You Can Unlock Your Mac with iPhone Touch ID

Apple has plans to let iPhone users unlock Mac with Touch ID. This is the fingerprint security option that is used for numerous reasons. The feature could be brought to OS X 10.12 operating system version.

What can happen if you unlock Mac with iPhone fingerprint without any issues? Should it be an interesting opportunity for ‘fruit’ customers? There are rumors about Apple updating its OS X 10.12 with improved features and packaging the operating system with additional things users might find interesting and useful.

Unlock Mac with iPhone Touch ID

Right now you cannot unlock Mac with Touch ID using Apple default system. But once this becomes a real opportunity you’ll just have to use Touch ID and unlock desktop machine with the help of iPhone.

Would you like to unlock Mac with iPhone fingerprint? It’s currently not clear if Apple has plans to fully integrate Touch ID option to its future Macs or let users do this with the iPhone only. We might see some concept ideas of Macs with Touch ID.

Apple might be thinking of a way how to bring unlock option to Mac to popularize its computers along with the iPhones. Modern handsets created by ‘fruit’ company are extremely popular in China, India and are known across the world. Macs are not as popular compared to other computers sold out there and the Cupertino-based giant could find a way how to change it. Of course, it could take years before Touch ID sensor is added to Mac machines.

Meawhile OS X 10.12 update can add changes to support iPhone unlocking option. This is a step towards innovation, isn’t it?


Users Report Mac Freezing Issue Caused by OS X 10.11.4 Update

Do you have Mac OS X issues? Users report various Mac bugs after installing OS X 10.11.4 version. Have you updated OS X El Capitan operating system to the newest release? Do you have any problems now?

Mac freezes after OS X 10.11.4 update. There is no reason for getting no response from your computer but this is what happens. A number of Apple users with Mac complain about Mac OS X issues that cause hard reboot.

OS X 10.11.4 Mac Bug Freezing Issue Problem

What models are mainly affected? According to reports, the bug is noticed on 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina screen [the one that was released in the beginning of 2015]. It seems that the issues has been around for quiet a while since first compaints are dated back to the end of March.

If you are running OS X 10.11.4 update and notice that your mouse freezes, screen freezes and Mac is forced to reboot – you should know that there are many other Mac users who have the very same problem. It is most likely related to the OS you have installed. The problem occurs at random. You cannot predict when your system is caused to hard reboot [learn some Apple predictions for 2016].

It’s curious that the same bug is noticed on 15-inch MacBook Pro models and other Macs. Crash logs show that this could be Intel graphics driver issue still Apple offers no solution at the moment. The problem could be fixed in the next OS X upgrade. You might wish to roll back to previous OS X 10.11.3 to avoid the issue on your computer.


OS X 10.11.14 Software Points to Future MaOS Launch

We might see new MacOS pretty soon. Apple is believed to be working on this major upgrade [the next iPhone 7 should arrive in the fall]. Mac users are all familiar with OS X platform however there are some interesting hints in OS X 10.11.4 version that point to software rename.

The version OS X 10.11.14 could become macOS in the future. Experts who explored the framework files are sure that the new name would be soon offered by Apple. There is one interface file which gives a hint about macOS nomenclature.

MacOS News Apple 2016 Plans

When could the Cupertino-based giant introduce macOS to users? We don’t know what exactly is planned by the ‘fruit’ company and when it would present such major update. It could happen only in the fall as such big changes are often introduced after summer is over. Learn what to expect from Apple in 2016 and find out more about upcoming gadgets.

Apple likes to test beta firmwares once new mobile firmware and computer software are presented to developers and public beta testers. This usually happens during WWDC and this conference takes place in June. The upcoming 2016 event should unveil new iOS 10 and next Mac operating system.

It could be real. Apple calls its mobile firmware iOS. Its Apple TV software is called tvOS. Smartwatch users are offered watchOS. Having OS X on computers doesn’t sound like all other platform names. It makes more sense to call it macOS. It could be next OS X 10.12 that would be renamed. Why not?


OS X Kernel Panic to Be Fixed by Apple

It’s not the first time we hear about Apple bugs. The company is famous for its iOS and OS X devices. Users who have OS X gadget and try to use Spotify notice problems and Apple assures this is OS X kernel panic it has plans to fix soon.

The Cupertino-based company is now working on the fix and testing iOS 9.3 beta. Official OS X Spotify application randomly crashes and this is what the ‘fruit’ giant is planning to solve. The bug was first reported in the fall 2015. Spotify users keep pointing to the bug and issues. They get this problem after they update to version on OS X 10.9.5 operating system.

OS X Kernel Panic Bug Fix News

Since the bug repeats and is reported by many users, it seems to be common. This fix kernel panic has to be solved. The Spotify team already confirmed that it talked with Apple and got confirmation about issues in OS X version.

Apple is expected to offer OS X fix soon. Once it adds changes to the operating system and resolves the OS X kernel panic bug – users should get no problems with using the application on their computers.

It is unclear when Apple could bring the update and fix everything. The company is now working with iOS 9.3 update and testing iOS 9.3 beta 4 with registered developers. The known bug exists because the program [Spotify] makes network requests and this causes OS X kernel panic. There are other applications that cause that make the same issue occur.

If you are affected by the bug right now you can try to fix it on your own. Turn off your firewall and use Spotify. It should be ok until Apple offers a different solution.


Features on Mac: How to Install Night Shift Mode

Apple is testing the upcoming iOS 9.3 firmware for iPhone and iPad and this platform would bring Night Shift mode that helps the gadget adjust the brightness of the screen to the time of the day. The same affect can be achieved on the devices. For example, you can enjoy iOS 9.3 features on Mac. Would you like to know how?

It is possible to minimize the blue light your display emits. Use the program called Flux or F.lux for Macs and it should offer the similar to iOS 9.3 effect which is pretty comfortable for reading during the day and at night.

Night Shift iOS 9 Mode on Mac

Night Shift Mode on Mac: Installation Guide

Step 1. Most users can download FLUX from official Flux site. The file will be of .zip format so you’ll have to unzip it.

Step 2. Double click on the app icon and choose Open.

Step 3. The tool will ask you to move the new application to your Applications Folder. Allow it to Move. [It is curious that iOS 9.3 beta jailbreak exists so iPhone and iPad can be possibly jailbroken in the future].

Step 4. Flux would like to use your current location to adjust the screen brightness to the time of the day however you can choose Don’t Allow if you won’t want to share your location.

Step 5. You can play with the app’s settings by pressing on the app icon in your toolbar.

Step 6. Adjust Color Effects, enable or disable the app [for example, until sunrise or sunset], made adjustments to the Preference panel etc.

Step 7. Adjust the light of the screen to your taste and use Mac for comfortable reading at any time of the day.


Apple Brings Fix to Safari iOS / Mac Bug

Late January a lot of iOS and Mac OS X users kept experiencing the same Safari browser bug [you can also fix bugs with App Store]. It kept crashing and Apple had to find and present Safari crashing bug fix. If you were among many iOS device owners who couldn’t use Safari this week – you can now solve the issue and continue using the browser as you regularly did.

According to reports, the fix to Safari iOS bug is centered around Safari Suggestions. This option caused the application to carsh on iOS 9 iPhones and Mac machines. The problem occurred when users were searching for anything using the address bar of their gadget.

iOS 9 Safari Suggestions Bug Fix

Fix to Mac OS X Safari Problem / iPhone Bug

According to Apple, it successfully fixed the problem [if you are aware of any iOS 9 problems you can report them to Apple using this Report iOS 9 Bugs guide]. It is also believed that users got this unpleasant situation in early am hours as later the issue was gone. If you use your Safari Suggestions feature now you should have no bugs.

Experts who were keeping an eye on this widespread problem [not too many gadgets actually suffered from it still the bug got much attention] believe that it is alleviated right now. Hopefully you get no bugs like this on iPhone / iPad or Mac.

2015 was a year of many bugs, problems and issues for Apple. The company’s website kept being off once in a while [mostly during new product releases], it had to update software to solve bugs and quickly develop new iOS firmware version to fight with hackers who were jailbreaking iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac [Guide]

There are numerous methods how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac [learn how to turn your Live iPhone 6s Photos to GIF images]. You can use the one that you like the most as all of them help to achieve your real goal. Let’s talk about the most popular ways you can follow.

Firstly, when you need to move images from iPhone to Mac – think about your USB cable. Use it along with Photos app program for Mac and you’ll be able to import all the photographs from iPhone Camer Roll to your computer.

Import iPhone Photos to Mac How to

Secondly, you can import photos from iPhone to Mac via WiFi connection. This is great on-the-go when there is no USB cable around you. iCloud can help you get and automatically move files from handset to computer through WiFi network and also delete images from iPhone if you need.

Thirdly, it is possible to move photos from iOS 9 iPhone to Mac via Image Capture program. To do so, connect the smartphone to your computer and open this desktop program. Select the ones you wish to import or use Import All option to get all the pictures at once.

How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac iCloud Photo Library

Besides there are other great options for transferring pics from iPhone to Mac. For example, you can email them or send via iMessage. This way you’ll only need to copy your attachment to the device where you need the photos. iCloud Photo Library [it is possible to recover deleted iPhone photos using iCloud backup] or AirDrop can also let you get iPhone photos and images saved on your Mac. Any method helps to do what you want. Choose it depending on your circumstances.

Sometimes it is faster to use USB cable and sometimes WiFi connection makes your day. Additional programs are also must-have just in case the first two conditions can’t be met by you and you really need the images right here right now.


Mac App Store Authentication Issues Explained

Mac users had problems with downloading apps from the Apple stores lately. The company emailed application developers and explained the current Mac App Store authentications issues a lot of people have to face. Will there be a fix and when? Keep on reading.

We already shared with you the news about Mac applications being damaged due to authentication issues. Some of the popular and not so popular programs simply don’t open on Macs and users try various fix while nothing really helps that much. According to the letter Apple sent to registered devs, Store Mac-authentication problems will be fixed in the future OS X upgrade. This means the problem is with software.

What does it also mean is you can’t do really much about the bug if you experience once but there is a fix shared through Twitter:

How to Fix Mac App Authentication Fail Error Problem

The copy of email received from Apple was published by one developer who stands behind a number of programs, including Watermarker 2 and Thumbtack and shared via Twitter. The bug is related to the old Mac App Store certificate expiration. As noted by Apple, users who wish to get rid of the problem can clear their system cache. For now this solution should work.

If you keep getting the same problem in the future you should look up for the next system update. Apple promises to address the problems with caching [the latest OS X El Capital release brought split screen view you can enjoy].

Developers who were using older OpenSSL versions that do not offer the SHA-2 certificate [it was released this fall] support should know that Apple replaced it with SHA-1 certificate this week. However the company says its AppleCare support team is also aware of the problem and can assist any user or developer who contacts the company.

While most problems are fixed with the certificate update, there is a number of Mac applications that could fail verification and their developers can fix this by following the Receipt Validation Programming Guide offered by the ‘fruit’ company.


Mac Applications Damaged Due to Authentication Problems

There are some authentication issues on Mac that makes users frustrated [you can unlock your Mac using free iPhone Touch ID tool]. Some people note that the problems cause other unpleasant consequences and the results are upsetting. For example, users assure they have problems with applications they downloaded from the Mac App Store.

According to users, Mac authentication problems can cause ‘damaged’ apps. A lot of people suffered from this bug this week. They simply found out that their Mac applications are now ‘damaged’ and this happened because of the issues with authentication.

Mac Store Apps Damaged

It is curious that the list damages programs contains some popular programs including Call of Duty 2, Tweetbot, 1Password and Byword. A lot of other apps are also suffering from the unknown bug.

If you see your Mac Applications damaged message you should know that you are not alone. Many users have the same issue. They can’t open Acorn and other tools as they see error when they are trying to launch the damaged program.

How can you fix Mac applications damages problem caused by authentication issue? Some users are able to solve the bug by signing out of the Mac App Store and signing back in. Others say this method doesn’t help them and they have to delete the program from Mac and reinstall it again.

Still the two solutions might not fix your problem. The new security certificate issued by Apple should help as well as it won’t expire until 2035. As developers say the problem could have appeared because of the authentication certification and the different receipts encryption used on new and older OS X versions. This hasn’t been confirmed by Apple and it’s understood. The Cupertino company is busy as it just launched the new iPad Pro you could earlier pre order and now buy in the U.S.

There is another fix you can also try if you keep experiencing the problem. Run one command and it should solve the bug without Mac restart and with no app reinstallation. The command name is: $ killall -KILL storeaccountd. Good luck!


Apple iMac 2015 Release Date for 21.5-inch Model

While testing the upcoming OS X El Capitan beta version, developers and experts noticed some hints about future Apple products. The company is believed to present the new 21.5 inch iMac 2015 model this fall. When exactly could we expect the upgrade?

You know that this week is very special to all ‘fruit’ device fans. Apple will announce new gadgets and software updates that will follow in September and October. Will the company talk about its next iMac version? It might mention the 21.5-inch iMac since Apple iMac 2015 release date is believed to take place in October or November. September will be devoted to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus lineup.

According to rumors and suggestions provided by the beta OS X code, the Cupertino-based giant could offer the iMac with 4K display. This release could go alongside the final presentation of El Capitan platform that is expected in late October. The company and developers are still testing OS X 10.11 which should remind of Yosemite operating system but get improvements and new features that are not present in previous OS X.

Some sources think that new iMac model with the 4K 21.5-inch screen should be announced in October and shipped in November. This could be a great step in time for 2015 holiday season as this is the time when customers are eager to purchase popular gadgets and famous products. For example, the iPhone is always a popular Christmas gift in the U.S. and its release in the fall gives Apple more chances to sell millions of handsets during the holidays.

Would you like to get the iMac with a better display? This could be a good upgrade and a better purchase than the standard iMac.