How to Hack Google Play In-App Purchase For Free Using Freedom App

While millions people are waiting for the end of the world Russian hacker Zond80 and Madkite launched Freedom app that could hack Google Play in-app purchase. Using Freedom app allows you to download Android apps extensions for free on any device running Android OS.

If you remember in late spring Zond80 already launched in-app purchase hack for App Store but in case with Google Play it was more difficult to perform. And now you can download Freedom app and feel real freedom on Google Play store.

Important note: I have to upset some Android users because not all of you can perform free in-app purchase using Google Play hack because this service is not available in United States, Canada, EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Australia and New Zealand.

To use Freedom Google Play in-app purchase hack from Zond80 and Madkite you need to perform three easy steps:

  1. Download Freedom.
  2. Install and run it on Android device.
  3. Choose and tap on app which you wish to get for free.

Before we start it is important to read the note below taken from zond80’s blog:

Remember: Freedom launcher was made only for legally installed applications. You can use this application to get content, already included in these apps. Please do not pirate Google Play apps.

If you agree with this requirement we can start.

How To Use Freedom App To Hack Google Play In-App Purchase

Step 1. First you need to download Freedom APK file.

Step 2. After downloading go to Security settings on your device and make sure that you enable “Unknown Sources”.

Step 3. Now just install Freedom app and open it allowing superuser permissions request.

Step 4. After successful installation go to Google Play and choose the app you want to download.

Step 5. Now just make free in-app purchase clicking Accept & Download. Wait till the app will finish to download.

Step 6. Run Freedom and tap on the app you have just downloaded.

Step 7. Now you can make your in-app purchase.

Here below you can watch the video how to do it for sure if these steps didn’t help you.

Attention: We do not urge you to do so and didn’t promote this hack or hackers. We are independent source and give the information that could be interesting to you.

That’s it. Now you can make free in-app purchases in Google Play using Freedom app every time you want to do this. This hack doesn’t work for online in-app purchase. Only on your device where apps are already downloaded.


In-App Purchase Hack Closed: Apple Fixed It

The game is over for now, in-app purchase hack closed by Apple, fixed if more correctly. Alexei Borodin, who found a way not to pay for purchases within applications on iPhone and iPad, admitted that Apple removed the loophole they detected earlier. Company engineers have made six changes in iOS blocking authentication of in-game purchases to bypass the App Store.


In-App Purchases Hack Fix in iOS 6

The Apple company promises to perform in-app purchases hack fix in iOS 6, not earlier. App Store engineers recently discovered security hole in purchases made within applications and games created by the Russian hacker. They’ve published  a short list of questions and answers for developers on their official website. If you are one and your application has the opportunity to commit in-app purchase, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this list.

Here are the few lines that explain the problems. In iOS 5.1 and earlier versions was discovered the vulnerability that caused by spoofing DNS-server an attacker to illegally validate purchases made within the application directly from iOS-devices. Spoofing DNS-server allowed to redirect requests to a malicious server. The use of the certificate authorization, controlled by an attacker and installed on the user’s device, making it possible to use an SSL-certificate, which in turn defines an illegal server as an official App Store server.

This bug will be fixed in iOS 6.

Those developers who do not want to wait for the release of new versions of mobile operating system this fall, probably will start thinking about how to protect their applications against such fraudulent activity and perform an in-app purchases hack fix as soon as possible. That’s why Apple has published a list of questions and answers regarding this issue specially for the users and the developers concerned by the problem. You can access it at this link on the Apple’s official site. There are some of the basic questions that can appear in the dev’s head and the answers for them as well as instructions on how to check if your app or device is harmed by the “malicious” server that intercepts the unsecured data running between iOS devices and Apple’s servers.

Please check out Apple’s developers library by clicking above to ensure that your phone isn’t involved in any schemes. Vice versa, if you are a risky guy and would like to get the free in-app purchases – follow this tutorials for iOS devices or Mac. Remember that the hacking server gets such info as:

  • user ID
  • name and version of the program
  • the level of application access rights
  • device ID
  • the number and the name of the purchased content
  • the user language

Despite Russian hacker says it’s completely safe and there are over 8 million downloads completed, it’s only your choice.


Apple Began To Block In-App Purchases Using UDID For Better Security

I got some fresh news regarding Cupertino company vs in-app server made by ZonD80. Now Apple blocks in-app purchases using “unique_identifiers” meaning that new field must include the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) for user who makes the in-app purchase.

Over the weekend Apple blocked the IP-address of the server, which uses ZonD80 to simplify the cracking. In addition, the California-based hosting provider sent a request to delete the server.


Look At The Scheme of App Store Hack Made By ZonD80

Despite the fact that it is many noise around App Store hack and its creator ZonD80 I decided to show you on the scheme below how this hack works.

We have already written you the post where you can read about Apple answer to this hack. Also, I have got exclusive interview with ZonD80 (by the way his real name is Alexey V. Borodin) and his thoughts about all this situation.

There is news that Russian hacker plans to update his in-app proxy server and protect it from Apple ban by moving to offshore country (ZonD80 told in the interview that it may be Holland) where Apple can’t reach him. His App Store crack will be updated and cuts out Apple’s servers.

But I can say that in-app server is working and it seem that nothing can break it so if you have a desire to connect to the ZonD80 server and use this App Store hack you can install in-app proxy server and download apps for free.

But here you can check out the scheme on how this crack from ZonD80 is working. You can see there how the process goes through the App Store, Application and Developer server from the beginning and to the end.

app store hack zond80What can I say?… It is really clever method to crack App Store and ZonD80 made it. But there is one question that bother me: How long in-app proxy server will work?

Even when ZonD80 moves it in offshore country and fully upgrades it it is hard to be live that Apple will put up with this and don’t let Russian hacker to keep his App store hack alive.

I’m saying so because Cupertino company can lose a big part of its app developers who can leave iTunes and iOS and begin to develop apps for Apple’s rivals Android and Microsoft.

Stay tuned with us and get more information about this App Store hack and ZonD80. Also leave your comments in the comment form below regarding in-app proxy server and morality of this situation.


Check Out Interview With ZonD80 And His Plans For the Future

Big noise was made this weekend. All iOS users got the possibility to download almost all apps from App Store for free using Russian in-app proxy server developed by Zond80. And here I’ll give you the possibility to read interview with ZonD80 regarding his server.

Apple company responded that they would close this service in the near future, but I don’t think that it would be soon. It is not easy to do. Also it is good advertisement for Cupertino company’s App Store. Also you can visit this page and find out how App Store hack functions studying the scheme.

interview with zond80 install russian in-app proxy server

Famous Russian blog has published an article on their site about the situation that took place these days concerning App Store and in-app proxy server. It is clear that Russian blog doesn’t support this project and have already written the claim to Apple. Also they interviewed ZonD80 and asked him question about the service. So read this interview yourself and make conclusions.

Interview Between ZonD80 and

AI: Good day!

ZonD80: Hi

AI: I have a couple questions about your service.

ZonD80: Ask

AI: Can you briefly explain the principle of

ZonD80: The essence in the substitution of the part of App Store. Before confirming the purchase user interacts with the App Store, and then comes in what I made. Also, it is not just a proxy, it’s quite an impressive system with a cache of signed responses of App Store statistics and “shopping.”

AI: How long have you occupied the implementation of the service and where did this idea?

ZonD80: The idea born from 4 to 12 July. First, it was because of CSR Racing app. It is impossible to play but money is asked from everywhere. Is it an arrogance? That’s it.

AI: I honestly do not notice this in this application, but oh well, not about that now. Is it safe for the average user to use the service? The plan is not funneling any contacts, passwords and other personal information into the hands of those who belong to such information should not be?

ZonD80: The password passes through the server uncoded, but it is not stored and shipped directly to the App Store. This confidential data and their storage and sale – criminal offenses. But over in-app purchases, I do not think so, because you have bought the same application in the App Store (with all its content)? The content you have, it is purchased. Why not open it for free? For cheating in Counter-Strike is still no one was arrested. From belonging directly to you identification maintained as follows:

  • restriction level of app
  • id of app
  • id of version
  • guid of your idevice
  • quantity of in-app purchase
  • offer name of in-app purchase
  • language you are using
  • identifier of application
  • version of application
  • your locale

And yes, by the way, complaint to the server already exists, so we are moving to the Netherlands is likely to.

AI: But cheating in Counter-Strike does not imply theft. Bypass In-App Purchase – is just the theft. In the App Store applications that contains the In-App Purchase, often extend much cheaper (sometimes free) than applications without in-game purchases. Are you worried about the ethical side of the issue? Bypass purchases actually is harmful to developers who make this

ZonD80: Nothing prevents the same developers write an application on the site, and we simply disable the purchase through the Most likely.

AI: And do you use hacked apps, or you buy them in the App Store, if not secret?

ZonD80: All of my legally purchased applications are from the App Store. I’m using not jailbroken IOS. Blatant arrogance of the developers make me to take this step. Have you tried to play in CSR Racing? And yes, I want to say that in-App Store was made only for legally apps purchases.

AI: That means that the Service refuses to work with downloaded games from torrents?

ZonD80: Well, it won’t be, I did not even think about that. Apple should check whether and where the application is purchased, but it does not do it. Well, it will be working.

AI: You do not care about the criminal side of the issue? Your service, by its  nature, helps users to make theft, even digital.

ZonD80: And for what specifically you want to charge me?

AI: Charges – this is not a well-chosen word. Interestingly your attitude to the legality of such services. I do not think we need to explain that the opportunities offered by the service are absolutely illegal. It turns out that iOS-users receive an easy opportunity to steal thanks to you, if you speaking frankly.

ZonD80: Steal what is already in their hands, and that they have already bought? Let’s take the situation. You’ve come to the store and bought milk. In a closed bottle. Came home, and you hear: “But even pay a dollar to open it.” What will you do?

AI: You will agree that this is not the right example. In this case, you need to say something like: “If you like the milk, then pay another N rubles for a new package.” The most common freemium-games are free, the developer provides an opportunity to try the product, and if the user likes it, the last vote for a ruble. Thus it appears that everyone is happy – the user tried it for free, and the developer got the money for your time and money. Your service, it turns out, completely removes the last item.

Zond80: Give as paid game or the free and paid versions. What more can I say?

AI: Well, ZonD80, thank you for your time and interesting conversation. However, I want to warn you that your actions violate Article 273 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation (creation, distribution or use of software or other computer information, deliberately designed to neutralize the protection of computer information can be imprisonment for up to 4 years), so on behalf of the editorial AppleInsider. ru recommend that you discontinue the service. Thank you!

ZonD80: Well, I will give my experience in other hands

That was the end of the interview with ZonD80 so after reading that you can make your own conclusions. As for me I think that it is not a big losses for developers but the main issue in this server is that all your personal data can be stolen (not by the ZonD80 but by some other hackers). Stay tuned with us because we plan to get in touch with ZonD80 as well and get some freshest info concerning his in-app proxy server.

Oh, and leave please your thought in the comment form below. What do you think about all this. Should ZonD80 close his service? But if you don’t care about this then use this link to connect to this Russian in-app proxy server.


App Store Exploit Will be Closed by Apple

There’s an Apple App Store exploit that allowed users to download some paid apps for free. The resourceful domestic hacker found the hole in the purchases section within applications, which you can use without iDevice jailbreaking. Naturally, the happening rose in all iOS-community, causing a storm of discussion and sharing users into two camps: those who condemn these things, and those who does not have anything against theft (at least digital). It is clear that neither developers nor Apple itself can not hold this state of affairs.


How to Install Russian In-App Proxy Server And Purchase Apps For Free

Few hours ago I wrote you news that there is a method to install Russian in-app proxy server and download almost all apps absolutely for free.

Not long ago Russian developer (ZonD80) was decoded in-app purchases protocol for iOS applications and a couple of days ago he published a tutorial guide how to install Russian in-app proxy server and enjoy it for free.

Update: ZonD80 managed to hack Mac App Store for free in-app purchases. Detailed info and instructions.


ZonD80 Lets Get Free In-App Purchases On Not Jailbroken iDevices

There is a new way to find free in-app purchases with no jailbreak and this possibility was given by Russian hacker ZonD80 who launched Russian proxy server to make it functioning.

Russian hackers have once again proved that they can easily find common language with any version of iOS: the network was reported that the developer has published a new method to make in-app purchases under the program through the iOS-application completely for free.

The so-called in-app proxy method does not require jailbreaking and can be easily performed even by a novice with three simple steps. Furthermore, this provides a loophole to buy any content through the program (in-app) for free. The system is also working on on iOS devices running iOS 3.0 to iOS 6.0. So you can do free in-app purchases with no jailbreak every time you want (of course is server are functioning and isn’t overloaded.

Developed a way to break Apple in-app purchases, the Russian expert, who is disguised under the name ZonD80, demonstrated in the online video his method. ZonD80 also launched a work site, where he asks for a donation to the project to develop and support servers.

There is needed to do three steps necessary to implement this iPhone hack, which include the installation of CA-certificates and change entries in the DNS-settings, Wi-Fi. Following this process, users will show a message every time when they make purchases under the program.

Note that the presented method does not allow to set the content of all existing programs that support this method of purchase, some users claim that the method does not work when purchasing data in certain regions. Apple’s soon to close this loophole, as it can drastically hurt the hundreds of developers.

Even ZonD80 asks do not use free in-app purchases with no jailbreak method in App Store. He claims that his proxy server was made to assist developers to learn how better to protect their apps and for Apple to improve their protocols.

The detailed tutorial guide on how to connect to proxy server to get free in-app purchases with no jailbreak is on the road. So stay tuned with us and you will be the first can use this method.

Update: Now you can install Russian in-app proxy server and enjoy free purchases.

Update2: Considering many talks about you may think that it is illegal and obscenely but I offer you to read ZonD80 interview and make your own conclusions.