Apple Store Down Issue Surfaces Ahead of iPhone 6s Launch

Preparing for the big private event titled ‘Hey Siri, give us a hint’ Apple Store down problems occur. The Cupertino-based giant is getting ready to live stream the long-awaited event and customers experience Apple Store doesn’t work issue.

The site doesn’t work. It only says that it would be back. Users who wish to purchase the ‘fruit’ device online have either to choose another retailer or wait until everything is fixed and running back again.

The Apple Store doesn’t load is not a common issue but it regularly happens whenever Apple is to introduce the new product. This happened a year ago during iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcement. This very same problem was in the spring when Apple was presenting its Apple Watch device. It happens on September 9th as this is the date when users learn everything about the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and other suprises the company has prepared for the fall of 2015.

When such problems occur they are usually fixed only after the major event is over. This means you’ll have to wait for a few hours before being able to search the store and make an online purchase. Apple should go into details about its ‘s’ smartphones lineup and other gadgets it would release before the end of 2015.

The official iPhone 6s presentation is held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. This place has seats for 6,000 people and this is a huge media even for the ‘fruit’ company.

Are you ready to learn more about the iPhone 6s, iOS 9, new iMac and other Apple devices? Follow the event live on Windows 10 computers, Macs and all iDevices and be the first one to hear everything about the future gadgets that could be top-sellers this Christmas.


How to Extend iPhone 6 Battery Life for a Week

It looks like all the problems with iPhone 6 battery life are in the past. A lot of users with different Apple smartphone models wish their battery life to last longer than a day. Some users get issues when their battery doesn’t last even for 24 hours. Complaints about the ‘fruit’ battery were always a big issue.

Would you like to learn how to extend iPhone 6 battery life and make it last for a week? One British company developed a special battery that can make iPhone serve the whole week in between charges. This is the reality and the company Intelligent Energy might help Apple to boost battery life and move the famous ‘fruit’ technology forward.

Customers will absolutely be happy if their iOS handset running iOS 8.4.1, upcoming iOS 9 or earlier firmware version lasts for a week long. Right now this sounds more like a rumor or secret wish of millions of consumers yet such a hydrogen battery exists as prototype.

The firm developed their own iPhone 6 prototype that does remind of a current-generation iPhone 6. It has some minor differences with the original smartphone and one huge difference – this prototype lasts 7 days on one charge which is surely impossible on the original iPhone 6 version created by Apple.

The new technology is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. This is how it can create electricity. The iPhone built by Intelligent Energy has the fuel cell system in it. It’s not known how much such battery system could cost. The firm promises cheap week-long lasting iPhone 6 batteries but the exact price isn’t named.

Does the company work with Apple and will it bring its innovation to the future ‘fruit’ handsets? We don’t know anything for sure. Let’s wait and see how the iPhone generation would change with year.


How to Get WiFi Password from Mac [Guide]

Sometimes you simply forget the code and want to quickly find WiFi password Mac and have no idea where to look it up. Our heads store a lot of information including passwords for computers, social networks, mail boxes and surely WiFi network [learn also how to bypass iPhone passcode on Mac]. While it is possible to use iCloud Keychain to get fast access to your personal codes with ease you can just as well use Terminal on your computer.

Yes, your Mac can show the necessary information to you. You only have to learn what to do in order to make it remind you of the passwords for WiFi networks you are using.

How to Get WiFi Password from Mac

Step 1. Go to Applications. Select Utilities and launch Terminal.

Step 2. In order to get Mac WiFi password show you should remember a couple of things. Your need the username for Administrator, password for your Mac. Besides, you should remember the name of the WiFi network you want to find the passcode for [did you hear about Mac Crisis trojan?].

Step 3. While staying in the Terminal you need to use this command:

security find-generic-password -ga “WiFiNetworkName” | grep “password:” [you should have guessed that “WiFiNetworkName” stands for the name of your network]

Step 4. Click on return/enter. Your Mac will ask you to enter your username / password. Remember to press on Allow after this.

Step 5. It should now access the Keychain and show the password you were looking for.

This short guide works only for the networks you were accessing earlier. If you want to connect to a new or unknown WiFi network your Mac will not show you the password for it since your computer can only show the code that was already stored on it [in other words this is the networks you are using once in a while].


Locked Out of Snapchat Account? Issues with Jailbreak Devices

iOS 8.3 and 8.4 can be easily jailbroken with TaiG or PP Jailbreak on Windows and Mac computers. Still users who have successfully untethered their Apple smartphone or tablet noticed they were locked out of Snapchat account. It seems that Snapchat doesn’t like different Cydia tweaks to interfere and prefers dealing with jailbroken users manually.

Snapchat Jailbreak Tweaks Account Locked

If you get Snapchat account locked issue you have most likely downloaded and installed Phantom or other iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that are trying to break the limitations in Snapchat. This is what causes the program to simply crack down on people.

The company seems to figure out who is jailbroken and uses tweaks and locks their accounts for good. Those iPhone owners whose accounts were locked saw only one reason for this – ‘plugins’ that were installed additionally.

If your Snapchat account is locked you will get the message about this state when you are trying to login. You’ll be also asked to remove all the plugins you installed and unlock your Snapchat account through site.

Cydia has a lot of jailbreak tweaks that are using popular applications and adding extra features to them. Users like to customize a lot of things including iOS 8 apps but developers are not always happy when jailbreakers are doing this and some of them fight with this by locking out your account.

The only thing that confuses users is that Snapchat is cracking down users and not jailbreakers. How can the program know that someone is using Phantom or other tweaks? This has no explanation at the moment but the fact is you’ll have to uninstall all the Cydia jailbreak apps that are working with Snapchat in order to unlock your account and continue using this tool.

Maybe devs will find a way how to bypass the restrictions in the future and release tweaks that don’t bring errors and don’t make your account locked.


iOS 8 App Password Security Issue Discovered

Users should be aware of iOS app password security issue discovered by researchers [learn how to report iOS 9 bugs to Apple if you are testing this beta firmware]. There is a report and it mentions over 100 popular iPhone application titles that require iOS app password protect actions from developers because their passwords can be easily cracked.

The news about issues with iPhone app secure password comes from AppBugs. The company tested the most popular, top App Store applications and states a lot of them lack this feature and require better security. Most of the programs let users input passwords without restrictions and this potentially allows hack the passcode with ease.

Secure tools must provide only a number of attempts for log-in and when a user fails to enter the correct password he or she has to be locked out or asked to create a new password tied to their account.

AppBugs chose 100 apps that were downloaded over 1 million times. Over 50 percent of these programs show passcode vulnerability and the list of applications has some popular titles as Walmart, CNN, AutoCAD 360, Pocket, Dictionary, Expedia and others. If you are using Wanderlist, Zillow, SoundCloud and WatchESPN you would also like to get better protection of your password.

iOS app crack WiFi passwords is not an issue here but hackers can possibly get hold of you app account if you are using the best apps with bad password protection. The security firm asked devs to solve the existing problems. Some developers were fast to respond and already fixed the bugs [for now in Pocket, Dictionary and Wunderlist only].

Since those App Store apps that are vulnerable to brute force attack can cause massive leaks and attacks on Apple services – password security flaw could be a big problem that must be fixed as soon as possible.


iOS 9 Beta Tester Limitations Don’t Let Users Review Apps

If you are participating in iOS 9 beta testing program introduced by Apple this summer you get some limitations you’ll have to deal with. Previously public beta testers could test the firmware on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and report iOS 9 bugs they discover directly to the Cupertino-based giant. Besides they were able to review applications.

iOS 9 Beta App Review Option Not Available

Developers didn’t like this idea. Finally Apple brought iOS 9 beta tester limitations and no longer lets users submit reviews on the App Store while being a public tester. In other words you have installed iOS 9 beta on your iDevice and search for possible issues and problems you are not able to leave reviews for applications and it doesn’t matter if you were trying to submit negative or positive review.

Users who still try to add iOS 9 beta app review [here is how to download iOS 9 beta 3] will get the pop-up message from the Store that explains that such an option is not available. The whole idea of testing beta build is to find negative moments and fix them by the time the firmware goes public. Still some users who downloaded the beta version of mobile firmware also left reviews for beta apps and a lot of reviews were negative.

The fact that beta applications and games crash is not a secret. There are a lot of moments when things don’t perform because betas are always buggy. Some people didn’t seem to understand this and they hurried to leave a warning to potential application customers without realizing they were running just a beta version.

At the same time Apple still allows public testers to give star ratings to the applications they are testing on the beta system. The company didn’t fix this moment yet. Will Apple give benefits to devs whose application rankings dropped because of a big number of negative reviews? The iOS giant will mostly come with such a decision.


Apple Music 503 Error Reported by iTunes Users

Apple Music 503 error occurs once in a while and in different situations. Users report such an issue on Apple Support forums and this might be familiar to you as well. The problem doesn’t seem to appear when you access the new music streaming service from you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

If you are accessing the service from you computer [the issue seems to take place on both Mac OS X and Windows PC machines] you might get error 503 iTunes message. In other words you have to access Apple Music through iTunes and only this way the bug exists.

It also appears when you are using playback feature and sometimes the error message can pop up when you are not even listening to music. This seems like an outage that should be fixed by Apple. Some users assure they can connect to Apple Music without problems and others keep getting the same 503 dialog box.

We don’t know what causes the issue. Apple doesn’t comment on the problem but there are a lot of users who are affected and thus the bug is real. If you get the 503 error you might be able to dismiss it and listen to songs after you reconnect to the service or play the next track.

Give it a try and wait till the ‘fruit’ giant fixes the outage and normalizes the work of its new service through iTunes.

You know that Music was released in the end of June. This service is new and it might have different problems once in a while. The company has included it to iOS 8.4 and will add the tool to the future iOS 9 that will be launched in the fall.


How to Report iOS 9 Beta Bugs to Apple

Are you participating in iOS 9 public beta testing program? If so you might want to learn how to send your iOS 9 beta feedback to Apple and help the company improve its next mobile firmware version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This next release might support both iPod touch 5G and the newest iPod touch 6th generation that was launched in the middle of July.

Follow our instruction and you’ll learn how to also report iOS 9 bugs to Apple. All testing versions always have issues and problems that have to be fixed by the time the software becomes public. Actually, Apple allowed public testing its firmware for the first time in hopes to make it better and smooth.

How to Report iOS 9 Beta Bugs

Step 1. All users who have updated to iOS 9 beta 3 or iOS 9 public beta version get a couple of new tools on their gadgets.

Step 2. Take your iPhone or other device that is running this firmware version 9 and find Feedback Assistant app.

Step 3. Whenever you come across a bug or problem that requires Apple’s attention you need to create a screenshot [it’s great if you can do this].

Step 4. Now, when you have the screenshot you can launch Feedback tool. You might be asked to provide your Apple ID / password to use it. That’s ok.

Step 5. You should fill out the form you’ll see and attach the screenshot or ever create a video of the issue [option ‘Add image or video’ is available at the form’s bottom]. Be as detailed as possible and describe the bug, issue or problem the best way you can, if you can identify the type of bug this will be awesome.

iOS 9 Beta Feedback

Step 6. Click on Submit.

Step 7. That’s it. You have successfully sent your report to Apple.

Hopefully the next iOS 9 will have less bugs than iOS 8.


How to Fix TaiG Jailbreak Stuck at 40%, 30% on iOS 8.4 [Instruction]

A lot of users like to use jailbreak tools to untether their iPhone and iPad and get more features and options than Apple can provide. Still the process of getting Cydia store with tweaks and apps isn’t always smooth. Some people experience TaiG jailbreak stuck at 40% and 30% issue which can surely be fixed [here is how to fix TaiG stuck at 60% problem].

TaiG is one of the programs available for jailbreaking iOS 8.4 and earlier platform. It’s true that iOS 8.4 jailbreak gets stuck at different stages ever since it was released a couple of weeks ago. Most of the problems have already been solved by developers and they offer a new fix to TaiG jailbreak stuck at 30 – 40 percent bug.

How to Fix Jailbreak iOS 8.4 Stuck at 30-40 Issue

If you couldn’t complete the jailbreak because you got stuck at 30% and 40% you should download the most recent TaiG version 2.4.2 and this is the beta which is launched to address this particular bug. The program will install Cydia 1.1.23 on your iDevice along with all the new features and opportunities brought with this update.

Saurik who has created Cydia store finally made this a mobile program which can be customized and allows downgrading iOS 8.4 packages to previous versions. This was never available before thus jailbreaking now is even more fun than it used to be.

While the Chinese group of hackers managed to solve its ‘popular’ bug when TaiG untether utility got stuck during the jailbreak at 30% and 40% it still has to fix other problems with this tool. For example, a lot of Apple users are still getting another issue. They get stuck at 20% during the untether procedure and for now there is only one method of fixing it. You should downgrade your iTunes desktop program to version 12.0.1 in order to solve this issue.

Have you had any problems while using the jailbreak programs TaiG and PP recently?


How To Fix Error 1101 And Others During iOS 8.3 TaiG Jailbreak

Here’s very useful guide on how to fix error 1101 during iOS 8.3 jailbreak with TaiG and errors like 1102 1103 etc which you might faced during the jailbreak process on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

TaiG jailbreak tool is currently available only for Windows and supports all iOS devices on iOS 8.3, 8.2 and 8.1.3.

How Fix Error 1101 During iOS 8.3 Jailbreak With TaiG

In case you get stuck at 20% during TaiG jailbreak process and gets error 1101, then to fix this issue you need to install iTunes 12.0.1.

Step 1: Completely uninstall iTunes 12.1.2 or any other iTunes version from your PC. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Pick iTunes and all of its related components and uninstall them all.

Step 2: Now by going to Control Panel > System and Security > System check to see System type of the version of Windows install on your PC.

Step 3: If it’s 32-bit Operating System, download 32-bit iTunes 12.0.1 from here. You can get 64-bit version of iTunes 12.0.1 from here for 64-bit Windows.

Step 4: Once you have installed the older version of iTunes on your PC, simply download the latest version of TaiG 2.0 from here.

Step 5: Now install TaiG 2.0.

How to fix error 1102 during iOS 8.3 jailbreak with TaiG

Try the following steps:

  1. Disable AirPlane Mode.
  2. Make sure Touch ID & Passcode is turned off Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

How to fix error 1103 during iOS 8.3 jailbreak with TaiG

Jailbreak tool file that you have downloaded might be corrupt. Re-download it via this link and try again.

Fix Error -1104 (Stuck at 30% or 40%)

If you have faced with this error, you will probably need to try using another USB port. If that too fails, try on a different Windows computer.

Fix Error -1105 (Stuck at 50%)

To fix it try the next steps:

An antivirus or firewall program is enabled on your program. Disable any such program and try jailbreak again. Once jailbreak succeeds, you can enable the program again.

Make sure Find My iPhone is disabled. Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

Fix Injecting (Stuck at 60%)

If you experienced this issue, first reboot both your iOS device and your Windows computer and next:

Open TaiG in Administrator mode . To do this: right click on TaiG’s .exe file, and pick ‘Run as administrator’ option. Now try to jailbreak again.

If the above fix tip didn’t work, do a fresh restore of your device on iOS 8.3 and try again.

If you are keep getting ‘Jailbreak failed!’ then disable Wi-Fi on the device and try again.

How to fix error when installing iTunes 12.0.1 in VM

If you have Windows installed as VM in Parallels on OS X you may get error when installing iTunes 12.0.1. You can fix it by trying to reinstall Parallels Tools and then try to install iTunes 12.0.1 again.

How to fix “Storage Almost Full” error after jailbreak

Simply run Cydia and wait till it fully loads everything. This will fix the problem.

Hope our guide will help you to fix error 1101 during iOS 8.3 jailbreak with TaiG or any other issue that you may faced with during jailbreaking process.