Unlock iPhone 6 Using IMEI, Not Ultrasn0w Or SAM

Unlock iPhone 6 using Ultrasn0wor or other available options are described in this article. Concerning that the majority of consumers purchased an iPhone a single carrier locked iPhone. And it is normal when you buy the device at a subsidized price and have to sign a two or three year contract. Here are all the unlocking options for iPhone have scanned in details.

Many carriers want to unlock your iOS 8 iPhone if you’ve completed the entailed contract period, or paid the early termination fee (ETF).

The service provider unlock technique is the most effective out of all alternatives, because it is everlasting, persists even after restores, entirely official, and doesn’t need a jailbreak or another hacks. Furthermore, it works together with all iPhone models and all iOS versions.

You should contact your carrier’s customer support to know more about getting your iPhone officially unlocked. Call them if you’re eligible for a free or paid unlock.

Unlock iPhone 6 using IMEI

If you are not eligible for an official carrier unlock, you can choose IMEI unlock for your iPhone 6. This unlock is not official, but it works just like the official carrier unlock. It works with all models and OS versions, proceeds even after a restore, it’s permanent and doesn’t need from you a jailbreak or any other hacks.

There are exist huge amount of IMEI unlock providers. But it’s best to use trusted provider. Below are a few trusted unlock providers:

The iPhone Wiki has a list of sites that offer fake unlocks, and scam people. Please make sure that you don’t deal with any of these sites. The price for an unlock varies based on your carrier, but it typically ranges from $5 to $150.

Unlock iPhone 6 using Ultrasn0w

Ultrasn0w is older unlocking method, which isn’t very actual right now for many reasons.

  • It requires your device to be jailbroken
  • It works only with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G
  • Even on supported devices, it needs baseband version 01.59.00
  • You’ll lose the Ultrasn0w unlock if you upgrade or restore your iOS firmware

Unlock iPhone 6 using SAM

SAM or Subscriber Artificial Module is a method that briefly worked, and unlocked your iPhone. Although Apple quickly blocked this method. Now it doesn’t works.


The best, and the most widely applicable option for unlock iPhone 6 is an IMEI unlock. It is permanent, don’t need a jailbreak and works with all iPhone models and iOS versions.


iPhone Unlock for iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 with R-SIM9 Unlocking Card

The iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 iPhone unlock using R-SIM 9 is one of the used methods for iPhone unlocking in line with factory IMEI unlock and other tools. This iOS 7.1 unlock SIM method is easy to use and anyone can actually complete his or her iPhone unlock on iOS 7.1 and other 7.x firmware versions using this SIM unlock.

Before you learn how to unlock iOS 7.1 iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 and other models / firmware versions, you need to learn more about R-SIM9. This 7.1.1 / 7.1 iPhone unlock tool is believed to be stable. It doesn’t mess up with the handset. It supports different models, including 5S and 5c, and is safe to use.



How to Unlock iOS 7.1 iPhone 4S / 4 / 5 / 5c / 5S with Contract

Learn how to unlock iPhone 5 AT&T and other smartphones with iOS 7.1 with and without contract.

Users who have installed iOS 7.1 once Apple released it earlier this week are now wondering how to unlock iPhone with iOS 7.1 firmware. It is still possible, so there is nothing to worry about. If your iPhone 5 AT&T with contract or any other model [4S / 5c / 5S], any network [O2, Vodafone, Verizon etc.] is locked there is a great unlocking method you can use.

Let’s start from the beginning. We’ll describe the most popular unlock solutions and explain which ones support the latest operating system firmware and which don’t.


unlock ios 7.1


Use R-SIM 9 S Unlocking to Open iPhone 5S for Any SIM Card

R-Sim 9 S is the activation chip that working together with your SIM card. This turbo SIM unlock allows you to unlock iPhone 5S iOS 7 from the operator and activate idevice. This solution is much better and easy to use that its predecessors thanks to the new Smart menu, and compatibility with almost all the operators in the world, as well as all the 256K / 128K / 64K / 32K 2G, 3G, 4G SIM cards.


iPhone 5C R-SIM 8 Unlock for iOS 7 Version [Instruction]

Here is how you should use R-Sim to unlock iOS 7 and communicate freely on any network of your choice. There is no need to stay locked to one carrier only when there are so many mobile operators with best pricing and data packages you could save on.

Users who have CDMA iPhone 5C model or iPhone 5 locked to AT&T (or other carrier) can now unlock their device running iOS 7 with the new R-SIM 8 method. It has been created to support 128K Nano SIM cards as well and the latest mobile firmware for “fruit” devices.

use R-Sim to unlock iOS 7

R-Sim 8 iOS 7 Unlocking Eligibility

Just like R-SIM 7 the 8th edition is easy to apply. It is smart and can tell you which carrier to choose or let you add your mobile operator code number in case it is not present in the list of carriers.

Users with iOS 7 iPhone 5C and 5/4S should have an activated device in order to unlock. The 4S model should have the Nano SIM. The instruction below is devoted to using 3G SIMs for unlock.

How to Unlock iOS 7 R-Sim Method

Step 1. Users who have a CDMA iPhone locked to Softbank, Sprint, Verizon have to install the active patch 128K Nano 3G for iOS 7. If you have other version of the smartphone, don’t install this program.

Unlock iOS 7 R-Sim

Step 2. Take your R-SIM 8 card [the front side is blue and the back is yellow] and insert it together with your SIM.

R-Sim 8 iOS 7 unlock

Step 3. You should now type the following message: “iPhone5 MODE2 FOR Ios6 i5 click” or “4S click MODE1 FOR iOS6 i4S” and press on the screen that let’s you choose your carrier.

iPhone 5 R-Sim unlock

Step 4. Select your carrier [for example, if you have iPhone locked to Sprint you should choose US Sprint, if your device is locked to Three Hutchison you need to choose Three etc.] and choose “accept” option. Restart your gadget and the signal should appear.

Note: If you don’t know the carrier you should run IMEI checker to know what carrier your device is originally locked to.

R-SIM 8 iOS 7 Unlock

Step 5. If your carrier is not shown in the list, you should press on “Other carrier” option and add your carrier’s code manually [7 digits]. Press on “Send” option and choose “Accept”. Restart your phone and you will get the signal.

Step 6. Now your iPhone 4S / 5 is unlocked with R-SIM 8.

There is no need to re-unlock your gadget each time your restart it. But if you decide to change the SIM card you’ll have to perform R-SIM unlock again.

If you agree to buy it follow the link.


1) You can easily change your carrier or set default operator in case you made a mistake while selecting it. To do so, launch Settings – Phone and find SIM card app. You will be able to choose carrier and edit IMSI. You can choose “Get Carrier Code” to use by default and press “Accept.” Also you can write the right code of your carrier finding it in IMSI list.Restart the device and insert another SIM you wish to use along with R-SIM 8 Gold to get the signal.

2) You can set Internet by going to Settings – General – Cellular and selecting Cellular Data. Use your SIM card provider’s parameters.

What to Do if R-Sim 8 Unlock Not Working

It could happen that you are unable to unlock your iPhone with iOS 7 this hardware method. Is there another way to perform iPhone unlock? Of course, there is. You can always unlock smartphone by IMEI code. This service supports ALL iPhone models, iOS versions and basebands.

You should find a reliable company and order your iPhone unlocking. This service is distant. You should know your carrier name and IMEI number of your handset to apply. The whole procedure is fast and 100% safe. You will receive email confirmation and further instructions after the status of your iPhone is changed to “unlocked.”

Follow the instructions [plug in the handset to your computer and launch iTunes] and your iDevice will be forever unlocked. You will be able to switch between carriers, change SIM cards, update mobile firmware / baseband and stay unlocked.


How to Unlock iPhone on iOS 7 with SAM, Ultrasn0w, Gevey, IMEI

The new iPhone 5S and 5c is not that cheap, the never-lock versions. A lot of customers are most likely purchasing these new models with a 2-year carrier plan and wish to get rid of these limitations. Owners with previous smartphone models [5 / 4S / 4] eagerly update to iOS 7 believing they can once again unlock their smartphone using old methods such as Ultrasn0w, SAM and Gevey SIM.


How To Unlock iOS 6.1.3 On Your iPhone Through Most Popular Methods

While Apple company releases iOS 7 betas there still many iPhone users running iOS 6.1.3 and looking to unlock it. The next step is to explain to you about the iOS 6.1.3 unlocking of iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and 5. as well as pertinent basebands information and facts. Here, we’re intending to cover a lot of unlocks who have been released up to now. Most of the terms include SAM unlock, R-SIM, ultrasn0w, Gevey SIM and company unlock method for iOS 6.1.3.

Gevey SIM Unlocking
These users who use such hardware unlocks are usually in tough success, for the reason that once they’re about to upgrade your device to iOS 7, it will be locked again because baseband will be upgraded too. The reason is that this baseband can’t be maintained which describe why the actual software unlocking is simply not advantageous with iOS 7 and iOS 6.1.3.
The same situation is with X-Sim, Turbo Sim, R-Sim and all others hardware (Sim) unlock methods because they all depend on the baseband type. With iOS 6.1 release Apple updated modem firmware and blocked any Sim unlocking method. So if you still using one of it don’t update your device to the newer iOS. If you have already updated your system only factory unlock will help.
Unlock iPhone iOS 6.1.3 Using Ultrasn0w
Only iPhone 4, 3GS with the old baseband can be unlocked using Ultrasn0w jailbreak tweak. As well as Gevey Sim this solution depends on iPhone baseband. Go to Settings – General – About and check modem firmware. If it would be one of 01.59.00; 04.26.08; 05.11.07; 05.13.01; 05.12.01; 06.15.00 your iPhone can be unlocked with this tools after jailbreak.

SAM iOS 6.1.3 Unlocking
SAM unlocking is working only for those who actually saved activation tickets. If yes, you can enjoy the SIM-free device for long periods. However, they can’t update to iOS 6.1.3, otherwise your device will be re-locked. The true reason for this is definitely there is absolutely no jailbreak available to the said firmware, only tethered and only for iPhone 4, 4S.
The untethered jailbreak permits SAM users for manually restoration this activation tickets that had been duplicated or just they often use ultrasn0w for the exact purpose. We advise you guys to wait for only a jailbreak group to exploit this software just before you upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 and higher.
Official Unlocking Using IMEI of iOS 6.1.3 iPhone
One of the best as well as most viable procedure remains the factory unlocking IMEI code approach. It’s a solution that will stay with you for all your life and then you don’t really need to unlock iPhone again after iOS update or switching to other Sim card. Just insert any Sim card and enjoy anywhere. The device can certainly be updated to iOS 7 because your actual cell phone will actually be SIM free and do not worry about baseband updates.
There are several companies claiming they’ll supply you with the same value when the factory unlocking solution actually does, that’s not possible, only trusted, official and legit company is definitely effective and additionally trust deserving: http://letsunlockiphone5.com/

Thousands users of previously locked iPhones now can enjoy any Sim card around the world! Be that one too!


Unlock iOS 7 beta 1 iPhone and Get Ready For the Public Release

It is time to think about iOS 7 beta unlocking on iPhone 4, 4S and 5 only, because 3GS comes as not supported for the new firmware. It is sad but we can’t do nothing with that yet. However we still can unlock iOS 7 beta 1 on all other iPhone models to be prepared for final release this fall.

Also it is believed that in order to use iOS 7 beta 1 on a mobile gadget, you must have a developer account. But we have instructions on how to setup beta version on iPhone bypassing UDID registration and Apple account. Installation is as simple as restoring the firmware in iTunes.