apple. Of course, the charging is part of everyday use and it is a problem when each charging results in your iPad Pro not responding to you.

iPad Pro Not Responding Bug Fix Issues Problems Unresponsive

Exploring all the fun features you get with the iPad Pro is nice however you will be upset the first time your tablet stops responding [no matter what color iPad Pro you choose or capacity you have]. When this would happen again and again after each charge you will probably get frustrated. We don’t know why the issue takes place but the fact it – the device stops responding after charging. Of course, you can fix the problem on your own but you will not be too happy to fix it each time the issue occurs. Right?

Frozen iPad Pro is of no use unless you unfreeze it. ‘Lucky’ owners of the buggy devices say that if your tablet doesn’t want to wake up or respond after it is charged – you can hard restart the iDevice that the issue will be gone. There should be no issues with the full battery life after charge, it isn’t gone. However Apple has to do something with the iOS 9 problem and offer the fix as the number of iPad Pro customers is growing every day.

It’s not nice to carry the ‘dead’ iPad Pro with you. Charge it and hard restart if the gadget stops responding afterwards. You might also want to contact Apple just in case. The company surely knows about the bug and suggests users could either hard reset the device or restore it to factory settings. Is this the hardward or software bug? No information from Apple yet.


Mac Applications Damaged Due to Authentication Problems

There are some authentication issues on Mac that makes users frustrated [you can unlock your Mac using free iPhone Touch ID tool]. Some people note that the problems cause other unpleasant consequences and the results are upsetting. For example, users assure they have problems with applications they downloaded from the Mac App Store.

According to users, Mac authentication problems can cause ‘damaged’ apps. A lot of people suffered from this bug this week. They simply found out that their Mac applications are now ‘damaged’ and this happened because of the issues with authentication.

Mac Store Apps Damaged

It is curious that the list damages programs contains some popular programs including Call of Duty 2, Tweetbot, 1Password and Byword. A lot of other apps are also suffering from the unknown bug.

If you see your Mac Applications damaged message you should know that you are not alone. Many users have the same issue. They can’t open Acorn and other tools as they see error when they are trying to launch the damaged program.

How can you fix Mac applications damages problem caused by authentication issue? Some users are able to solve the bug by signing out of the Mac App Store and signing back in. Others say this method doesn’t help them and they have to delete the program from Mac and reinstall it again.

Still the two solutions might not fix your problem. The new security certificate issued by Apple should help as well as it won’t expire until 2035. As developers say the problem could have appeared because of the authentication certification and the different receipts encryption used on new and older OS X versions. This hasn’t been confirmed by Apple and it’s understood. The Cupertino company is busy as it just launched the new iPad Pro you could earlier pre order and now buy in the U.S.

There is another fix you can also try if you keep experiencing the problem. Run one command and it should solve the bug without Mac restart and with no app reinstallation. The command name is: $ killall -KILL storeaccountd. Good luck!


How to Fix Boot Loop iPhone iOS 9 Problem After Jailbreak

Why do users jailbreak their iOS 9 iPhone and iPad? There are multiple reasons for untether jailbreaking Apple iDevice and users are not afraid of possible bootloops afterwards. Luckily you can fix boot loop iPhone problem and continue using the jailbroken gadget. Here is a guide on how to fix the issues if you come across bootloops after iOS 9 jailbreak.

Let’s remind some facts. iOS 9 was officially presented in September. The only team that found the jailbreak is Pangu. Their tool can successfully jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 gadgets however it doesn’t support iOS 9.1 firmware version. A lot of users experience problems with jailbreaking and iOS 9 boot loop fix is the response to some issues you might have.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Boot Loop Fix iPhone

The randon bootloop is also called boot loop of death. You can try to solve it and if this doesn’t work you’ll most likely have to either uninstall the jailbreak and re-jailbreak again or restore to iOS 9.1 which is non-jailbreakable at the moment.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Bootloop Fix for iPhone

The bootloop can occur on any iDevice. The unclean reboots could cause the issue as some experts think. Try to avoid unclean shutdowns and this way you might bypass the possibility of boot loops.

You should turn off the jailbroken iPhone and iPad by sliding to ‘power off’ and not using other options. If you choose a different shutdown method it won’t unmount HFSJ+ file system on your iDevice the correct way and this could easily lead to bootloop.

There is another clean shutdown tool you can use. Some jailbreak tweaks you install from Cydia store get the Cydia reboot button. Use it if you need to shutdown and you’ll avoid bootloops.

iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone / iPad users are not advised to turn off / reboot by clicking on Power + Home buttons. If you use this method and get the boot loop of death you’ll be stuck and have to restore to iOS 9.1 losing the jailbreak state.


Fix Cydia Error Failed to Fetch Hash Sum Mismatch on iPhone iOS 9

The iOS 9 jailbreak has a lot of issues and problems. Luckily the fixes arrive as soon as the problem occurs. Thus if you get failed to fetch Cydia error after jailbreaking iOS 9 iPhone or iPad – you can resolve the issue and continue using the popular store with tons of jailbroken tweaks just as you used to.

This guide is designed for you if you get iOS 9 failed to fetch issue while trying to launch Cydia after performing Pangu jailbreak on iOS 9 – 9.0.2 and keep seeing the same error each time the store is trying to upload. It says that it cannot fetch ‘ Hash Sum mismatch’ and this error doesn’t disappear that easy.

iOS 9 Cydia Error Failed to Fetch iPhone Fix

Cydia Error Failed to Fetch Hash Sum Mismatch Fix

Step 1. If you keep trying to launch Cydia and it doesn’t load packages and repositories, you might want to try one crazy method that seems to work for some jailbroken users.

Step 2. Users who tried to reboot and launch Cydia again couldn’t fix the jailbreaking problem. The solution can look very strange but once you perform this action – you’ll be surprised.

Step 3. The weirdest thing you can do is turn off your WiFi connection on the iPhone.

Step 4. Once WiFi is disabled you can try to connect via cellular connection. If this works you can reconnect to iPhone Hotspot or reconnect to WiFi.

Step 5. If you still get the issue but the ‘Hash Sum mismatch’ message is not displayed any more, you should simply Refresh your Cydia Sources and the problem should be gone.

The problem occurs on different phones including iPhone 6s. Successful iOS 9 jailbreak sometimes causes issues with Cydia however you can try to solve everything without problems. Do you still have problems with uploading jailbreak tweaks?


Cydia Substrate Bug Fix Download Available

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users and iOS developers who got a chance to jailbreak iOS 9 firmware with Pangu tool and installed the new Cydia Substrate offered by Saurik can now get the fixes to some of the issues that have surfaced. Both jailbreaking program and Saurik’s popular store are now updated to newer versions.

If you are looking for Cydia Substrate bug fix – it is available for download through Cydia app [learn how many users are already running iOS 9]. The program is updated to version 0.9.6010 [the previous release offered earlier this week was the 0.9.6000] and you are welcome to get it right away. The new package solves some bugs. For example, users noticed that the previous version of Substrate contained the issues with Cydia extensions upload. They didn’t load because of the armv7 32-bit slice problem which now turns to be completely fixed.

Cydia Substrate iOS 9 Fix Bugs

While the Cydia Substrate issue is fixed in the package upgrade there are some possible issues with other extensions. According to the store developer, Apple added some changes to 32-bit binaries and devs have to recompile their jailbreak applications or they can crash / fail / not load. It is possible to prevent such problems if everything is recompiled through WI, -segalign, 4000 in time.

If you get the problem and cannot load your iOS 9 extensions from Cydia store after jailbreaking iPhone or iPad with Pangu untether program – you can download the latest Cydia Substrate option and the issues will be solved.

It is possible to download and install the package directly from Cydia. Choose the Update tab and you’ll find the new release available for download. It’s cool that more and more iOS 9 packages get updates these days. A lot of users are jailbreaking because no matter how many new features Apple added to iOS 9 firmware – it still doesn’t let to fully customize its iDevices. The only way to change everything about your mobile platform is through Cydia third-party apps and tweaks.


iPhone 6s Shutdown Glitch Reported by Users

The new Apple smartphone models iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have their own bugs. Some of the issues are related to iOS 9 platform and the Cupertino-based company addressed some problems in its iOS 9.0.1 update. Other problems still exist, including the iPhone shutdown glitch.

According to early iPhone 6s customers their brand new handsets can shut down unexpectedly. This happens once in a while on some devices even if there is still enough battery power. Do you also experience iPhone 6s shuts down issue or is this bug rare?

iPhone Shut Down Bug iOS 9

Can iOS 9 firmware cause the shutdown glitch or not? There are a lot of questions that aren’t answered by Apple yet. If the reason of the problem is related to iOS 9 platform – it will be most likely fixed with iOS 9.1 upgrade. Developers and public beta testers are already looking at the upcoming mobile operating system version.

All the problems experienced with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are shared on Apple support forums. Users who came across the shutdown bug assure that the device cannot bypass it on its own. It is required to force restart the smartphone by pressing on both Home and Power buttons for approximately 10 seconds.

It is curious that there are iPhone 6 owners who have the very same problem. This means that the issue is still caused by iOS 9 firmware and the new update should fix everything. You might wanna wait for iOS 9.1 and avoid iOS 9.0.1 update as this firmware brings more issues than problem fixes, according to numerous reports.

We’ve also heard about the Home button getting too hot once in a while. This second issue is also caused by iOS 9 platform. Do you have any other bugs with iPhone 6s or earlier smartphone models after updating to the new firmware or not?


iPhone 6s Problems: Hot Home Button, Network Loss and 3D Touch Issues

Different users experience various iPhone 6s issues. You might also have troubles with some of the device’s part. Here are the most common problems users come across. Apple has already released iOS 9.0.2 minor upgrade that fixes bugs in the company’s software. However the issues reported by customers seem to be related to hardware.

iPhone 6s Problems and Issues

List of iPhone 6s Problems

The new generation ‘s’ smartphones were officially released on September 25th. Only a week passed since the moment the first customers got their new iDevices. The hardware issues are now known to everyone as they were reported by a big number of users.

There are a lot of bugs but we want to talk about the most common ones. While software iOS 9 issues can be always fixed with the next iOS update, hardware problems are more serious. Thus some users note that their 3D Touch option doesn’t work while they are using Safari browser. Such a problem can be easily fixed by Apple if it is not solved yet with the 9.0.2 version update.

There is another issue that bothers users. They report their iPhone Home button gets hot. This is abnormal and shouldn’t happen in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Those who share such an issue on Apple support forums assure that the button becomes extremely hot for not reason and it always happens suddenly. If you experience such an issue you might need to hard restart your iPhone.

Some users talk about both 3D touch problem that might be software issue along with the gadget switching off while there is still enough battery life. Your new device might also lose network connection as noted by some iPhone 6s customers. This is an unpleasant issue because it is not solved by iPhone reboot. You might need to reset your network settings each time the connection is lost.

Do you experience any of the iPhone 6s problems?


How to Fix iOS 9 Wifi Problems on iPhone or iPad

If you experience iOS 9 WiFi issues after installing this most recent iPhone and iPad firmware version that was released by Apple in September – use the guide below and fix the iOS 9 problems. We offer a simple instruction that could help you get rid of connectivity issues while connecting to WiFi network on iOS 9 platform.

Some users report iOS 9 problems WiFi and thus this could be a common issue with the operating system. If you want you can downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 while this firmware is signed by the company. Apple is now working on iOS 9.1 version that is already seeded to developers.

How to Fix iOS 9 WiFi Problem on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Here are the exact issues you might come across: incorrect password prompt, WiFi gray out issue, connection drops, slow speeds or inability to connect to WiFi on iOS 9.

Step 2. Try to force restart your iDevice. Some users say this helps to fix issues with WiFi connection. You should hold the Home + Sleep / Wake buttons at once and count till 10. You will see your scree go blank and Apple logo [here are other iOS 9 tips and tricks you might want to get acquainted with].

Step 3. Another way to solve the problem is to forget your WiFi Network and join it later on. You can do this through Settings – WiFi where you can select the option called Forget This Network. When you are to join it again just enter your password after selecting the network in Settings – WiFi menu.

Step 4. You can try to turn off WiFi Networking services through Settings – Privacy where you ca go to Location Services and select System Services.

Step 5. If nothing helps and you still have iOS 9 WiFi problems you can resent your network settings or restore your iDevice and set it up as a new iPhone or iPad.


Fix iOS 9 Stuck Update Requested on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Some users who are trying to install the most recent version of Apple mobile firmare report the iOS 9 stuck installing issue that keeps saying ‘Update Requested’ and doesn’t want to complete the installation procedure. Is there a way how to fight with this bug and get this firmware running on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

You know that the first week of the official iOS 9 upgrade is always with troubles because of millions of Apple fans who are trying to upload the software right away. This causes overloads for Apple servers and shows different errors and issues which make the updating complicated for a number of iPhone and iPad owners.

iOS 9 Stuck Update Requested Fix

Yes, one of the issues caused by slow download speeds is ‘Update Requested…’ message. It happened a year ago and it happens in the fall 2015. In case you see this text you will have to wait a bit since the iOS 9 download should start automatically in a while.

How to fix iOS 9 stuck on waiting? Unfortunately you can’t do much about Apple’s download speeds and have to wait until everything gets back to normal and you’ll be able to get the newest firmware release. It could take 2-3 days for things to become normal again however you can wait for iPhone 6s official launch date and get the new phone with iOS 9 already pre-installed on it.

In case you wish to install iOS 9 right away you might want to restart your iDevice after the ‘Update Requested’ message appears. This could help the download to start. If this doesn’t help you can upgrade through iTunes or use direct download links Apple offers [the ipsw file can be also installed through iTunes but manually].

There are a couple of methods how to download and install iOS 9 and you might want to try them all in case something doesn’t work.


How To Fix Battery Life Issue On Your iOS 8.4.1 Device

Since Apple has released its latest software update to iOS 8 many upgraded users have taken to Apple Support forums to complain about iOS 8.4.1 battery life issue on their devices.

If battery on any of your iOS devices, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, is draining fast after updating to the iOS 8.4.1 software, here are some tips to help you fix the problem.

Downgrade To iOS 8.4

Downgrading to iOS 8.4 was also the tip to fix iOS 8.4.1 battery life issue, but unfortunately it is no longer possible as Apple has closed the signing window.

Hard Reboot Your iOS Device

First you can try to hard reboot your iOS device to see if this fixes the problem. How to do this: simply simultaneously hold down both the Power and Home buttons on your device till it powers off completely and then restarts automatically. When you see the Apple logo on the screen let go of the buttons.

Reset All Settings

reset all settings

This step will reset all your iOS settings back to factory default. Don’t worry your data will not be deleted. How to do it: open the Settings app on your iOS device and go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Restore / Clean Install iOS 8.4.1

If you have updated your device with the new firmware via OTA update in some instances it could cause issues. That’s why clean installing iOS 8.4.1 via iTunes can help fix battery life issue.

How to do it: download iOS 8.4.1 firmware file for your device from here. Then, plug in your iOS device to the computer and launch iTunes. Next, hold down the Shift key (on Windows) or Option/Alt key (on OS X) and then tap on the Restore iPhone button.

restore to ios 8.4.1

Pick the firmware file to begin the Restore process.

Apple Support

If all of the above steps fail, and you still suffer from this battery problem the issue could be hardware related. It would be best to book an appointment at the Apple’s Genius Bar and have Apple engineers take a look at your iOS device.