How to Set iPhone Night Shift Mode to Automatically Switch On and Off

Users with iOS 9.3 iPhone can trick iPhone Night Shift setting and make the option automatically enabled or disabled depending on the time of the day. Learn how to set the feature for switching on and off depending on the sunset or sunrise.

This is a cool addition to iOS 9.3 firmware. iPhone Night Shift mode is a cool option that makes the screen brighter depending on the time of the day. It is easier for eyes to read at night thanks to this Apple feature.

You can easily enable Night Shift mode through Settings – Display & Brightness. Then you are able to schedule the feature to turn on and off depending on your location. Follow the guide below and learn how you can adjust this option on your own.

Night Shift iOS 9 iPhone Enable Display Automatically

Automatic iPhone Night Shift Setting Instruction

Step 1. Launch Settings on iPhone.

Step 2. Go to Display & Brightness option and select Night Shift.

Step 3. Turn on Schedule feature and pay attention to From / To section. This is the option to show your Night Shift start and end time.

Step 4. Sunrise / Sunset options are enabled by default, still you can create your personal schedule through Custom Schedule option and set different time frame.

Step 5. You should enable Locations Services if you are ok with default sunset / sunrise option. This way your iPhone will automatically enable Night Shift at sunset and disable it at sunrise. Launch Settings and choose Privacy – Location Services where you can get to System Services and select Setting Time Zone to ‘on’ position. That’s it.


Does Apple Watch Count Steps? Learn How to View This Option | Guide

Do you have iPhone and Apple Watch? Does Apple Watch count steps? Absolutely! You should just learn how to view step count on Apple Watch and you’ll be able to do exercises and let your smartwatch count the steps for you whenever you are planning to take a walk.

Apple is using the heart rate monitor that can measure burnt calories or help you count the steps. This is useful when you are planning to lose weight or just wish to live a healthy lifestyle. The little watch device becomes handy when it comes to accurate measurement of what you are doing at the moment.

Apple Watch View Step Count

Apple Watch Step Count Guide

Step 1. Take your Apple Watch. It should be on your wrist.

Step 2. Open Activity program. This can be done in different ways [you can already install beta watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch]. If the app is on your Watch face you can click on it and it will be launched. You can also tap your Digital Crown and get to your Home screen to open the application.

Step 3. Once you launched the tool you should either go to Activity app Home screen or Activity view section.

Step 4. Scroll down till you see step count option near Total Steps. Scrolling is possible with Digital Crown or user’s finger.

Step 5. That’s pretty much it. Apple didn’t make step counting display for simpler checking. There are some free apps similar to StepCard that offer more possibilities. You can search for different real-time step counting extras for your Watch and make it easier to keep a track of your exercises.

Are you using Apple Watch as a part of your weight loss plan or not?


Manual Cydia Install on iOS 8.1 iPhone and iPad After Jailbreak

The Chinese hackers released their Pangu program which currently doesn’t automatically install Cydia package on a jailbroken iDevice. You can use manual Cydia install instruction and get this popular unofficial app store on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Follow this how to install Cydia on iOS 8 instruction and you will get the Saurik’s program on your jailbroken smarthone or tablet. You can also wait for Pangu hackers to present the update to their untether tool which would install Cydia automatically.

Manual Install Cydia iOS 8.1 Guide

It is highly advised that you install Cydia on your own only if you understand SSH and SFTP. Pangu team warns users about their jailbreak saying it is meant for developers who can update their tweaks and apps right now. Ordinary users are not advised to jailbreak right now.

How to Install Cydia on iOS 8.1 Devices

Step 1. Use Pangu tool to jailbreak your iOS 8, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 or 8.1 iDevice. This program no supports only Windows PC.

Step 2. Download Saurik’s Cydia deb file:

Step 3. Use SFTP to send Cydia deb file to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Download WinSCP: for your Windows computer and install it.

Step 4. You need to have the same Wi-Fi network for your computer and iDevice.

Step 5. Launch WinSCP and SSH using your IP address which you can look up in Settings – Wi-Fi – i menu. Use this username: root and password: alpine.

Step 6. The file browser will launch giving you an ability to drag-drop Cydia deb files. Just choose a location you will remember.

Step 7. Click Ctrl + T to launch SSH session and go to the folder where your deb file is saved.

Step 8. Run the two SSH commands:

  • dpkg -i cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb
  • dpkg -i cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb

Step 9. Reboot your gadget. Cydia icon should now appear on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad home screen.

Note: Users who get the error about dependency missing have to download the dependency: manually and repeat the installation procedure once again.


Setup APP Specific Passwords For iCloud | Userguide

To increase the security of  iCloud accounts Apple added app-specific passwords on October 1st. When user use third party apps, this  useful feature of two-step verification  allows user to sign in to iCloud securely.

app specific passwords for iCloudApp specific passwords for iCloud permits user to sign in securely to personal iCloud account when you use third-party apps such as Microsoft Outlook This app  doesn’t support two-step verification.

How how to use app specific passwords for iCloud

To use app specific passwords for iCloud you need to visit the My Apple ID website.

  • Select Manage your Apple ID and sign in.
  • From the menu on the left-hand side tap on the Password and Security option generate the app-specific password
  • Then tap on Generate an App-Specific Password.
  • Enter a label for the app-specific password, and click Generate an App-specific Password.
  • You can enter or paste this app-specific password into the password field of the app you would like to use with iCloud.

Generate an App-specific Password 2You can create up to 25 app-specific passwords for your iCloud account. If you used all 25 app-specific passwords for iCloud you have an opportunity to revoke one or all  passwords individually. If you believe that your device where you’re using the iCloud account is compromised you may also revoke the password. Here is how to do this:

Step 1. Go to  My Apple ID website.

Step 2. Select Manage your Apple ID and sign in.

app specific passwords

Step 3. From the menu on the left-hand side tap on the Password and Security option Select View History.

Select View History

Step 4. Tap Revoke next to a password to revoke only that password, or tap Revoke All to revoke all passwords.

If you revoke the app-specific password it automatically sign you out of the iCloud account . If you want to use app specific passwords for iCloud you should  sign-in again.

Please note when you reset your primary Apple ID password, all the app-specific passwords will also be revoked automatically with aim to protect the security of your account. For the third-party apps that don’t support two-step verification you will have to regenerate the app-specific passwords.


Follow The Instruction On How To Downgrade iOS 8.0.1

The iOS 8.0.1 update was filled with bugs that broke Touch ID and cellular data for many iOS users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus features. If you face with such troubles or you just don’t like it, you need to downgrade to iOS 8.0. Here’s the instruction on how to downgrade iOS 8.0.1  to iOS 8.0.

Please follow these steps:

1.    Please don’t forget to backup your iOS device to iCloud or using iTunes. So you will save your information and can recover your data from the backup if anything happened wrong.

2.    Connect the device running iOS 8.0.1  to your computer.

3.    Download the appropriate iOS 8 firmware (.ipsw) file for your device.

4.    Open the device page on iTunes, and hold the Option key (Shift for Windows users) while clicking the Check For Update button. Please note that it is important to hold the Alt/Option key or Shift key when you click on the Check for Update button directly, you will get an error message that iOS 8.0.1 is the current version.

5.    Find the IPSW firmware file that you downloaded in Step 1, select it, and click Open.

6.    iTunes will inform that it will erase and restore your iOS device to iOS 8 and will verify the restore with Apple.

7.    Click the Update button to proceed.

8.    iTunes should now downgrade your iOS device to iOS 8.

9.    Wait until your device updates, and enjoy your iOS 8.0 installation, with working Touch ID and cellular data!

It is really useful method. Because you don’t lose any of your phone’s settings or data. All staff: pictures, music, messages, email, etc. should be ready and waiting for you till you downgrade iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8.


How to Create iPhone Email Signatures Using HTML

iPhone email signature that is created by default says “Sent from my iPhone” with iPad signature being similar. Some users might get bored getting the same email signature for iphone 5, 4S, 4, 5S, 5c and 6 this fall. You can easily change your email signature on iPhone adding some nice-looking text to it, links and other staff using this email fix guide.

You can make your custom email signature on iPhone with italic, bold text, email address and anything else you want to add to it to look cute and interesting. This was impossible a couple of years ago, but now everything can be created with ease.



Unlock for iPhone on iOS 7 with Free SAM Unlocking

Now, with the possibility to jailbreak your iOS 7 iPhone 4 / 4S on any current firmware version you can also unlock your device for free using SAM tool. Such iOS 7 iPhone unlock is available at no cost but it also has a list of requirements you have to meet in order to use it. Also you can legally unlock AT&T iPhone without problems for free or at the low cost.

Free iPhone unlock is truly possible as U.S. government has finally called iPhone unlocking a legal action. No one will be against it if you get free unlock for your iPhone, but this method described below can’t support all models, all basebands and all operating system versions.

SAM iOS 6 unlock

Sam is one of the grandfathered methods of unlocking. Its best part is its free cost. Its main disadvantage is the support for iPhone 4 and earlier models only. You cannot unlock iPhone 5S, 5c, and 5 with SAM because this tool was patched by Apple in spring 2012 when these models didn’t exist yet.

SAM supports iOS 7, 7.0.x and 7.1.x as all these firmwares can be jailbroken with Evasi0n or Pangu jailbreak. The first one is good for all 7.0.x versions and the latest Pangu program supports iOS 7.1, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 releases.

SAM Unlock for iPhone on iOS 7 Requirements

It is not enough to jailbreak your smartphone. Without activation tickets you can do nothing, so first make sure you saved your SAM tickets back in spring 2012 otherwise you can’t use this free tool. You should also have your SIM card that you used to save SAM activation tickets. Other SIMs will not work.

  • SAM supports all iOS 7 basebands.

Note: In case you don’t have tickets or this method doesn’t work you can always try factory iPhone unlocking choosing from trusted services like:

  • for AT&T iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G
  • fro other networks worldwide

iPhone Unlock SAM Method Guide

Step 1. Jailbreak iOS 7, 7.0.1 and up to 7.1.2 iPhone using one of these programs: Evasi0n or Pangu.


Step 2. Launch Cydia and get iFile.

install ifile for free 002

Step 3. You should also download Dropbox.

Step 4. Insert your original SIM that one you have used to save your SAM tickets a couple of years ago.

sam unlock activation tickets

Step 5. With iFile’s help navigate to /var/root/Library and click Edit.

Step 6. Choose Lockdown folder and backup through ZIP button. Save your new backup Lockdown folder as zipped file.

iPhone Activation lockdownd

Step 7. Delete your Lockdown folder.

Step 8. Launch Dropbox and find your recently created Lockdown folder that has your valid activation ticket. You should unzip it with iFile’s help and Unarchiver.

Step 9. Click Edit – Clipboard icon to copy your Lockdown folder.

Step 10. Open /var/root/Library, click Edit and click on your clipboard icon. Choose Paste and click Done.

Step 11. You should delete all your old SAMPrefs files [.plist files]. To see if there are any left on your smartphone, you can open /User/Library/Preferences and search for SAM.

SAM Unlock

Step 12. You are almost done. Reboot your handset and if everything was done correctly you can now insert different SIM cards with your device on iOS 7.


iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak Untethered with Pangu Exploit [How to Guide]

iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak untethered is possible for this latest firmware release for iPhone 5S, 5, 5c, 4S, 4 and different iPads along with iPod touch 5G. The recent Chinese development called Pangu that was originally created for jailbreaking iOS 7.1.1 is said to support the firmware 7.1.2 as well.The firmware update fixes some problems and can even be problematic for users to install. Still once you hard boot your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in case the upgrade freezes in the middle of the process, you are able to untethered jailbreak 7.1.2 using Pangu tool.

Right now Pangu seems to support three versions of Apple mobile operating system, including iOS 7.1.2, 7.1.1 and 7.1.

How to Jailbreak Untethered iOS 7.1.2 iPhone / iPad with Pangu

Follow this guide and you will become jailbroken.

Step 1. You have to turn off the passcode lock option through Settings application. Open General menu and go to Passcode Lock On to disable it.

Step 2. Backup your handset or tablet device. Since jailbreaking always voids Apple warranty it is not completely safe to perform and you takes risks personally. Use either iCloud or iTunes for this.

Step 3. Your iTunes has to be update to the latest version.

Step 4. You can download jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2 Pangu.

Step 5. You should launch the program. If you are on Windows, you should open the fil as an Administrator.

Step 6. To begin jailbreaking, press on the black Jailbreak option.

Step 7. You will see the guide on your screen that will tell you need to change the date on your gadget to June 2 through Settings – General – Date & Time menu.

Step 8. The jailbreaking will continue now and install Pangu application on your display.

Step 9. Click on Pangu icon to proceed.

Step 10. Confirm that you wish to use Pangu and allow the smartphone / table to reboot.

Step 11. Once Cydia is installed on your Home screen, you can know that your 7.1.2 device is jailbroken.

Note: Pangu Team shared the jailbreak download statistic during the Syscan360 held in Beijing. They might beat Evasi0n soon.


How to Unlock Brazil Claro iPhone 4S iOS 7.1.1 / 7.1

iPhone 4S can be unlocked with factory IMEI or R-SIM tool. Both methods are paid for but the guaranteed method is surely unlocking iPhone 4S from Brazil Claro via IMEI number. This is safe, fast and permanent.

You can install any firmware on your device because unlock will work on all Apple OS versions. You can have any baseband and modem version. The ordering process is very simple and the benefits are huge.

Best Unlock for Claro iPhone 4S in Brazil for All iOS Firmware

This unlock is simple. You do not jailbreak. You do not install anything on your smartphone. You do not take it apart. Everything is much easier.

Step 1. Find your IMEI number. This is a 15-digit unique code that is shown once you dial *#06# or open Settings and look it up there.

Step 2. Find a company that offers both unlock service and checkers. Use the iPhone network check and make sure you are locked to Claro in Brazil if you wish to order this package. Make sure you have the model 4S which is not blacklisted and is activated with the network it is locked to.

Step 3. Provide IMEI code with you valid email address to the Unlocking Brazil Claro Service after you read / agree to Terms & Service, pay for the order and keep waiting.

Step 4. You will get an email after the company unlocks the device by IMEI through the carrier. It will add your code there as an unlocked whitelist number.

Step 5. You should return your status using iTunes. The company will explain how you must accomplish this step. It takes less than a minute.

Now you should learn from iTunes that your iPhone is no longer locked to Claro Brazil network. You can now connect to all networks including AT&T, Claro, O2, Orange, Vodafone and others. You can restore, update, sync, backup and do anything else with your smartphone because from now on it will be forever unlocked.


iPhone Unlock for iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 with R-SIM9 Unlocking Card

The iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 iPhone unlock using R-SIM 9 is one of the used methods for iPhone unlocking in line with factory IMEI unlock and other tools. This iOS 7.1 unlock SIM method is easy to use and anyone can actually complete his or her iPhone unlock on iOS 7.1 and other 7.x firmware versions using this SIM unlock.

Before you learn how to unlock iOS 7.1 iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 and other models / firmware versions, you need to learn more about R-SIM9. This 7.1.1 / 7.1 iPhone unlock tool is believed to be stable. It doesn’t mess up with the handset. It supports different models, including 5S and 5c, and is safe to use.