How to Access to iPhone Baseband using Minicom and Signal 2 App [All BB Chips Overview]

iPhone baseband is very interesting part of the iDevice. If you need to unlock iPhone, you need to unlock its baseband. All previous unlocks were depended on the version of iPhone modem firmware and every iPhone user was looking to find the solution for his iPhone modem firmware. Each unlock solution based on finding exploit.  In order to find it you need to establish the connection between iPhone BB and your PC. So in this article I’m briefly going to show you how to connect to different iPhone  BB Chipset versions.


Baseband Core Dump Secret Function [iPhone Codes]

I have just arrived to my motherland Ukraine to visit some games at EURO 2012. During the long 10 hours flight had some free time to learn more about iPhone baseband dumping methods. There is actually nice dumper by Dev Team which I have described here, But it only support S-Gold 2 chips, that is only the first gen iPhone.

Today I want to share the iPhone Secret Code which can be used to activate Baseband Core Dump function by simply dialing some numbers through iPhone dialer. This method works on newer basebands. Also this method doesn’t work on iPhone 2. So let’s see supported iDevices for Baseband Core Dump function activation.


Decrypting iPhone Baseband Seczone Dump to use NCK Unlock Method by Dogbert Hacker

If you are iPhone user then you noticed that it was almost impossible to break its protection. Not many iPhones can be unlocked today. There are a lot of professionals and just enthusiast that try to unlock baseband but in the same time it is very hard to do.

This article describes one method of permanent unlock, like NCK key cracking method involved in baseband memory dumping and decrypting. Otherwise you can use this info for your personal iPhone baseband reversing.

I just found this info and thought to myself that it would be great if somebody else read it too. May be you are a strong dude in this and it will help you to develop something that can unlock iPhone permanently.


How to Downgrade iPhone 4 Logic Board 04.11.04 to Baseband 01.59.00 [Hardware Hack]

iPhone 4 owners who accidentally upgraded their iPhone 4 to 04.11.08 baseband on newer iOS (5.0 or higher) without factory unlock have been crying and waiting for help for a long time. Those guys wanted to downgrade iPhone 4 to baseband 01.59.00. Since there’s no unlock for those basebands (even Gevey and similar cards won’t help) their phone’s functionality is similar to iPod Touch. Moreover no one knows how much will it take to unlock iPhone 4 04.11.08 baseband.