Dual SIM iPhone 5 Could Be Real: Special Case SIM+

There are a lot of different dual SIM smartphones in the market today, but if you are a big fan of Apple you might be in love with the iPhone only. If this is your situation you will be happy to hear about a special SIM+ case that turns iPhone 5 into dual SIM smartphone.

The case hasn’t been developed yet. Designers are working on this accessory that could be handy to all travelers allowing changing SIM cards with ease. The case is being created by Digirit. It looks like the back cover for the fruit device that fits over the gadget back and into its SIM slot. Designers are making their accessory the way so that it could replace iPhone 5 standard SIM tray with external porting for two SIM cards.



Use iPhone Dual Sim Adapter MagicSIM From Star Telecom

Using the iPhone with two SIM-cards simultaneously seemed to be something fantastic until recently. Many manufacturers of Android-smartphone have at least one model in its line with support for two SIM-cards. But we can’t say the same about Apple phones. However, the situation has changed for the better thanks to a special third-party solutions.

Thus, the Taiwanese firm Star Telecom sells dual Sim Adapter MagicSIM, which lets you use iPhone with two Sim cards simultaneously. The product works in conjunction with a free app that lets you manage two numbers.

However to use this dual Sim adapter first you need to factory unlock your iPhone otherwise you will be able to use Sim cards only of locked carrier.

New product will appeal to those users who use different numbers for work and personal calls, or going on a trip and need to buy Sim card of the local operator.

How To Use MagicSIM with Two Sim cards in iPhone

Place SIM card in the dual Sim adapter, which in turn is inserted into the phone. You have to properly place the adapter in the device, so that all contacts are aligned. It is suitable not only for iPhone iOS 6.1.3, but also to the flagship phones from other manufacturers – Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Sony Xperia Z and others.

After the two SIM cards will be putted in the device, the icon appears in the Dual SIM menu. With the help of it and MultiSIM free application, you can switch between the two carriers. It takes about 20-30 seconds to change the carrier.

MagicSIM can be purchased for $ 30, but the price is depending on the phone model. You can order it now!


iPhone SIM no SIM Problem [How to Fix Guide]

We all wish to avoid getting SIM not valid for iPhone error. Still sometimes users come across iPhone SIM no SIM problem. What can you do to fix it? Should you buy another smartphone, change your carrier or perform iPhone unlock? Is there an easier way to solve this issue and start using your data plan?

Let’s take a closer look at iPhone invalid SIM problems. We hope that our guide will be useful to you. Use it in case your handset stops recognizing the SIM card you had and shows No SIM Installed iPhone phrase.


How to Use Straight Talk Sim On Factory Unlocked iPhone

Great news for all owners of factory unlocked iPhone because you all can use Straight Talk Sim card on it without problems. After asking questions about the possibility to use Straight Talk Sim on iPhone after official unlock I decided to make a research and find answers.

Few hour ago I wrote you how to unlock iPhone using Straight Talk card and you can perform easy steps to do it after jailbreak. If you don’t want to jailbreak your device you can use Straight Talk Sim on non-jailbroken iPhone.


iPhone 5: How to Use Old SIM [Guide]

Some owners of iPhone 5 use old SIM cards with ease because they have read our guide and quickly changed the size of their card for “nano” standard. You can also learn how to use old Sim on iPhone 5, as this is not that difficult. In fact, you can follow this step by step instruction and realize how great you are at handmade. You can also read how to convert Micro Sim card into Nano Sim card for iPhone 5 Sim tray.

You do know that any SIM card is a piece of plastic with an electronic chip on it. The gold colored chip is the one responsible for the connection you get. It is of the same size and position no matter what device you are using. As for the plastic piece, it can be of various dimensions.


An Adapter That Places iPhone 5 Nano SIM into iPhone 4

People who have got their iPhone 5 by now have surely noticed how small its Nano SIM is compared to ordinary Micro SIM cards used in previous models of this iOS handset. They met with new iPhone 5 accessories. While Nano SIM has replaced Micro SIM, some users might still like to use the new little card in their older iPhone. Is it possible to stick it into an older device?

Yes, it is possible with the Nano SIM adapter for iPhone 4 and 4S. Where can you find the new product? It is available on Amazon and maybe other websites as well. Nano SIM adapter Amazon price is $1.99. Anybody can buy it and enjoy the new Nano SIM in the older iOS smartphone.

Sometimes you can purchase a package which will include not only your Nano SIM adapter for iPhone 4 and other models, but also adapter cutouts for both Nano and Micro SIM cards. You can also try to cut iPhone 5 Nano SIM yourself but it depends on how much time you can spend on it.

The adapter can also be used with devices that have Standard SIM slots.

How to Use Nano to Micro SIM Adapter?

The answer to this question will not surprise you. Simply place the iPhone 5 Nano SIM into this adapter. This is how you make your Micro card that perfectly fits into your iPhone 4 and 4S card tray.

For example, AT&T customers who have the iPhone 5 model can use this Nano SIM in older smartphones and enable AT&T network on iPhone 4S and 4. Owners of 3Gs and 3G gadgets should use another adapter which lets users place the Nano SIM into the standard card tray.

What to Do with Cutouts?

Since your Nano SIM Adapter for iPhone 4 package bought on Amazon includes the cutouts as well, you might like to trim your older SIM down to the size of iPhone 5 Nano SIM card. It is up to you whether to experiment or not.

Also you can always buy Nano Sim cutter for iPhone 5.

So what do you think about the new product? Will you buy such an adapter?


How to Make iPhone 5 Nano-SIM: Advice by GiffGaff

Apple has released its next iPhone 5 with nano-SIM. This Sim card is so small that no other smartphones have it and it’s difficult for users to unlock the gadget and choose any mobile operator they wish.

A while ago there were reports about iPhone 5 nano-SIM cutters that were supposed to make this small card from an ordinary SIM. Now GiffGaff, operator that has no proper nano-Sims yet, suggests users can make such a card using their method and use it in the sixth-generation iDevice.

What does GiffGaff offer? Is it really possible to create a nano-SIM from the older card you were using before the iPhone 5 release? We will answer these questions after the jump.


Purchase Nano Sim Cutter or Nano Sim Adapter For The New iPhone 5

If there is one question that bother you concerning the size of new iPhone Sim tray there is a good solution for you. You can always use Nano Sim cutter for iPhone 5.

Video instructions on how to turn Micro SIM into Nano Sim suitable for iPhone 5, I have already written about and you can check it right now. Those who found this process of converting Sim cards too complicated and risky, Chinese craftsmen offered to purchase a Nano Sim cutter to help them. Also I found other offers to buy Nano Sim cards carver for iPhone 5.


How To Convert A Micro Sim Into A Nano Sim For iPhone 5 Sim Tray

Good news for all who will buy new iPhone unofficially because here you can find out how to turn Micro Sim card into Nano Sim which is used in iPhone 5.

Despite the fact that world operators have already bought the first parties of nano SIM cards for iPhone 5, there is no assurance that the former owners of the unofficial iPhone 5 will be able to immediately use their smartphones. It has already been stated that the Micro SIM can be cut to the size of SIM cards of the new format, but this is not as easy as it might seem.