How to Protect Your iPhone from Theft Using Jailbreak Tweak

Is it possible to protect iPhone from theft? This is a very popular smartphone and even though Apple is doing everything to help users secure their smartphones, you should also take care of this issue and use additional methods. For example, if you are jailbroken you can secure iPhone from theft using Cydia jailbreak tweak.

Keep on reading and you’ll learn some tips and secrets that can be really useful and truly secure the handset you own. Currently you can only jailbreak on iOS 9 up to 9.0.2 version. If you are running iOS 9.1 or 9.2 you’ll have to wait for hackers to present a new jailbreak for these platforms. Pangu jailbreak team hasn’t released any iOS 9.2 updates yet.

Protect iPhone from Theft Jailbreak Tweak iOS 9

How to Protect Your iPhone from Theft

Step 1. Download special iPhone theft protection tweak called PickPocket though and install this beta tool on your smartphone. Yes, it exists in beta stage at the moment. Still the program is fun to try.

Step 2. The tweak can restrict access to the iPhone when you want to turn off the device by holding down Sleep / Lock button. You’ll have to confirm this deciding by entering the correct iPhone password.

Step 3. If you enter wrong password your smartphone will be alarmed and it is impossible to disable the sound unless you enter the passcode. The physical volume button will not help you even reduce the sound level so it would be impossible for thieves to take the phone out of your pocket and try to turn it off right away without being noticed.

This is a fun tweak that can truly protect your iPhone from being stolen by ordinary thieves. What do you think?


World’s Longest iPhone Password Spotted?

You know that smartphones and other gadgets are often protected with the password [iCloud passwords can be stolen by jailbreak app]. Still can you image the longest password ever for iPhone? Firstly, it is necessary to remember the code, right? Secondly, not too many people are eager to enter more than 50 digits even if you have to do this only once in a while thanks to touch screen and fingerprint option on the Apple handset.

iPhone Longest Password Video

It seems that the world’s longest iPhone password is created by Japanese users. Just like any other country in the world, Japan knows how important it is to protect your privacy and how hard it is to crack a gadget with a long-long passcode. Thanks to web, we now know where the longest iPhone passcode ‘lives’ and can see how weird it is to see anyone entering so many digits to use the handset.

The video is surely must see. You can watch it to get the fullest impressions since when someone talks about 50+ digit iPhone passcord – it is one thing and when you see someone entering these many digits – it’s a completely differen thing.

Of course, it is incredible when someone wows you with long code. Still it’s more astonishing how a user can remember the long passcode to enter it quickly. Whoever is using this particular iPhone passwords – knows it and seems to use it very often. Just 11 seconds – and the longest iOS passcode in the world is entered to unlock the iDevice.

Would you ever create a long password even if you can remember it very well?


iPhone Passcode Software Bypass Solution for Mac Users [iOS 8]

There are numerous ways how to bypass iPhone passcode on iOS 8. We’ve mentioned the free iCloud DNS bypass method that is not permanent but let’s you listen to music, watch videos and search from the lockscreen. We have also talked about expensive brute force bypass iPhone passcode IP Box that can cut off power each time it gets the wrong PIN code to save data on the device.

There is one more iPhone passcode bypass Mac tool called TransLock that is similar to the IP Box but costs less and uses your computer to figure out the passcode through USB cable. Majd Alfhaily is a developer who found his brute-force attack program that can run on Macs and find the key to your iPhone by trying all possible combinations for your PIN beginning with 0000 and up to 9999. You can see that this method supports only 4-digit passcodes. Users who protect their smartphones with longer passwords cannot use this tool.

Anyone who is afraid of being hacked this way shouldn’t panic. The tool works on jailbroken gadgets only. Besides, you can always set up a long passcode that consists of more than 4 digits to not let any IP Box or other brute-force tools to bypass your iOS 8 passcode and get your personal data.

According to dev, his TransLock needs about 14 hours to try all the possible combinations and figure out the right password. This method hasn’t become public though its creator thinks about releasing an automatic passcode passing solution to users in the future.


New Brute Force iPhone Passcode Bypass 2015 Solution

There are numerous methods on how to bypass iPhone passcode for your lock screen. We mentioned a lot of them, including the cool DNS iCloud bypass for iPhone and iPad that gives users a lot of functions with the screen still being locked. But since this DNS bypass works only on Windows computers, you might want to look at other tools.

One iPhone passcode hack we’ve heard recently about is the small box capable of brute forcing to get past the locked iDevice. This is the most recent iPhone passcode bypass 2015 tool that is not free. It is pretty expensive costing up to $300.

Apple doesn’t make passcode lock bypass simple for its customers. If you forgot the password and the company can’t help you with getting access to your iPhone back you might wanna spend $300 and unlock your smartphone instead of purchasing the brand new model, especially if you were already SIM free on the one that is locked.

The IP Box, as its creators say, is a small box [even a tiny one] that keeps the iPhone’s data intact while bypassing your lock screen. This tool has been reportedly used by device repairers who are helping users who don’t remember their passcodes for iOS 7 or iOS 8 smartphones.

If you try to remember your passcode without having to use iPhone passcode hack you only have 10 attempts. If you fail 10 times all your data will be automatically wiped. The IP Box, as its dev [MDSec] says, can bypass this Apple’s security measure meaning all your information and data will be safe.

Since the box accesses your iPhone by finding the right PIN combination, the procedure of such unlock can take about 111 hours. It cuts off your iPhone power before it records the failed attempt to bypass the iOS 8, 8.1 lock screen. The iOS 8.2 lockscreen unlock has yet to be tested by the box creators.


Users Can Bypass iPhone Passcode Lock with Black Box Method

Have you heard about iPhone unlock box? I am curious about different methods that allow users bypass iOS 7 passcode lock feature so I am always in search for new tools that can make it happen painlessly. Googling for passcode lock iPhone remove services I came across the miracle black box which looks interesting though it isn’t that popular yet.

Firstly, I found the website which doesn’t really explain how the unlock tool works. It just says that this Miracle black Box iPhone passcode unlock method supports iPad devices as well and it looks like it currently supports only iOS 7 gadgets. In other words, if you are already running iOS 8 firmware this is something to remember for possible future use, if the box gets updated and begins supporting the new Apple firmware version.

The site seems to be created by Chinese users and personally I don’t trust new sources at all. If you remember the times when Pangu jailbreak was first released not many users hurried to try it as it was something new and unknown. Well, Pangu team also comes from China and these guys showed that not all new things are scams. They released the iOS 8 jailbreak untether Pangu 8 program and this is just a great opportunity for millions of Apple fans who wished to jailbreak. Maybe the magical Black Box is also an interesting product that will develop into a good tool in the future. Right now this is just a curious tool that looks cool… but will I give it a try?

I still haven’t answered this question myself. I do remember my passcode right now and I don’t have problems with unlocking my iPhone. But what if I forget it one day? I have such days, I must be honest, when I just forget the password… and it takes me a while to recollect it. I never write down my passwords and I probably must, but I’d rather have something like this Miracle Black Box just in case, you know, I will need to remove iOS 8 passcode without restore. I’d like to keep my data on the gadget and don’t want to lose it.

What have I learned about unlock iPhone Miracle Black Box method? If you watch this video you can see how the box works. It seems to be able to read the passcode when the iOS 7 device is disabled and there is no need to guess passcodes as the box finally shows the correct one on its display.

According to developers, their iPhone passcode unlock tool doesn’t require installing any software, additional apps, tools or jailbreaking. It supports iOS 7.x.x versions, but, according to the site, you have to set contract from the first attempt because other attempts will fail [at least, this is how I understand the description].

The company says that their Black Box password remove tool simply brute forces your 4 digit passcode on the iPad or iPhone running any version of iOS 7 firmware. How does it work? You get the box, iPhone or iPad cable and attach your iDevice to the Black Box which displays the code. How long do you have to wait for the code to appear? Developers promise await time from a couple of seconds to a couple of hours. This tool shouldn’t delete your personal data and allows you getting the full access to the smartphone or tablet.

Since I never tried this box in action, you can only use it at your personal risk and better use this passcode lock iPhone remove tool only on your personal smartphone. I just wanted to let you know about this new service.