Users Receive Phishing Apple Text With ID Expiration Warning

Some users have a problem with phishing Apple text messages. This comes unexpectedly so you should be aware of the issues and pay attention to texts you get. If you are warned about Apple ID expiration this could be fake message you should avoid [learn how to restore Apple ID].

How can the problem appear? Users who get fake Apple ID expiration warning should not share any details about their account. Phising texts are trying to make unsuspecting users to share their private account data through a fake website and they are forced to do this once they get a fake text message. If you are not very attentive and follow the links provided in the fake text you might unintentionally send your important account information to unknown senders.

Apple Phishing Text Message Apple ID Expiration

The phishing message reminds of a standard text message that is claimed to arrive from Apple Support team. You will also be told about your soon Apple ID expiration. The message will be asking you to follow the provided fake link and change your Apple ID or password. Do not follow this guide and avoid such messages.

If you are not sure if your text message was sent by Apple Support or unknown sender you should better contact Apple at once and figure this out. Be attentive to the links you visit since the fake URL reminds of Apple [and mentions Apple ID or expiration] but says something like ‘’ or ‘’ that is a fake website that never belonged to the Cupertino-based giant.

If you happen to provide your login and password to the unknown sender your account would be blocked since your official information will be used by unknown people. Your personal information including bank account could be stolen. You should never provide your account details, passwords, credit card information to anyone – especially through text messages. Beware of phishing messages you might get on iPhone this spring.