iPhone Baseband Memory Dump [HOW TO]

After reading my previous post on how to activate baseband core dump function now you can start to dump baseband memory. I told you many times how was essential to dump the memory; you could use it to find some baseband vulnerabilities and try to find your own exploits.

And there is no need to say that you can use it to try to unlock iPhone for example or just to explore it. Since Apple integrated their devices with X-Gold chips by Infineon we can perform iPhone baseband core dump in a very simple way which I show you in my tutorial guide below.


Dump iPhone Baseband NOR Memory using NORDumper

The famous hackers from Dev Team had managed to extract the full content of the NOR memory (from the S-Gold2), which is the main key to achieving a true iPhone baseband unlock. Releasing this memory dump would be of course illegal and risky, as it contains personal information and copyrighted code.